Fasthouse Release New 2021 Riding Apparel Range

May 21, 2021
by Fasthouse  

Press Release: Fasthouse

We brought together a few of our friends, shot some photos, stacked some clips and had some fun. Whether we are riding our bikes, or just kicking it with our crew and throwing back a cold one, we are all on this planet to do one thing and that's to live and let live.


Since the beginning, it has been about the good times. That’s our goal. With this collection, we wanted to keep it simple. Run a jersey, pair of shorts or pants all day and think about it once.


Functional gear that isn’t overdone. Just good, practical riding wear. Our large assortment of jerseys give you the option to be loud or subtle while matching up the perfect kit with either the Kicker Casual Riding Shorts, the Crossline 2.0 Shorts or the Fastline Pants.

Follow along with us on Instagram @Fasthouse_bike | Check out the entire line at


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 I never fully understood what fasthouse is, are they with BELL? who are they?
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 Does it even matter once you find out what fast house used to mean?
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 @winko: thinking it's more synonymous with 'speed shop' in this play.
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 Independent brand out of SoCal. Collab heavily with Bell and Firestone Walker.
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 Motocross lifestyle origins
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 Don’t see Lycra. Levy not wearing Fasthouse in ‘21
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 Pretty hard to get Fasthouse clothes, Where is the best to buy them ? Amazon is crazy prices, on FH website it is all sold out and on Wish... don't feel fair for the brand to buy it on this website. (PS: I'm in Canada)
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 Just got off their website. Everything shows to be in stock.
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 Hi Sylvain, Fasthouse now has distribution in Canada, so you can expect to see more retailers carrying the brand across the country. Spring 2021 just arrived in Canada last week, so you can reach out to to get a list of retailers in your area or good online partners. Hope this helps.
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 Often see their stuff on Jenson for huge discounts.
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 @ratedgg13: If you look at Jenson and chain reaction close enough you can sometimes get any mtb clothing you want for almost a steal.
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 @DaFreerider44: Yeah, but fasthouse gloves seemed to be on perpetual clearance. Never bought any because they suffer from the TLD logos everywhere effect.
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 @ratedgg13: I bought 1 pair of gloves from Fasthouse and they ripped apart in a month. Shame too because everything else I have bought from them has been top notch.

To be fair, I'm hell on gloves.
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everyone's gloves seem to be awful lately. Destroyed Giro, DaKine, RaceFace (the worst), and Leatts last season. I have some alpinestars that seem to be great so far.
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 @ratedgg13: We have shrunk and/or removed logos on the bulk of our MTB apparel over the years, the least amount of branding we've ever done. But, old perceptions take a while to change we reckon...but, we are listening, learning. Cheers
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 @troyleedesigns: hey, thanks for chipping in. Looks like it's time for me to take a look at your stuff again. Thanks!
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 @troyleedesigns: Make a glove with a palm not named Clarino and I will buy it
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 Been using some of their jerseys, gloves, and shorts for a few years. Top quality! Some of the designs I find a bit over done but they also have some nice, more toned down stuff.
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 I find San Clemente single tracks to be super unimpressive lol. Was stoked to hear there were some new jumps to check out....heads up, they’re small and littered with weekend warriors and ebikes lmao
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 I call them "E.D. Bikes"
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 I'd be more inclined to purchase from a brand called "Slow House" — it fits way better with my riding style
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 Always liked the fast house range but also thought if I wore it I'd have to ride fast all the time and might be in A&E a bit more than I'd like! Sick looks though.
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 Felt it needed a disclaimer. "No berms were destroyed making this video"
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 I don't hang out or shred hard enough to wear their clothes.
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 Rad little edit...those San Clemente trails are so fun! The YT boys are doing work back there!!!!
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 Let's get one thing clear, the YT boys have done zero work back there.
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 This year's stuff has a very TLD vibe. Looks pretty sweet, actually.
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 Slow dudes everywhere who are delusional about their speeds are stoked AF.
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 Finally! The over-branded, excessively color-blocked, perpetually juvenile looking gear I've been waiting for! I was getting so bored with all of the subtle, wearable mtb apparel out there.
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 Finally! The comment I've been looking for!! Go buy Rapha or Pearl Izumi if you don't want logos.
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