EWS Postpones Colombia & Chile Races, Adds Italian Round in September

Jul 31, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Sam Hill kept it steady in the top 10 to take his second EWS title in two years.

The EWS has announced today that there will now be an additional Italian round this year after a reshuffle of the race calendar for the next three years.

On September 20 we will see a Pro rider only race take place in Pietra Ligure, a town just along the coast from Finale Ligure. One week later the series will head to Finale Ligure, this was to be the Trophy of Nations before the event was changed to a regular EWS.

The organisers have also postponed the rounds in Colombia and Chile from the end of 2020 to the start of the 2021 season. This means that the original opening round of next years' EWS in New Zealand and Tasmania have been pushed back to 2022.

bigquotesIn light of the ongoing Covid-19 precautions, safety for both event participants and local communities is of paramount importance. The restrictions on rider and spectator attendance are designed to limit unnecessary travel to the region as much as possible. With that in mind, the races slated to take place in Manizales, Colombia and Farellones, Chile in November have now been rescheduled to open the 2021 season. The rounds in Nelson, New Zealand and Derby, Tasmania which were due to raise the curtain next year have been repositioned as the opening rounds of the 2022 season. EWS

With the new changes in place, this means that the 2020 EWS will now only take place in Europe, although with current travel restrictions it would have been a difficult task to hold races across the world. In their press release the EWS says "although we will miss some of our international racers who would normally take part as well as the crowds, this decision has been taken to ensure on-site safety whilst still providing our fans with as much racing as possible."

bigquotesThis year has been incredibly tough for our local communities, venues, athletes and teams. What has been remarkable however is the work and commitment behind-the-scenes from all of our partners, striving towards hosting safe, responsible activity that provides moderated activity in safe outdoor spaces. This collective work has ultimately culminated in being able to turn those challenges into some much-needed positives for the incredible communities of Finale and Pietra with whom we have worked with for many years. There is no series championship this year and we’ll no doubt miss some nationalities attending and the spectators being trackside. However, we are looking forward to exploring the news trails around Pietra, supporting our local partners in Finale and bringing some safe pro-racing to our fans online and around the world from some brand-new stages. Chris Ball

An off on stage two put Cecile behind Isabeau by some 16 seconds but she reeled in that time and in the end closed out the perfect season.

Updated EWS Calendar:


EWS Zermatt - August 30

EWS Pietra Ligure (Pro Only) - September 20

EWS Finale Ligure and Rider’s Trophy - September 26/27

EWS Petzen/Jamnica - October 3

EWS Montagnes du Caroux - October 17


EWS Manizales - March 19/20

EWS Farellones - March 27/28

EWS Tweed Valley - May 15

EWS Val Di Fassa - June 26

EWS Burke - July 17

EWS Northstar - August 7

EWS Whistler - August 14

EWS Loudenvielle - September 18

EWS Trophy of Nations - September 25


EWS Tasmania - April 2/3

EWS Nelson - April 9/10

The new racing schedule will also see the second round of the EWS-E 2020 series come to Pietra Ligure, set to take place on Septemeber 22 and 23. The event was pushed to a mid-week slot to ensure that effective social distancing can be carried out at both the EWS and EWS-E races. The three Italian races will take place over ten days to give plenty of time for riders, staff and media to work safely and follow the local government guidelines.


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 EWS Nothstar august 2021 will sadly be cancelled due to civil war.
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 Not far from the truth unfortunately.
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 Truth, hopefully Canada invades us!
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 @mbosko7: Yeah I really feel for you guys over there. So many kind and hard working people who want nothing to do with the right wing racism of Trump supporters but the divide just keep growing while democracy is disappearing. The rest of the world (except Russia ) the reign of mr Dumb will end in november.
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flag Dmaxwell (Jul 31, 2020 at 10:43) (Below Threshold)
 @Endurip: fairly inaccurate. lets not get into politics but its the democratic party that is causing all of the problems. Yes USA is a mess, but biden's leftist and liberal approach will only make more division. Sad to see how people can actually hate their president.
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 @Dmaxwell: ????,pretty sad that the rest of the probably has this view about what's going on in America.
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 @rodeoJ: with what weaponry? Hockey sticks and Maple syrup? We've also got a full battalion of beavers ready at a moments notice
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 @Dmaxwell: Sad to see our garbage president desperately trying to postpone an election he knows he's about to lose.
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 @roma258: He can't move the date, as much as he wishes he had the power Xi has in China, re: recent Hong Kong election announcement. Even "Leader" McConnell said yesterday that Trump can't legally postpone the election. He's priming his base to act when he contests the election results as "rigged" by "Them" because he can't stand being a "loser", although he's always been a loser, just born into wealth and has no conscience. Unfortunately his base will likely oblige him and they're also armed to the teeth. Crazy times.
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 @chacou: crazy times indeed. Looking forward to us not being a pariah state again.
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 @Dmaxwell: "Lets not get into politics, but here is my political view..." Since you did want to get into politics I'm honestly curious. What specific policies do you think are causing some of the division we find ourselves in? And if you want to expand, what would you propose to change about the policy.
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 @chacou: I don't believe he wants to move the date. If you've noticed he's started wearing a mask in the last 3-4 weeks. His potential thought process.

1. If masks work than there is no need for mail in balloting.
2. If you wear a mask to vote, you'll need an i.d. instead of a document that just states your address.

The msm is against anything trump is for, making this play right in to his hands.

Just my opinion.
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 @wheelza: Yeah I don't think he sincerely wants to postpone the election either (well, in a sense he knows he's bound by the Constitution, but he likely does wish he had the authority of Xi or Putin). He does a lot of things just to get attention. I believe a lot of that tweet/suggestion was to try to distract from the horrible economic report released yesterday, get people talking about his election tweet instead of the economy.
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 @chacou: That is potentially the reason, but most people can acknowledge that the current economic situation is not his fault.
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 @wheelza: ...and politics aside, I'm just looking forward to the Thursday/Friday course previews and Sunday evening / Monday morning EWS recap videos again
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 @rodeoJ: f*ck that, we really don't want you guys........
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 @chacou: At this point it seems his tweets only serve to distract his cult from his endless failures and controversies...Russian bounties on US troops he ignored, firing all the AG's(opposite of draining the swamp), Michael Cohen and Mary Trump books, politicizing the DHS, calling blm terrorists, and of course complete and total failure on battling covid.
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 @Dmaxwell: Let's NoT gEt InTo PoLiTiCs.....after I give you my political take. Dipsh....
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 Meant to type firing the IG's, not AG's. Trump did fire his AG Sessions for not covering up his Russia collusion and obstruction of Justice but has also fired 4 Inspector Generals who were investigating his crimes and controversies.

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 @Dmaxwell: i never got that " u gotta love the president no matter what he does" , seems to be a pretty widespread opinion especially in the south. There were plenty of gueststudents of southern universities in my town who also promoted this view. I had an evil buddy who always made them cry after discussions, not nice but maybe it helped them start thinking on their own.
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 @lehott: Trevor Phillips
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 @Dmaxwell: let's not get political? "Sad to see how people can actually hate their president" !? You do realise you don't have to like someone just coz they're the president?
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 At this point it sorta feels like they're just making schedules as practice so they don't forget how to make them.
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 I've been tied for first in Fantasy Enduro this whole season. Fingers crossed I win!
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 username checks out

(best of luck!)
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 I’m your rival then
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 2021-EWS Antarctica...the whole series
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 That’d be kinda cool tho. Slidey.
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 like the Mega but cooler (sorry)
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 Just go ahead and cancel all the races at this point
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 Can't imagine that Americans will be allowed into Europe by end of August... maybe by 2021 at the rate we're still going.
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 @connorjuliusjohnson: With 4.6M+ confirmed cases and 60K new cases added each day, there's no need to "imagine". See you in 2022, hopefully.
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 @connorjuliusjohnson: Last I read, the experts are saying mid-2021 for a vaccine to be widely available is the goal. Until then, all bets are off.
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flag CM999 (Jul 31, 2020 at 10:42) (Below Threshold)
 Too much money involved for ews, event organisers and sponsors to have no racing
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 @CM999: welcome to covid...
  • 6 4
 @adrennan: Just curious, but are people really going to line up to take a rushed vaccine?
  • 3 2
 @wheelza: obviously it is being completed quickly, but I personally have faith that the medical community is taking the necessary precautions to create a safe vaccine and it wouldn't be released if it wasnt safe and effective
  • 7 2
 @adrennan: I'm not an expert but it seems that in the past vaccines have typically taken a lot longer to develop. I'm glad you have faith, my opinion is big pharma is going to make a fortune with this one. Just my opinion, and I respect yours too.
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 @adrennan: Israel biotechnology company is shipping 500 million doses to America supposedly in october..
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 @connorjuliusjohnson: on the plus side our daily case count is leveling off and given our 2 week backlog of test results it's probably actually declining.
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 @wheelza: I didn't say they were going to make a ton of money. At this point I m cheering for a vaccine because that is the ticket back to normality. We also have the technology now that greatly accelerates the development of these vaccines like supercomputers that can basically model what has a chance f working.
  • 5 2

A: it's not rushed, why do you think it's not going to be ready until at least the new year, and probably wont be close to ready by then. There are huge amounts of scientific protocol in place to ensure things like this work (I know conservatives don't believe in science, but it's a real thing). If it was rushed like you think it is we would have had it months ago and people would be using it, and it probably wouldn't work; because it was rushed.

B: there are millions of people around the world who don't have a choice at this point. We will not be able to live a normal lifetlstye until theres real remedies available (i.e. a vaccine. Science has proven that theres no cure for a virus so forget about that). I happen to be in an unfortunate situation where if I contract this disease I will die, because of a diminished immune system due to hereditary autoimmune disease leading to kidney transplant nine years ago. Theres millions of transplant patients out there like me, that, just going to the grocery store or the pharmacy puts us at huge risk, we are literally gambling with our lives every time we step out of the house (before anyone @s me with *its just the flu* *its not that deadly* *its a hoax* *masks dont work* I'll just add this tidbit. My doctor's office has already lost six patients under their care to covid, including my Aunt Mary, and another Aunt is currently fighting Covid and losing the battle. All three of us have been affected in the same way - our bodies kill our internal organs - kidneys for me and Mary, Lupus, kidneys and liver and ovaries for my other aunt). Its not just people like me either. Your uncle with Athsma. Your buddies kid with COPD. Cancer patients and survivors. AIDS and HIV. Autoimmune diseases like rheumatism and crohn's. Nursing homes and assisted care. Literally millions of people - and Americans. I haven't worked in four months because its unsafe to do so. With the CARES act expiring I will be trying the Uber Eats road and looking for a call center job just hoping to make ends meet. But it looks more and more like I will probably lose my home to default -or- file medical bankruptcy and see what a judge let's me keep and what they take - bye bye bikes, bye bye 4x4, bye bye anything luxury or fun. Dont you think I (and millions like me) miss going for a beer with my buddies after a trail ride (that is if the trails aren't overrun, because that's one become a problem as well)? Dont you think we miss going to moms house for dinner? Or having a Fourth of July picnic with friends and family? Now, I'm not a sob story and I am NOT looking for anyone's pity. I still have it so much better than so many out there. All those families that lost a loved one and couldn't even say goodbye because it was too risky and they were too sick. All I'm doing is answering your absurd question with a REAL, LEGITIMATE ANSWER. When you ask if anyone is going to run out to get a "rushed" vaccine I reply. YOU BET YOU FARKING ASS I WILL BE. As will everyone in my family and many of my close friends. And, hopefully anyone with any human compassion and a will to protect their fellow man.
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 It's Colombia FYI.
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 Nz is the one of the only Covid-19 free countries in the mtb world - we have enough riding centers in nz that we could hold the entire series right here... just don't bring your Covid sick asses here to compete - wear a mask, social distance, sanitize regularly and you just MIGHT make it here in 2022... Tassie is also good to go - another island state doing it right!
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 Just cancel it all
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 I think they can almost forget Zermatt, Switzerland is slowly tightening the screws again...
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 Can't see the South American rounds happening in March tbh,
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 wait there's a Jamaica round?!?! Big Grin Irie mon!
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 What about the ews e bike races, are they still happening?
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 That's what has started the inevitable decline of civilization as we know it.
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 F*** COVID.
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 Ews 2020 = European enduro series 2020
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 What they mean to say is we'll be lucky to have races in 2021.
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 Euro World Series
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