Qualifier Events Increase Your Chances of Racing the Enduro World Series in 2018

Jan 11, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
PRESS RELEASE - Enduro World Series

After losing big on stage 1 Jesse Melamed went on a tear to win the next 3 stages.

The Enduro World Series (EWS) is coming to a race near you as the list of official qualifier events grows to 50 races spread across 25 countries and four continents.

The expanded lists of races see the EWS moving into new territories including Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Switzerland, Colombia and Slovakia. There will also be a race in Lesotho, marking the first time the EWS will hold an event in Africa.

Taking place across four continents in 2018, the 50 events will allow the fastest riders a way to secure entry to their chosen EWS races. Enduro Mountain Bike Association (EMBA) members can gain points based on their results at these local races, with their best three results of the year totalled to generate their global qualifying ranking for the following year. More details about how the global ranking will be calculated will be released next week - along with some more big news...

The Qualifier events were introduced in 2016, with 40 events taking place in 18 countries, and so far roughly 300 athletes have gained direct entry to this season’s races as a result of the system.

Jerome Clementz suffering it out on the very physical top section of Stage 1.

bigquotesThe Qualifier events have been a real success when they were introduced in 2016 and it’s great to see them expanding this season. Demand for EWS entries grows year on year and the Qualifier events are a great way for riders, especially amateurs, to have a clear and fair pathway into the World Series. We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of applications we’ve had to host Qualifiers this year, and it’s great to see so many countries involved - with 43 nationalities already entered in this season’s EWS races it’s amazing to see how truly global the sport has become. It’s great to offer so many riders the chance to participate in the series and we look forward to seeing who rises through the Qualifier ranks to qualify for the main EWS races in 2019.Chris Ball, Managing Director EWS

The full calendar of Qualifier events can be found here.


  • + 89
 So I'm working it out.

If EWS was properly streamed like the DH with better coverage and watching experience...

Minimum 2018 beer requirement,

1x Christmas celebration beers,
1x birthday celebration beers
50 x EWS watching beers
8 x DH watching beers

60x 5 pints = 300 pints minimum in 2018

180 calories per pint = 54,000 calories

Average 50 calories per mile= 1080 miles riding, so an extra 20 miles a week to keep the lard at bay.

Conclusion: Better EWS coverage would be a bad thing, because I'm lazy.
  • + 5
 Aye, but these races are not EWS races. They're just qualifiers for proper EWS races next year.
  • + 41
Beer doesn't care about pesky details my friend.
  • + 6
 you only have 1x beer on your birthday? you only have 1x beer @ xmas?
What I wouldn't give for your self control Big Grin
  • + 5

Re-read what he wrote.
  • + 1
 @HipHoptimusPrime: Needs place for proper drink (e.g. more than 40% alc/vol)...
  • + 10
 If you keep your beer refridgerated at 4 degrees centigrade, and we assume beer has about the specific heat capacity of water it will take 4.18J/(ml * K) * 500ml * 33.5 K = 70kJ ~ 17kCal to heat it up to your body temperature, so you can easily drink 10% more with good conscience
  • + 30
 Any idea what kind of beer they will be serving, it’s kinda a big thing.
  • + 15
 Only the good kind and at 1$ for a pint, only at Metal Enduro - Resita, Romania Smile
  • + 11
 I wouldn't even qualify for the qualifer.
  • + 5
 I wouldn't even qualify for the qualifiers qualifier :-D
  • + 2
 I would not qualify either... but Im going to race one anyways (the lottery worked) !!! I'll have my notepad for autographs handy taped to the top tube.. oh shit. Wrong decade, it's selfies now....
  • + 8
 Thanks for the heads-up, reallistically my chances of taking part remain rather slim, consequently I’ve decided that there is no point in me trying. Your loss etc.
  • + 8
 I wish they would do one in Pisgah NC....
  • + 5
 Thanks, Pinkbike! I'm pretty sure this is all I needed. Time to go quit the day job.
  • + 6
 gonna take more than a qualifier to get me in the EWS
  • + 4
 Waiting on E-bike duro! No need to work out, beer holders on bike is a requirement!
  • + 4
 ah an increase from 0 to 1/∞
  • + 11
 So you're saying there's a chance!
  • + 2
 Wow, lots of positive comments ????. I think we should all be excited they are expanding and not reducing events.
  • + 2
 Thunder Mountain here I come! The Clif Enduro East events are a blast, who cares about EWS points anyway. :-)
  • + 2
 But no Burke event...? Seems mysterious...maybe it'll fall under a new series???
  • + 6

Stay tuned for a major announcement next week !
  • + 2
 Last years CLIF Enduro East Thunder Mountain event was something special! Can’t wait to relive it all over again!
  • + 2
 people need to make bullet points. Long winded posts are wearing me down
  • + 1
 Why are none of the BME races listed as qualifiers? I think 2 of them were qualifiers last year.
  • - 2
 Nothing on how to get past the wife/kids which would increase my chances a lot. Secret room in the basement has already been played out.....neighbors can hear screams......duct tape is going a bit too far as you have to clean up the sticky residue....I'm all out of ideas, anyone?
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 woah mate chill out
  • + 9
 @pogan: yeah I should probably just bring them with, seems more reasonable.
  • + 2
 The only way my chances will increase is if the entry fees decrease.
  • + 1
 ^See above^
  • + 2
 Glad I did one before you had to be a decent rider to get in!
  • + 1
 Hard pass. ...unless I can use a set of those cool moto lever guards that is.
  • - 1
 No USA PNW Qualifer this year??
  • + 2
 Chilliwack. . . . . It's two hours away!

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