Farr Launches the Headspace 35 Stem

Jan 8, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Farr has launched its first mountain bike product with the retro-inspired Headspace 35 stem.

After a positive reaction to their gravel/bikepacking Headspace stem, Farr has created a shorter and burlier version that has a stronger focus on mountain biking. The Headspace 35 comes in a 50mm length and despite what the name may suggest it will fit both 35mm and 31.8mm bars. Although if you want to use it with smaller 31.8mm bars, you will need to buy Farr's shim set which will be available separately.

The 50mm Headspace 35 has a zero degree rise and a 40mm stack height. One thing you will have to keep in mind with the Headspace 35 is the wide clamping area; because of its wider design the stem will need a clamping are of at least 85mm.

The Farr Headspace 35 uses a forged alloy and CNC construction with a claimed weight of 142 grams. Farr expects the stems to be available from March for $105 and you can find out more here.


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 Nice but costs Farr too much if you ask me
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 Looks like a Renthal
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 @wheelsmith: But it has no moto-clout.
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 There is also a lot of headspace between those clamps.
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 True, they've set the bar high! Just have to see if they were in the right headspace
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 @wheelsmith: No it don't . your just stoned
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 I'll take two.
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 I thought we decided there was 0 benefit to 35 from 31.8.
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 @jrocksdh: Serving 35 to life
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 Not budging until 36mm finally takes over.
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 The rearward clamp holes are a BIG engineering no-no. Right in the center of the stress (from underneath)
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 Oh man, my engineering mind was instantly saying "that doesn't compute"...

Huge stress riser
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 Can you explain why?
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 @marge88: It's an inherently weaker design, kinda like a long lever, but the mechanical advantage isn't in your favour. Think of it as the difference between carrying a heavy suitcase at your side (standard stem, also good practice for traveling politicians) and the same suitcase held outstretched at shoulder level (this stem).
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 Farr from good design
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 @marge88: you need material to transfer forces. Those forces will create stress in the material depending on the force and the cross section. High stresses will result in (faster) failure.

If you put e. g. a bolt in a stressed area, you creat stress because of the reduced cross section and even more stress depending on the shape of the hole.

The design is shit, no f*cking idea why you even want that except for mounting something there and trying to kill yourself...
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 thanks for the explanations
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 Are you referring to the steerer clamp or the bar clamps?
The steerer clamp looks much like lots of other stems on the market.
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 @jaame: bar clamps. Holes though the bottom in the highest stress location
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 @kleinblake: right I've got you. Yeah they are not very well supported are they. And they are long thin extensions. Thanks for the reply.
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 Just flip the stem, lol!
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 @labourde: not sure if you are trolling or not..
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 Finally, an aftermarket stem is available.
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 Why are the clamps so farr apart?
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 It’s Retro.... bikes used to have a welded triangle to mount the bars to the stem.
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 @PinkyScar: A perfect match to the Moose Knuckle Spandex!!
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 Only 867g for the CroMo one... Smile

Nitto USD $219

Rickey USD $266

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 not really lighter and surely can’t be stronger. Hmmm... meh.
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 The weight isn't bad for a 50 mm extension and 35 mm clamp. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.

The wide clamp could offer good roll-axis stiffness, which is what most important in the cockpit for a feeling of control (as opposed to bending stiffness in the bar, which is more closely related to comfort than a sense of control).

Pricing isn't higher than the norm for high-end stems.

If the strength and durability are there - thickness around the drillings looks questionable - there's a chance it could offer something worthwhile ... providing you can find a bar with a wide enough clamp area.
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 I wonder if they performed comparative flex test? Then, there's also the steerer flex coming into play...
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 @romphaia: Steerer flex will be constant across different stems, so we might as well ignore that when comparing stems. It's a valid consideration when designing an integrated system or considering a dual-crown set-up, though.

You would hope they did some lab testing of various stems, but I've seen too many products go to market with only the legally required strength testing to be confident of this.

The real reason for the width is that it integrates with Farr's aero extensions.

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 @R-M-R: Ahhh that's the reason for the most retarded design for a stem....

Still one of the worst designs to accomplish this from a engineering perspective. would not trust this stem at that that weight for any money
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 My eyes!!! MY EYESSSSSSS!!
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 With room for a centrally mounted headlight!
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 That was my first thought. Does look good for that, extra available bar space for mounting stuff.
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 I dont know why more people are not pointing this out? If it was a 35mm length and did not have a bolt in the most stressed part of the stem, I would probably purchase one.
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 And computer, and bell. . .
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 So Farr, they’ve sold... none.
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 Total garbage? No chance in hell an actual engineer designed this... bolting through the small area on the back of the clamps...WOW
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 Farr out!
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 I would break that in a day
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 How Farr would send it?
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 So Farr-gone.
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 Coming from bmx its still hard to believe the people that trust this on there bike while riding down a effing mtn..
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 Meh. Could be wider.
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 Are all bars designed to be clamped at a different point?
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 Hmmmm. Kinda-ish....(that's the best answer I can come up with). Bars are all reinforced in the center section where most traditional stems would clamp. Some (enve spring to mind) limit the width of the clamp you can use....and I assume there are others out there that do as well. This stem would absolutely extend beyond what ENVE says is ok, also, a lot of bars start their sweep and rise pretty close to the center section.
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 Made of toffee Priced like platinum
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 Looks like some ugly accident happened at the Renthal factory...
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 Farr reminds me of Funn.
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 Barf !!!
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 Bet that thing twists
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