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Fazua's New Ride 60 Motor System Has More Power & Range

Apr 20, 2022
by Mike Kazimer  

Fazua recently launched their new Ride 60 motor system, ushering in the next step towards making eMTBs that are lightweight, reasonably powerful, and have enough battery capacity for long rides.

Compared to the previous version, the Ride 60 has 60 Nm of torque and a max power output of 450 W. That's up from 58 Nm and a max power output of 350 W. The battery capacity has been increased to 430 Wh, up from 252 Wh. There's also a range extender battery that fits in a water bottle cage and provides an additional 200 Wh of juice.

Fazua Ride 60 Details

• 60 Nm torque / 450 W max power
• 430 Wh removable battery
• 3 power modes - Breeze, River, Rocket
• Drive unit weight: 4.3 lb / 1.96 kg
• Battery weight: 5 lb / 2.3 kb
The drive unit weighs 4.3 pounds (1.96 kg), and the battery weighs 5 pounds (2.3 kg). For comparison, Shimano's EP8 drive unit weighs 5.72 pounds (2.6 kg).

That's a whole bunch of numbers, but the main takeaway is that the Ride 60 should make it possible to create an eMTB with handling that feels much closer to a 'regular' mountain bike thanks to the reduced weight. Riding a full-powered eMTB is a very different ride experience partially due to the fact that most of them weigh in the neighborhood of 50 pounds.

The lighweight eMTB landscape is still changing, with companies taking different paths towards a similar goal. Specialized has their Levo SL and Kenevo SL models, which use a motor that delivers 35 Nm of torque. Orbea uses Shimano's EP8 motor that's been tuned to deliver 60 Nm of torque in their Rise model, and last year Trek released their E-Caliber, which has Fazua's Ride 50 system.

What makes the Fazua system stands out is the fact that it has very minimal drag, and the battery is removable. That makes a 'two bikes in one' scenario much more feasible - if a complete bike weight was around 40 pounds with the battery, the 35 pound weight without is pretty close to what a modern enduro bike weighs. Riders could potentially head out for a self-powered ride in the morning, and then install the battery for some faster motorized laps in the afternoon. Or what about removing the battery to ride a lift-assisted bike park, and then installing it to explore other trails after the lifts have closed?

I was recently able to take a brief look at the new Ride 60 system in person, and it's impressive how little space it actually takes up. The drive unit is easy to hold in one hand, and the battery is quite slim for having 430 Wh. It's going to be really interesting to see where this system ends up, and which bike manufacturers choose to implement it.

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 As someone who once rode a Bullit with Marz 66 on it and Nokian tires, riding a bike that pushes 50lbs isn't such a foreign concept
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 For sure man, I pretty much rode enduro in 2001 on a Stab Deelux with Monster T’s, a 50lb bike that’s idea itself up the hill would have been a dream back then!
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 I had a monster, knock-off profile cranks and dbl wides on my bullit (profile pics), but then again it was regularly sent off a roof or a 20 stair. For some reason I can’t see these wagon wheeled ebikes surviving that
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 yep! been there!! bullit with 66
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 For sure! The Bullit was my all day pedaler in the early 2000's. Or an overbuilt Heckler. You just adapt to the weight. it was either that or pedal a twitchy XC bike that was likely to break...and zero fun on the DH's.
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 this is the sweet spot! i have a Kenevo SL and love it, i can keep up with my buddies with "full size" battery ebikes by working a bit harder. This is great, but a wee bit more power/battery and i think it would appeal to many more people.
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 would be quite cool having the fazua in the next Rise. The ratteling of the EP8 is ... just not what I want.

Saving another 0.7 kg+ is not bad either. Plus a removeable battery is another plus, so I can charge it in my RV when traveling
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 Problem is, the ep8 rs in the Rise is programable to full power ep8 spec. This gives you a lightweight Rise with full 85nm motor. The Fazua won’t be able to keep up! Wink
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 @hitarpotar: tell me how!?
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 @hitarpotar: But the frame is made to endure 60Nm. This is one of reasons why the bike is so light.
I'm not sure how long will work light e-bike frame, with full power engine.
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 @hitarpotar: I would like to know as well. I have a Rise.
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 @jbob27 and @playdeep: don’t know how. In Facebook, in the “YT Decoy owners” group there was this guy Mike Yin that had a Decoy. Pretty interesting guy who mounted a dc-fork on his enduro and then on the Decoy. Then, i guess, he changed e-bikes: sold the Decoy and got a Rise. He said he removed the ep8’s restriction and got it to full 85nm power. He also put a 160mm fork on the rise and long-shocked it with a 216x63mm imperial size shock for 160mm rear travel as well. Recently he made a comment somewhere and confirmed he’s still riding it - a super lightweight 160/160 e-bike with full power and it’s trouble-free. What i remember is he mulleted the bike with a 27.5er rear wheel to not have problems with the suspension and to keep up with the latest trends. Smile
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 @hitarpotar: almost no one with a rise derestricts it, it would use the battery too fast.
i have a rise and its turbo at 60 is plenty, trust me. i also see a future rise like this with dedicated lighter motor.
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 @dft1: it would deplete the battery too quick if you constantly ride over 20mph. A lot over it! Wink
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 Reminds me of my grandpa's old saying about electric toothbrushes. "Today teeth, tomorrow twat"
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 Shoot, why has it taken so long. I have been waiting for lightweight ebikes/ebike motors. Want more company options to the Specialized Levo SL.
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 I have the good fortune to be able to own a regular enduro bike, a full size e-bike and a Kenevo SL and for me the SL style bike is hands down the magic combo of weight vs assist . At speed it feels like a regular bike for the most part and it still makes you work enough to feel like you've done a real ride. The fantasy bike for be would be a SL bike where you could remove the motor and batt and ride it as a regular bike too.
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 I bought an SL after test riding the big bikes and it was no comparison. All the things you said are true. Even with challenging climbs in my area the only time i wish i had a bigger motor is when packing gear for trail work. I really don't get the drive for these massive batteries either, but i ride most days on a small network so i don't need to put in 50km "epics" on the weekend. The ala carte battery size options Norco is doing really should be the norm.
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 @lostlunchbox: I bought Norco biggest battery for my Range VLT. No regrets. I don’t know why anyone would want to go smaller. I like knowing there’s a ton of battery life in the bike and sometimes my rides end up being epics just because.
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 It not the simplest removal. But you could do this with the Rocky Mountain e-bikes
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 I have a Gen 3 Levo, Enduro and a KSL. Always find myself taking out the SL.
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 me too. i have orbea rise and can do rides with 5000 vert. handles great. this is the future. i bet future SL will get up to like 45-50 nm and that would be perfect.
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 The new carbon Rise is 35 lbs. You don't need to remove the motor or battery to ride it off. It's the same weight as a normal enduro bike.. Plus you can just turn it on when you want it, and off when you don't..
I said this in the past but I can see the industry just making SL bikes to replace the analog ones soon enough outside of ultra light XC bikes because they are practically the same weight and they don't have to produce multiple frames. You don't wanna use the features? Then don't. Now purist may hate this, but at this point, we see where the future is moving. I think they will still offer analog bikes, don't get me wrong. They will just be essentially one model that is customizable. Who knows though. If the weight gets low enough where the there is no difference, I can't see companies spending the money on multiple frames when it's not needed. That time so far, is not now, but it's getting closer and closer.
There are videos of guys riding the SL/Rise/EX-E etc with motor off on 1000+ accents and they all say it feels pretty much like their normal bikes.. so.
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 Lightweight ebikes are the WAY for me, i dont need 90NM to push me up a hill but a little help means i can hit up what i want to achieve in a day then do it again next day, and again which at my age is a big deal (i am 51) as recovery is much slower than when in my 20s. I ride a KSL and it RIPS downhill too so basically feels like a 29er XC bike up and full enduro down.

No downsides when it weighs just 2kg more than my pedal bike of similar travel and size

The more competition and development in this area the better for me!
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 I have a Bafang m800 sitting on my desk. Its tiny, and puts out 55 nm (what Forestral is going to use if their bikes ever release). Its 5 pounds flat. The new Bafang m510 full size ebike motor is identical to the m500 except for a new magnesium case and updated firmware. That mag case saves 1.1 pounds. If Bafang releases a magnesium m800 and does similar firmware tweaking, then it could potentially have a sub 4.5 pound motor assembly that can reach 60nm. If they don't do this, I might pay to machine my own case, or wet-mold a carbon fiber one.
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 Didn't know that the M800 is what Forestral is using. A cabron case for that would be interesting.
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 its electric, a couple of pounds dont make any difference. What matters is no rattling, removable (for traveling) battery as big as possible
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 @ckubler: The m800 is made for road bikes, like the motor in the Turbo Levo SL bikes. Its very silent.

The point of this class of motor is to make sub-40 pound mountain ebikes, so they handle as closely as possible to a normal bike. Weight matters here so you don't have to run lightweight casing tires or undersized forks to reach that target weight.
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 @shirk-007: My concern with a carbon case is heat dissipation. Carbon fiber itself is a good conductor of heat, but not most epoxies.
  • 2 0
 @hamncheez: Some heat sinks poking through the carbon shell might be just enough? Can the M800 handle a 52v battery? Do a little 14s1p 21700 pack. Enough the "after work" evening ride.
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 @shirk-007: No, officially it tops out at 42 volts, but actually errors out past 46 volts. If I machined some heat sink fins and had them poking through slots in the carbon fiber it would be hard to maintain weather/dust proofing.
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 @hamncheez: motor in the kenevo SL whines like a little bitch!
  • 2 2
 @JRW82: that's because of the high 40:1 gear reduction. Most ebike motors are closer to 18:1. The high rpm of the SL motor creates that high pitch whine. Also it uses a belt for one of the reduction stages to save weight, which is noisy.
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 @hamncheez: The sl motor is direct gear driven, it uses plastic reduction gears and has high pitch wine. Definitely no belts, stop with the misinformation.
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 @hamncheez - You are wrong in so many aspects in one post. Forestal designed its own motor that's manufactured by Bafang. It's 1.95kg with 60Nm. Ask the people who already got their's bikes from September and onward Wink If you try a bit, maybe you can get a hold of one of these from the USA dealer and try it for yourself. Or maybe buy one, disassemble it, and tell us is it the same as M800 inside Smile
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 @SasaAbazovic: Its a rebranded m800 with a magnesium case, and some of the gears replaced with titanium.

I did get mixed up with the SL vs the normal Levo- its the full power one that has the belt.
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 @hamncheez: did some digging. The Forestal looks to be an outrunner motor and the M800 the typical Bafang inrunner. There is a m800 teardown video on YouTube that is a couple years old showing inside the m800.
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 @shirk-007: I guess a Cabron case is the best for all our fellow Spanish speaking friends.
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 now integrate a gearbox into this system, and forget all the non-ebike spec components in drivetrain.
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 Well, for me it's a regression compared to my Fazua 50 - you can only remove the battery and not the whole drive unit. That's about 1 kg! It is an unnecessary step towards regular e-bikes.
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 Getting closer...
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 As much as an ebike isn't for me, I think having an ebike where the motor/battery can be removed is surely the way forward. This is part of the way towards that.
For those who get an ebike for fitness, it's a stepping stone from ebike to normal bike. For those who don't have confidence that motors/batteries will list the lifetime of the bikes ownership (me - I can't afford to replace bikes often) then you aren't stuck completely if a proprietary component dies, or battery degrades, etc.
Yes, the frame would be slightly heavier than that of a similar non-ebike frame, but I doubt the difference would be huge...
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 Really glad to see a new player in the engines sector. We currently suffer TERRIBLLE reliability and warranty Times are also completelyy CRAZY....

Especially is you are in a market outside of US&CANDA and europe

i havent tested the Bosch...
I can tell you that BROSE& SPEZIALIZED is absolute trash, Shimano will make you wait over 12 months for a replacement.

if you can Avoid those...

Good luck
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 Fazua increasing power below 85nm is perfect but how about noise output?? I think more effort needs to be spent in silencing any type of mid-dive more important that minimal weight savings..
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 Sounds like this is heading in the right direction for what a lot of us might want - a two-in-one "big bike" solution as Mike said.
I wonder how much vertical ascent you'd get pedaling in a medium-assist mode though?
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 Or simply removing the battery for e-bike free trails, and yes you might be stopped once or twice but you can show there's no battery
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 The guy has big hands!
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 Amazing. Can’t wait to see more light weight long travel ebike. The Kenevo SL seat post insertion is way to shallow
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 Clean set up!!!
  • 4 4
 Saw some buck 50 20yo riding his E-bike on the greenway the other day... bro..
  • 7 2
 "Yo dawg, I heard you don't like exercise. So I put a motor on your bike so you don't have to exercise while you exercise."
  • 2 1
 @nickfranko: Brilliant!
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 Pedal strikes look expensive
  • 1 0
 Will it explode like in the new trend on today's news?
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 "Bluetooth connection" *immediately plugs phone into bike*
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 So as I can understand the only solid selling point of Fazua - you can remove the whole engine with battery and have two bikes in one - is gone?
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 Will blow it too.
  • 2 3
 Who gives a hoot
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 I heard the Cake Kalk has a pretty sweet MTB motor setup.
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