EWS Official Video: Team Focus - Juliana-SRAM Pro Team

May 20, 2015
by Enduro World Series  
Juliana Bicycles state their goal as “keeping things uncomplicated, feminine and fun.” It certainly is fitting then, that they have put together the first all-female pro enduro race team. Shortly after Anka Martin, Kelli Emmett and Sarah Leishman were announced as the team riders, we caught up with them at the opening round of the Enduro World Series in Rotorua, New Zealand, to find out about the team and their views of women’s cycling.

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 I like the Juliana's frame colors better than most of the Santa Cruz lineup.
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 This is the case with most women specific bikes. Most men's bike are dull, boring bikes.
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 wait, are these bikes a branch of santa cruz, or there own thing now? oh, and GO LADIES!!
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 Still a part of Santa Cruz
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 Yes, still a part of Santa Cruz - but apparently they have separate vendor relationships with shops. So just because a shop carries Santa Cruz doesn't automatically a Juliana shop. Which I thought was interesting - seems like they're taking it way beyond branding.
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 "One little, two little, three little Bronsons."
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 Nothing unusual about that. Before Gary Fisher was eliminated as a seperate bike division (and Klein before that, and Bontrager before that), it was pretty normal to have stores that didn't sell the other brands. Hell even today we have Dorel Corp who owns Sugio, Cannondale, GT, Schwinn, Mongoose and a host of other brands... you'll often see Sugoi clothing sold with one of the bike brands, but unlikely to see the brands themselves co-located in the same store.
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 Really great to see the team / brand develop. When Juliana first came out a lot of doubters cried foul, saying they were just repainted SC bikes. But, there's a lot of community development here. And the team looks awesome. Props to SC/J and SRAM for supporting. Great job to the riders!!! Way to inspire more people to go out and shred =)
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 The frames have the same geo as their Santa Cruz equivalents. Their plan is to change/develop/improve the frame geometry through the years by receiving feedback from female riders only. It might sound feminist but i love the idea.
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 Can Juliana financially afford to make all new molds just to tweak the geo a bit? I'm sure that would be nice but I can't quite see that working... (though I guess Specialized does)
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 @Narro2 and @grgsmith - I wonder about different frame geometry as well. Yes, women tend to have different "frame geometry" than men - bodies are differently proportioned (women tend to have longer legs vs. torsos overall than men, plus their center of gravity tend to be lower), but there's a lot of variability between body types within each gender, too. I would think if you're going to make different geometries, you'd want to offer those different geometries in both the men's and women's lineup (so a guy/gal whose body is proportioned to where he'd prefer the reach/height ratio of the "other" geometry could still get it within their gendered lineup and wouldn't have to swap out parts). Financially, tweaking geometry means much smaller production runs - so that's a financial hit for sure. And given how much you can do just with different spacers and stem lengths and handlebar shapes/widths, I'm not surprised they haven't gone there yet. Giant and Specialized have - but they have much larger production runs/volumes, I'd think.

My girlfriend rides a Juliana Juno. Loves it. It's a solid bike for sure (I've ridden the Bantam - same frame geometry, wider bars, different saddle, different colors and was impressed). She likes that it's a Juno, rather than a Bantam. I'm sure most guys would have issues riding a women's branded bike. Psychology is funny that way - but it plays itself out that way all over the place.

The notion that a women's team is a good thing for the riders, as well as for the sponsors, shouldn't come as a surprise. Nobody likes to be thought of as an afterthought. So if you're trying to get young women and girls interested in the sport, it helps if the people you're trying to get them inspired by aren't just part of a bigger whole (a mixed team) but their own main attraction. Good on Juliana and these athletes for making that happen.
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 Juliannas also have different diameter bars and grips for two of the XS size models which are thinner in cross-section as smaller women typically have smaller hands and shorter fingers to reach around big grips on 22.2mm end diameter bars.
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 Totally agree. Just one thing though. Juliana might not have the money right now to make their own molds, but they perhaps will in the future, it depends on how the franchise doea. Remember it is an investment, investment have always risks. I am buying a bike for my gf and one of her requirements is a low toptube so she can hop on easily. she is not as agile in that perspective as i am, so thats a difference between me and my significant other. So it does make sense to have diferent frame geos in my perspective
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 I'd love to see a Juliana Nomad. Not offering it is almost like saying women don't need that much bike.
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 Would be an awesome park bike for a whole lot of female riders, a gateway into the big fun stuff.
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 "..Not just the token girl on the guy's team anymore." I don't know how to decipher that statement. I don't see that that's the status quo in EWS or other MTB disciplines with women riders.
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 Really? Seems like every downhill team of three has a token girl.
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 did you call miss Atherton a TOKEN GIRL?
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 Exactly my point @stacykohut , how can you (not you) call her a token girl?
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 Token - adjective; done for the sake of appearances or as a symbolic gesture: I disagree with this. These women are on the same tracks, same gear, same risks, etc. Nothing token about that.
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 'Token'... how many girls do you see running blackbox gear? Jus' sayin'.
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 Maybe "token girl" isn't the right term, but they're certainly the only all-women's team with a specific female focus. That's what I got out of it. I really don't think they're trying to shit talk other women's riders on the EWS or UCI circuits.
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 I think want she meant was along the line of there only being 1 girl in every factory team. not many teams take on two girls and 1 guy etc. It is a numbers thing though, more men racing then women etc. I personally can't wait for more competition in women's racing.
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 Love this photo of Rachy, with her rainbow stripes, and the rest of the GT Team :-D
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 Super sick line of bikes! Totally looking into them. Too bad they are WAY out of the price range.
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 Awesome, well done.
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 Such a great thing to see. Good luck in the series ladies!!
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 Best of luck to you girls!
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 Was it me or did all three of them look really awkward on their bikes? It seemed like their bars are way to high and wide for them, having to hunch over the front in order to pedal properly..
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 Ride with any one of them and you'll change your tune. They're sick riders.
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 This is pretty sexist...things are tilting way too far in the wrong direction.
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 I am sorry, what? Did I miss the sarcasm.
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 Why don't we have 'men only' teams? I.e. teams that actively exclude females? Same thing, different gender.
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 Get a clue.
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 Dude I don't mean to be rude but, you need a reality check. There are plenty of men only teams. Including Santa Cruz one of the most successful teams around. It's hard enough for women to succeed in our sport and people like you just ruin the community.
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 That video needed some energy.
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 then you should have been in the womens video.

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