Video: Mass Start Madness - Megavalanche 2019

Jul 14, 2019
by Chain Reaction Cycles  

We jumped into the official Megavalanche helicopter for a bird's eye view of the world's most iconic downhill race. Join us for the ride!

Regions in Article
Alpe d'Huez Bike Park


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 Now for next time:

1. Grab Rob Wallner & Fabio or equivalents put them onto the heli and let them comment
2. Follow the head of the course all the time without cuts from top to bottom
3. Mix it with some POV footage from front guys
4. Distribute World Wide
5. Invest revenues from past edition into more coverage and bringing & suporting top athletes&teams.

"Don´t hurry", we still got other 25 more editions or so until no snow on the mountains...
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 Wouldn't give it 25 years, snow was shit this year. Bare patches, rocks showing and slushy. Isn't much glacier left, think it just gets topped up if the season is good
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 @yeti-monster: 2005 was the year with less snow. Almost none.
Watch the Mega segment of Earthed 4 to get an idea.
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 Rob Wallner or Rob Warner?
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 @Mfro: yess also Claudio I meaned.... sorry...
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 And those goofy dumbs need a helicopter to film that??!!! That footage is awful without mentionning the pollution it causes.
Don`t they know that drones exist and can give a much better rendering with less expense and pollution???

``Footage de gueule``I`d say in french.
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 That was pretty awful, watched about a minute of it and gave up
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 I said that in 2010 when i was looking at it in one magazine. Suddently, I said to myself “wtf, in doing it this year”. And i did!!! Did it 3 times. It is amazing!!!!!
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 Would have been much better fottage with a drone. Nothing like having an amature behind the lense filming riders that look like a swarm of ants. I stopped watching after 30 seconds.
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 Its so much fun!! Done it 5 times now. I get chills when i hear that start music!
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 What is this music? I'd love to play at the start of our next XC race as a joke.
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 @bmcteve: Alarma by 666
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 As far as mass-start carnage, Mountain of Hell was way gnarlier!
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 Bucket listed. Looks like so much fun.
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 Just came back from the race (1st time)! It's a f*cking awesome and f*cking nuts event... but I'm going back for sure!! Big Grin
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 One day when I'm big
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 Freaking crazy French! Smile
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 Let's have @ben-cathro do a trackpreview of that course!!
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 wow. not many pilots can straight up fly sideways like that. kudos.
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 Awesome ???? ????????

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