Fantasy Enduro League Results - EWS Pietra Ligure 2020

Sep 21, 2020
by Pinkbike Staff  

The results are in for the third round of the Enduro Fantasy League. Keep scrolling to see who took home the individual prizes for the top four teams and check out how you did in the Global ranking.

Rosters are unlocked now so you can swap out your team ahead of the next round in Pietra Ligure on September 20th.

EWS Zermatt Prizes
Fantasy Enduro League

@Lauracharles's EWS Pietra Ligure team
First Place:

@Lauracharles picked the best team for this round and received 975 points and walks away with a Shimano XT Drivetrain.

Second Place: @jonas-2f4u takes home the prize for second place, a Shimano XT Brake Set, MSRP $535

Third Place: @johnlindh will take the prize for third-place, a Shimano PRO Cockpit, MSRP $379

Fourth Place: @Benjlafouk was fourth and will stay safe with a Lazer Helmet, MSRP $139

After one round of Fantasy Trivia and two rounds of racing, it's @JamesWa sitting in first place with 2182 points.

Robin Wallner captained a very strong team of sweed s that caught many off guard on their way to a silver medal


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 Hell yeah, new stoppers!
  • 3 0

Here is the list of participating riders for this weeks race. (The first 2 files)
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 Thx. Super cool.
  • 1 0
 Empty folder? anyone got a list? Its pretty freakin dumb having to guess whos even competing...
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 Laura Charles is already a sponsored Athlete.....
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 Would be nice to know how many points 2nd-4th place had
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 If you check your team, then hit "Global" league, it shows the overall standings and for each round.
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 37th into the final round... Close enough to think I have a chance so I'll build spreadsheets and brush up on my statistics; far enough to have no chance at all so it'll all be a waste of time.
  • 4 4 account is quite barren. I hope she isn’t a bot. That would be a disgrace for the real participants. I would imagine the Pinkbike staff have looked into the winners, though.
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 She's probably too busy being a pro rider to pest around commenting on pinkbike all day.
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 @tomlynchwatson: I didn’t know she was pro. Anyway, thanks for the info.
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 Really messed this one up with my choices for my team.
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 Dang yeah... where did that round come from?! Here I was jostling at the top... bye bye Ibis Cry anyone know the odds of jumping a 308 point gap in the final round? Razz
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 @mtbikeaddict: Normally there will be 8 rounds total, so after next round there should be more trivia rounds. So anything is still possible
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 @Johanvdb: You think more trivia ?
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 @BikeWiZZZ: (“The Contest Game”) is based on the Enduro World Race Series. The series are made up of 7 Enduro World Series Races and 1 Trophy of nations Race, for each postponed/cancelled race this will be a Trivia round. In the event that Race Rounds are not held during the 2020 season the Trivia will replace the League in its entirety.
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 @Johanvdb: Feels like that might be a little anti-climactic.
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 @Johanvdb: thank god I can still win. I’m really good at trivia.
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 @Johanvdb: This is the updated and maybe outdated schedule from elsewhere on the site...

Updated Schedule:

Fantasy Trivia - July 2020
EWS Zermatt - August 30
EWS Pietra Ligure (Pro Only) - September 20
EWS Finale Ligure and Rider’s Trophy - September 26/27
EWS Petzen/Jamnica - October 3
EWS Montagnes du Caroux - October 17

Maybe we need clarification.
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 @BikeWiZZZ: I'm almost certain that Petzen and Montagnes were canceled
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You are correct that they were cancelled from the original race dates listed. The E.W.S have now rescheduled the races to the dates listed above by BikeWiZZ. The use of the word cancelled instead of rescheduled on the E.W.S website probably added to the confusion regarding this but they were technically cancelled and rescheduled later on once all the logistics were worked out.

Here are the race schedules showing the new dates.

The events on trailforks.

The events have not been rescheduled on the E.W.S racing calendar list which also may lead to some confusion when on the E.W.S site looking for information.

I hope this helps explain things.
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 @dualcrownscottspark: Ews Facebook says this is last race of the year. So I think the info above is outdated and they were canceled again. Now I’m confused but yes it seems this is last race.
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 F it im going to try and get the worst possible score next round
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 dont pick anyone french then.
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 Get rid of the Trivia scores as practically anyone who entered can Google the answers and get full marks. But those who missed it can't possibly catch up in the real racing...
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 Where is the riders list for Ligure finale please?
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 There used to be a riders list on the EWS website but it wasn't there for the last event and it isn't there now - I just sent EWS and email asking them to add it back - lets hope they respond
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 I just got an email back from EWS after asking them if they could reinstate the riders list they used to publish for each event - basically we aren't going to get it back because of COVID protocols - see their response below

"In accordance with COVID safety protocols and restrictions , the section of the event page which contains the course information is restricted to registered racers and requires a password to access. This is also the section where the Participant List is published. So unfortunately you would not have access to the start list in advance of the race."
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 I suck at this game.

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