Exploring the Metropolitan Park Trails in Ecuador

Jun 9, 2020
by Mauro Cepeda  

Parque metropolitano

Ecuador is home to a great and growing mountain bike scene in South America, with growing trail networks all along the region. Today we are looking at Metropolitan Park, one of the mountain biking hotspots from almost the start of mountain biking in Ecuador, that has never failed to deliver the best quality trails from easy to technical. Located in the center of the capital Quito, it is one of the most popular parks in the city with around 200 km of trails.

Alejo approaching a techy section.

Like wind in the forest.

Tackling some corners.

bigquotesAs a kid I felt for this forest. Every time I come back for a ride, I leave energized especially when I find new lines Alejo Cepeda

Metropolitan park is home to several races of XCO regional series and national champs, downhill regional events, national events, and many other rookie events. Also, many riders have taken their first steps in mountain biking here due to the location of the park and a wide variety of trails.
The fast root sections the park never fails to deliver.

A flowy panshot in a flowy trail.

Photography & project by: Mauro F. Cepeda.


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 South America is getting hit by COVID really hard right now. Maybe he wanted to send the correct message to his people on this platform?

Also, as someone who lives in a major metropolitan area with a great trail network (much like these showcased above), I can promise you many trails are super crowded and wearing a mask is actually warranted. Don't let the solitary nature of the foggy photos fool you. I lived in Quito for a short time and promise you that park ain't empty.

Also, ever ponder anti-masking is pro-business propaganda? Must suck being such a corporate shill you get triggered by the personal choice of a person thousands of miles away riding a bicycle.
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 It's not about pro or con mask. Masks reduce the risk that the wearer will transmit the virus. Masks DO NOT protect the wearer, unless you wear full face coverings that prevent any circulating air from contact mucous membranes. Masks make sense in a small enclosed space like an office. Masks DO NOT make sense in the great outdoors while riding a bike at speed. Please don't be one of those people, just understand how things work and be respectful or others.
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 Oh, business is bad! Got it! Silly me making a living! PS I still up voted you. Leadership is good.
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 Umm you obviously know nothing about large business. You want to see anal mask policies go work for a big company. They would test you for covid daily and glue that mask to your face if it was legal. I know.
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 Bro un south America laws are very strict and in most countries the use of masks is mandatory in public and we get huge fine if we don't use them, so it's more about staying in the right side of the law...
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 Just realised that I'm now so accustomed to seeing facemasks that I didn't even notice it, looking at these pics! I'd love to visit Ecuador again one day.
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 The Metropolitan Park is an East side of the City, you can reach this place from everywhere in the town, this is the reason to use the mask because you need to ride thru the city and the people are an the streets. The Park is huge so you habe always place to ride almost alone even at the big events like races you can go to the north side and be quiet and the trails just for you. I think he is not sending any message he is just consequent with the actual situation like everybody must be
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 Does anyone know if there is good mountainbiking around cuenca? Ecuador is a great place!
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 Everywhere in Ecuador. It's a little hilly country full of nice people.
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 There are plenty of trails around Cuenca and if you are willing to go a bit further are even more, i highly recommand it fot mountain biking.
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 Some of the best trails in Ecuador are in the area. Great singletracks and DH tracks are just next to the city and a lot more in the mountains a little further.
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 MTB is growing huge all around south America, just come and you will love it everywhere
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 I rode a sick trail near cuenca called playstation I think?
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 @maurofrancisco what trousers are you wearing there?
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