The EWS Announces an eMTB Race Series for 2020

Oct 8, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
EWS E-MTB Test Event

The EWS is the latest organising body to try their hand at an ebike racing series. Working with the UCI, the EWS-E series will kick off next year with three rounds in France, Switzerland and Italy.

EWS-E races will be held on different courses to regular EWS races and they will feature timed uphill as well as downhill special stages with tighter liaisons to keep the races challenging. The first event will be a standalone in Vallberg in July, however the next two will run alongside the EWS finals in Zermatt and the Trophy of Nations in Finale Ligure, so don't expect many riders to double up between the two series.

EWS E-MTB Test Event

It sounds like the EWS has been planning this move for a while and it even held an under-the-radar test event in Finale Ligure in October last year. A number of top EWS teams attended but the EWS decided to hold off on launching the series until now so they could fine-tune the format and find "a solution to the monitoring of motor assistance."

This means there are now three competing ebike race series, The FIM E-Bike Enduro World Cup, which we all had a good laugh at in August; the WES World E-Bike Series, which ran in 2019 and was won by Sofia Wiedenroth and Nicolas Quéré, and now the EWS-E.

EWS E-MTB Test Event

Full details are yet to be revealed but everything we know so far is in the full release below:


The Enduro World Series (EWS) is excited to announce it is extending its partnership with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) to include the management and development of e-bike enduro racing from 2020 onwards.

The Enduro World Series will develop the format and growth of e-bike enduro internationally alongside the UCI and will launch a new flagship international series in 2020, Enduro World Series-E (EWS-E). The series will feature three rounds across Europe in France, Switzerland and Italy - with the overall winners crowned the Enduro World Series.

The EWS first held an e-bike test event in Finale Ligure in Italy in 2018, but delayed launching a full series until both the format of racing could be fine tuned, and a solution to the monitoring of motor assistance could be answered. Two years later the EWS now believe it is time to bring this new format to the highest level, beginning in Europe.

This new format will retain the core values of existing Enduro World Series races but held on separate courses that will challenge riders on a vast variety of terrain and feature racing on a mix of uphill and downhill highly technical Special Stages. The addition of technical climbing will not be the only difference to traditional EWS enduro racing though, as EWS-E will also bring the Liaison Stages into the challenge with tighter times and more singletrack than ever before. This combination will push both the rider’s physical and bike handling limits to the max in a multi-loop and intense course, driving forwards the development of e-bike technology and e-bike trail management and design.

"Based on the experience and know-how of the Enduro World Series (EWS), this innovative format of competition will offer spectacular racing while ensuring the highest standard of sporting integrity." David Lappartient, UCI President

For the past two years the EWS has also been working behind the scenes to develop the technology that can monitor e-bike power output, to ensure EWS-E can offer truly fair competition. More information about this new system will be available in early 2020.

The first EWS-E race will take place as a stand alone event in Valberg, France over July 17-18 2020, followed by a race alongside the existing EWS finals in Zermatt, Switzerland (August 29 - 30), finishing in Finale Ligure, Italy alongside the Trophy of Nations on a big final weekend of racing for the season on September 25-26, 2020.

A statement from the Enduro World Series Board of Directors said: “We have always aimed to innovate within the EWS and so we are delighted to begin an exciting journey in the development of an e-bike enduro format that will push riders and technology and create a whole new form of exciting enduro-format racing”.

“We are motivated to help drive technological development, including the launch of electronic monitoring of E-bike motors for fair sport and work to make sure trail access and important developments for the future of this discipline are carefully managed. Starting in central Europe in 2020, we will work to expand the EWS-E to new countries when the time is right”

UCI President David Lappartient said: “The UCI is looking forward to the introduction of an electric-powered version of Enduro with the launch of the EWS-E from 2020. Based on the experience and know-how of the Enduro World Series (EWS), this innovative format of competition will offer spectacular racing while ensuring the highest standard of sporting integrity. This new series confirms the current status of E-MTB as a fast-moving cycling discipline.”

Specific rules and regulations for EWS-E will be released in early 2020.


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 Just call it what it is. A showcase of ebikes so we can sell more of them.

I get they will be part of the future of MTB, but in competition? Come on. At some point they are not cool bikes - they are lame motorcycles.
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 Exactly, this is just result of MTB vendors pushing on UCI to promote ebikes and increase sales.
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 Especially for the price... go get a moto, it'll be way more fun and you can find a used one and save some coin.

I seriously don't get e bikes. they are mopeds that everyone pretends are bikes.

There are already tons of resources online for folks wanting to "jailbrake" and replace the "assist" with a "throttle"
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flag ross005 (Oct 8, 2019 at 7:08) (Below Threshold)
 You see the dudes who ride E-bikes? Wouldn't describe their crowd as the cool kids...usually over weight 40+ year olds that have spent too much time watching red bull TV and think they're gonna go full send. Their wife won't let them get a Harley so this is as close as they can get, usually full kit also, often full face helmet
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 How do e-bikes help you on the descent? Are we now saying that Motocross/Supercross is a sport which doesn't require skill and it's just on the power of the bike? Those athletes are fitter than just about every athlete on the planet.

Man, just don't watch it. It's simple. E-bikes are getting more people in to riding, and for that - I'm thankful. This will enable more pros to get paid and a bigger market. How that can ever be seen as a negative is beyond me.

(No, I don't own an ebike)
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 Get a grip. As long as people are out riding and enjoying it, who cares?
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 @jamesdunford: I’ve demoed a couple e bikes and on the downhills the added weight kept the bike more grounded and muted the terrain more. Plus after a sharp low speed corner or long flats you could get back up to speed faster with the motor. I wasn’t timing myself but there is a chance I could have been faster on a e bike.
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 @mulv1976: folks who want gratification for whatever shit they do care. If they heard there are medals for taking dump before 7am they’d want it and whine on folks who do it after 8am
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 @GravityCandy: The race series is against other e-bikes though... so it's a level playing field, even if they are faster - surely?
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 @WAKIdesigns: Ya but who the hell shits before lunch? New pushes out old.
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 @jamesdunford: I get why it’s good for the industry to have more people riding bikes, but why is it good for me? Bike development has been progressing just fine without ebikes. All ebikes do is put more people on the trails and stress fragile access situations. More directly, I have to jump for cover out of the way of inconsiderate ebikers who can’t be bothered to slow down.

Why is this good for me?
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 @ross005: 18 overweight 40+ year olds disliked this post...
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 Yep, just like UCI DH is just about selling Dh bikes right? Wyn Masters is an overweight 40+ dork for enjoying different types of racing? Get a grip and turn on your eMTB filter you cry babies. Why don't you race one of these events and show us how easy it is.
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 Read title -> come to comment section to find e-bike hate -> like hate comments!
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 It’s great watching the industry goons desperately try to downvote these comments lol

Hopefully a solar flare cause and EMP to hit the region when they’re half way up some mountain. Seeing these 50lb shit tanks being pushed up a mountain by a load of bell ends who weren’t fast enough for the mountain bike EWS would be hilarious.
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 @slayerdegnar: so much savage...
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 @ross005: Ya uncool riders like Tippie, Simmons, Vollious, Barbell, Gracia....
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 @d-man: My money is on Barbell lol

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 @slayerdegnar: Because I wouldn't be caught dead on one of those puss bikes.
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 @jclnv: Lol oops
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 @ssteve: No, coffee does it. Hence the 8 AM dunk. Wink
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 I'm not an ebike fan, but all mountain bike racing is just a showcase to sell bikes. That's literally the only reason any races series exist at all.
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 @jamesdunford: Why is getting more people into riding a good thing? In areas where trail access is contested and there are already a high number of trail users, getting more riders - and more inexperienced riders- to the top of descents or onto trail networks that would normally be protected by a certain "suffer" factor is a major negative. Expanding a sport can have many negative consequences, and other outdoor sports (rock climbing with the recent massive expansion of indoor gyms and a correlating increase in inexperienced climbers making mistakes outside is a great example) have had to deal many problems that come from removing the wrong barriers to participating.
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 Ya really really lame motorcycle. Like not really motorcycle at all. I take solace in the fact that all the shitbags who refuse to use emtb filter have zero impact on emtb. It will still happen they will still sell and people will still ride them you have ZERO control. Let that shit sit and stew in your pot for a while
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 Ebikes is the growing cancer of MTB. I say cut it before it's too late.
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 What do ya'll think any race series is? Most major car and motorcycle race series exist to serve as a form of advertising. It is a point of identity for some people to pedal long distances as fast as possible, but there's a reason that most winner's podiums have the rider's bikes prominently displayed. If downhill is a race sport, so is e-enduro. It's the same skill set except without the pedaling up hill.
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 @reverend27: Trump 2020! Keep ebikes great! (For what it’s worth, you are not wrong. Ebikes will take over. People will look back at the current time as the golden era of mountain biking, before it was totally ruined.)
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flag chriskneeland (Oct 8, 2019 at 11:08) (Below Threshold)
 @reverend27: True. There are enough turds out there who'll buy ebikes to make the industry viable. And if that means companies can make more real bikes at lower margins, I don't mind a few e-bike turds to laugh at out on the trails.
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 Some people are really reaching their enlightenment today. So much indulgence of hate, so euphoric. Go out to the streets hang someone, hit their baby in the wall with its head. Ebikes runing our sport, kill them! You can do this in this state. Yeah baby! Big Grin pinkbike makes you relive your inner monster, learn to feel it grow inside of you, allow you to dehumanize whoever you wish, like watching Inglorious Basterds, so devilishly delicious. You are made for this! Chant chaaaant with me: E-turds E-turds! Lazy pricks! Yes! Let it grow! Fat basterds! Unskilled! Unfit pieces of crap! Yeees! Yeeeeees! It’s not even anger anymore, it’s pure joy of destruction! Teeth come out, eyes filled with blood! Shoot your frinds in school, that ahole bullying you, the teacher yes! That btch that picks on you yes! Your boss, that client sho complains kill kill! You can do this in this state, everything is possible! Better than cocaine! You are God, you.are.Goooooood!

I am so serene...
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 @mulv1976: land access managers. Trail workers. Other riders not wanting to get run over.
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 @MelvieD: Riding an ebike doesn't automatically turn you into a dick who will run over people in front of you. Dickheads are perfectly capable of running over people on normal bikes too.

I don't get all the e-bike haters. Live and let live. Don't be a dick. General rules everyone should follow.
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 What do you think standard professional mtb racing is about?
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 Just because something has a motor does not make it equivalent to anything else with a motor. And really, if more people buy ebikes because of this, with quite a few opting to use them as a transportation option instead of a car, this pretty much overrides any argument about land access or assholes on MTB trails.
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 @phops: Ebikes are not alternatives to cars, in most cases they are alternatives to regular bicycles. In the very same way as electric kick bikes are alternatives to walking. Just because something has an electric motor it doesn’t matter it makes ice for Polar Bears to float on, or Coral Reefs to grow back. We have enough of those pretentious lunatics in Sweden identifying themselves as progressive intellectuals and environmental heroes who preach those stories of ebikes and transport bikes replacing cars. I won’t deny anyone using stuff with electric motors that could do very well without them, have fun for Gods same, but I don’t want anyone to tell me it’s rain when it’s piss
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 @WAKIdesigns: It def is piss
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 @jaycyr: he's on the baccy tonight lad! haha go on Waki!
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 @jayacheess: “What do you think standard professional mtb racing is about?”

Non motorized bicycles?
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flag MelvieD (Oct 8, 2019 at 14:31) (Below Threshold)
 @mulv1976: sure makes you a dick though. It also makes you senseless apparently, because no one can defend ebikes with a single shred of decency, or intelligence. Guess your brain is as lazy as your legs.
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 @MelvieD: I don't ride an e-bike. I'm just not an unintelligent, intolerant ignoramus.
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 @mulv1976: agree to disagree. Land access issues are in jeopardy due to new regulations in the States. Either by shutting down trails, or opening them to all motorized vehicles. There is a reason that gas companies lobbied to allow bikes into wilderness. There is a reason IMBA voted against allowing bikes in wilderness. There is a reason the DOT, made the decision to allow bikes on federal lands. A decision that is not even there’s to make. Maybe the ebike isn’t the devil that I portray it to be ( I do believe that it is), but it is surely being used as a catalyst for destruction in this country. I also love if someone doesn’t see your point of view, it makes them intolerant. Read the definition of intolerance.
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 @mulv1976: there is a reason the DOT made the decision to allow ebikes on federal trails*
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 @MelvieD: ok agree to disagree, but your previous response was almost the definition of intolerance: "The definition of intolerant is someone who is unwilling to accept differences in opinions or other ideas". So I'm a dick, senseless, indecent and unintelligent for not agreeing with you about e-bikes? That's the implication I get from it. The vilification people who ride ebikes receive is completely unnecessary and unfair imo, and typically nothing to do with land access rights and everything to do with the implication that they are lazy, inconsiderate "motorbike" riders who are destroying the trails. As I say above: live and let live, don't be a dick (that's not a personal insult to you btw), just let people enjoy riding without judging.
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 @mulv1976: no you’re a dick, because you called me a dick. Remember. Do you want 4wheelers or jeeps on your local trails? What about McDonalds or Walmart’s? Does that make you intolerant if you say no? No, it means you have a difference of opinion. You can’t call me intolerant for not agreeing with your opinion, because that makes you intolerant of my opinion. You’re statement also shows your intolerance for “motorbike” riders, which by the way, is what an ebike is. You’re lack of intelligence is from not understanding the ramifications of allowing ebikes on federal lands. Much like your understanding, that an ebike is a motorized vehicle.
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 @MelvieD: on second thoughts, you're not a dick. You're a c**t. And a fairly dumb one too.
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 and that makes it different from the EWS and UCI how?

Just because you find them lame just means you have a very narrow perspective.
The entire point of paying to sponsor athletes and have them ride your product is to sell more of that product.
E-MTB's are just another way of getting around and having fun outside. This is a showcase for these products to show how much they have come a long. Your disdain for them just shows that you are stuck in your ways unable to appreciate the many benefits e-MTB's provide, like not having to use a gas-powered vehicle, increased access to more remote areas, not to mention the benefits for those with a various abilities/disabilities.
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 literally your advantage can be tuned. Not just fitness or skill, but firmware. max wattage for a 3 mile course?
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 @ssteve: I shit before my first cup of coffee. Everyday. less sausage more fiber bro
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 @mulv1976: there we go, that’s the intelligence I speak of. If you can’t out think them, call em a c*nt. Your mother would be proud.
  • 7 8
 As someone who owns an e-bike and built two from the ground up, e-bikes can fck off from local trails. Great for commuting and getting around downtown San Diego and ripping a shortcut here and there but the last thing I want is an inexperienced noob on an ebike flying at me on a local trail I ride my regular full suspension at. Also, there are way too many people on the trail as is, more inexperienced riders is not helping anyone. My ebike is freakin awesome cause I built it and keep it for around town rippin!
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 @MelvieD: Yes mate, two degrees and a doctorate. Thick as pigshit me. You are impossible to reason with, hence my response - communicating at a level you might comprehend.

Firstly, I didn't explicitly call you a dick. It was a general statement to everyone (e-bike riders and non alike) to "live and let live and not be a dick". Not specific to you.

Secondly, my statement doesn't show intolerance to "motorbike" riders at all. You completely missed my point that ebikes are portrayed as "motorbikes" to try and justify the (unjustified) vilification of those lazy and destructive e-bike riders.

Thirdly, your intolerance isn't towards me (I don't give a toss if you agree with me or not, but I don't appreciate being insulted so responded in kind). Your intolerance is towards people who ride e-bikes and the implication that ebikes are dangerous, destructive and people who ride them will run over people on the trail. Which I'm sure is no more true that normal riders.

Let's just agree to disagree and call it a day...
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 @JonnyGreenlee: what about the experienced riders that have health issues, should they be stopped riding those trails that have a ‘suffer factor’ involved in getting to them because they are on the wrong bike?
  • 6 5
 @Turboute: Maybe not but that is max 1% of riders. Does all this Ebs look like it’s aimed at riders with disabilities? No, it’s lazy, equipment focused bros who need to pound multiple laps because they’ve had so much instant satisfaction from their ‘single click to purchase - be at your house same day’ lifestyles that they just can’t tolerate the effort and waste of time that climbing inflicts on the pissweak souls.
  • 8 4
 @Turboute: when there health issues no longer allow them to ride an ebike, do we allow them to ride 4wheelers, or jeeps. There’s 9,000,000,000 people on the planet. Where do we draw lines for access to everywhere for everyone?
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 @jcav5: moto is way more fun... and wayyyyyyyyy more dangerous
  • 6 5
 @jclnv: Nailed it.

Why do we have to make everything easy for everyone?
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 @mulv1976: Well said

riding is riding.
  • 4 1
 @MelvieD: don’t know you tell me? I’m not about stopping access to to the outdoors for someone because they are not as able bodied as I am
  • 3 1
 @jclnv: maybe, I do see it as an easy way out for able bodied riders don’t get me wrong. I’ll use myself as an example, I have/had a heart condition that made hard to climb the easiest trails at our local mtb park. It’s fixed for the moment but when my time comes I’ll be getting an e bike. For the moment tho I’m not interested in riding one. My acceptance of e bikes comes from my experience of seeing it from the other side. If one of these keeps me riding longer so be it I’m in.
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 @jamesdunford: Anything to back that claim up that moto riders are the fittest on the planet? Sounds like you're stretching the truth to back up your argument. yes, they may well be very fit but they are professional athletes, put them in a foot race or on a bike they wouldn't be smashing out xc loops at near race pace would they?

I have heard the argument from ebike riders that they handle better than real bikes on the downs, despite DH rigs always trying to reduce weight they will not have it, so they will tell you that the bikes are better on the ups and downs but insist it's all still down to the rider. I have no interest in watching ebike racing but that doesn't mean I can''t have an opinion on them.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I take a morning dump at 7 but don't get out of bed till 8, i'm whining ( then cleaning)
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 @WAKIdesigns: ebikes still blow donkees.
  • 2 1
 Agree, with the lame motorcycle. Until they can charge themselves. Thats when the game will change.
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 @jcav5: The moto vs. E-bike argument is not a great one. Motos require a ton of maintenance, registration, license fees. Not to mention, access to trails. Racing these things is ridiculous though.
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You are entitled to your opinion, but the evidence is pretty much against you. Here are some articles you can read.

Fight against climate change isn't a huge battle, its many small battles. Yes, transportation industry contributes less to global warming than other industries, but it still contributes. So it doesn't matter if someone wants to get an ebike for fun or principal - as long as they are not using a car, its better. And we are already seeing evidence of less car use with more bicycles.
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 @phops: Interesting read, thanks!
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 @phops: So if everyone's buying electric items which they need to charge and subsequently having to induce a massive drain on the grid which in turns forces the power plants to work harder, is that producing a significantly less 'carbon footprint' and I should therefore trade my 3 litre diesel for a Prius?

a genuine and not facetious question.
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 This is pretty much on point. Hipster of 2050 find a resurgence in Bio biking, when it was nothing but you, your bike and your legs. “ without a charge to worry about I find myself able to clear my mind” ????????@wibblywobbly:
  • 1 0
 @phops: you didn’t understand what I wrote. Maybe I communicate badly. People who commute with ebikes are rarely those who commuted previously with a car. These are people who used to commute by regular bikes or by bus. Quite a large group of people are complaining on electric kick bikes being one big piece of toxic waste. Putting “electric motor on it” is a rather short sighted strategy and we are learning that in Europe right now. Also please, let’s not mix North America with Europe when discussing commuting, since our urban structures are dramatically different.
  • 1 0
 @49thbiker: What? You mean you can ride a bike without having to charge your motor, derailleur, shifter, dropper seat, remote, livevalve suspension, Garmin, and 3 GoPros? Blasphemy!
  • 1 0

"People who commute with ebikes are rarely those who commuted previously with a car."


All the studies I linked show that more people are choosing cycling. Those people had to get to work somehow before. And electric scooters still produce a net positive decrease in emissions compared to cars.
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Sorry in swedish. It is coherent with the trend across the country that gave birth to Greta Thunberg

Nr of people going to work on foot increased much more than nr of cyclists.
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So lets say that you had 100 people taking a car to work last year . Now, 30 of those people walk to work, and 10 ride ebikes.

That is still 40 less people taking a car, and ebikes contributed to that in part.

Im not saying that ebikes are the solution to global warming, im just saying that they are net positive change.

Also, please realize how silly you look getting triggered by a 16 year old girl.
  • 1 0
 @phops: your last line says quite a lot about you... just saying... I am more than fine with Greta. not triggered by a tiniest margin. On the contrary. She is excellent As someone who gets people to think, she put the world on fire. What I am not fine with is folks who chose to lie or promote “one size fits all” for the greater good. It always backfires. In Sweden We already see how “put electric motor on it” is backfiring. I just cycled home from work with electric kick bikes lying on bike path all over the place. By the Way, they did a study in Scandinavia why people bike... environment ended up on seventh place. People bike because it is convenient, cheap, they feel they exercise. Saving polar bears got trumped by “It makes me feel better”.
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 This is going to come across as an elitist comment of the fitness variety, but... I really don't like e-bikes because they promote access to areas that used to require a higher level of fitness to enjoy. While I want everybody to get out and enjoy biking, the use of e-bikes means that there will be a significant increase in people riding in areas that are way above their skill level for the simple reason that the long climbs/distance that previously held people back from these trails will no longer matter. From an EMS perspective we are going to see a lot more injuries in the back country from people who's fitness isnt up to par with where the bikes can take them.
  • 15 2
 Spot on.
  • 14 2
 Dead on!
  • 11 3
 I noticed this before. At least here in switzerland. 9 out of 10 people on an emtb lack some serious most basic skills on a bike. Like crazy! I once saw a group of emtbers in davos and boy did they rip. Bit Im sure they would be ripping on a analog bike too. Learn your skills people and have some patience!
  • 17 40
flag mattradical (Oct 8, 2019 at 9:21) (Below Threshold)
 The back country does not belong to you, @who-me You assume eMtb riders are less fit, yet eMtb riders maintain a higher heart rate and burn more calories. This eMtber and all the ones I know, come from a competitive Mtb background and have great skill. We should all take safety steps when on back country trails, regardless of how we get there. So tired of the my way is the only way attitude. Get out and try a Class 1 eMtb... you’ll love it.
  • 14 2
 @mattradical: you've missed the point on the above statement. The point is that the majority lack skills and judgment....
Not you and your friends
  • 16 7
 @mattradical: yet eMtb riders maintain a higher heart rate and burn more calories - That's becuase they're unfit. Put them on an actual bike and they'd burn even more.

Get out and try a Class 1 eMtb... you’ll love it. - Everyone assumes that those who don't like ebikes have never tried them. It's just not true. I've tried, didn't love it. Plenty of us have ridden them and still think they're not mountain bikes, bring their own issues, and have no place in UCI sanctioned events.
  • 22 3
 No way a "Fit" rider burns more calories on a E-bike ... that is nonsense.

Unless you are talking about when the E-bike breaks down & said person has to ride the thing back to the truck dead.
  • 5 2
 They may be able to get out there but with dead batteries, they will have a long ride/walk out. That is on them and they would need to manage their rides. I feel that they should purchase licenses for their bikes. The funds from those licenses should be given to trail maintenance organizations and that way, they are monitored and pay their way into trail access. Who will police these? I really don't know but with some careful thought and planning, perhaps a good way to get these people contributing to the trail maintenance/repair.
  • 17 1
 I don’t climb but I’d imagine it’s not that different than the way hardcore climbers feel about what Mt Everest has become where average (and worse) climbers can pay a bunch of money and have their hand held all the way to the top.
  • 4 4
 @kingtut87: Agreed. I bought an e-bike for "shuttling" and i don't like it at all (commencal metapower race). Heavy awkward thing. Looking forward to getting rid of it this winter. Maybe I'd like it better if i didn't have many years of riding on regular bikes beforehand.
  • 12 7
 Piss poor argument. You can make the exact same argument about other things.

For example, modern long slack enduro bikes with 180mm forks and 160mm rear travel make downhill easier, or encourage people to go faster on terrain above their skill level. Having lockout on your shocks shocks also decreases the fitness required to get up climbs.

The simple fact is, MTB will allways have a slew of people riding. Even without ebikes, on the lower end of the spectrum, we already have the a*shole endurobros that rail blind corners on bidirectional trails with their shitty rap blasting out of bluetooth speakers, the srava snobs that get mad at you for slowing them down, and the people that congregate in parking lots comparing their $8k Yetis while riding like they were on entry level hardtails. Ebikes won't change this distribution of people.
  • 7 4
 @phops: That's not the same arguement, 180mm of travel and lockouts do not enable people to ride 3x the distance out into the back country, or to the top of a mountain, the same way an e-bike does. While I understand your point about forward progress of frames and suspension, all of those things still required people to have an underlying level of fitness. You need to be fit enough to ride a 180mm travel, lockout equiped enduro bike to the top of a mountain in order to descend it. An e-bike by design is removing that obstacle so that an out of shape, reduced skill, rider can climb 3000ft and then descend it.
  • 1 2
 Now that we have amazing purpose built trails close to town nobody rides the backcountry anymore. If ebikes generate a resurgence in backcountry riding I think it's a good thing. Backcountry trails are never going to see significant traffic because they take so long to get to and ride.
  • 5 7
 @Darknut: Same watts being put out by a rider on an ebike just going faster and longer. You have no clue.
  • 6 4
 @d-man: Show me some hard science on that ... there isn't any ... There is junk science from people that want to sell shit
  • 4 2
 @Darknut: Go for a ride on one and climb 4000'.
  • 5 1
 @phops: Sure, so let's all go back to the beginning... rigid 26" w/ geo steeper than Mt. Everest, tires like a baby's butt and a stem as long as the handlebar. Perfect.
  • 4 1
 @who-me: I'm only going to touch on your statement of significant increase. How many non serious bikers jaws drop whenever they hear the price of an entry level MTB? Damn near everyone I tell how much I spend on bikes thinks I am crazy. I find it hard to believe that a significant population will be willing to shell out $7000 or more for a sport they aren't sure they will like or aren't even slightly disturbed to an addictive level. The entry cost is very prohibitive. And if these people are that fat and lazy their eyes are more likely to wander towards a quad or sit down jet ski. There will be some that throw down $7000 or buy used and get out a little further than planned, but I doubt it will be a significant increase.
  • 6 0
 @Here: shit. "analog bike" has entered our lexicon.
  • 4 2
 Furthermore, Id add that with that found fitness you slowly build a familiarity with your equipment and an ability to repair something when it fails. Flat tires, snapped chain, transmission failure... I've come across several riders on emtb who had simple problems and were way out in areas they shouldnt have been. They either didnt have tools/equipment needed or didnt know how to fix regardless. Im not saying this doesnt already happen with regular bikes, but i feel emtbs will make this worse. Also not being prepared with food, water, first aid, a phone or way to reach out for help, familiarity with local wildlife and what to do if they try to eat you etc... These are learned skills and knowledge that many of us might take for granted as they come second nature to us.
  • 3 0
 @mattradical: @mattradical: I hear this claim all the time that emtb allows higher heart rate than a real bike. What about the bike having a motor means your heart can suddenly perform better on it?
Same with calories burned, that comes from energy expended, how does having assistance mean you are somehow using more energy than not having assistance?

In my mind it's like me claiming I work harder and burn more energy by doing chin ups with resistance bands assisting me than I do without any assistance, am I missing something or is this just a claim that's banded about and not really true? I never get an answer when I ask this.
  • 2 0
 @JOHN8LAZE: only thing I can think of is that the comparison refers to the same person riding an ebike vs a regular bike, where the ebike allows them to ride for a longer period of time as opposed to simply stopping because they can’t pedal a real bike anymore. To use your pull-up example, is it better to do 10 reps with the assistance band or do 2 reps and fail with no assistance bands?
  • 5 1
 @sino428: The "ride longer" propaganda spin doesn't apply. there are many things that can help you "ride longer" The same "Fit" person riding the same amount of time at the same place on a "real" bike will burn more calories than on a E-bike (motorcycle)
  • 3 0
 I've supped up the battery on my mom's rascal and it gets down the trail pretty decent, but I'm sick and tired of all the pedal jockies blasting past me on blind corners without so much as ringing their bell.
  • 3 0
 @Darknut: Of course, thats what I was trying to say with my comment. I was just saying if there was any validity at all to it, it would have to be a comparison of allowing a specific rider to physically exercise longer on an ebike. Because obviously if you are riding the same distance/pace without assistance you get a better workout. Going back to the pullup example, clearly doing 12 unassisted would be a better workout than 12 assisted. But if you can't do any without assistance, its better to use the help than to not do it at all.
  • 3 0
 @sino428: I agree if you have a physical malady & a E-bike allows you to ride then yes of course get one. I can't fault that.

But I will be forever against them in principal for fit riders that don't need any help. I find those riders lazy pure & simple.
  • 1 0
 @Darknut: Don't get me wrong here, I'm not a fan of them either. I was just giving one scenario where you could technically say and ebike provides a better workout.
  • 2 2

"180mm of travel and lockouts do not enable people to ride 3x the distance out into the back country, or to the top of a mountain, the same way an e-bike does."

....and what is the problem with that? Are you against shuttling then?

And yes, you still need fitness to ride a 180mm travel bike, but that is not YOUR argument. YOUR argument is that people without fitness can buy an ebike, climb to the top of a mountain and start doing a harder trail and then hurt themselves. This is no different than someone buying a modern enduro, seeing how much better it is than their old 26" hardtail, and attempting a black diamond because they think they can do it. Or someone buying a DH bike, getting shuttled to the top, and then hurting themselves on the way down.

I can also make the argument that there will be plenty of smart people that are going to buy an ebike, climb to the top, then have less fatigue for a safer descent down.

Your argument is some silly justification for your ego. "I got fit so everyone else should do the same". Please realize that this a personal issue, and not an issue with ebikes.
  • 4 0
 Bingo! Putting rescuers at greater risks/exposure is a frustrating problem
  • 4 0
 We were taking the shuttle up to porcupine in Moab for labor day (yes shuttle, had a 10 yr old virgin with us).
Sun isnt even up yet and on the road up we see a group of chubby bikers on a steep pitch cruising. Ive climbed this road and I know this is a granny gear section. Well I think you know the rest.. eMTB rentals.
insert biking is easy comment.
  • 1 0
 @phops: At the beginning of my original comment, I clearly stated that what I was saying was going to come across as an elitist type comment based on fitness. I'm not sure if your comments are actually trying to make a point, I see you defending your position and perhaps (even though I seem to have the crowd behind me) you could be right. For the sake of another Pinkbike pissing match it's better we just agree to disagree and see where this actually goes. I don't have a crystal ball to predict the future and certainly have no reason to get all up-in-arms about the topic. Thank you for your opinion, sorry if this got your blood pressure up. Go for a ride and forget about it. Cheers.
  • 60 5
 So instead of watching riders get penalised/banned for taking perfromance enhancing drugs we'll now see them being done for hacking their motors for extra power?
  • 33 1
 They will have to take extra care in not mixing up the battery packs.
  • 5 1
 Good points. Are all participants to have the same motor and battery manufacturers to keep things as even as possible? Or is it: "these are the spec rules, have at it." It's going to be interesting to see how they try to keep it fair.

But yeah, they'll have to test for both biological and mechanical; because if you ain't "cheatin, you aint tryin!" lol
  • 13 2
 @camm67: seriously though, the amount of cheating this opens the door to is pretty incredible. So many ways to fiddle with programming that would be totally undetectable by the average UCI inspector
  • 23 0
 News Flash 2020 - Volkswagen has entered the eBike market and is sweeping the racing circuit.
  • 9 1
 @AD4M: dont be so cynical! Theyll get busted for hacking their bikes AND doping!
  • 13 1
 There should be one stage that you have to do with a dead battery
  • 2 1
 Yeah, I'd like to see them limit the motor and battery and no spare batteries allowed during the event. If a rider goes BOOST all of the way, then their battery dies quicker. Perhaps only allow them eco/trail mode on the motors an NO boost. One could win a stage in Boost mode alone.

Wow, this is going to bring up so many points of monitoring, etc. that UCI wouldn't know where to begin. Perhaps they will design their own motors and everybody will have to purchase their specific motors. This just makes on dizzy trying to think about how these rules will be written and monitored.

Just let e-bikes be used for pleasure and adventure cycling and don't try to make competitions out of these now because all sorts of "leveling the playing field" restrictions will come into play.
  • 4 1
 @MMOF: I love my ebike as much as my Turner or hardtail, but racing them is silly. I witnessed such silliness recently. I showed up with my Class 1 just to observe, and what I saw were homemade electric motorcycles built on MTB frames. All were throttle-controlled, most had batteries in backpacks. One had a 3,000W hub motor that they had to put a fan on to cool after a single lap. Fitting deaths for old Yetis.
  • 2 0
 I can't wait for the ridiculous F1-like moments in which something like a power limit being exceeded by a fraction of a percent for a fraction of a second, at a moment that doesn't matter to the outcome, leads to a rider being disqualified.
  • 49 0
 This is going to be like that fight scene from Anchorman.
  • 22 0
 Brick Tamland: I love e-bikes
Ron Burgundy: Brick, are you just looking at things on Pinkbike and saying you love them?
Brick Tamland: I love e-bikes.
Ron Burgundy: Do you really love the e-bikes or are you just saying it because you saw it?
Brick Tamland: I love e-bikes, I love bikes.
  • 8 0
 @bigtim: After reading this article, I feel like i'm in a glass cage of emotion
  • 6 0
 Hi my name's brick. People seem to like me because i'm polite and am rarely late. I like eBikes and enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later......
  • 7 0
  • 36 8
 This is getting stupid, are they going to have an e-bike Tour de France next?
  • 7 1
 Won't be long, Spec has a 20k road bike that they're making all their top boys pimp on instagram non stop, made one of their tour teams do a promo on it during a rest day during hte TdF this year...I could see there being an E-stage or something...the Euros seem to be infatuated with E-bikes
  • 4 2
 @ross005: well maybe attention on the motors will draw attention from the fact they're all juicing?
  • 3 6
 get ready for some serious road rash and broken bones at those speeds
  • 2 0
 @motard5: what speeds? They are throttled to only 25 km/h!
  • 33 6
 UCI..I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed
  • 17 2
 It is the UCI..... at this point, I'm not even surprised.
  • 26 3
 This is no different than if the IWF added an 'assisted' weightlifting world championship. From a competitive standpoint, and a body interested in showcasing human athleticism, there is literally no point.

But from a marketing standpoint...

  • 9 1
 Perfect analogy!
  • 21 1
 I've been trying to come up with an analogy. Where else in the sporting world have we done something like this? Swimmers don't get tow ropes. America's cup isn't putting props on. Sprinters don't get launched out of a slingshot. Long jumpers don't get a glider.

The closest thing I can think of is the trampoline event in gymnastics where a piece of equipment allows an athlete to do something they wouldn't otherwise be capable of. But that's not a race. That's more like wake boarders getting a tow.

I can't think of anywhere else we've said, "You know what would make this human-powered race better? If they had a motor."

We've decided that performance enhancing drugs aren't ok. We have decided that performance enhancing technology can be ok but has to be regulated. See the modern hour record vs. Merckx style record, or shark-skin swimsuits for olympic swimmers.

So I'm struggling with where this fits in or for some example or analogy that I can relate to why this is a valid and good thing that has some precedent rather than a new and strange thing that causes irrational discomfort. I think some of that will come as it evolves into it's own sport that rewards a different type of athlete or significantly different skill set than the existing disciplines. I had joked that if the UCI gives away stripes for E-bikes they should also give them away for every type of second tier race like singlespeeds and fat bikes. Then they announced stripes for pump-track racing and I guess they just figure if it has two wheels and pedals you can get stripes for it. Fair enough.

Anyway, does anyone have an example of other mechanical enhancement in human athletics that has become widely accepted?
  • 2 1
 They need to make the series so its about strategy as well. The transfer stages need to be harder and longer and have a time limit, so that you are heavily penalized if you run out of juice or if your ebike is heavy.
  • 6 1
 @SpokeGuy: One of the weird things about the EWS is that, orginally, they marketed the EWS and enduro as being the most well-rounded specimens of mountain biking. Endurance and skill. And yet, slowly but surely, it's basically becoming an endurance DH race, with more and more of the ascents being covered by something other than human power.
  • 9 3
 @SpokeGuy: The bicycle itself is a mechanical enhancement in human athletics. Imagine what the runners said when bike racing debuted!
  • 1 0
 @SpokeGuy: paralypics. Runners with spring legs instead of, hmm how do I say, normal legs.
  • 1 1
 @SpokeGuy: Javelin > Darts > Archery > Shooting
  • 2 0
 @jordanrh: except you missed the difference between mechanical advantage and an electric motor on your bike. In a bicycle, the rider is still providing 100% of the power.
  • 27 2
 Please read this with AXS wireless Reverb review for maximum keyboard rage
  • 31 8
 screw this. looks like dh is back at the top of the list of good race formats.
  • 31 1
 Dude. Did you see the xc track in Japan?
  • 3 8
flag hamncheez (Oct 8, 2019 at 7:31) (Below Threshold)
 Yes, ebikes require more screws than an acoustic bike.
  • 5 2
 Agreed - I was just starting to get into the EWS format after years of watching DH racing. This move may be a great marketing strategy to sell e-bikes but makes no sense to me as a rider or race fan.
  • 21 0
 *puts popcorn in the microwave
  • 16 0
 Can we please have a performance-enhancing drug induced Ebike enduro series? Just to see what happens?
  • 16 0
 "On season 3 of The Privateer..."
  • 19 0
 You mean the first season of Private E
  • 5 0
 @WAKIdesigns: The PrivateEr
  • 24 12
 I thought the point of Enduro was to make it an incredibly hard physical challenge while needing all the super tech elements that DH required basically. Now you just rev the throttle up the hill and zip down...seems to defeat the purpose
  • 4 3
 But it will sell them emtb... Imagine after one round and you have a "world champion" and corresponding bike. You put that on the tag and there will be so many buyers!
  • 13 24
flag splzed (Oct 8, 2019 at 7:25) (Below Threshold)
 You dont "just rev up the throttle". With a pedelec bike you must pedal..... You know, like a bicycle.

And for everyone talking about the price. I bet most of us on here have bikes from $3000 to $6000 bikes right?
My Levo was $5800. Ebikes are no more than an analog bike.
  • 4 2
 @splzed: And do the components on your Levo match the level of the equivalent mountain bike? There's no way a machine with a motor added can cost the same as one without if the rest of the equipment is the same.
  • 6 6
 @kingtut87: Oh geez. Now components. I laugh at guys with top tier components. GX, XT, Yari, Revelation, Deluxe RT, OEM Fox is all 90% of what riders need Ebike or not. Top tier parts will not make up for bad technique.

We are taking about roughly $2500 in difference with the same spec as a lower level bike. But if you add in the $2500 were now back to the $6000-$7000 Yeti, Santa Cruz, Pivot I see on the trail with way more crap than will ever get used. I think a lot of people can save money buying the Comp version of there brand. But hey, to each there own.
  • 4 3
 @kingtut87: "Component level"? On an ebike you want durability, not gram counting. An SLX shifts and stops as well as an XT or XTR, they just weight a bit more and lack the ease of tuning for the brakes. You also don't need carbon frame or wheels, because there really is no benefit except snob appeal. The packages offered for Class I eBikes are solid performers when compared to equivalent price-point mechanical-advantage-only bikes.
  • 3 1
 @splzed: I never said they would, but to try and imply that eBikes don't cost more when the spec levels aren't comparable is a silly argument.

@Geochemistry: I didn't comment on what you want or need on an ebike, or the relative merits of any groupset over another, alloy vs carbon, but you can't deny that these things cost more. An argument of 'this bike is just as good value as this mountain bike as they cost the same' doesn't hold up when one is XT or X11 with a more expensive fork and better wheels when the other comes with cheaper heavier wheels and components and inferior damping. It's not an apples to apples comparison.

How much cheaper is the SLX equipped mountain bike over the same spec eBike?
  • 1 2
 @kingtut87: you got me kingtut.
  • 2 1
 Yeah, the ups will be just the same as in current Enduro World Series - Riiiiiiigggghhhht. Grow a brain and have a look at what people are doing with eMTB before typing. I'd love to see non assisted Enduro riders try some of the climbs eMTBers do. Oh wait, they carry their bikes on those climbs....... It ain't going to be timed up stages on fn fire roads for f-sake. Compared to the FIM eMTB racing which was a joke, this will be really interesting for the sport. Oh and BTW, your throttle control is your legs - still gotta spin it ya know.
  • 15 6
 For all the knuckleheads pissing and moaning about this being a ploy to sell more eBikes, of course it is.

"Win on Sunday, sell on Monday" isn't a phrase that only applies to eBikes. It literally applies to the entire bike industry and beyond.

Good grief. Turn on your eBike filters instead of whining on every article. You're all so tiring.
  • 15 5
 @ Chris Ball: This happens when you sell your soul to the devil...
  • 9 1
 This post is 143 days too early.
  • 5 1
 I don’t really care what people do. If e-bikes mean people who wouldn’t normally be riding are now out and about then that’s all good in my eyes! However... I don’t really see the point in racing them? Surely the people riding them are going to be extremely fit, high level athletes? All of whom can ride and race a normal bike. What they should do, is make it only for guys and girls over the age of say 40 or 50, or people who are physically unable to ride a normal bike over the distances required. That would be awesome to have people later in their lives or unable to ride a normal bike still able to compete at the highest level at a worldwide event such as EWS. Just a thought.
  • 4 0
 people with disabilities allso buy e bikes and all this shit of dont want them here -cant ride them here will all stop when someone with a disabiilty sues land management -bike parks or city to the point that land management is forced to close trail for everyone i use to think the same -[ e bike just buy a moped lol ] till i rode one then i understood not really so much faster
it just makes it alittle easier to pedal and no i dont own one im 52 5'9 270lbs and still pedal my mondraker on 17-25 mile mountain bike rides
  • 8 1
 One caveat, they have to ride the courses up hill.
  • 10 2
 Actually having suuuper technical transfers could make this competition valid. The mental toll of having to be completely focused up and down? A new kind of endurance
  • 4 6
 @Lookinforit: Transfers would be down fire roads to deincentivize not riding a real bike.
  • 7 2
 @Lookinforit: You mean XC?
  • 4 1
  • 7 3
 You know, I want to be angry about this, but if they are making them do a half-ass pedal to the top, that seems better than many of the normal EWS races where they take a lift.
  • 8 4
 This just seems so pointless and contrived... Like the "world championship" moped race at MSA in September. Embarassing. I get that the bikes have their place, but it's not in competition.
  • 25 22
 Before stereotyping ebikers as uncool, 40+ and out of shape, try competing in an ebike race. I guarantee you will come away with a much different impression. That is if your competitive enough to run with the leaders.
  • 27 5
 but..but..but its easier to talk shit on the internet!!
  • 11 7
 I couldn't agree more with you. Everyone thinks they could win one. Hate to break the news guys but theirs only one winner in a race. I encourage all you guys! Go do a real ebike race and report back with your results.
  • 16 2
 What you're saying is that the people in ebike races are fit, skilled, and would be perfectly served competing in 'normal' bike races?

So what's the point then?
  • 10 5
 @shlotch: Because it's human nature to compete against each other at everything under the sun. Why is hammer throw still a thing? Why is the 100m dash still a thing? Because someone said "hey, I bet I can do X (further, faster, longer) than you". There is no moral high ground here.

But I'd put money on the people you see on the podium of e-bike racing are the same ones you see on the podium of regular bike racing. The fitter and more skilled you are on a regular bike, the faster you'll be. The faster you are on a regular bike, the faster you'll be on an e-bike.
  • 16 2
 @billg: I don't really see the equivalency there.

I mean, yeah, hammer throwing and 100m dash are still things. But it's not as if there exists some kind of electronically assisted hammer that people throw in a separate competition. And why? Because hammer throwing is still a thing. What would be the point of a separate, assisted competition when throwing the normal-ass hammer is sufficient in determining who is best at throwing a hammer?

Unless they were trying to sell some kind of new-fangled propeller hammers or anti-gravity hammers or something, I guess.
  • 4 3
 @shlotch: haha i think you missed his point. Funny post though. anti-gravity hammers
  • 8 6
 @shlotch: Because it combines many elements of off road cycling. I find combining a broader range of skills (XC, Enduro, DH) very appealing. You will have to be super fit, have great climbing skills and can send it in order to be competitive. Being able to race at a high level in one or two disciplines will not be good enough provided the ebike racing format evolves into a timed event up/down and around the hills. I've done plenty of XC, Enduro and DH racing and now ebike racing too. Ebike racing is nothing like the others, and its fun as F@#K.
  • 6 1
 Let the cheating begin! I predict VW will top the eBike racing circuit podium, until the hidden switch is found.
  • 2 0
 Grip shifter for the dropper post on parking, but throttle while "pedaling" !
  • 10 8
 The reactionary tone of commenters towards ebikes is honestly kind of ruining this site. Not saying everyone has to like them obviously, but the reactions are so out of proportion to the topics. Personally, I think an ebike enduro series could be a lot of fun. Technical climbs and descents sounds pretty awesome and will require a more complete skillset. And there is still a tremendous amount of fitness involved.
  • 4 2
 Its unpure ☝????
  • 8 2
 On the contrary. Ebike trolling is pretty fun, it makes us purists feel superior. I love a weekly ebike rant.
  • 2 1
 @yeti-monster: I am too earnest for these times.
  • 5 1
 Technical climbs and decents... hm, if only there was a discipline where you were timed up and down where you werent on an ebike...
  • 6 2
 I think the majority of you haters out there just can’t handle being passed on the ups by a lady old enough to be your grandma!
  • 2 1
 I’d say generally it’s a fat guy, based on experience. However, it is all made better when you watch them try manage that fugly thing on the way down.
  • 2 0
 When I was younger in BMX we had scooter kids show up insisting they were the future and the best thing to happen to skate parks, we were old fools for not liking it and they would go on to change the world and all this great stuff. In MTB we have Ebikes and I get a feeling of de ja vue.
  • 3 1
 Good for them, This will help drive demand for more research and better technology, IE: lighter batteries, longer lasting batteries, lighter and stronger motors. Trickle down effect to other applications outside the bike industry.
People would've have shit the proverbial brick if E-bikes were allowed in a "normal" MTB race, so good on them for keeping it separate. This opens the door for those that want to, but can't race a normal series/venue due to debilitating injury, chronic illnesses. or whatever. If it gets them outside, enjoying the nature, and MAYBE enjoying themselves, good on them.
Curious, how many of these nay-sayer "purists" utilize the chairlifts or do shuttle runs to get more runs/ laps/ miles in?
  • 4 0
 Reminds me of the All Steroid Olympics...
  • 6 1
 Can't wait for the Zwift EWS
  • 2 2
 Zwift eEWS...
  • 3 0
 How are they getting they’re batteries on planes? I Beelieve 100wh is max battery size for commercial airline travel how does worldwide travel work with this?
  • 4 3
 Can't wait to see more bike manufacturers and E-bike specific parts manufacturers being big event sponsors for E-bike racing to help boost their sales and inevitably leading to E-bike racers earning more money at races then those who have been racing with their standard bikes for the past however many years... E-BIKES have a place in this sport but they don't deserve to inevitably be a bigger thing than standard bike racing and unfortunately the world we live in only grasps at loving the latest and greatest. Don't kid yourself that there will be a time where E-bikes get the latest tech and those of us on acoustic bikes will have to wait for the trickle down. This is the start of a slippery slope, I can guarantee it. Could take 5 years or could take 10 but it's gonna happen.
  • 2 2
 Won’t happen I’m 100% sure.
  • 5 2
 Awesome. I don't care about the racing whatsoever, but this can only mean better, lighter, cheaper ebikes, which is fantastic for us consumers.
  • 3 0
 The only issue with ews-e that it will host only competitors that can arrive with a car or train. You can't travel via Air with EMTB.
  • 1 0
 I used to be a big ebike hater until recently. I was riding in Park City with friends when we finished our ride I started feeling really crappy and they rushed me to the ER where I had a heart attack and stroke. I now have a pacemaker at 38 years of ageFrown and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to ride a traditional MTB again. I’m also not some out of shape dude. I’ve completed 100 MTB races and typically ride a couple thousand miles a year. If riding an ebike means I can participate in the sport I love down the road....I will gladly purchase and race one if possible!
  • 1 0
 If ebikes can reverse the trend of closing singletrack to gas powered dirt bikes, I'm for them. However, I see it much more likely that an increase in ebike use will jeopardize all mountain bike access non-motorized singletrack, and the remaining motorized singletrack will get closed even faster.
  • 3 1
 Ews unlimited™No restrictions on enhancements, testosterone and steroids to the max. I'd rather watch a bunch of freaks on the edge of physical and emotional breakdown
  • 4 2
 And just like other EWS events we'll be able to read about the results on Pinkbike. How about figuring out how to televise your existing events instead of creating others?
  • 4 1
 not sure why this got downvoted. i love ews, but the coverage sucks.
  • 4 1
 Yay ! Can't wait for the e-assisted water bottle orgies ! Keystone of the enduro hype!
  • 3 2
 Bicycles. They have been called Bicycles for longer than any of us have been alive. Ebikes are something different, motocycles are something different. Now WTF are acoustic bicycles, do they have a guitar built into them?
  • 2 0
 Really hard to have fair races, when 1% can decides over the win... Wondering what the tolerances of power meters in ebike motors are!?
  • 2 1
 I dont have an ebike, I have a normal bike and a proper 250 2T MX and a motorcycle for the polution. No one can justify the polution caused by the battery production AND a motorcyle Smile
  • 5 1
 Electric World Series...
  • 2 2
 Electric Watt Storage
  • 3 0
 Can’t wait to read all the sarcastic responses
  • 5 2
  • 5 5
 I think eMTBs are a great trend for many people (not me) and especially the improvements of the technology for the ebike commuters has been great over the years. But do we need pro level Ebike races? No!
  • 7 6
 If you apply the argument that something shouldn't exist because we don't "need" it; there would be a lot of things that don't exist. Sport is no longer needed to determine the most virile male to defend the village from invaders; sports are about people having fun, and company's profiting from it.
  • 5 3
 Who are you to decide what others should or shouldn't do or who should race them. You think you know more about the sport than the pro racers who are pushing for this series?
  • 1 1
 @d-man: Did I say something? everyone has the freedom of doing what they want and why should I know more about the sport than the pros? Just saying that I am not interested in these races as long as there is the regular EWS...
  • 2 2
 @sevn: Read your post, you state we don't need pro level races.
  • 1 1
 @d-man: yes, i have the freedom to express my opinion too, nothing else...
  • 2 1
 @sevn: you're not a pro level racer so why do you need to comment on something you are not involved with other than to jump on the anti ebike bandwagon.
  • 1 1
 @d-man: why do you judge people if they express their opinions? i didn't jump on the anti ebike bandwagon. i actually think ebikes are great for certain riders. I have tried a few of them over the years and had fun, I just don't think we need pro level ebike races. How do you know about my riding skills?
  • 2 0
 @sevn: if you're not interested in the races why do you need to have an opinion? Stating a Negative opinion you have nothing to do with is jumping on the hate bandwagon. I'm not into road racing but don't go spouting off we don't need them.
  • 1 1
 @d-man: Oh so sorry did I offend you by expressing my opinion? wasn't my intention... may your bike or ebike take you on many great adventures
  • 6 4
 Feel so sorry for those pros who have to promote e-bikes and hate them ????????
  • 2 1
 Race for Yeti or Ibis. No E-bikes by those guys.
  • 4 2
 We all knew this was coming; the normalization of ebikes is a reality. So will the climbs be timed as well?
  • 4 5
 At least in motocross anyone from 140 to 220lbs can be competitive in the premier class, and in Enduro and DH you can have some beef and still do well. With the power caps on e-mopeds it’s gonna be about having the best power to weight ratio, skills will take a back seat. Just another form of XC racing.

  • 2 4
 In other words to be truly fair, the wattage allowed per racer would be based on their ideal BMI not some arbitrary number the industry had agreed on. Otherwise the advantage to the little person seems like too big a factor to make it a sporting event.
  • 3 1
 wait till we have antigravity bikes like star wars you guys will bitch at everything
  • 5 6
 This is so off the track. This is hubris. This is not in the spirit of enduro. These bikes are not for healthy and young people.
Yes, get e-support for all people who cannot move by themselves, all others f*ck off. And stop justifying with this “yes, but I can do more milage” argument. Just do what you can, work and progress.
  • 3 2
 People who say e bike riders don't burn as many calories have clearly never ridden an ebike to work with a dead battery. I almost ate my arm after arriving.
  • 1 2
 Maybe this could turn into the senior tour like with the PGA for old mountain bikers to stay in the sport. Who wouldn’t want to see a 55 year old Peaty or Sam Hill with a beer gut still getting after it? Our old heroes could fill e-bike magazines with adds for pills for ED and prostate health and what versions of Depends works best as a bike short chamois.
  • 3 0
 So............uh...........what happened to that Ebike filter?
  • 2 0
 Only relevant question here.
  • 3 0
 I’m praying for rain and snow during the race!
  • 3 2
 WHO CARES!!! I'm old and smelly but I ride for the fitness and challenge . If I want a motor I'll get a Moto and ride on the trails designated to motor vehicles..period.
  • 1 0
 With thru axles, bigger tires and disc brakes, its a trend that road bikes are becoming mountain bikes......i guess now mountain bikes are becoming motocross bikes
  • 4 1
  • 3 0
 Rabble rabble rabble
  • 11 9
 If it wasn't so pathetically sad I would laugh at the absurdity of it!
  • 4 2
 This is electrifying News
  • 3 2
 The EWS is just moving to claim the space before the UCI or FIM says it's the official body for electric motorcycle racing.
  • 1 1
 if ews resembles wrc, the only way i think it would be fair for eews to be a thing was if it resembled rally dakar with 100 km stages and 3 or 4 days of riding
  • 9 7
 Lame! E-waste, just ride a motorcycle!
  • 6 4
 Now that is one podium I would hate to be on
  • 2 3
 You sure, I hear you get a Big Mac for top 5 finish?
  • 5 3
 So, most of e-bikers are in France, Switzerland and Italy.. Typical..
  • 3 2
 Yes, just please build more charging stations up there in Alpine, that's what we need
  • 4 2
 So the winner will be the one with the best battery, engine combination.
  • 4 3
 Does anyone know if they make e-road bikes too? I need to figure out how to train for this series over the winter.
  • 8 7
 Just came to read the hate from a bunch of ignorant, closed minded dipshits.
  • 2 2
 You came here to read the hate and you called people “closed minded dipshits”? You definitely don’t disappoint yourself!
  • 3 1
 Oh by the way that was my wife that just blew by you
  • 2 0
 I swear I disabled eBike material in my settings. How am I seeing this?
  • 2 1
 We need to stop them cheating with drugs- let’s just have them cheat using their bikes!
  • 2 1
 Bahhhhhh!!! Ponte a entrenar Toño porque se te acabo el circo!!!
  • 2 1
 Hoping WADA has a doping test for KrispyKreme/Monster..
  • 4 2
  • 3 2
 maybe but bad for the SPORT of cycling
  • 6 9
 C mon guys, let s see the positive side of the story...
riders won't get help from drugs anymore....the motor will help at that point, the more "juicest" the faster Smile
i do love e -bikes, mostly for older people who cannot ride long distance anymore and people with disabilities.
if anyone believes ebike is cheating, so what about, 160 mm fork travel or hydraulic brakes or lighter bikes or 29" or carbon materials....
this is not cheating, it is called help!!
  • 6 5
 "if anyone believes ebike is cheating, so what about, 160 mm fork travel or hydraulic brakes or lighter bikes or 29" or carbon materials...."

Those advancements made mountain biking better, motors make it easier. Not the same thing by a long shot.

I would compare it to what the music industry faced going digital. You don't need to be as skilled a musician to be successful today. The pre-digital performers needed to hone their craft to a much finer degree because what they played was what you heard, while today the computer programs carry more of the load. Is that buying talent? Imo E-bikers are buying fitness and by-passing the fundamental aspects of the sport.

Ease disguised as progress is a slippery slope which our sport is now beginning to tumble down.
  • 1 0
 @FarmeR57: don't get me wrong , i ride downhill bike every weekend, i know what we are talking about.
i still believe in those advancements, as they let you ride everything easier and safer..( which is not a bad thing )
try to ride today Goat s gully in whistler with a 26", v,brake and 120 mm fork.?? can you do that?no...because with innovation big things are easier. so why not big mountains cannot be easier for anyone?
it s maybe a privilege to enjoy the mountain?

today ebikers are not buying fitness...are buying time, time of having fun! dont you think?
  • 3 2
 Obvious move, but still embarrassing.
  • 4 2
 MTB gone wrong.
  • 4 2
 G A R B A G E
  • 4 3
 The dentists have to race somewhere.
  • 1 2
 ebikes don't really need racing formats. that said, this makes WAY more sense than e-XC crap. Curious to see the technical climbing stages, that's gonna be crazy.
  • 1 1
 I look forward to this. Sorry, no hate here. I ride a mild e assist bike on the road but not for mtb.
  • 1 1
 Yep. E-Bikes are the new F-1 of MTB!! It’s coming Enduro, DH and XC. It’s Definitely the future of the sport!!
  • 2 1
 So uhh, taking the endurance aspect out of enduro racing?
  • 3 4
 It used to be enough to tell kids to stay off the drugs if they want to ride....
  • 2 3
 I mean if EBike is taking over why not but there has to be a limit though they can’t have boost only eco mode
  • 2 2
 The EEWS, sponsored by Cane Creek EEWings
  • 2 2
 How good is it when e-bike landed on you after otb ?
  • 4 7
 Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. -H.G. Wells Every time I see an adult on a e-bicycle, I despair for the future of the human race. -H.G. Wells
  • 5 5
 Im already 59 yo. but I am not thinking of going to this motorcycle.
  • 3 3
 E-enduro racing. Doesn’t this already exist? It’s called Nintendo.
  • 3 2
  • 2 1
  • 2 1
 Bad news not good news.
  • 1 0
 Dont tell the FIM
  • 1 0
 My filter does not work?
  • 1 2
 EWS is dead? EWS is dead. EWS is alive.
  • 3 1
  • 5 5
 oh god no
  • 3 5
 eBike racing is phucking stoooopid & those that race them are stoooopid'r
  • 1 4
 UCI 6 months ago: Drink a sip of banned preworkout. Half season ban because the integrity of our sport needs to be upheld!
UCI today: hold my crack pipe.
  • 1 1
  • 2 4
 Is this a new name for motocross?
  • 1 4
 Pedal to the medal incl Robocop support ????‍♂️????
  • 1 4
 My Ebike has a bigger battery than yours so eat my EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  • 1 3
 Moped races!!!
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