EWS Video: Fans, Floods and Fanfares - Ainsa Highlights

Sep 28, 2015
by UCI Mountain Bike World Series  
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 Wow 18 minute video just a day after the actual event ended. Kudos to whoever put that together
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 I hope they get the next day off to make up the sleep! Whoever they are we all appreciate the work!
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 Yea really enjoyed that! Great coverage, interviews and Cuny's comentary is always top notch. Cheers
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 Not all heroes wear capes.
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 It's Mr. Nico Turner. Absolute workhorse, nice one Nico!
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 Keep up the great coverage PB! Loving the videos!
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 EWS certainly has their shit together. 18 minutes is awesome. fitting winners too. Rude seems like a nice kid and Tracy is such a class act, right in there fixing Anneke's tire
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 jea, lets face it: Done and presented that way this 18 mins of Endurotaiment are way more interesting than the first hour of UCI DHI WC
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 Thank you PB! Rude seems a lot more comfortable with these interviews now and giving some insight to the stages.
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 Not by much though !
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 Yeah Rude's interviews are getting way better, must be that confidence thing he gets from all those stage wins!
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 It's funny no matter where people are from when they crash they swear in English
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 English speakers are lazy, single syllable words for the win!
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 Happy to watch EWS Aínsa in PB and his possibilities to be an awesome mountain bike destination, great atmosphere there are because of mtb fans and a great project supported by the locals and community. Aínsa breathe Enduro!
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 The ethos (out of this word comes the word ethical) of T-Mo helping her rival changing the tyre is the cornerstone value of EWS. You can NOT see such thing in other types of cycling. (imagine Contandor/Schurter fixing the deraileur of Froome/Absalon )
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 To be honest, I was skeptical about EWS to begin with, but the coverage, the locations, riders etc. is making it a winner in my eyes. And that after only a few years. Here's to a bright future.
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 Graves did say that Rude was going to be the man to watch when he got his shit together and he was right! Domination.
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 i love how cheeky Graves is on helping Rude...he's like the boy can take care of himself. I expect epic battles in 2016 between these two
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 This coverage is simply awesome. Does this go onto mainstream channels? It sure as hell should.
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 I agree, the quality of the coverage is amazing. Add in the remote sites and it is all the more impressive!
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 Fantastic viewing!

Please though, whoever does the graphics, could you possibly put the top 5, or top 10 after every stage rather than just top 3?

Also, when you show the stage results, please could you display the overall position of the riders too, i.e. to have two tables for men rather than just one.

I realise when you display the stage results Richard talks about where people are on the overall for that round after every stage, but to see a separate table of the top 10, and watch the names go up and down the list throughout the coverage would really enrich the video.

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 the EWS coverage has been UNREAL this year. gets me so psyched on the sport. highlight of my summer was watching Richie Rude THRASH a super technical line during practice for the Sugarbush enduro!
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 will acc be up and rippin for the next one?
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 A really reat coverage, props to you Cunny.. And a class act from T-Mo, that's how mountainbike community stay together.
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 Having spent a week in Ainsa in the summer, it rains more than they let on. Some of the best riding I've ever done!
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 Great coverage!
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 Anyone know what pack Rude is wearing? I am getting tired of mine hitting the back of my head when the going gets rough.
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 amazing video! nice job pb!
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 I don´t understand why there is no Ainsa in next year calendar....
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 It's a big amount of work to prepare an EWS event, maybe in 2017 will be in the calendar...
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 superb! amazing work you guys!!
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 the rain in spain falls gently on the plain
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 Last stage reminds me of Fort Bill this year. Smile
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 Great recap PB.
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 great coverage!!
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