Exploring the Island of Menorca on the Camí de Cavalls Trail

Oct 26, 2019
by Komunicacion  

Let's make things clear from the beginning. Its name is deceiving. The name of Camí de Cavalls 360 º (translated to "Road of Horses 360 º") evokes for most people the name of another great world-famous route that is also found in Spain and can also be travelled by bicycle. The Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) But behind that unsuspecting name lurks one of the most spectacular and unique mountain bike challenges in the world. Perhaps if we tell you that one of its most famous and demanding part is known as Mordor (in reference to the most challenging land in the film Saga of The Lord of the Rings) you begin to imagine the situation.

Forget about saddlebags. Forget about touring bicycles. Forget about pedalling in flip flops. Prepare your best material, your best technical skills and your desire to give the maximum in trails that. on paper, may seem like a walk in the park, but in fact, will be one of the biggest biker challenges you can find.

The uneven terrain of less than 1,000 meters, "peaks" that barely exceed 100 meters of altitude and an outline that, for the most part, draws the profile of the exceptional and abrupt coastline of the Menorca island. Where's the trap? In its terrain and on the ground that your tires will tread which will put you to the test. There's no easy-riding here. You will come to battle every meter of the course. To enjoy every kilometre that you advance because, in the Camí de Cavalls 360 º, there are no kilometres given away. Can you imagine rolling on singletrack of more than 15 kilometres on cliffs, postcard coves and mesmerizing views? You can do it here.

The reward offered by the Camí de Cavalls 360 º is worthy of its challenge. You will discover the Menorca island in the best possible way. You will access the most inaccessible corners. You will be impressed by the paradisiacal beaches of crystalline water and white sand. You will experience the enormous contrasts of a terrain, presumably so small. You will immerse yourself in inhospitable landscapes that will be engraved in your memory. And, above all, you'll enjoy endless trails that will surprise you constantly, from both a technical and a landscape point of view.

If we speak only of the type of "riding" we will find, the Camí de Cavalls 360 º is the closest thing to a biker amusement park for XC and trail bikes. There are many elements that combine to create a unique mountain bike experience. Rocks are the main element of the route, no dangerous loose stones. However, these endless trails on slabs and stones fixed to the terrain pose a difficulty and, at the same time, a key point for enjoyment. Why? Because, the common dry conditions on this Mediterranean island, offer an exceptional grip. Thanks to this you will be able to roll on ground that visually seems impossible. You will enter into a constant ecstasy of effort and technical overcoming. The vast majority of its route is pure singletrack on stone of different types according to the region in which you find yourself. Much of that terrain is flat or slightly unlevel, which allows you to focus on the technical aspect and not so much on the physical until the uphills arrive. If your concept of climbs is framed in the Alps or the Pyrenees, more than climbs, they might seem like small ledges, short and explosive. Challenges that appear in a recurring way throughout the course and are transformed into small victories every time you manage to overcome one of them. The descents follow the same pattern. Trails where the important thing is to find the best route, where the technique prevails over speed. Really, if there is a promise that the Camí de Cavalls 360 º can meet without problems is that you will not get bored.

We can still add more incentive to finish convincing you that this is a unique route. The entire island of Menorca is a biosphere reserve and the list of interesting points to visit is endless; from challenging cliffs and the stone desert you find on the stretch that runs from Pont d'en Gil to the Punta Nati Lighthouse, going through the immaculate white sand coves that you will pass through in places such as Saura or Cala Turqueta; without forgetting peculiar places as the area of the Natural Park of S'Albufera des Grau with its striking wetlands full of life. You will find in some sections of the route lighthouses as picturesque as Favàritx and contrasting areas of thick Mediterranean forest. The routes of Camí de Cavalls 360 º are intense in both sporting and landscape aspects. You will become an expert knowing the best coves on the Menorca island. And the possibilities of discovering the territory throughout this route don't end here. There are more than 2,000 prehistoric sites cataloged in Menorca, highlighting its megalithic constructions, worthy of a visit. Aware of the treasure they have, the Fundació Foment de Turisme de Menorca is putting everything on their part to make Menorca a first-class sporting destination. A commitment to a model of sustainable land use that attracts an active and quality tourism that perfectly joins the character of the island.

Another advantage of this tour is that it is suitable for all year round. The winter in Menorca is mild although, if your time allows it, we recommend you to go in spring or autumn, times in which Menorca enjoys a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, away from the peaks of the highest influx of summer tourism.

The Organization of the Camí de Cavalls 360°
You are in expert hands. The organization of Camí de Cavalls 360 º is made up of people passionate about their land. Specialists in each of the areas of the route and all possible options. In the case of the MTB version (you can also do it in trail-running or kayaking) you can travel the route in 3, 4, 5 or 6 days. Each version with paths adapted to the layout. In any case, you can always be advised from the organization, depending on your priorities, places of interest you want to visit or type of route you want to tackle. Thanks to your packaged event you will only have to pedal and forget everything else. You will have the tracks, maps, route book with information, logistical support, transfer to the hotels in case of need or transport of luggage, to cite only some of the most useful services.

Epic Camí de Cavalls 360 º, a stage competition of another league
Now that you know a little more about Menorca, perhaps it is time to know about the Epic Camí de Cavalls 360 º, the stage race by which you discover the best of the island and compete on unique terrain. Forget about the stage races you've done so far. This can't be compared to any of them. First of all because here the numbers mean nothing, neither the kilometres nor the highs and lows of the landfall in relation to the level of effort necessary to keep up with each day´s race rhythm. You will have the wear of a stage in the Alps without climbing more than 200 meters high. The race, which is carried out in pairs prioritizes quality over quantity in all aspects, so much so that in the MTB version is limited to only 50 teams. The routes are slightly different from the traditional trail of Camí de Cavalls 360 º, venturing further into the interior of the island with Es Mercadal as a center of operations. There are 3 days of competition in a friendly and familiar atmosphere, in which more than rivals you will have adventure companions. The 8th, 9th and 10th of March are the dates for the 2019 edition and if you are interested in it decide now! availability is very limited.

The history behind the Cami de Cavalls
A spectacular trail that follows the entire coastline of Menorca. A trail drawn in a whimsical way that takes you through the best corners of the island. The Camí de Cavalls, for the most part, is the GR 223. It is 185 kilometres long and its origins are still a mystery. Used as a way to unite defence zones and coastal surveillance in the 14th century, its conservation and recreational use has given it new life in recent years and has served to present all the charms of Menorca island to those who enjoy active tourism.

There are two very peculiar features of the Camí de Cavalls. On the one hand its markings, with hundreds of stakes known as "fites" (milestones) that will become your inseparable companions, and that allow you to follow the path without problems. They have also become a security element since they are all numbered and serve as a quick reference in case of problems.

And the other trait, the most singular, undoubtedly, is its gates of passage. A unique identifying element of the route that will also accompany you in a good part of it. They have a distinctive design that has become a hallmark of the course and the island itself.



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 Too much lycra. My eyes!
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 This is what you ll most found on southern countries... Converted roadies... But let me tell you... If you try it... You may gonna like it and not come back...
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 lol.....my first though exactly...
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 I've never owned a road bike, being a converted dirt bike rider. I've been riding in lycra for more than 30 years when it is warm. When you live where it is warm and sunny (definitely not the UK) baggy shorts are too hot.
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 Why do people try to make things seem extreme with music. It doesn't work. In the arms of the angels would have been a better fit!
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 We go to Menorca because it's a great, cheap(ish) break and there are always lots of holidaying spaniards which is a good sign (cf Majorca!). A few years ago we discovered the existence of this awesome track and that it is easy to hire good quality bikes, and voila, we now go mountain biking for a couple of hours before breakfast and then spend the rest of the day snorkeling and relaxing. This place is magic and half price full size cocktails only make it better!
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 that's all they needed to say - you should work for their tourist board
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 I was in Menorca this summer and it was very hot ! I do quite like the look of this trail but in a cooler month and I won’t be wearing tight fitting Lycra. The Island is lovely and the locals very friendly. Loads of places to stop and swim, it’d be a different type of trip compared to the Alps but good I reckon.
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 I've done this trail/route 3 times, in 3 days, 2 days and 18h and let me tell you is far from easy. Call it enduro, XC, cross country, is raw mountainbiking, fun will be guaranteed and if you wanna suffer, do it in max 3 days.
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 I can now safely say I do not want to go to the Island of Menorca mountain biking haha
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 they actually couldn't make a worse vid of mtb in Menorca, the place is freaking amazing...
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 someone didnt like my comment haha
I think there are so many places that are equally as nice to stay for the same money with a million times better riding....so unless you owned a villa there why would you bother going on a mountain bike holiday there?
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 Have to agree with you. The views looked beautiful, but that did not look like a fun trail to ride. My teeth would fall out on that chatter-fest.
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 @rrolly: Yeah mate - It doesn't look like there's any challenging climbs or technical downhill on the trail. I think its one of those places that if you were on holiday with the Mrs and you managed to hire a bike for the day then its be a nice break from laying on the beach but thats about it.

About 2years ago I was on holiday (non mtb holiday on the Island of Zakynthos in Greece, and managed to hire a Specialized 29er trail bike. Couple of local boys showed me some trails and gave me some maps, that place had challenging 30min climbs, super natual downhill sections that last 3-5mins . Even though that was a good laugh I wouldnt go there for a mtb holiday either ha

My point is these places are good if youre there on holiday with the Mrs/family/friends and manage to hire a bike for a day or two but mtb holiday .....I'd rather Finale or Morzine etc
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 Clearly its an easy ride, no one has any spares, food, jacket, first aid kit, and only a small drink.
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 Why do you guys hate so much about lycra and music? Take a look at the landscapes and the trails. Nice pics, awesome trails, and such a fun trip. You should see what amazing beaches this island has...
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 lot of people that dont like that type of terrain is the people who are fat and only like going down because is easy, no need to pedal.
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 God, these are the Jerry-atrics I'm trying to avoid on a daily basis.
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 Please tell me that ain't a KOM tat on his (left,) hand......
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 haha it can't be...surely nobody would have something like that Tattooed on themselves?
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 must be a roadie thing
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 What's up these people who think lycra is going to make them 'faster' or is it something else?
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 Not helping with those euro stereotypes , I know better , but many won't
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 That trail looks like a blast.
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 Chad's being a total menorca rn - fr fr.
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 Dead Horse
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 You lost me at lycra

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