EWS Official Video: Wicklow Highlights. Rd 2, Emerald Enduro, Ireland

May 26, 2015
by Enduro World Series  
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If you haven’t already seen it, watch the Emerald Enduro Intro Video.

Richard also rides one of the stages in the onboard Track Preview.

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 Truly awesome video! Great riding and good interviews that give a good inside into the race. These crazy fans make it seems like this stop was one of the best EWS stops as well.
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 Really a sick edit. So much stokage and quite a good glimpse at trail situations...
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 We gave it a good go alright! What a great race!
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 It would be great to get edits like that on network TV, let a whole lot more people see how awesome riding can be! Talented, focused riders who's smile win or lose and talk about FUN, that's real riding for the masses.
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Atmosphere trackside was amazing.
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 Here is some of the celebration when Greg joined the crowd at the end:
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 Great coverage. I look forward to more enduro videos like this one! My opinion is multiple stages keeps everything more exciting all along!
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 That was excellent
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 Anne Caro needs to learn how to carry speed just because the UK and Irish stages are on smaller hills it doesn't make them pedally, they are about line choice and terrain reading. Also it's enduro not downhill.
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 Totally agree, it sounded like mealy mouthed excuses to be honest, - also saying that she was not familiar with the trail, which was the same for Tracey M. While the UK/Irish stages are not as steep they are still damn fast, - with plenty technical and rough sections. Keeping up momentum on this kind of terrain is a skill in itself, and you just get punished harder for being on the brakes in places where other riders are not.

The rounds, tracks and stages are not meant to be all similar, - they are meant to be varied, and that is why enduro is a brilliant and complete test of all round biking skills.
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flag betsie (May 27, 2015 at 4:38) (Below Threshold)
 Agreed. Downhill is downhill and Enduro is about endurance, not a steep Dh. Enduro needs to have more uphills in it and flatter sections. Enduro is still and always will be XC with only the descents timed for those not fit enough for XC or Dh for the retired and also rans.
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 LOL Betsie hasn't done too many enduro races.
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flag betsie (May 27, 2015 at 14:20) (Below Threshold)
 Won my first one. Won the dh. Won the enduro. Was right up there in the xc. Won the overall.
Kinlochleven would have been better if the timing had worked and I never caught 16 riders.
will stick with dh until I am too old then maybe migrate to enduro when I get all scared Smile
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 This coverage is so good, digestible and perfect length, it could easily be broadcast on TV as it is. Congrats!
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 What an awesome event, when Martin passed Joe didn't look as spectacular as seeing it for real, a truly amazing maneuver. Well done Greg. ...what a win!!
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 Very well put together video. Pinkbike's recent race coverage (Crankworx NZ, EWS in NZ, DH WC in Lourdes, Nove Mesto, this race) has been really engaging, and has me paying more attention to racing than ever. Keep it up!
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 can we have a bike check of every ones bikes like they do for rampage???
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 For this event we focused more on the specifics of a few bikes, but here's a 19 bike check from Rotorua: www.pinkbike.com/news/19-bikes-of-the-enduro-world-series-2015.html.
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 cheers but seen that and favrourted that can we see curtis keene bike and the commencal bike
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 What a difference between Chausson and Jerome......he is a fucking gentleman no doubt about it
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 I won't bag on ACC because she is a legend, but you are right about JC. Always positive, always conciliatory when not in first, any company that doesn't pay him bank is whacked. Still rooting for him, though heart says RR.
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 Any excuse for a party,gotta love the Irish !
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 Top of stage 2 oh my. Now that is mountain biking right there!
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 About as good as coverage as we could've got I reckon! - shame none of the national media outlets picked this up - few if any outside the mtb world know that we've a world class mountain biker in our midst - yet another example of Ireland shooting itself in the foot when it comes to developing mountain biking!
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 congratulations for the great reporting production LIKEEE
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 This is mountain biking
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 brilliant coverage as always. can't wait for the next race. I do find it interesting that there allowed to wear the helmet cams etc unlike the uci dh races.
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 Absolutely amazing coverage Pinkbike. Looks like all the haters are stuck with the E word
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 I salute to almost all comments above, Great edit, great win for Greg! But - have you seen this child on 11:15 in the background? New generation is on the way! Big Grin
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 These roll-up videos are great. Thanks!
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 Rude making a good appearance!!
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 Very nice coverage, the capture of the trail and crowd, perfect vid edit, keep it up pinkbike. Congrat to Greg, noodles from my nose when I see the will u marry me signboard.
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 Maes probably just did the year's best overtaking maneuver on a bicycle.
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 that trail looks like how I imagine a enduro race mainly steep trail not a ton of flat pedaling sections.
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 As all above, the coverage of the EWS so far has been excellent. Cannot wait until next week!
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 That was a great video and the pass Maes did was pretty smooth. Can't wait for the next round!
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 now that's how I think endure should be
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 Did anyone notice at minute 4:37,that wanna be chain guide haging in the chain
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 Awesome race and an awesome video - great job Cunny and the team behind this. Looking forward to the next one...
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 With such close time, it’s completly stupid to display only the 3 faster time of each stage...
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 Great one
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 Great coverage. More of this please pb!
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 Sick coverage guys and congratulations to Greg !
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 amazing coverage, can't wait for more!!
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 awesome video and big congrats to Greg!
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 Well, im motivated to go for a ride.
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 Loved that. Keep it up pink bike!
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 03:01 that's flow
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 That vid just made me wanna ride my bike so bad!!!
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 very sweet victory Greg
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 Very well done!
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 So, full face helmets aren't cool anymore or what's the deal?
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 It's personal preference for the enduro races. Given there is usually 1300+m of climbing per day for 2 race days and 2 practice days full facers can get too hot to climb in. So either wear an open face for the day, wear a light full face or carry a spare helmet on your back for the climbs.
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 Song @ 6:52
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 Sorry 4:55
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