Final Results: EWS Pietra Ligure 2020

Sep 20, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Adrien Dailly is another fast Frenchman who could take a win here.

After the washout at Zermatt, all eyes were on Pietra Ligure to provide the typical racing action that we have missed this summer and it did not disappoint. With tight times, unpredictable results, rain and a few injuries there was excitement on every stage.

By the end of a gruelling five stages and 2000m of climbing the winners were Melanie Pugin and Adrien Dailly who led a French domination of nearly every racing category today. With six French Women and seven French Men in the top 10, there's no sign of the French domination of the sport ending anytime soon. Although she has now ended her streak of wins, Isabeau Courdurier had a great result of second place in the Elite Women's race after riding with two torn ligaments in her ankle.

Check out the full results and updates from the race as it happened below.


Elite Women

1st. Melanie Pugin: 24:50.36
2nd. Isabeau Courdurier: 25:04.57
3rd. Morgane Charre: 25:32.41
4th. Estelle Charles: 25:55.33
5th. Morgane Jonnier: 26:12.85

Elite Men

1st. Adrien Dailly: 21:30.49
2nd. Florian Nicolai: 21:51.07
3rd. Jack Moir: 21:53.13
4th. Dimitri Tordo: 21:53.28
5th. Ed Masters: 21:57.65

Full Results:

Elite Women

Top 50 Elite Men

Updates from the race as it happened:

1:40 am PDT:

Riders have been treated to some great conditions since arriving in Pietra Ligure and after some rain overnight, the high temperatures have lowered slightly which should make a full day in the saddle more bearable for the racers.

The weather report for today from Accuweather is saying riders should expect Cloudy conditions with some sun and temperatures of 24° C while racing. This is a big improvement over the 4° C they had to contend with in Zermatt.

1:41 am PDT:

Racing is underway in Pietra Ligure!

After a washout in Zermatt, it will be great to finally have a full day of EWS racing and with five flat out stages and 2000m of climbing it is going to be a tough day for everyone. Pro riders will be heading out now to hit the first stage of the day.

2:00 am PDT:

Antoine Vidal and Harriet Harnden Win the First Stage in the U21 Categories

Both U21 races are through stage one with Harriet Harnden building a 16-second gap back to Sophie Riva in the women race and Antoine Vidal pulls just over two seconds ahead of Luke Meier-smith.

2:23 am PDT:

Current Stage 1 Standings

As we wait for the top riders to make their way to the first stage of the day here is the current fastest on Stage1.



2:26 am PDT:

Estelle Charles, Raphaela Richter, Julie Duvert and Carolin Gehrig move to the top of the Stage One Standings

The fastest Women are now hitting the first stage which means a big shakeup at the top of the leaderboard. Estelle Charles is currently sitting at the top with less than a second back to Raphaela Richter.

2:29 am PDT:

Melanie Pugin Goes Fastest

Melanie Pugin overtakes Estelle Charles at the top by over ten seconds and Morgane Jonnier slots into third 11 seconds back. There are a lot of French riders sitting near the top at the moment.

2:31 am PDT:

Melanie Pugin's Time is Looking Strong

Neither Andreane Lanthier Nadeau (ALN) or Katy Winton can match Pugin's time as they go into sixth and eighth place respectively.

2:33 am PDT:

Isabeau Courdurier Takes the Win on Stage 1!

Isabeau Courdurier was the only rider who could best Pugin's time on Stage 1 as she takes the win but just 2.32 seconds. This is impressive as she is currently riding with two torn ligaments in her ankle.

2:33 am PDT:

A French Top Five for the Women on Stage 1

2:39 am PDT:

The Pro Women are Already Finishing Stage 2

The Women are already hitting the second Stage of the Day with Morgane Jonnier leading so far with a two second gap to Melanie Pugin

2:45 am PDT:

Isabeau Courdurier Takes Another Stage Win

Isabeau's injury doesn't seem to be slowing her down as she wins the second stage of the day by nearly eight seconds. Noga Korem faired better this time with a fifth place that broke up another French domination in the top five.

2:46 am PDT:

Elite Women Stage 2 Standings

2:48 am PDT:

Back to the Elite Men on Stage 1

Here are the current standing for the Men on Stage 1 as the fastest riders from Round 1 hit the course.

2:51 am PDT:

Another French Rider on Top at Stage 1

Youn Deniaud takes the lead over Nathan Secondi by just under one and a half seconds on the first stage of the day. With some of the fastest EWS riders still to come it looks like we may see riders go even faster.

2:54 am PDT:

Ed Masters Takes an Early Lead on Stage 1

Ed Masters carries himself to the top of the leaderboard on stage one passing Deniaud's time by just under two seconds.

2:56 am PDT:

Adrien Dailly Goes Fastest

Adrien Dailly is now your leader on Stage 1. Jack Moir also sits in second place with Ed Masters now in third position.

3:01 am PDT:

Adrien Dailly Wins Stage 1!

Adrien Dailly takes the win on the first stage of the day with Martin Maes in second and Jack Moir in third position. Jesse Melamed crossed the line in 26th.

3:02 am PDT:

Elite Men Stage 1 Standings

3:03 am PDT:

Now Onto Stage 2

Louis Jeandel is currently leading on the second stage of the day with a top five made up of four French riders.

3:06 am PDT:

Ed Masters Goes Second Fastest

Ed Masters can't quite match Jeandel's time and currently sits in second place. Elliot Heap had an improved second stage and is in fifth place for the time being.

3:08 am PDT:

Adrien Dailly Back at the Top on Stage 2

Adrien Dailly is fastest again on the second stage of the day with Jack Moir two seconds back.

3:09 am PDT:

Another Second Place for Maes

Martin Maes slots into second position behind Dailly, only Jesse Melamed can beat him now.

3:10 am PDT:

Jesse Melamed Wins Stage 2!

Jesse Melamed is back after a disastrous 26th place on Stage 1 to win the second stage of the day. Jesse just scrapped past Adrien by 0.26 seconds.

3:12 am PDT:

Elite Men Stage 2 Standings

4:00 am PDT:

U21 Race Update

In the Womens racing, Harriet Harnden went on from her Stage 1 win to take the fastest times on both the second and third stages. For the Men, Antoine Vidal backed up his Stage 1 victory on the second stage of the day but for the third (the Queen stage) he fell two seconds behind Brady Stone. Antoine remains first overall but Brady Stone is only five seconds back.

4:03 am PDT:

Weather Change

It has now started rainy in Pietra which means the top men and women are going to be hitting the flat out and loose Queen stage in the wet. This could shake things up a bit.

4:05 am PDT:

Current Elite Women Standings on the Queen Stage (Stage 3)

4:09 am PDT:

ALN Goes Into 6th on Stage 3

ALN falls nearly 40 seconds behind Melanie Pugin on the Queen stage and Noga Korem can only manage third, nearly 30 seconds back.

4:10 am PDT:

Melanie Pugin Wins the Queen Stage!

After Isabeau Courdurier can only manage a fourth-place Melanie Pugin takes her first stage win of the day with Morgane Charre in second place.

4:12 am PDT:

Elite Women Stage 3 Standings

This result now means that Melanie Pugins leads the whole race by 12 seconds!

4:22 am PDT:

Current Elite Men Standings on Stage 3

4:33 am PDT:

Jack Moir and Adrien Dailly Can't Pass Rhys Verner's Time

Both Jack Moir and Adrien Dailly fall over three seconds back from Verner on the Queen Stage, will Jesse be able to make up some time on Dailly in the overall here?

4:36 am PDT:

Rhys Verner May Have Won Stage 3

We are still waiting for Maes' time but Jesse Melamed finished the Queen Stage in 35th.

4:38 am PDT:

Martin Maes Has Crashed on Stage 3

The EWs livefeed is reporting that Martin Maes had a crash on the Queen Stage and has cut his hand which means he may be pulling out of the race.

4:40 am PDT:

Elite Men Stage 3 Standings

4:38 am PDT:

Overall Standings After Stage 3



5:45 am PDT:

U21 Race Update

Both Hattie Harnden and Antoine Vidal maintain their leads after winning Stage 4. With just one more stage left for them, it looks like they will be taking the overall win today if they can keep it together.

5:54 am PDT:

Current Elite Women Standings on Stage 4

As we wait for the rest of the top Elite Women to hit the fourth stage these are the current fastest riders.

5:55 am PDT:

Melanie Pugin Already Fastest on Stage 4

Pugin is showing no signs of slowing down as she goes five seconds faster than Estelle Charles.

5:56 am PDT:

ALN Moves into Third on Stage 4

ALN has a great stage as she crosses the line third, but she is still over 16 seconds behind the time of Pugin.

5:59 am PDT:

Melanie Pugin Wins Stage 4!

Pugin wins another stage today as Isabeau Courdurier goes 0.93 seconds back in 2nd.

6:00 am PDT:

Elite Women Stage 4 Standings

6:12 am PDT:

Current Elite Men Standings on Stage 4

6:13 am PDT:

Damien Oton Takes the Lead on Stage 4

Damien Oton has pushed in front of Marcello Pesenti by 1.65 seconds as the top Elite Men start to hit the fourth stage of the day.

6:18 am PDT:

Louis Jeandel Goes Fastest on Stage 4

Louis Jeandel takes the top spot so far on Stage 4 and Greg Callaghan has a great ride to sit in third place.

6:19 am PDT:

Another Change at the Top

Ed Masters now goes faster by nearly four seconds!

6:22 am PDT:

Adrien Dailly Leads Stage 4

Adrien Dailly manages to find over five seconds on Ed Masters' time and Jack Moir is still near the top in third.

6:25 am PDT:

Adrien Dailly Wins Stage 4

It's another stage win for Adrien Dailly as Jesse Melamed crosses the line in eighth, with one stage left it is looking like Dailly may win the race today.

6:27 am PDT:

Elite Men Stage 4 Standings

6:42 am PDT:

Antoine Vidal and Hattie Harnden Win the U21 Races

Antoine Vidal and Hattie Harnden take the overall win after a tough day of racing in Pietra.

7:11 am PDT:

Current Elite Women Standings on Stage 5

With some of the top Elite Women still to come here are the standings on the final stage of the day.

7:12 am PDT:

ALN Moves Into Second on Stage 5

ALN has another great run on the final stage of the day as she slots behind Melanie Pugin in second. With 13 seconds separating the two riders there is still some room for others to make up some ground.

7:16 am PDT:

Melanie Pugin Wins Stage 5 and the Race!

After Isabeau Courdurier Slots into second on the final stage of the day it was not enough to dethrone Pugin as she goes on to win her first EWS.

7:18 am PDT:

Elite Women Stage 5 Standings

7:28 am PDT:

Current Elite Men Standings on Stage 5

7:32 am PDT:

Louis Jeandel Back at the Top Again on Stage 5

Louis Jeandel is once again one of the early riders to set a blistering time on the final stage as he goes nearly five seconds faster than Guillaume Larbeyou.

7:32 am PDT:

...Ed Masters Goes Faster

Just as Louis Jeandel hits the top of the leaderboard Ed Masters tops his time by over two seconds.

7:37 am PDT:

Adrien Dailly Can't Beat Ed

Adrien Dailly can't match Ed Masters' time on the final stage and falls 0.85 seconds behind. This shouldn't knock him off the top in the overall though.

7:38 am PDT:

Florian Nicolai Goes Fastest

In a late-race burst of speed both Florian Nicolai and Dimitri Tordo pass Ed Masters' time to take first and second place respectively.

7:40 am PDT:

Florian Nicolai Wins Stage 5 and Adrien Dailly Wins the Race in Pietra Ligure!

After a fifth-place finish on Stage 5 from Jesse Melamed, Florian Nicolai wins his first stage of 2020 and Adrien Dailly takes his first EWS win since Millau in 2017.

7:42 am PDT:

Elite Men Stage 5 Standings


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 YeeaaaaaAaah nah yeaaaaaaah Jack
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 yeeeaaah third place not too shabby with that unrideable bike he has according to pinkbike audience...go jack!
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 Yeaaaaaaahhhhh good on Shark Attack and Fat Boi!
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 Maes down with a cut to the hand . Quick antibiotics!!!
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 It’s not doping its all about the healing. Poor guy.
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 Jack Moir is quite good at this enduro thing! Also stoked to see Dailly back up there after his injury setbacks, he's a wizard on a bike
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 I had him in my fantasy team for Zermatt and swapped him for Jesse Meleamed for this one. Poor decision on my part. At least I have Moir on the team.
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 I mean, any top 20 dh guy will show up
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 @nvranka: Other way round. When will we see the first Enduro rider in DH?
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 @dh-corn: I'd say Martin Maes had the covered at Fort Bill a couple of years ago
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 @Linkpin: Maes is special, I don’t see many if any others doing that.
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 @nvranka: ahem, Cecile Ravenel.
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 @nvranka: Dailly beat Bruni at a local dh race a month ago ...
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 @dh-corn: Maes won La Bresse DH in 2018
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 @NoahColorado: sorry I don’t really care about the women’s racing so I didn’t take her into account.
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 @nvranka: Wowwwwwwwwww
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 @DirtyHal: wow what? Is it amazing to you that I don’t care about women’s racing?

I must hate women, right?
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 Eddie and Jack go on boys. Hit the one two
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 Dang frenchies are on it
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 They’re always on it
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 @samdeatley: On it 'til they vomit lol
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 maybee also because italy is a training center for frenchies !
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 @ratm54: can't deny it
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 They know all the good lines
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 Those guys better enjoy those podiums before Yoann Barelli shows up on the Grim Donut!!!
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 I see now that my fantasy team is nothing but a curse for the riders. I withdraw from this and further fantasy leagues to warrant the safety of those racing.
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 What happened to Ella Conolly? Didnt race?
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 She has covid and is in isolation.
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 @ratedgg13: I demand a refund for my Fantasy Enduro deposit
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 Shark Attack Jack! crushing it
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 Cmon PB keep the starting lists up to date, Fantasy is a farce if we can choose riders who aren't actually racing (Ella Conolly ????)
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 I don't know what EWS is up to but there was no way to access the start list for this race on their website either - its usually available
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 @AlanMcCrindle: I'm wondering if it's anything to do with covid-19 and minimizing speculation of people failing tests before they make a personal announcement
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 If anyone was going to withdraw with a cut, it was always going to be Martin. Eek #fantasydreamsdie
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 Welp, looks like i am cutting Maes from my team
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 I see what you did there tup
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 So psyched for Jack. He's running one of the most interesting bike setups out there and its paying off dividends for him it seems.
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 sooo stoked for Jack!! that strive is mad
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 so much for my fantasy dreams... poor Maes (hope he's ok). From PB article Sep 19: "Ella will be looking for another strong result this weekend after a 3rd place finish in Zermatt." If they are not going to publish statt lists, maybe the PB articles can be more accurate? Or did she only find out she wasn't racing on the weekend? anybody know when Ella dropped out?
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 Seriously. Even posted a bike check for her lol yet saw no news of her getting Covid.
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 Saw it on vital
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 "Ella Conolly was deemed a close contact of Bex Barona last-minute, and without enough time to get tested, will not be allowed to race this weekend."

Which personally I find a bit unfair, if the organization is planning to ban athletes from competing; it should be the organization responsible for testing the athletes on Wednesday or Thursday, and not pulling an athlete less than 24hrs from the race without real proof (a positive result).
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 @lauda: it's not about fair or unfair, it's about people getting sick or not getting sick.
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 @ddd: fair and unfair should be replaced with unprepared, unorganized, not suited to be operating during covid. I can’t believe that everyone isn’t being tested a few days before the event

No wonder racers are getting Covid at these recent European events
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 @ddd: If that's the case then the whole Ibis team should not have been allowed to race. I mean how does a team socially distance themselves? If one has it they all were exposed to it. What would actually be fair would have been to just not hold this years joke of a season.
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 @lauda: damn there goes my fantasy league
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 I don’t follow racing very closely (or much at all) so apologies if I am out to lunch on this. Assuming Lewis Buchanan was entered in this race and started today, what happened? No mention in the standings and nothing online that I can find.
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 Oops. Never mind. Found it. Finished 59th. Sorry for the interruption.
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 Weird he doesn't show up in the results, from his Instagram it looks like he had an early crash, then to paraphrase his post, was off his game for the rest of the day.
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 @Grif: it's only showing top 50
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 Robin Wallner is out after a crash on stage 2. Apparently he is ok but done for the day...
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 There goes my fantasy team.
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 @mitochris: yeah mine too..
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 thank you for info
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 "3:02 am PDT:" returning to my timezone calculator to have the local time in Italy :-(
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 Yeahhh jack.
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 Nooooooo Martin!!! My Fantasy Team (probably along with tons of others) was destroyed! In positive new really impress with Rhys Verner and good to see Eddie Masters back up there.
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 Fingers crossed for Martin's hand!
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 Anyone know why Jose Borges wasn’t racing? I saw he raced the E-Bike category yesterday which made me though he would race today too?
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 Well done Jack and Mr Masters. Some solid southern hemisphere performances in the face of the flying french.
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 Waaaah what happen to Jesse? Mechanical or crash? Anyone know?
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 Might just not be his day. He is still absurdly fast.
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 Yeah I was thinking the same. Won r2 but far off 1 and 3. Then starting last when the weather got worse and worse could be a big factor.
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 Inconsistent (but obviously still and amazing racer)
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 Obviously capable of winning any race but you would imagine at a slight advantage in the wet and a slight disadvantage in the dry just because if the conditions he trains in
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 Does Zakka have dual nationality or something? Didn't he use to be the Norwegian "with the best intl DH results ever" at some point?
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 Dual citizenship
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 Finaly adrian and damien shining¡¡¡ hope both get a podium.
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 Looks like it's a mint race...tight times....Go Jack...I should be supporting fellow brits
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 Feels like 2013 all over again when the French were dominating the first year of ews.
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 Basically if you are not French, no reason to bother racing. Save yourself some money for a mortgage payment instead.
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 Not one comment mentioning the massive gap between Dailly and everyone else !!
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 20 seconds over a 24 minute race is actually pretty close. 20 seconds over a 4 minute DH run would be huge though
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 Well Done Noga !!! Smile
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 Go Jack! Well done dude!!
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 Wow! Nice work Louise Paulin! Top 10 and faster than several top riders
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 Go brits...there we go
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 Where is Herr R. Wallner, Sverige, Earth?
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 Well french cup last week was a good training
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 Yus, kiwis for days in the top 20.
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 Bravo nasi !! Brawo Slawek Lukasik !!
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 No Hill or Rude? Doesn’t count...
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 top 15 within 1 min.
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 yo!!! lüthi!
lane la babele!!
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 top 2000!!!! Oh yeah
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 Moir podium!! YAAAAAAAAS
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 Go Jack.
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 Took Dailly out of my team! Damn it!
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 Well, we can now see where the French go to train.

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