Helmet Cam Preview With Andrew Neethling - EWS Round 4, La Thuile, Italy

Jul 15, 2016 at 15:54
Jul 15, 2016
by UR Team  
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The fourth round of the Enduro World Series has started here in La Thuile in the middle of the Mont Blanc sanctuary. Please enjoy the preview of all stages commented by Andrew Neethling and witness one of the most technical rounds of the year

Helmet Cam Preview With Andrew Neethling - EWS Round 4 La Thuile Italy

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  • + 47
 Needles is the Claudio of Enduro!!!
  • + 2
 Much easier to listen to than Claudio though, and much less gimmicky.
  • + 21
 "Oh, that's a cliff" next logical though is "let go of the brakes!" f*cking gnarly...
  • + 1
 more traction!
  • + 15
 Please do one of these for every round and season in the future; Needles is brilliant!!
  • + 13
 Thank you Andrew!! And PolyGon UR!!
  • + 11
 Class Needles, dead polite through the first few tracks "oh my" etc and by stage 6 - What the f*ck is this!! haha
  • + 8
 I love how he said gosh and goodness multiple times, until stage 6 it was, "OH MY FUXXING GOD WHAT IS THIS?!"
  • + 4
 That track looks friggin sweet. Loose, mud, rock garden, tight corners, bit of flow, bit of climb, steep vert. Friggin sweet. Wish I could be riding it. Loved the full helmet cam tour too, gives you a real sense of what the whole weekend of competition entails.
  • + 3
 i real enjoyed this alot, makes then more human and i can relate to them more on struggling to ride trails blind, It's weird comparing his practice run to that of Iago and Loosedog Lewis, theirs sims to be a lot more dialed already.
  • + 6
 That last rock garden though "oh my f*cking god what is this!?!!?"
  • + 2
 Brilliant, just pure brilliance. Had me laughing my a$$ off and enjoying every minute. Those look like some proper tracks, would love to ride them even if I finished dead last!
  • + 5
 If Claudio and Eeyore had a love child.... loved it!
  • + 4
 Smiles for miles.
  • + 2
 That was actually pretty &$@&$@&& entertaining
  • + 1
 I warming up to these videos with chatter. He'd be a great co-driver Colin Mcrae rally style.
  • + 1
 Superb commentary..made it actually look as hard as it really is!! Thanks Andrew!!
  • + 2
 Que buenos senderos, un genio Andrew!
  • + 2
 The last track looked really fun.
  • + 2
 Those look like some sweet sections
  • + 2
 so good
  • + 1
 Sounded like a drunken Mary Poppins
  • + 0
 i think that's the most i've ever enjoyed something enduro related on PB

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