Eurobike 2020 Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Oct 16, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Eurobike has today announced it will not be able to run a show in 2020 due to the resurgence of COVID-19.

The trade show was originally scheduled for its usual date in September but was pushed back to the latest possible date on November 24-26. Organisers hoped this would allow them to run a safe show but rising case numbers, returning lockdowns and companies announcing stricter internal travel policies have forced them to cancel for 2020.

bigquotesOur comprehensive hygiene and safety concept, as well as the positive number of registrations for the Eurobike Special Edition had given us cause us to be optimistic until very recently. Unfortunately, the latest developments now call for a rethink. It has become extremely unlikely that the situation regarding travel will improve by the end of November. The temporary ban imposed on accommodation also presents an additional obstacle. Accordingly, it is now our duty to act responsibly. It is against this backdrop and with a heavy heart that we have decided to postpone the bike industry get-together at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen until next year.Klaus Wellmann, CEO Messe Friedrichshafen

bigquotesThe success of the Interboot trade fair in September gave us a real boost in discussions surrounding Eurobike. But now, ultimately, there is no alternative other than to call the event off for this year. After numerous participants have recently declared their intention not to attend, the Eurobike Special Edition 2020 can no longer fulfil its assignment of bringing together supply and demand. Our priority is now to set the course for the 2021 event, so as to find the best possible way to bring the industry together in Friedrichshafen and to move it forward. We will be announcing the details in due course."Stefan Reisinger, Head of Eurobike

The organisers are now working on arranging an face-to-face show for 2021 with details to be announced soon. Exhibitor fees and tickets will be refunded.

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 It's ok, I will just look on at the fashion suggestions
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 Do a pond beaver 2.0 but for euro bike!! It made me happy looking at items I’ll never be able to afford from the comfort of my couch eating cheetos and drinking beer, so yeah do that again I enjoyed it
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 You must have passed out with all those beers and Cheetos, Across the Pond Beaver already done
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 @Rubber-Buccaneer: ... "2.0"

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 @schofell84: Rubber-Buccaneer is right. ACROSS the Pond Beaver was 2.0 (announced directly due to Eurobike getting pushed, if you'd read the link he sent)
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 @brappuccino: then I want a 3.0!!
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 The worst thing is the dentists being closed, I don't want the English to start being known for having bad teeth Damn you covid
  • 24 1
 Not to mention having your dentists be known for riding mid-range bikes due to lack of business.
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 @suspended-flesh: Can you imagine? A dentist on Vitus
  • 24 8
 Covid-1984 more like.
  • 5 0
 @brandama: Make Orwell Fiction Again
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 This just in: Entire future of humanity cancelled over Covid-19.
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 Unsuprising really.
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 Was so hoping to see the ceramic speed shaft drive actually shifting /s
  • 4 1
 There was a video of it shifting last year
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 @hmstuna: So there was - cheers. How'd I miss it.
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 Ya nobody saw that coming.....
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 Literally zero people could have predicted this...
  • 6 0
 @PAmtbiker: It came from nowhere. Waiting for it to disappear like a Miracle.
  • 4 3
 @suspended-flesh: It disappears easy, just need to have a personal Doctor, medical staff where you live, and then "if" say your blood oxygen gets low just take a helicopter ride over to your limo direct to your personal suite of rooms at the hospital taking your personal Doctor along and meeting up with a dozen or more Doctors and medical staff waiting to give you anything you might need including the latest in experimental cures. (no drinking bleach for you!), Then when your feeling a little better a nice car ride around the block just to PROVE how much better you are; then say posing for some pictures where you sign your name REALLY big on blank pieces of paper to show how much WORK your doing, maybe another day or so and you'll be GOOD to go...
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 Sucks, dude. now I won't get to see a styrofoam e-36er with somehow 3 forks.
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 I work in data science for one of the largest health employers in the world. First, mortality rate caused directly by covid19 is lower than influenza. Second, forget about the vaccine, its not gonna happen any time soon. If you want to see good picture of pandemic watch Soderberg's "Contagion" Finally, please read, educate yourselves about viruses, they "behaviour", structure etc., please listen to science with hundreds of years experience regarding viruses. Stay critical.
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 “Caused directly.” You did use the correct wording but didn’t paint the whole picture.
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 @ekho: Government(s) ‘science’ talking points, similar to the authors sub heading “rising case numbers”, “resurgence of COVID-19 “ etc shows that the propaganda is still going strong.
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 800,000 people in the US have died of heart disease, and the average age of death is 10 years younger than covid... and worse, the first symptom of a heart attack is Sudden death! Even worse than that... it's caused by eating too much Mcdonalds!
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 So... you’re _not_ a doctor then.

Also, you confused COVID with the common cold in your response in a previous post about the Tokyo olympics. Not confidence inspiring. Why would we listen to you here?

Looking forward to your comments about the earth being flat, the moon landings being staged...
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 @enki: The excess death numbers are similar to influenza. In fact in the UK, a country allegedly ravaged by C-19, more people died of influenza than C-19 in 7 years out of the last 27 years.
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 @jclnv: excess deaths in the US are between 10 and 13%, per the CDC. And COVID-19 means the common strain identified in 2019. There have been covid-related illnesses going back many years, but COVID-19 specifically did not emerge until 2019 before spreading globally in 2020.
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 screw the data --- if we're all gonna die in about 90 years.. PARTY HARDY, live large
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 In todays edition of "things I read from random people on the internet that I absolutely don't trust because its the internet"...
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 When Biden voter frauds his way into the Oval Office, the virus will magically disappear.
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 I work in the trade show industry. Anyone who thought this show was going to happen this year was fooling themselves. The day that the US realized the pandemic was a serious thing, all of our clients pulled out of all of their trade show calendars, and all the shows cancelled. There have been a few, like SHOT (because MUH GUNZ), but something like 95-99% of them have been cancelled. They've been cancelling shows for next year for a few months already.
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 "The day that the US realized the pandemic was a serious thing"
When was that? A huge swath of the US population still hasn't realized it.
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 @Marquis: I knew someone would say that. In mid March, when the first shutdown happened.
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 @shralping-the-cube : Since you're in the biz and it looks like this will be going on for some time, I wonder why more event companies aren't looking to do virtual trade shows? Attendees could set up a "booth" at their office/shop and have pre-set times/schedules to do presentations and Q&A's, etc.
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 @MorrisYYC: dunno. Clients don’t want to pay for it. All the fabrication/design/rental companies have been trying to sell virtual booths/experiences/whatever and the clients aren’t going for it, for the most part.
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 such a shame i was so looking forard to ceramic speed shoing us the same shit for another year
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 It was to be expected
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 Eurovirtual 2020???
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 Bring back the paper catalogs! I loved the paper catalogs, they do not disappear so easily as websites.
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 Whats COVID-19?
  • 8 2
 something something flu something something fear something idfk..
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 Stock up on ammo call your government tell them to drop the mandates
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 At least we won't have to put up with the usual .....!
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 Mech in a box works better. may give you some insight if any one shows interest?
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 And there was me chomping at the blunt to buy 500 unbranded pedals
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 Pond beaver europe
  • 3 2
 Can we do a virtual one?
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 Everyone's so scared of a virus...
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 I know right! It's like they think it causes deaths, and long term heart damage or something ..wait.
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 @AlexRob: Had it, so did my entire family including one person with a heart defect and three children under 10.

Not one symptom. Not one cough. Not one sniffle from January on.

We're not buying it anymore, but you do you.
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 @togood2die: Right, so you only care about you and your family. What would your boy Jesus say about that?
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 @togood2die: Well done Donald, you're the best!
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 @suspended-flesh: and don't forget that anecdotal evidence, is easily the best evidence. 'They' are by far more reliable than scientists and science.
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 @lev3000: I know, right? And those scientists don't give a damn about enriching McDonald and his family - they should all be sacked.
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 @AlexRob: Bullshit. Where is your data? Multiple world level athletes have contracted it and are now back competing. They would be the acid test for cardiac issues. Let me ask you something, do you think those people who apparently had cardiac issues post C-19 were examined prior to contracting the virus? Do you think they may just have had prior conditions???
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 @jclnv: the stupid is apparently spreading across our northern border, even though the people aren't allowed in.
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 @shralping-the-cube: No doubt, seems Dumbf*ckistan is expanding its borders. Anyone up there want to trade places and come down here to the land of Donald the Covid Crusher? I'll trade Santa Cruz for Kamloops, or Nelson, or Squamish, or ......
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 @shralping-the-cube: Okay drone. Keep listening to the government ‘science’ and I’ll keep looking at the data.
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