Final Results - NZ Enduro 2019

Mar 10, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

After three days of tricky racing with riders facing wet and rooty trails, the NZ Enduro proved why some of the top EWS riders return every year.

The Pro Men category saw Dimitri Tordo reign dominant as he took first place on nearly every stage and would finish over a minute ahead of second place. Guy Gibbs and Brady Stone would round out the top three and mountain biking legend Fabien Barel would sit in fourth just under two minutes behind first place. Jonas Meier would be the final man on the podium. In the Pro Women's race, Ines Thoma would take the lead with a gap of over two minutes from second placed rider Ella Conolly. Anja McDonald and Anita Gehrig would drop over four minutes behind the top spot and Noga Korem would complete the podium 10 minutes back.

Pro Men

1st. Dimitri Tordo - 0:48:54.0
2nd. Guy Gibbs - +0:01:28.0
3rd Brady Stone - +0:01:49.0
4th Fabien Barel - +0:01:53.0
5th Jonas Meier - +0:02:18.0

Pro Women

1st. Ines Thoma - 1:02:06.0
2nd. Ella Conolly - +0:02:26
3rd Anja McDonald - +0:04:08
4th Anita Gehrig - +0:04:41
5th Noga Korem - +0:10:22

Check out the full results here.

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  • + 30
 Barel Yaeh!
  • + 11
 Well...seems like the new strive isn't that bad after all....
  • + 11
 *Edits Fantasy team*
  • + 4
 Yes Peaty! Still smashing it????
  • + 2
 Top British rider. Insane.
  • + 1
 @Grouty2505: Guy Gibbs was the fastest Brit i think, but good effort from Peaty sticking it to the youngsters
  • + 4
 Conor MacFarlane - that’s cool
  • + 3
 Who is this 'Guy Gibbs'!?
  • + 4
 Maes DNF?????
  • + 2
 He had a nasty cut on his shin on day 1
  • - 16
flag thesharkman (Mar 10, 2019 at 21:12) (Below Threshold)
 He was a 29er. Not exactly easy to lean in corners. Great choice for the wide double track downhill race stuff but not for enduro which uses alot of natural trails.
  • + 2
 @thesharkman: @thesharkman: I think that has been very convincingly disproved by this point. 29ers are fast, and plenty of people race them even on "natural" trails. You just seem like you haven't done your homework if you still think otherwise.
  • + 1
 Kurt Lancaster, Jonny Waghorn, rad.
  • + 2
 Turner bikes!
  • + 1
 Every dog has his day
  • + 1
 Yes Anja!!!
  • + 3
 Cue the "anal" jokes. Rolleyes I think you meant ALN?
  • + 2
Additional Learning Needs???
  • + 0
 @mtbikeaddict: I'm very sorry, c'est une erreur. Go ALN Go! Wink
  • + 0
 @LessardBicycles: No problem! Just making a joke. Smile

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