Fat Bike Ripping – Ever Seen a Fat Bike do This?

Jan 8, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Normally people pick up the fat bike for riding across Arctic tundra, over sand or through deep bogs. Not Pat Smage, though. At his local riding spot, Pat defies the preconceptions of fat biking by hucking, shredding and schralping his chunky-tyred beast around the woods.


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 To everyone who’s hating on the video, can any of you do that on any bike? Pretty awesome riding all around. And it’s a 26” Bike which is the only way 26” is not dead.
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 Ever heard about dirt jump bikes?
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 Pat can goon about harder than I rip a full sus 26'er, good on the fella, more of the same PB
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 how could anyone hate on this
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 Was going to joke about how Fatbike hooning hasn't been a thing for 3 years... then realized this video came out 3 years ago. Ah.
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 How did he convince his girl to film him?
Him: "Honey would you like to come out and watch me ride around an abandoned lot?"
Her: "???"
Him: "What if I gave you a fishing pole with a gopro on the end of it to chase me around with?"
Her: "Start the car"
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 @employee7: Hannah loves this stuff! If you check out his YouTube channel you'll see she rides bikes too and even does motorcycle trials!

Pat is an insanely lucky guy to have her in his life.

Also, that "abandoned lot" is his... yet again he's pretty darn lucky Big Grin

And yes, I met them and they're super down to earth and cool.
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 it's called Fredding when you are on a fat bike
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 Good video but what he does on a trials motorcycle is much more impressive.
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 You should see what his missus does on a trials moto!
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 Yes, I believe this is Tennessee (?), the guys over at the Trials Training Center showed me a video of this guy ripping before!
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 @mtbmaniatv: It's Wisconsin!
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 And this comes the day I put two motorcycles up for sale to consider a fat bike (and pay for a wedding)... yeah, guess I should seal the deal on the bike (and the gal!).
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 keep motos.
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 @fullbug: I still have others. These I don't ride.
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 @mvwmvw: phew...ok, then. happy wedding! congrats!
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 Congrats MVW, don’t go fat — you think tires will hold up?
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 Hell ya Mikey!
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 @bubbrubb: I know... I wonder that... but we have a legit fat bike scene in the woods here. I really need to ride one a few more times and figure it all out!
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 @mvwmvw: there’s a FB scene everywhere. Don’t have to buy what they sellin’ maaaaaan. For every FB I see, there’s a pair of tires waiting to fail.
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 His wife is a great sport. You should see the wedding video where tries to do a stoppie into a kiss with her and almost takes her out!
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 Yeah that was pretty gnarly. Imagine getting a concussion at your wedding!
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 I have a friend of mine that have done some promotional videos on a fat bike and has gone thru a couple of wheelsets and countless flats to make such videos .
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 I watched this thinking , awesome this is a follow up to that edit form a couple of years ago then realised nah same one. still rad though
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 that's how to ride them, I remember playing on one, it was great for back hops, like a space hopper
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 Space Hopper - great visual!
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 I've seen his videos when looking for a fatbike, and just watched some of the over and over again. Brilliant!
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 Photo shop. Was using his trials bike and the just photos shopped the fatbike into it. #fakenews
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 DiamondBack is failing at its New Years resolution already...
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 Sick video and that girl is a keeper! I can't even imagine how a conversation with my wife would go to ask her to film me.
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 Just because you can doesn't mean you should!
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 why not
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flag lowkeyokeydokey (Jan 9, 2018 at 15:37) (Below Threshold)
 @mtbmiller: well, there are these things called trials bikes......
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 @garb0: and?
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 Clearly he is Chris Akrigg's twin cousin.
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 Truly unique style and sick handles, good for this guy.
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 Ed Masters did this shit years ago. And did it wearing fat suit. Look up Ed Masters gets fat.
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 new sport emerging : fattrials...
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 Well that made me smile!
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 That was preeety dang cool.
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 wasn't this out forever ago
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 Now this is famous, its old as hell.
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 Rode Schladming bike park on my fat bike. No other stories like that.
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 Loved it.
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 No but it would have been so much cooler if he was on a normal (slim?) bike.
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 Exactly like the ski\snowboard arguments. Gear of choice DOESN'T matter, its all about the shenanigans your pulling in your chosen line... seak and send!!
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 I really don't get why it would have been cooler? lol Would have been easier, no?
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 Akriggs stunt double?
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 Lmao where's the shit storm??
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 He's amazing!
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 Helium inflated tires???
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 Random bike skill f*cking around? Aight

Shredding? No, that's not what this is.
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 you're making us look bad
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 I recon it would go faster if it were an e-fatbike
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 Quick! Somebody call Sam Pilgrim!
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