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Final Results from the Leogang EDR World Cup 2024

Jun 7, 2024
by Ed Spratt  
Kicking off a packed weekend of World Cup racing in Leogang the enduro racers are between the tape to battle across six flat-out stages. Check out the race and stage results below.

Top 5 Results

U21 Men:

1st. Wei Tien Ho: 26:08.939
2nd. Jt Fisher: 26:26.198
3rd. Sascha Kim: 26:27.611
4th. Jakub Pivnicka: 26:32.364
5th. Bruno Jimenez Andreus: 26:49.563
U21 Women:

1st. Winni Goldsbury: 30:48.330
2nd. Emmy Lan: 31:12.920
3rd. Simona Kuchynkova: 31:55.136
4th. Lily Boucher: 32:06.115
5th. Delia Da Mocogno: 32:22.943

Elite Women:

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 29:02.748
2nd. Hattie Harnden: 29:40.614
3rd. Morgane Charre: 29:42.602
4th. Ella Conolly: 30:10.178
5th. Bex Baraona: 30:21.084
Elite Men:

1st. Richie Rude: 24:52.002
2nd. Alex Rudeau: 24:59.314
3rd. Slawomir Lukasik: 25:06.131
4th. Kasper Woolley: 25:25.864
5th. Mirco Vendemmia: 25:30.113

Stage Results

Stage 1

The third round of the 2024 EDR World Cup series kicks off with riders tackling the Bergstadl Trail, which is the second-longest of the day at 2.4 kilometres and 535 metres of descent.

Wei Tien Ho started the day with a stage victory, securing a big winning margin of 7.403 seconds against Jt Fisher. Just 0.4 back from 2nd place Sascha Kim completed the top three and was the only other rider setting a stage time of under six minutes in the U21 men's racing.

Winni Goldsbury bested the 2023 U21 women's champ Emmy Lan crossing the line 15 seconds in the lead. The top five were split by a massive 39.528 seconds on stage one as Goldsbury carries a big advantage into the longer stage two.

Isabeau Courdurier is looking strong as she wants to follow up her victory in Poland with another race win today. Courdurier has come out fighting with a 13-second gap to Ella Conolly on the first stage with the top five separated by 20.9 seconds. The closest rival to Courdurier in the overall series standings, Hattie Harnden, ends the stage fourth 19 seconds off the pace.

After his first race win in Poland, Charlie Murray is showing no signs of slowing down in Leogang as he starts the day with a stage victory. Richie Rude couldn't match the top time as he went two seconds back. No other rider could come within five seconds of matching Murray's time as Slawomir Lukasik ended his run 5.33 back in third place.

U21 Men:

1st. Wei Tien Ho: 5:47.790
2nd. Jt Fisher: 5:55.193
3rd. Sascha Kim: 5:55.643
4th. Bruno Jimenez Andreus: 6:00.736
5th. Jakub Pivnicka: 6:00.765

U21 Women:

1st. Winni Goldsbury: 7:05.413
2nd. Emmy Lan: 7:20.785
3rd. Lily Boucher: 7:34.349
4th. Claire Chabbert: 7:38.776
5th. Simona Kuchynkova: 7:44.941

Elite Women:

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 6:42.715
2nd. Ella Conolly: 6:55.901
3rd. Bex Baraona: 6:58.742
4th. Hattie Harnden: 7:02.579
5th. Morgane Charre: 7:03.629

Elite Men:

1st. Charlie Murray: 5:36.040
2nd. Richie Rude: 5:38.128
3rd. Slawomir Lukasik: 5:41.370
4th. Alex Rudeau: 5:42.886
5th. Kasper Woolley: 5:43.305

Stage 2

Stage two takes riders to the X Line where they face a 3.6-kilometre challenge with 802 metres of descent. After completing the second stage over half the timed stage distance will have been covered by racers.

Oliver Jenkins surpassed stage one winner Wei Tien Ho as he led Sascha Kim by just 0.096 seconds. The first stage winner Wei Tien Ho crossed the line third losing 2.236 seconds to Jenkins in the overall race rankings.

In the U21 women's race, Winni Goldsbury went back-to-back on stage wins so far besting Emmy Lan by a little over eight seconds. Simona Kuchynkova went two better than on stage one completing the top three, 12.74 back.

Hattie Harnden finds the speed for a stage win coming back from fourth on the first stage to go fastest by 1.857 seconds. Morgane Charre also improves upon her first stage going from fifth to 2nd place. Isabeau Courdurier ends the longest stage of the day third 5.9 seconds back.

Richie Rude goes one better on the second stage as he completes the longest stage of the race 1.3 seconds quicker than Jack Moir. Alex Rudeau crosses the line 2.464 back from Rude. After his stage one win, Charlie Murray dropped back to sixth place, although he only falls to second in the overall race ranks.

U21 Men:

1st. Oliver Jenkins: 7:48.629
2nd. Sascha Kim: 7:48.725
3rd. Wei Tien Ho: 7:50.865
4th. Bailey Christie: 7:51.592
5th. Jt Fisher: 7:52.702

U21 Women:

1st. Winni Goldsbury: 8:45.391
2nd. Emmy Lan: 8:53.461
3rd. Simona Kuchynkova: 8:58.131
4th. Elly Hoskin: 9:06.099
5th. Lily Planquart: 9:08.924

Elite Women:

1st. Hattie Harnden: 8:29.058
2nd. Morgane Charre: 8:30.915
3rd. Isabeau Courdurier: 8:35.039
4th. Ella Conolly: 8:43.830
5th. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau: 8:44.422

Elite Men:

1st. Richie Rude: 7:28.909
2nd. Jack Moir: 7:30.226
3rd. Alex Rudeau: 7:31.373
4th. Slawomir Lukasik: 7:31.960
5th. Jesse Melamed: 7:32.743

Stage 2 Reactions:

Stage 3

Following the long first two stages the third timed section of the day offered a shorter challenge with the Matzalm Trail covering 1.6 kilometres and 326 metres of descent.

Wei Tien Ho returned to the top of the results sheet leading Alden Pate by 1.658 seconds. Jt Fisher made it another US rider inside the top three as he was 1.877 back from the current race leader and stage three winner.

Winni Goldsbury is looking unstoppable so far today as stage three saw her pick up another stage victory. Elly Hoskin came closest with a 4.515 deficit before Xanthe Robb went in third place, 5.083 back. Emmy Lan, who is closest in overall time to Goldsbury, finished the stage in fourth giving up 5.311 seconds.

Isabeau Courdurier is back on top as she goes fastest for the second time today and puts six seconds into race and series rival Hattie Harnden. Bex Baraona returns to third place again, pulling just ahead of Ella Conolly.

It's a close battle for the elite men's win as Alex Rudeau just edges ahead of Slawomir Lukasik by 0.047 seconds to go fastest. Richie Rude is looking tough to beat today as he is inside the top three again only losing 1.5 seconds. Charlie Murray dropped back to fifth place, giving away 9.2 seconds to the stage leader.

U21 Men:

1st. Wei Tien Ho: 3:41.100
2nd. Alden Pate: 3:42.758
3rd. Jt Fisher: 3:42.977
4th. Jakub Pivnicka: 3:43.277
5th. Sascha Kim: 3:43.472

U21 Women:

1st. Winni Goldsbury: 4:33.955
2nd. Elly Hoskin: 4:38.470
3rd. Xanthe Robb: 4:39.038
4th. Emmy Lan: 4:39.266
5th. Delia Da Mocogno: 4:40.851

Elite Women:

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 4:18.516
2nd. Hattie Harnden: 4:25.253
3rd. Bex Baraona: 4:31.052
4th. Ella Conolly: 4:32.519
5th. Raphaela Richter: 4:34.434

Elite Men:

1st. Alex Rudeau: 3:22.652
2nd. Slawomir Lukasik: 3:22.699
3rd. Richie Rude: 3:24.163
4th. Mirco Vendemmia: 3:28.854
5th. Charlie Murray: 3:31.928

Stage 4

Before two short final stages, the Hangman 1 trail provides the last stage with a length of over 1.1 kilometres and potentially the last place to make up some serious time against competitors.

Sascha Kim secured his first stage win of the day besting race leader Wei Tien Ho by 1.159 seconds. Jt Fisher remains in the mix once again with a third place finish.

Simona Kuchynkova moved to the top of the ranking on stage four as she beat 2023 series champ Emmy Lan to the line by 5.2 seconds. Lily Boucher made it so two Canadians were in the top three with a third place, 5.357 back from Kuchynkova.

It's another stage victory for Isabeau Courdurier as she ends the fourth stage 2.32 up on Morgane Charre. Courdurier's race and season rival Hattie Harnden finishes in third, handing 3.992 seconds to the current race leader.

Charlie Murray is back on the top of the timing sheet as he finds a small margin of 0.488 seconds against Richie Rude in second place. Alex Rudeau is at the sharp end in third, but he is a ways off the winning pace, 4.554 seconds back.

U21 Men:

1st. Sascha Kim: 3:19.669
2nd. Wei Tien Ho: 3:20.828
3rd. Jt Fisher: 3:23.044
4th. Kentin Baldeyrou: 3:24.302
5th. Jakub Pivnicka: 3:24.478

U21 Women:

1st. Simona Kuchynkova: 3:56.422
2nd. Emmy Lan: 4:01.689
3rd. Lily Boucher: 4:01.779
4th. Delia Da Mocogno: 4:02.068
5th. Winni Goldsbury: 4:05.861

Elite Women:

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 3:37.447
2nd. Morgane Charre: 3:39.767
3rd. Hattie Harnden: 3:41.439
4th. Ella Conolly: 3:48.336
5th. Rae Morrison: 3:49.628

Elite Men:

1st. Charlie Murray: 3:06.523
2nd. Richie Rude: 3:07.011
3rd. Alex Rudeau: 3:11.077
4th. Kasper Woolley: 3:11.916
5th. Rhys Verner: 3:12.342

Stage 5

The first of two short final stages see riders tackle the Schwarzleo Trail with a length of 1.1 kilometres and a vertical drop of 210 metres.

Jakub Pivnicka took their first stage win in the U21 men's racing besting the time of race leader, Wei Tien Ho by a tiny margin of 0.017 seconds. Eliot Seret wrapped the top three, 3.328 seconds behind. Sascha Kim who sits second in the day's racing was back in eighth place, 4.691 seconds behind the stage winner.

There was also a new stage for the U1 women with Xantha Robb going fastest by 0.347 seconds. Emmy Lan secured second place and most importantly pulled back around 0.6 seconds from the race leader Winni Goldsbury who placed third.

Isabeau Courdurier is storming the second half of today's racing with another stage win on five. Morgane Charre rode the closest to Courdurier but is over five seconds back despite her best efforts. In the battle for the race win Hattie Harnden loses a lot of time here dropping 11 seconds behind.

Alex Rudeau takes a second stage victory as he also moves up into second place in the overall race rankings before the final stage. Richie Rude continues a great day out as with second place he keeps himself seven seconds ahead of Rudeau in the overall timings. Slawomir Lukasik goes third fastest on the stage, 2.285 seconds back. Charlie Murray falls back to seventh place and is now third in the overall heading into stage six.

U21 Men:

1st. Jakub Pivnicka: 3:02.919
2nd. Wei Tien Ho: 3:02.936
3rd. Eliot Seret: 3:06.247
4th. Kentin Baldeyrou: 3:06.495
5th. Jt Fisher: 3:06.518

U21 Women:

1st. Xanthe Robb: 3:29.326
2nd. Emmy Lan: 3:29.673
3rd. Winni Goldsbury: 3:30.311
4th. Simona Kuchynkova: 3:30.957
5th. Delia Da Mocogno: 3:33.863

Elite Women:

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 3:13.474
2nd. Morgane Charre: 3:18.702
3rd. Mélanie Pugin: 3:22.610
4th. Hattie Harnden: 3:41.439
5th. Bex Baraona: 3:25.716

Elite Men:

1st. Alex Rudeau: 2:52.699
2nd. Richie Rude: 2:54.594
3rd. Slawomir Lukasik: 2:54.984
4th. Jack Moir: 2:55.563
5th. Kasper Woolley: 2:55.660

Stage 6

Another short 1.1-kilometre stage closes out the racing in Leogang with riders tackling the Bongo Bongo trail.

After placing third on the final stage Wei Tien Ho has done enough to win the Leogang EDR World Cup with Jt Fisher making a last-minute move into second place. Sascha Kim loses his second place after ending the final stage in 26th.

Winni Goldsbury wins the U21 women's racing as she built a lead on the longer opening stages that couldn't be pulled back later in the day. Emmy Lan sees a return to form with a second-place finish, 24.590 seconds back. Simona Kuchynkova was rapid on the final stages helping bring her up to third place at the end of the day.

Morgane Charre wins the finals stage of the day but just 0.422 back in second is Isabeau Courdurier who wins today's racing. With a gap of 37 seconds back to 2nd-placed Hattie Harnden Courdurier was unrivaled in Leogang.

Jesse Melamed ended the day with a stage win as he crossed the line with a time 0.896 seconds better than Jack Moir. Richie Rude ended the day with a fifth place but it was more than good enough for the race win. Rude took the round three victory with a gap of 7.312 seconds back to Alex Rudeau. Sadly Charlie Murray had a crash on the final stage losing 36 seconds to the top time and ended the day in eighth overall.

U21 Men:

1st. Kentin Baldeyrou: 2:25.048
2nd. Lachie Ros: 2:25.401
3rd. Wei Tien Ho: 2:25.420
4th. Jt Fisher: 2:25.764
5th. Eliot Seret: 2:26.081

U21 Women:

1st. Simona Kuchynkova: 2:46.613
2nd. Winni Goldsbury: 2:47.399
3rd. Emmy Lan:2:48.046
4th. Giorgia Fiocchi: 2:49.688
5th. Xanthe Robb: 2:50.155

Elite Women:

1st. Morgane Charre: 2:35.135
2nd. Isabeau Courdurier: 2:35.557
3rd. Hattie Harnden: 2:37.781
4th. Mélanie Pugin: 2:39.252
5th. Ella Conolly: 2:40.802

Elite Men:

1st. Jesse Melamed: 2:16.845
2nd. Jack Moir: 2:17.741
3rd. Alex Rudeau: 2:18.627
4th. Adrien Dailly: 2:18.908
5th. Richie Rude: 2:19.197

Full Results

U21 Men:


U21 Women:


Elite Women:


Elite Men:


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 Pumped for Kasper! Been a long road back from a couple of massive injuries.
  • 3 0
 Same, awesome to see him up there!
  • 38 0
 Wei Tien Ho laid down some of the best runs of the season on skis in the Freeride World Tour, and now he picked up a win in u21 EDR. Apparently the kid is a year round ripper.
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 He's a beast on skis and apparently might be even better at biking. Hope he's back on the FWT next year too!
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 He can do triple backflips on skis. Triples!
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 Craig Murray snuck in again with a pretty respectable 27th place.
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 In the Whistler EWS80 a few years back I thought I was riding pretty well after catching and passing my 30 second guy, only for an early teenage Wei Tien to casually catch me. I pulled up so he could pass, tried to keep up and he dropped me in under 10 seconds. Kids fuckin fast
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 Can't disagree more. I love enduro racing at the highest level. It's basically impossible to broadcast an EDR, at least a one-day race with 6 or more stages. But that's in the nature of the sport. I would love a longer race highlight report that covers more than the top 5.
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 The coverage was better 10 years ago. The level of interest was far higher too
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 @BitsNBobs:That doesn't make it dead...
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 @daviddobner97: The demotion to a Friday slot strongly disagrees....
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 yeah the top 5 thing is bogus, the info is all there, just post it PB!
  • 14 2
 @hi-dr-nick: I have posted graphics covering the top 15/20 on each stage before and had negative feedback as it made the article hard to scroll through. We have the live timing embedded in the page so you can see more results there beyond the top five. Once the race is finished we will post the full overall results.
  • 7 1
 I think a longer highlight video with a mix of edited b-roll and on boards with a narrative over it to hype up story lines and provide the context is key. All riders in EDR should be forced to wear a gopro (most do anyway) and at the end of each stage some should be asked to swap memory cards with EDR staff so that they can access POV footage and add it to the edit. Then, imagine the narrative if Richie and Jack were in a battle. Some epic slowmo and high speed HD shots from key spots on track, mixed with their POVs, all while having someone break down what happened and building it up for us. A second video could then be created with a Ben Cathro sort of break down on where each rider gained/lost time, providing even more content and intrigue to the sport that is enduro.

Then, in addition, all riders must make their POV content available via cloud so that standout riders and crashes can be seen/used as well, to provide more drama and excitement.

A proper recap would go a long, long way.
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 @edspratt: Do you have access to the times for all riders as they're posted? Would the EDR allow their site to be scraped periodically? You could use pagination to minimise the space taken up in the page but enable results for all riders to be viewed. It could be graphed as it's update too, giving us the lay of the land in (near) real-time. Maybe include a basic search/ compare functionality too.

Simple stuff like this would really go a long way to supplementing the less-than-comprehensive coverage on the ground.
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 @BitsNBobs: what would be worse: a Friday slot or overlapping with elite DH?
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 @edspratt: cracking job mate the way the info has been delivered this time is spot on.
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 @pmhobson: How about it's own separate series, just like it used to have? Why does it need to be tied to DH at all? The odd shared venue isn't unwelco.e, but enduro used to go new, interesting places more often than not, and that was cool AF. Now it's been relegated to the role of sideshow, with a subprime slot for spectators and fans alike, yet the online coverage is almost non-existant. It's clear the powers thay be don't give a single shit about the sport.
  • 1 1
 @allmountainrider81: Just to clarify, I'm not ragging on PB's coverage at all. My suggestions above were intended to be helpful, not critical.

My gripe is with the EDR only.
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 It's maybe impossible to do good live video coverage, but they can and should put together much longer 'highlights' reels with commentary over individual POV race runs, compared back to back between some of the top riders. Cut it with some trackside footage, when and where it's available. WRC/rally style coverage, basically. It would work really well.
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 @BitsNBobs: Even if EDR/EWS is its own separate series, it'll conflict with DH or XC in some way. So what would be better: A Friday slot or Saturday or Sunday slot with overlapping events?

Not to mention that in a lot of way it *is* its own separate series in that the venues for EDR, DH, and XC aren't always the same each week.
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 @pmhobson: It seems you've forgotten it it was it's own separate series, with unique venues and no dependency on the UCI for almost a decade. The organisation and coverage were better, the vibe was better than good and it was seen by many as the mtb sport for the masses, with huge potential to grow the sport.


It's a pathetic shadow of it's former self now, when, in reality it was a thriving series before the 'investment' from WB.
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 @jayacheess: You could have teams/ riders submit their own edited footage for inclusion in the overall race summary too, instead of an army of corporate types deciding what gets shown. Obviously they could also upload it to their platform of choice too
  • 2 0
 @BitsNBobs: Exactly. There are lots of ways to improve this, but the organizers/promoters seem like they're not interested. I REALLY wish we'd go back to an independent enduro league run by and promoted by people who love the sport. A return to world-wide racing, which was one of the parts of enduro that grabbed so many of us to begin with. Seeing same-y looking European venues over and over again is part of the problem.
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 @jayacheess: Someone finally gets it. Thank you.
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 @BitsNBobs: Nice bro, glad to read you. Someonelse finally getting it too Wink
  • 2 1
 @BitsNBobs: Didn’t forget that. But being independent doesn’t get rid of the problems. If the venues are completely independent (as opposed to partially independent), you geographically fracture the media and make it *harder* for outlets like pinkbike to cover.

Having EDR on Friday, DH on Saturday, and XC on Sunday means the media can one send a team of journalists to a venue and work there all weekend.

Coverage absolutely has gotten worse, but I think that’s more an indictment of the industry as a whole.
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 @pmhobson: Sorry my dude,your argument doesn't hold. The venues were independent, and yet the covrage and the anticipation ahead of the old EWS races were far superior to what we have now, despite the less advanced technology available when the EWS was first launched.

I'd be all-for consolidating the disciplines if it meant we were treated to higher quality coverage/ analysis etc. But the exact opposite has transpired, which you admit yourself.

It's not an indictment of anything except poor organisation by thoughtless, self-serving 'leaders'. It was done to serve them only. Not the sport or the fans.

They can f*ck right off in my mind.
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 Whoa, I didnt even realize this was on today. Knew about downhill, but never saw anything mentioned about EDR
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 Well Richie has to make a trials event Sunday so we gotta wrap this thing up.
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 E-EDR is a joke ...
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flag psullivan65 FL (Jun 7, 2024 at 9:30) (Below Threshold)
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 @psullivan65: because it’s just underpowered, worse handling motorcycles.
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 hahahaha, yes
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flag PHX77 (Jun 7, 2024 at 12:26) (Below Threshold)
 Please provide a cogent argument that supports your side
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 just like your mama
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 Yea Tarmo!! 13th overall and right in with the big boys. PBA alumni crushing it!
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 Quite a result from Kasper. Years of injuries derailed him - quite a moment.
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 Hell yeah!!
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 Rly happy for the dude. I assume the training with increasing fitness and decreasing the number of injuries gave great results. Looks like the people around him in the team fit him too
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 Really wish PB would send someone to the EDRs instead of sending multiple people to places like Taipei or wherever they were in Asia covering the latest hot garbage.
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 They've already been posting videos from Leogang. I watched one of Henry in the pits this morning. Whether they're paying any attention to the enduro event is another matter though.
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 @chakaping: first machines... later humans...
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 It's not either or. We have photogs and videographers in Leogang, and will have some photo coverage of the EDR. I'd love to do more at enduro events, but it gets quite complicated and expensive with sharing any actual race footage.
  • 2 2
 @brianpark: is it not allowed going around the race with a live insta?
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 @brianpark: can you elaborate on what makes it complicated and expensive to share actual race footage? Would love to learn more out of curiosity. An article would be cool.
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 @brianpark: Thanks for the insight. You guys are probably doing a great job given the hand you're dealt. But, like @thefantasticfox asked below, it would be nice to know what you're up against and why you can't share more video content. My hope is that PB could fill the many and rather large gaps being left by the UCI and its lackluster coverage.
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 Could not agree more.
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 You know when live timing crashed in Tasmania and any other small issues like missing avatar, Jack moir at the top with some random number? Outrage.
Now, on a Friday. Tumbleweed.
I’m not angry, just disappointed.
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 Oh my fucking God I just tried to watch the last stage on the UCI You Tube channel I'm not sure what was worse the Shouting Cunt Commentators or the Camera man that's been on the Buckfast for three days and shaking like a shitting Dog Unbelievable,Budget must have been max 20 euro
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 All the EDR cameras from last round (including Josh’s phone ) are hand held. No tripods ,no gimbles. The majority of action in the trees was out of focus. (The course tape was infocus for 1/2 a shot (not for artistic reasons) not the rider behind it.)(Moimoitv uses a gimbal ). Why can’t disco.
One shot had the filmers hand in part of the shot.
Disco are trying to save USD$5 billion ,as they are USD$48billion in debt . Contract runs til 2030
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 Yeah Winni!
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 Winni for the win!
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 @nakinoah: Xanthe for a stage win too
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 @gcrider: The Lads racing are smashing it indeed
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 The link to live timing doesn't seem to work, at least on a mobile? I spent 25 minutes on the UCI website trying to find full results, but it's hilariously inept. Does anyone have a link to full results?
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 Worked well all the time for me, live results the whole race
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 Finding anything on the UCI website is a frustrating pain in the a**
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 Actually doing Enduro is great the EWS and EDR are lets be honest their shit too watch and for marketing.
Why else do we think many brands like Norco, Yeti, Marin, Privateer, Bird and others devolving DH bikes again?
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 Charlie Murray had 3 crashes on the final stage! Brutal. Could’ve got the win again if not for those?
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 This is Charlie’s hold my beer run in response to George brannigans Windham run.
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 Probably 3rd, maybe 2nd.
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 Props to Jack for pulling up later in the race with some serious pace, waiting for it all to click for him this season
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 What happend to Jack at the first stage? Def or crash?
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 This is the problem with the coverage , One of top riders has had a problem but nobody knows what happend , I presume PB have nobody at the race and the UCI world series instgram has no information. Pretty sure it wouldn't be that difficult to ask somebody to send text updates in....
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 Flatted on S1
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 Flat tire according to his interview on uci-mtb insta
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 man wait for a morse code telegram! It's (in)evolution!...
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 And Mirco Vendemmia, won't do well only in the domestic race in the Finale. Poland also went well and now again a great result being 5th.
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 Years ago I thought Kasper Woolley would be a top 5 rider, but a run of bad luck had delayed till recently. Love the way he rides.
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 U21 results on stage 1 are wrong
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 No way! Old dog Matej Harvat on 7th place!
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 4th in U21 And 7th in elite looks like the best results for Czech in a while, well done boys, keep on keeping on!
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 Stage 3 looks so good- that last bit through the woods was so good
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 Why did Moir get a penalty?
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 Most probably a wheel change as it was 3 minutes.
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 Seems like there is a battle between Richie Rudeau and Alex Ride Smile
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 *Alex Rude
Fvckin auto correct
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 Why did Moir get a 3 minute penalty?
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 Can you bump this post with E-edr results added?
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 Yas kasper!
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 why is eddie masters so far off the pace this year?
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 Probably not wanting to get injured again. He's been off the bike for a bit and may need more time to get up to speed.
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 He's 35 years old and was injured last year. Probably just enjoying his last season I would guess.
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 Not always about the results. He hasn't had notable results in a while but everyone knows him, knows what team he's on, follows him on YT or IG and appreciates his presence at he races.
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 @tbubier: nah he had some good stage results the last year or the year before
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 Washed up maybe?
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