Final Results from the Trophy of Nations 2022

Oct 2, 2022
by Ed Spratt  
The results are in from the 2022 Trophy of Nations. After some flat-out racing in Finale, it was a great day for the French and US teams as they took top-three finishes across multiple categories. The French team won in the Women's race while Team USA took top honours in both U21 races. The New Zealand team were unstoppable winning the Men's racing with strong stage finishes throughout the day. The Masters' race went to the trio of British riders.

Check out the results below.

Find out who won the Rider and Industry trophies here.



1st. France [Pugin // Charre // Courdurier]: 2:16:41.32
2nd. Germany [Bruchle // Thoma // Richter]: 2:18:13.13
3rd. Great Britain [Cook // Harnden // Baraona]: 2:18:14.80

1st. New Zealand [Murray // Walker // Masters]: 1:58:55.14
2nd. France [Jeandel // Tordo // Rudeau]: 1:59:21.21
3rd. USA [Peterson // Nestoroff // Rude]: 2:00:27.80

U21 Women

1st. USA [Haggart // Bingham // Bixler]: 2:11:55.41
2nd. France [Planquart // Lassus // Henry]: 2:12:00.59
3rd. Italy [Pesse // Polo // Riva]: 2:25:09.17
U21 Men

1st. USA [Chapin // Fisher // Keller]: 1:47:41.32
2nd. France [Lesquir // Kaux // Bertini]: 1:48:54.84
3rd. Australia [Meier-Smith // Gilchrist // Meier-Smith]: 1:49:13.06

Master Men

1st. Great Britain [Lochhead // Edgworth // Austermuhle]: 1:53:18.47
2nd. France [Kirscher // Carrez // Amour]: 1:54:32.26
3rd. Italy [Modesti // Rossa // Fruet]: 1:56:20.49

Full Results:


Live Race Updates:

Stage 1

Live Stage Updates

3:00 am PDT The Master Men are through the first stage of the day, it looks like it's the British team leading as they go 1st, 2nd and 11th.

3:16 am PDT We have a clear winner of the U21 Men's first stage as the USA team takes 3rd, 4th and 5th.

3:27 am PDT In the U21 Women's racing we think it is a fight between the Canadian and Italian teams. Emmy Lan heads up the Canadian team with 1st followed by Elly Hoskin in 2nd and Lily Boucher sitting in 10th. The Italian team sees Sophie Riva in 3rd with Nicole Pesse in 6th and Emilie Polo 7th.

3:36 am PDT Gloria Scarsi leads the first stage for the Women with other strong results so far for the Italian team.

3:38 am PDT Ines Thoma goes fastest by over 11 seconds. Every second is important this weekend as the total time of all three team riders is added together for the overall results.

3:42 am PDT It's now Raphaela Richter who takes the lead, this makes it a German top two.

3:42 am PDT Harriet Harnden finds another second to go fastest.

3:44 am PDT Bex Baraona goes into third with Becky Cook taking fourth. Great results so far for the British team.

3:45 am PDT But the French team dominates as Isabeau Courdurier goes fastest with Morgane Charre 2nd and Melanie Pugin 4th.

4:03 am PDT It's a strong start for the Italian Men's team on the first stage as Tommaso Francardo currently leads with Simone Pelissero in 3rd and Mirco Vendemmia 5th. There are still a lot of teams left so the results could be shaken up more.

4:29 am PDT Elliott Heap takes the lead on the first stage by almost five seconds. Teammate Alex Storr is 4th but Mathew Stuttard is five minutes back in 53rd.

4:31 am PDT Alex Rudeau finds a massive 20 seconds to go fastest so far.

4:33 am PDT The New Zealand team smashes out some great results so far with Charlie Murray 2nd, Matt Walker 3rd and Ed Masters 5th.

4:36 am PDT Jesse Melamed takes the lead by over seven seconds.

4:40 am PDT We think the New Zealand team leads after the first stage as they place 4th, 5th and 10th.

Stage 2

Live Stage Updates

4:01 am PDT It's another great stage for the British Master Men's team as they go 2nd, 3rd and 7th.

4:02 am PDT The U21 Men's USA team has another strong showing on stage two as they manage to take 3rd, 4th and 5th place. We believe this means they lead into stage three.

4:03 am PDT Emmy Lan leads out the U21 Women as she goes fastest by over three seconds on the second stage. Fellow Canadian Elly Hoskin takes 2nd with Lily Boucher in 5th.

4:18 am PDT Disaster for the French Women's team on Stage two as Melanie Pugin goes over a minute and a half back. The British team has a strong showing and is now most likely in the overall lead heading into the third stage.

5:09 am PDT Jesse Melamed goes fastest on the stage but Remi Gauvin has chain issues and falls back to 59. It's pretty certain that the Canadian Men's team is out of the running now.

5:11 am PDT The New Zealand team is leading after the second stage with the very short stage three already seeing the riders lay down runs.

Stage 3

Live Stage Updates

4:46 am PDT Stage three sees strong performances from the British and French Master Men's teams but the British team just edges ahead and holds the lead into the final stage.

4:49 am PDT The results are really shaken up for the U21 Men, it's tough to see which team has won this stage but as the times are really tight on this short stage the USA will still lead into the final stage.

4:50 am PDT It's the Canadian team that once again wins as they come out on top of the U21 Women's stage three as they place 2nd, 4th and 10th.

4:58 am PDT Isabeau Courdurier leads the third stage with teammates in 3rd and 6th. This means they take the stage win and pass the British team to lead by 50 seconds.

5:04 am PDT We are hearing that the Canadian U21 Women may be out of the race after a crash and the Men's team may have a similar fate as Rhys Verner had a lot of trouble on the first stage.

5:30 am PDT Louis Jeandel now leads with Dimitri Tordo close behind. French teammate Alex Rudeau stands in 12th.

5:33 am PDT Matt Walker takes third so far with Charlie Murray 4th, Ed Masters goes into 19th this may switch up the overall standings.

5:35 am PDT It looks like the New Zealand team will still lead but the gap has closed to 20 seconds. The French Team holds second place with two stages left.

5:37 am PDT Jack Moir goes fastest by just over three seconds.

5:43 am PDT The Canadian team are placed back in the 50s but given the reports about some mechanical issues the team are having we are not surprised. This means the New Zealand team stays in the lead.

Overall After Stage 3


1st. France: 1:43:02.59
2nd. Great Britain: 1:43:53.09
3rd. Germany: 1:44:18.48

1st. New Zealand: 1:30:37.24
2nd. France: 1:30:57.33
3rd. USA: 1:31:49.32

U21 Women

1st. Canada: 1:49:05.52
2nd. France: 1:54:04.68
3rd. Italy: 1:59:29.51
U21 Men

1st. USA: 1:33:05.90
2nd. France: 1:34:32.97
3rd. Australia: 1:34:48.57

Master Men

1st. Great Britain: 1:37:54.97
2nd. France: 1:39:19.60
3rd. Italy: 1:40:36.65

Stage 4

Live Stage Updates

5:44 am PDT We are now waiting for the Women to start on stage four. This stage is just being run for the Women and Men's races. The Master and U21 categories will head straight to stage five.

6:00 am PDT The Italian Women's team makes it a full top three finish so far although we are early in the stage and everything could change.

6:04 am PDT Team USA has had a great stage with all three riders making it inside the top five at this point in the stage.

6:06 am PDT Raphaela Richter and Ines Thoma go 1st and 2nd by over seven seconds.

6:08 am PDT Harriet Harnden goes fastest with Bex Baraona 4th and Becky Cook in 18th.

6:09 am PDT But the French team dominate again with 1st, 3rd and 6th places on stage four.

6:42 am PDT The second half of the Men's teams are on stage four with Zakarias Johansen currently leading.

6:49 am PDT Greg Callaghan goes 1.8 up and into the lead.

6:53 am PDT It's now a French one-two with Alex Rudeau leading followed by Dimitri Tordo.

6:56 am PDT Team Canada are out of the running for the overall after Rhys Verner's crash while we are hearing that the Men's GB team has been disqualified after receiving outside assistance during a wheel change.

6:58 am PDT The New Zealand team were leading into stage four and they are not slowing down with all three riders taking the top three positions so far.

7:02 am PDT With one stage left the New Zealand team still lead by 40 seconds.

Overall After Stage 4


1st. France: 2:00:03.96
2nd. Great Britain: 2:01:43.01
3rd. Germany: 2:01:49.42

1st. New Zealand: 1:44:53.46
2nd. France: 1:45:33.10
3rd. USA: 1:46:26.66

Stage 5

Live Stage Updates

6:31 am PDT The Master and U21 races come straight to stage five and it looks like the Great British Master Men's team has taken the 2022 title by over thirty seconds.

7:04 am PDT The U21 Men have finished up on the final stage with Jack Piercy going fastest. But the overall goes to the USA who have been strong across all four stages and win by over a minute.

7:24 am PDT We don't have the results yet for the U21 Women on stage five but we believe the Canadian team won't be finishing so it is between the French and USA teams for the 2022 title.

7:25 am PDT While we wait the Women are racing the final stage and Raphaela Richter currently leads by 2.83 seconds.

7:27 am PDT Harriet Harnden finds three seconds to go fastest on stage five so far.

7:30 am PDT Isabeau Courdurier goes second on the final stage but the French team has done more than enough to take the overall this weekend.

8:09 am PDT As the Men's teams make their way down the final stage Jose Borges currently leads by over three seconds.

8:15 am PDT No one has been able to touch Jose Borges' time so far although it seems the New Zealand team has had another great stage and look certain for the title today.

8:19 am PDT We are still waiting for a few teams to finish but it is looking likely it will be a win for the New Zealand team with France in second place.

8:22 am PDT Richie Rude crosses the line just 0.1 seconds back on the last stage of the weekend. The USA team and looking strong and could take home third.

8:23 am PDT With no Canadian team finishing today it is an overall win for the New Zealand team of Charlie Murray, Matt Walker and Ed Masters.

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  • 57 7
 I’m amazed that bike companies continue to invest in EWS with coverage like this.
  • 5 1
 Yeah this sucks. Really going next year is better, for the sake of both EWS and DH.
  • 8 0
 I’m also surprised how few spectators there are and how small the crowds at the medal ceremonies are compared to DH.
  • 23 0
 Even with more coverage, I can’t imagine myself getting into watching stage racing. DH is great because there is a minimal time commitment, riders go all out, and everything happens in quick succession. Who honestly has time to watch hours of EWS races?
  • 8 0
 I honestly feel like the amount of of exposure/marketing the companies are getting from the top-level racers' YouTube and social media is what keeps them doing it.
  • 2 0
 @ct0413: of course… without that, there’d be virtually nothing. It it’s got to be a huge resource investment for these brands, and the level of coverage is virtually non-existent otherwise.
  • 4 0
 What’s wild is how damn small this is in reality.
There’s so much press coverage over a fishing comp scandal, with weight fish. Than there is even vaguely about this “world championship”.

Maybe Norco is onto it
  • 2 0
 @Mntneer: I usually watch dh world cup as a replay. There could be a short re-play of all stages with 5 or so cams on each stage - making it an exciting thing to watch, I could imagine.
  • 2 0
 @Mntneer: I'm hoping someone adopts the same format as WRC racing where you can catch live timing (, but then there is a ... maybe 30-60 minute post-race recap that comes out within a couple days where you can see some good footage and highlights. I think for stage racing that's probably the best you can hope for.
  • 4 0
 @toooldtodieyoung: That’s exactly what the EWS coverage is now. The live timing/feed on their website is quite good.
  • 3 0
 @PeteShell: huh, there you go. I'm not usually interested in the live updates while racers are on course so I don't think I have ever looked. Found it here, for anyone who needs it. . Thanks!

Between live timing and a recap, I'm really not sure what more could reasonably be done for a long stage race covering 30+ km per day.
  • 30 0
  • 23 1
 It's sad that the live timing doesn't show results by team, that's the whole point of this race
  • 69 0
 I’ve stopped trying to follow ews (or this trophy thinger) in real-time and have trained myself to be happy enough reading the results after the event is over. Their ability to share the goings on is junk.
  • 10 0
 You can see team results by clicking on the light blue circles with a square and an arrow on the inside
  • 1 1
 @nateb: looks good to me!
  • 11 1
 @nateb: agreed!
And god save downhill.
  • 18 0
 @snomaster: I fear we’re about to Discover how good it’s actually been.
  • 6 0
 If they can't figure out how to give good live timing on a regular EWS, what did you expect for this?
  • 4 1
 Team France making every podium, chapeau! Team USA got its skins too!
  • 8 0
 @nateb: I just watch moi moi TV and call it good
  • 1 0
 Yes it was clear NZ led but then it was difficult to guess... Just speculate and then look pinkbike.
  • 2 0
 @nateb: can't wait for DH course preview with Ric Mclaughlin!
  • 15 1
 The results were settled since the Pivot team got a burnout bike. French girls and Kiwi boys will take it
  • 4 0
 Oi lizard man!
  • 15 5
 Is there a difference between "Great Britain" and "Britain"? It sounds funny when an article talks about the "Great British" team. Maybe Canada can change their name to Super Canada. That way articles would often be talking about the Super Canadian team that DNF.
  • 17 16
 Britain is one of the names for the country where I live. Great Britain is what people who live in the past still want us to believe. It's the ultimate definition of an oxymoron.
  • 17 2
 @commental: actually it’s got nothing to do with how powerful, large or successful the country was. It was to do with all the different islands that make up the British isles and referring to the the main landmass as Great Britain.

Although now Britain and Great Britain are completely interchangeable and British isles is rarely used.
  • 6 13
flag commental (Oct 2, 2022 at 10:41) (Below Threshold)
 @cypher74: Yes, that was the original reason. I flew into Bristol last week and when we were queueing at passport control there were screens saying welcome to GREAT Britain. The great was in larger, all capitol letters and highlighted in red. Do you think that was because of the make up of the islands, or someone trying to sell some BS?
  • 4 1
Wikipedia says, Brittany is the old roman name, but Great Britain is the differentiation of the main island from the Bretagne as "Lesser" Britain.
  • 6 2
 @commental: some recent BS at an airport doesn’t change the fact that historically ‘Great Britain’ is nothing to do with the countries power or influence.

What you saw is called advertising by some and propaganda by others and goes on everywhere.
  • 5 0
 @commental: you've been infiltrated by Orange fundamentalists. Master Men make Greater Britain Great again
  • 2 2
 @cypher74: true, you'd be a fool to ignore this marketing gold and the country needs to crape that barrel hard.
  • 4 0
 Great Britain is the largest Island of the British Isles. The modern nation state, comprising of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is officially known as 'The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. As this is quite a mouthful, for ease of conversation, this is often truncated to; United Kingdom, Great Britain, Britain, UK or GB.
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 Mark Britain great again!
  • 1 0
 * make…. ffs.
  • 2 0
 @commental: not sure why you've been downvoted so much, seems legit commentary, think you hit a nerve or two.
  • 2 0
 @RichieNotRude: It'll probably be outraged Brexiteers mainly. In situations like this I take every downvote as a compliment and chuckle to myself that I've triggered them. Can I have some more for this comment please?
  • 13 0
 Team USA u21 lets goooooooo
  • 1 0
 The kids are alright!
  • 11 2
 I don’t understand how Enduro racing is so popular with such crappy coverage. Waiting days for highlights brings me back to the days of waiting for Bike magazine to get world cup results/recaps.
  • 2 0
 Anecdotal opinion, but I think it helps that Enduro is such fun format for amateur racing. So maybe it's that a lot of people now have done a local enduro, loved it, and are tuning into the racing scene. Or maybe the interest is coming from folks watching YouTube POV videos of megavalanche runs and similar. Or both. Either way, I think the format's popularity will continue to rise and eventually the coverage has to follow. Feels like we're in a weird in-between-time.
  • 10 0
 In U21 men Finland 4th!
  • 6 0
 This coverage sucks if this is what DH is going to be like next year I'm gutted. But anyway, AOTEAROA HARD great result lads a few rainbow jerseys going to kiwi mountain bikers recently.
  • 6 0
 Pumped for New Zealand! Cool group of dudes. Awesome to see the US right there keeping it close and the young guns bringing it home! That women's race was tight!
  • 3 0
 Live stage updates today are a bit approximate in here. After stage 3 French Women's team is leading. Big news is that team Canada (men) must have had a big problem (chain off for Remi and DNF for Rhys?) and now they left the competition!
  • 5 0
 Darn, that’s too bad for them!
  • 4 1
 That's too bad, they could have done really well. Ditto for the women's U21 Canada team.
  • 4 11
flag melikebike74 (Oct 2, 2022 at 11:06) (Below Threshold)
 @Fill-Freakin: Ya, on paper Canada could have swept Men, as well as both U 21. Too bad bikes are not made out of paper. Good on the others. Kiwis and Frenchies obviously looked strong, and definitely you can never count out the Yanks in any sport. Too bad everyone wasn't wearing Ukrainian arm bands or something. The sporting community has to step up a lot more.
  • 9 2
 @melikebike74: yah, that’ll convince Putin to call it quits for sure.
  • 9 2
 @melikebike74: hate to break it to you but arm bands don't actually fix things.
  • 6 4
 @melikebike74: pity no-one wore armbands for the 6300 ish bombs we the west dropped on other countries last year
  • 5 0
 No surprise that the French women would dominate completely - but after loosing 1,5 minutes and still retake the overall lead in stage 3 is incredible.
  • 2 0
 Definitely no surprise. Of all the categories, that was the one with clear favourite.
  • 3 2
 If Ella were riding, the British team would have had a better chance maybe...
  • 6 0
 This is officially the most important event on the MTB calender.
  • 2 0
 Hi PB, The live blogging format is still too patchy and incomplete to offer coverage of any value really. And it's just confusing when you come to it after the event. I'd recommend concentrating on covering the results in more detail and writing up a brief summary of the action in each category quickly after it's finished.
  • 1 0
 The format here is about as weak as the coverage. This team sport, motocross inspired set up is lame. Just imagine if they did DH the same way instead of World Champs. In addition to the weak format, they miss giving athletes and bike companies the opportunity to promote said label of "World Champ".
  • 2 1
 Don't get it yet...Does it makes your flag or team any faster? Why not gey a regular world Championship then you can count anyway wich nation is the most represented on the top ten amd not all this...
  • 2 0
 Contracts to all participants. In the end, all the events are pure joy and the athletes are the lucky ones that can be part of them.
  • 2 0
 Correction :
Contracts = Congrats
  • 5 0
 Stoked for the kiwis!!
  • 1 1
 I cannot be the only one that could not care less about EWS, can I? Coverage sucks and details are sparse, It seems like a series created to sell a category of bikes and not something that can be taken seriously as a spectator sport. Also, if this is the best that they can do for a 'world cup' style event, I seriously worry about DH racing next year.
  • 3 0
 U21 American ladies!!!! LETS GOOOOO!!!
  • 3 0
 Go the Kiwis .... nice work chaps Aotearoa represent
  • 2 0
 Sure would have thought that the Aussies mens elite would have done better
  • 1 0
 Your compatriots looks good and consistent regarding overally the live timings ! Could be top 5....
  • 1 0
 That Women's race for 2nd was soooo tight! 1.5 seconds over 2hours of racing!
  • 1 0
 Would have loved to actually see the racing, but can't complain about Belgium in 5th Smile
  • 2 0
 Any one know what the disqualifications were for?
  • 2 0
 Says something about receiving outside help with a wheel change.
  • 1 0
 1st ever EWS, not too bad I would say. Nice raw vibes. Get Jonesy back:
  • 1 0
 Did Male master do 1 less stage than Elite or were they just flying?
Were the 5 minutes faster?
  • 1 0
 Even the results are not very clear, is it me or some parts are missing? There were other categories right?
  • 3 0
 Zee Germans! Great job!
  • 3 2
 Bradbury didn’t have 2 EWS overall winners in his back pocket.
  • 1 1
 Man, foul luck for the Canadian boys. That is the thing about mtb sports, the mechanical gods seem so fickle.
  • 1 0
 I thought he hurt his wrist?
  • 2 0
 @CantQuitCartel: If that's the case then my mistake and thank you for cluing me in.
  • 1 0
Contracts = congrats
  • 2 0
 So who was the fastest?
  • 2 2
 Wishing the Aussie team pull a Bradbury
  • 1 0
 Still one of my favorite Olympic stories. If nothing else, shows what perseverance and never giving up can get you...sometimes
  • 1 0
  • 3 4
 Congrats in advance to the Aussie u21 team.
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