Results & Videos: The 8-Day Cape Epic Stage Race Was Absolutely Brutal

Mar 26, 2018
by Sarah Moore  
Prologue Recap

Stage 1 Recap

Stage 2 Recap

Stage 3 Recap

Stage 4 Recap

Stage 5 Recap

Stage 6 Recap

Stage 7 Finish Line 360-degree

8 Days in 8 Minutes



1. InvestecSongoSpecialized: Jaroslav Kulhavy & Howard Grotts 25:29.48,9
2. Canyon Topeak: Alban Lakata & Kristian Hynek +9.38,5
3. Cannondale Factory Racing: Manuel Fumic & Henrique Avancini +13.12,9
4. BUFF SCOTT MTB: Francesc Guerra Carretero & Luis Leao Pinto +18.53,3
5. Centurion Vaude: Nicola Rohrbach & Daniel Geismayr +23.32,4

*2017 winners Nino Schurter and Matthias Stirnemann started the race but had to pull out after Stage 1 as Matthias was suffering from an infection.


1. Investec Songo Specialized: Annika Langvad & Kate Courtney 29:57.06,5
2. Ascendis Health: Sabine Spitz & Robyn De Groot +46.29,2
3. Silverback - KMC: Mariske Strauss & Annie Last +53.15,6
4. dormakaba: Candice Lill & Amy Beth Mcdougall +1:51.10,6
5. PMRA/CST Racing: Margot Moschetti & Raiza Goulao +1:52.06,8


1. Journey by Junto: Nicky Giliomee & Brennan Anderson 32:47.08,0
2. Merida Argentina: Agustina Maria Apaza & Cesar Lettoli +42.48,8
3. Garmin Powerbar Mixed: Gus Klohn & Yolandi Du Toit +1:11.22,8
4. Globeflight: Henning Blaauw & Louise Ferreira +2:47.05,7
5. Cikla - Toscana - JAC: Felipe Egues Espinosa & Ana Idrovo +3:07.26,5

See full results here.


  • + 20
 No comments on the Manel Fumic move and drop on Jeremiah Bishop??? Specially not even asking nor caring about the rider he just threw to the ground... Disappointing Fumic to say the least, a DSQ was on order.
  • + 1
 Is there video of this?
  • + 3 starting at 24min 8sec
  • + 0
 Wow. That’s pathetic.
  • + 0
 Oh man - WTF? I'm not sure if he just thought he could do that head butt and ride away, or what he was thinking. But clearly, not the right way to race a bicycle, even if you're pissed.
  • - 2
 Pathetic cowardly little shit. What an asshole.
  • + 2
 My best guess is that he was tucking to sprint on the inside of those two riders ahead, but he didn't realize the rider next to him was still there. I don't know why someone would lower their head to shoulder check another ride. It can't be intentional...too blatant.
  • + 17
 the guy that looks back at both of the crashed riders... was pushed from his lane by the guy on the far left who seemed to be avoiding a branch. Fumic had his front wheel pushed to the right from a rider in front (who was also forced to the right).
  • + 4
 @blast-off: I looked at it dozens of times and I think you've nailed it. High probability it was an accident, but I would have stopped, especially since he knew it was being filmed - any commissar worth their salt would have given a time allowance to Fumic.
  • + 13
 @iamamodel: Agreed, the rider obscured by Fumic made a quick move into his line and there's a split second of everything's cool until Fumic's wheel must touch or something and that's that. Total accident. Both the guy who looks back and the one who went down were riding to support their A-team and, since it's the last stage, the priority lies in staying close to the leaders so off he goes as does Fumic (who was in contention). Nothing malicious, just an unfortunate event late in a grueling eight-day race. Moreover, this would have made little tactical advantage given these circumstances and considering the risk of destroying himself or his bike.
  • + 8
 Looks like it was the rider in front of Fumic that caused the crash to me
  • + 3
 Very hard to see exactly what happened from the front, but judging by Fumic's body language, it looks as if he is indeed trying to move through the gap, and get's his wheel caught by the bike in front, causing him to crash. Unlucky, but no foul play imo.
  • + 10
 lost his balance due to lefty
  • + 4
 It was a racing incident the guy at front of Fumic cut him off and caused the crash. Bishop had a teammate who had to stop anyways and also the ebike guy was there so it's not like Fumic left him laying there without help...
  • + 2
 @pinhead907: the rider in front of Fumic changed his line and pushed Fumic to the right. I think the "headbutt" was a reaction. The video cuts away from him right after he pics himself up so he could have checked on Bishop then. I'll reserve my judgement.
  • + 3
 the rider in front of Fumic changed his line and pushed Fumic to the right. I think the "headbutt" was a reaction. The video cuts away from him right after he pics himself up so he could have checked on Bishop then. I'll reserve my judgement.
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 That's me that put up the video , I would greatly appreciate it if any of you would go and subscribe Smile
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 And please also leave your opinions or comments on the video , discussion could become interesting
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 BS. Fumic would never do something like you described it. There's always more to it than a slow-mo video tells you. Think about that before the next time you try to 'smear' someone's good name.
  • + 1
 @JWP: The video doesn't lie.
  • + 16
 Congrats to both Howard and Courtney on their wins. This might be the first time there have been American racers on the podium in the Pro class. #MaybeXCAintDeadYet
  • + 2
 So stoked for that!
  • + 9
 Annika Langvad - 4th win at Cape Epic - Legend Not bad for a woman that comes from a country without mountains Congratulations Kate for your first win
  • + 7
 Manel Fumic yes it's racing but don't be a dick about it.
  • + 1
 The event was plagued by gastric flu bugs and such like. There is a bit of a water shortage here at the moment but it sounds like the organizers messed up a bit on the hygiene front - too little water and sanitizer that was not up to scratch. There was some wildlife in evidence and a close call that's in one of the videos, but that was it.
  • + 4
 Pekne Jardo!!!
  • + 2
 Did anyone get clobbered by an ibex or impala during this year's event? Not 'brutal' if it didn't. (jk)
  • + 1
 anyone know if they drug testing at this event? Or can these racers kinda jack up for the week..
  • + 2
 Where is the voice gone?
Not enough budget??...
  • + 1
 What was up with Stirnemann? Early reports was a stomach bug, but it landed him in the hospital.
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