Event Recap: 2019 Women's Slopestyle Tour - Seattle, Kelowna & Truckee

Oct 31, 2019
by womensslopestyletour  
Big White Line Up PC andrewjaybw
Big White Drop In (Photo by: andrewjaybw)

With a growing presence and increased visibility of women riding mountain bikes, female riding has progressed to new levels. With this momentum, it is exciting to be on the cusp of a paradigm shift where series like the Women’s Slopestyle Tour (WST) is creating avenues for these riders to compete and build comradery with other skilled athletes.

In 2019, the WST brought together many of the elite slopestyle, freeride and dirt-jumping riders to compete on three courses hat were spread throughout North America. 21 female athletes travelled to Seattle, Washington, Kelowna, British Columbia and Truckee, California to compete in the series and showcase a diverse field of disciplines and abilities.

14 year old Julia Traum Tuck No Competing in the WST was amazing. I met so many people that were so inspirational and I can t wait till next year. Riding with all the girls helped me fly they lifted me up and threw me to the wind but they knew I could do it Photo by Clint Trahan
14-year-old Julia Traum Tuck No: "Competing in the WST was amazing. I met so many people that were so inspirational and I can’t wait till next year. Riding with all the girls helped me fly, they lifted me up and threw me to the wind but they knew I could do it!” (Photo by: Clint Trahan)

Stephanie Nychka Flips at Big White Photo by clint trahan clinttrahan.com
Stephanie Nychka Flips at Big White (Photo by: Clint Trahan)
PC Clint Trahan
Kaylee Gibbs Whips (Photo by: Clint Trahan)

Sugar Showdown was the first stop on the tour (due to an unseasonal blizzard in Truckee in May). The athletes gathered on Duthie Hill in Issaquah, Washington competing on ‘Flying Squirrel’, where a strong crowd presence tight to the course created a real atmosphere and energy for the competition. The trail features allowed each of the riders to focus on tricks and exhibit their skills as they competed for the first FMB rankings of the series.

Sugar Showdown Results - 1st Place: Stephanie Nychka, 2nd Place: Ming Goetz, 3rd Place: Julia Traum

Chelsea Kimball Nac-Nac PC Cole Gregg
Chelsea Kimball Nac-Nac PC: Cole Gregg
All Smiles PC Ronia Nash
All Smiles- Ming Goetz, Lisa Mason of WFM, Taylor Betonte and Teagan Heap. (Photo by: Ronia Nash)

Ming Goetz Suicide No Hander PC Alicia Mau
Ming Goetz Suicide No Hander, (Photo by: Alicia Mau)

Brooke Trine Having this series has been the catalyst for my biking career. I am now more driven than ever to push the limits on what I believe is possible for myself I am hopeful that my own drive and the presence of the WST will continue to expose the women riders and enable more rapid and exponential growth of the sport. PC Scott Schoening
Brooke Trine: "Having this series has been the catalyst for my biking career. I am now more driven than ever to push the limits on what I believe is possible for myself; I am hopeful that my own drive and the presence of the WST will continue to expose the women riders and enable more rapid and exponential growth of the sport". (Photo by: Scott Schoening)

The Big White Freeride Invitational presented some new challenges with a rainy start to training and a true Slopestyle course. It was the first time many of these women had ever experienced a true slope course, but after a couple of practices getting comfortable with the 5 features, the competitors started attacking the jumps, turning out some exciting and unique runs. Ming Goetz stated what many riders were contemplating, "Little Big was a learning experience for me as I'd never competed on a dirt jumper before. Working out how to transfer all my skills to a tiny bike was tricky, but very rewarding." It was an incredible opportunity for the women to ride alongside and learn from both the Bronze and Gold men’s categories.

Big White Podium 1st Stephanie Nychka 2nd Ming Goetz 3rd Jordy Scott PC Clint Trahan
Big White Podium: 1st Stephanie Nychka, 2nd Ming Goetz, 3rd Jordy Scott (Photo by: Clint Trahan)
Louise Hatton Big White Crew Photo by clint trahan clinttrahan.com
Big thanks to Louise Hatton's Big White Crew (Photo by: Clint Trahan)

Jordy Scott (Photo by: Andrewbw)
PC Clint Trahan
Kaylee Gibbs (Photo by: Clint Trahan)

Riders on Big White Course
Big White Train (Photo by: Clint Trahan)
Casey Brown s Signature Style PC Clint Trahan
Casey Brown's Signature Style (Photo by: Clint Trahan)

With some beautiful fall weather, WST concluded the series in September in Truckee, California at the Little Big Bike Festival. The amount of development that the Truckee Bike Park undergoes each year to host these events - through the efforts of Brooks McMullin and Cortney Knudson - is nothing short of amazing. A new slopestyle course greeted the riders this year, allowing the riders to generate an amazing flow and attempt new tricks for the first time in the competition.

Little Big Results - 1st Place: Stephanie Nychka, 2nd Place: Ming Goetz, 3rd Place: Lisa Mason
Junior Women - 1st Place: Taylor Betonte, 2nd Place: Teagan Heap

Little Big Starting Line Up at the Truckee Bike Park PC coffeehousemedia Josh Woodward
Little Big - Truckee Bike Park (Photo by Josh Woodward)

Stephanie Nychka No Foot to No Foot Can PC bluecocos
Stephanie Nychka No Foot to No Foot Can (Photo by: bluecocos)
Ming Goetz Tables Like No Other PC bluecocos
Ming Goetz Tables Like No Other. (Photo by: bluecocos)

Cortney Knudson Little Big Organizer PC Josh Woodward
Cortney Knudson, Little Big Organizer (Photo by Josh Woodward)
Kat Sweet Sugar Showdown Organizer PC
Kat Sweet, Sugar Showdown Organizer

With the inaugural season for WST under wraps, it has been exciting to reflect on the different events and the impact of the series on both the athletes and the riding community. It was a year of serious growth and progression for many of the riders as they challenged themselves on bigger terrain and had the opportunity to compete against both veterans and up-and-comers in the sport. It took grit and determination, battling injuries and simply overcoming logistics to travel to the events. It has been amazing to get some feedback on the series from the organizers, spectators, industry icons and most importantly, the athletes:

 Photo by clint trahan clinttrahan.com
WST Athletes (Photo by: Clint Trahan)
FMBA Sugar Showdown
FMB Bronze Event Sugar Showdown

Kaylee Gibbs- Family First Photo by clint trahan clinttrahan.com
Kaylee Gibbs- Family First (Photo by: Clint Trahan)

Carolyn Kavanagh PC Josh Woodward
Carolyn Kavanagh (Photo by: Josh Woodward)
Whitney Thompson (Photo by: Ronia Nash)

It has been an amazing year, seeing the evolution of female Slopestyle taking place in real-time as the season progressed and witnessing the development of the athletes and the community forming around the sport.

To view all 2019 Women’s Slopestyle Tour athletes and rankings, please click here


  • 28 0
 Incredible. So exciting to see the progression of organized women’s freeride taking off (finally). Big props to Courtney, Kat, and Lisa for being trailblazers and providing a space and support for events like these! Shred on!
  • 5 0
 It's rad to see things taking off! Lisa just runs the Whistler dirt jump series I think, but it's great for the area. Stephanie Nychka started the WST with Cortney Knudson and Kat Sweet from the event write ups I've read.
  • 7 0
 This is awesome! I watched all the women's ski/board slopestyle/pipe events at the last Olympics, and after seeing how incredible all the women performed there, it got me wondering why mountain bike slopestyle doesn't have a similar scene for women....

This series is an incredible step in the right direction and demonstrates to young girls that they can progress in the sport and set goals to work towards. Love it!
  • 3 0
 There’s been a “scene” for a bit now! It’s just starting to get the exposure and recognition it deserves! Props to all the hard working ladies that have been making this happen for the rest of us for years with little payback besides high fives and the stoke of getting to shred with other ladies and progress the sport!
  • 9 4
 Not gonna lie, I had no idea this tour was a thing until this article. And that is really unfortunate. We have coverage of the mens FMB events, even if its just pics and a write up afterwards. Was there coverage on these on PB and I just missed it completely or were they ignored until this recap article?
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 @mikekazimer: Awesome! My utter lack of memory came out in full force here. Thanks for putting me in my place. Good to see it was covered!
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 @ianswilson815: But there can always be MORE coverage! Its still disappointing that Pinkbike didnt show any highlights of the womens event at Big White in their youtube coverage, and Crankworx didnt show anything via their video coverage at the Whistler stop. Great to see things getting better, but there is still so much work to do!
  • 2 0
 @ianswilson815: definitely need more coverage! This is just the tip of the iceberg!!
  • 2 0
 I had no idea too! As someone said there was coverage but I'm hovering around PB very often and didn't see anything of unfortunately. However when it comes to mens events like crankworx you see it everywhere for days/weeks even. so defo coulda done a little more but the fact I'm am seeing it now is sick and exciting for the sport. That table Ming Goetz is throwing is f*cking sick. I'd be buzzing if I could do anything like that.
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 This is so rad! Between this and the Redbull sponsored event in Utah, the future of women's freestyle is looking bright.
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 How AWESOME!!! And so many amazing girls having fun there. Keep rockin' ladies!! Smile
  • 4 0
 'Tis a good time to be a woman mountain biker...
  • 1 1
 Shout to this women for all the hard work that they are putting in to make themselves part of slope style n rampage, I forgot the name of the event that they had in Utah prior to rampage but they killed it. They’re making most men feel bad lol I have never even attempted to do some of the stuff that they do
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 Red Bull Formation!
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 Get it ming
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 They should all get some support ! Maybe they have .. They are absolutely awesome and the world should hear more about them . Incredible ladies . Brilliant event .
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 Stephanie Nychka is doing so much for women on the jump scene. Mad props to all of the ladies involved as organizers and participants!
  • 3 2
 Why don't we just let them compete with the men? It would be good to start including everyone in everything!
  • 3 2
 and they would get a lot more exposure too
  • 7 0
 @monkeybizz: This is a can of worms you DO NOT want to open.
  • 5 0
 @Jaguar83: *cracks lid open slightly*
  • 2 1
 Women have been trying to compete in the guys categories for many many years. There are many examples of this. It hasn't worked so women are trying to do something new.
  • 2 2
 @pressurecooker: I love the irony of your username + the comment thread XD
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 @monkeybizz: sorry, not sure what you mean. Please explain
  • 1 1
 @pressurecooker: Because women competing with the men would be a "pressure cooker" in the sense of something waiting to explode in a bad way? It's a bit of a stretch but I'm willing to give it to him since he's just a monkey,
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 @mikekazimer FMB poster photo is also by Cole Gregg Wink The Duthie event was so awesome, excited for round 2!!
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 This is awesome! Love to see women shredders! Maybe this will show the ruh-tards on here that women can throw down too!

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