The Cycling Intellect - Dylan Korba's Hiatus

Aug 25, 2010
by Norco Bicycles  
Dylan Korba is a man of many bikes and many talents. We are all sad to see see him go, Good Luck Dylan!

Dylan Korba is a man of many bikes and a man of many talents. From DJ to BMX, Trials to Slopestyle, Dylan can hold his own on pretty much anything with two wheels. What many people don't realize about Dylan though, is that he has an intellectual side as well. Dylan is the proud owner of an Honors Degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University and is now on his way to Calgary to follow it up with a Masters.

More details inside,The intensity of this particular program is such that Dylan has decided to park his bikes for a short while to concentrate on his career path down the route of Economics. Although Dylan is leaving his bike at home, it is inevitable that a bike and Dylan will meet again. Norco Bikes would like to thank Dylan for all his hard work, dedication, and for adding some humour to our daily lives.

Dylan Says: "He would like to thank Norco for always being supportive of his education side and giving him the opportunity to do what he loves, ride."

Best of luck Dylan!

Here is a video and a few photos of Dylan riding from the past few years:

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 good luck with your studies! work hard Smile
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 the bottom picture, where has he jumped from?
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 ^^see that hill in the back left of the pic...
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flag nouser (Aug 25, 2010 at 9:35) (Below Threshold)
 NO MAN!!! dont do this to yourself. your going to go into deprestion get back on your bike!
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 Your? Deprestion? Maybe you should go back to school.

Best of luck, Dylan.
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 hes the rider for the 09 norco rev vid, thats why i bought that bike
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 Props to Norco for being so supportive!
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 good on you mate, pedal while you study! you'll graduate and be more stoked compete than ever before!
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 defiantly sad to see such a stand up guy leave the bike world. best of luck in the future and with your masters degree.
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 No one ever leaves the bike world. They always come back at some point in one way or another...
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 leaving the bike world...? he's just getting an education! im in the bike world and i'm at uni Smile
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 i never said he was leaving forever.....
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 Nice to see a pro using some foresight, as biking rarely pays the bills long term - there's only so many openings for 30 year old 'pro' mechanics who used to be sponsored riders!
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 lol in poland word KORBA = CRANKS Big Grin
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 Thank you all for your positive sentiments. No one ever leaves they just change direction. Lee, that comment kept me laughing for a while. -Dylan Korba
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 Norco gatherings will be less funny without you around dylan! best of luck mate. You should smuggle a few bikes to calgary, the park is pretty fun, and I'm sure the trials opportunities are plentiful.
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 Yea Dylan! If you'd like to see that second air shot in video form ... it's here:

That's the footage from the camera in lower right hand corner of the shot. He also wears the GoPro off that jump ....

Best of luck DK! Kepp rockin it!
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 Yea Dylan! If you'd like to see that second air shot in video form ... it's here:

That's the footage from the camera in lower right hand corner of the shot. He also wears the GoPro off that jump in a second take ....

Best of luck DK! Keep rockin’ it!
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 bikes and brains. Always a win/win. good luck on your studies!
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 Yeah Dylan!! You have definitely killed it over the years. Best of luck in Cow Town pursuing your masters.
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 "Cow Town" is Vacaville, CA...literally.
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 Getting more time to ride is my reason why I opted for a Master's degree! Getting a nice bike ain't worth it if you're using it only on Sunday.
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 Dylan - just don't become one of those Chicago Austrian school simplistic windbags! Return back to biking soon ..
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 Good luck dylan hope you find time to squeeze some rides in. I always do even when i shouldn't at school haha... in the end its always worth it to have fun.
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 I give him a month before he gets back in the saddle. Good luck brains!
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 Sick riding, I love your style, it's so different than all the other riders have.
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 good luck dylan ! cant wait to see you back at er
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 I did my masters in econ at the U of C too. Good on ya Dylan.
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 Congrats yo, Best of luck coming from the island
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 Craig Lee Scott did the same thing.
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 "so dylan whats depressing you today???" -your older brother in westmall
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 Props, hes a sick ripper and s a good TA!
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 super cool rider get back soon

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