Final Results: Val di Sole World Cup DH 2019

Aug 3, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Laurie Greenland always goes well here and qualified tenth despite the rain.

The results are in from a wild day of racing in Val di Sole, for the Elite Men Laurie Greenland laid down an unbelievable run so take the win by nearly three seconds. Current series leader Loic Bruni couldn't quite take the win today but he will walk away with valuable overall points. The French couldn't take the win today but Loris Vergier and Amaury Pierron would closely follow Bruni to ensure there was still a strong French presence on the podium. Danny Hart would complete the podium nearly seven seconds off Greenland's time.

In the Elite Women's race, Marine Cabirou would take her first World Cup win after one of the most impressive runs in recent years. Tracey Hannah looked to be off the pace today but made it to the bottom in second to keep hold of her series lead. Camille Balanche and Veronika Widmann would both put down great runs that would see them easily place inside the top five and make their way onto the podium. Emilie Siegenthaler would have a return to form today securing a fifth-place finish. For the Juniors, it would be two new winners with Tuhoto-Ariki Pene and Mille Johnset taking the top spots.

Elite Men

1st. Laurie Greenland: 3:37.819
2nd. Loic Bruni: +2.854
3rd. Loris Vergier: +4.882
4th. Amaury Pierron: +5.167
5th. Danny Hart: +6.849
6th. David Trummer: +6.923
7th. Greg Minnaar: +7.170
8th. Remi Thirion: +7.318
9th. Baptiste Pierron: +7.651
10th. Troy Brosnan: +8.021

Elite Women

1st. Marine Cabirou: 4:25.790
2nd. Tracey Hannah: +11.776
3rd. Camille Balanche: +18.324
4th. Veronika Widmann: +20.522
5th. Emilie Siegenthaler: +26.593
6th. Kate Weatherly: +28.123
7th. Monika Hrastnik: +28.802
8th. Eleonora Farina: +30.699
9th. Melanie Chappaz: +32.181
10th. Carina Cappellari: +35.691

Junior Men

1st. Tuhoto-Ariki Pene: 4:09.626
2nd. Zak Gomilscek: +0.339
3rd. Kye A'Hern: +0.418
4th. Sam Gale: +1.810
5th. Janosch Klaus: +2.560

Junior Women

1st. Mille Johnset: 5:06.790
2nd. Vali Höll: +1.095
3rd. Anne Newkirk: +27.005
4th. Lauryne Chappaz: +51.904
5th. Nastasia Gimenez: +1:04.055

Full Results
Elite Men

Elite Women

Junior Men

Junior Women

Live Race Updates:

3:00 am PDT: Elite Women will be starting at // 3:30am PDT // 12:30pm CEST // 11:30am BST // 20:30pm AEST // 22:30pm NZST //

3:31 am PDT: Carina Cappellari is on track to set the first Elite Women's time of the day.

3:35 am PDT: Cappellari crosses the line with a time of 5:01.481. This is still around thirty seconds off Tracey Hannah's qualifying time.

3:36 am PDT: Melanie Chappaz goes over three seconds faster and takes over the hot seat.

3:40 am PDT: With ten riders to go the current top five is: 1st. Melanie Chappaz // 2nd. Carina Cappellari // 3rd, Alia Marcellini // 4th. Sandra Rubesam // 5th. Agnes Delest //

3:45 am PDT: Emilie Siegenthaler goes fastest by 5.588 seconds. They are slowly getting closer to Hannah's qualifying time.

3:48 am PDT: Mariana Salazar is way back as she reaches the bottom of the track and now sits fifth with a lot of riders still to come.

3:50 am PDT: After losing a lot of time in split two Monika Hrastnik was able to recover almost four seconds on the second half of the track and slots into second place.

3:52 am PDT: Kate Weatherly also caught back up to Siegenthaler's time and comes within two seconds of the current leader and goes 2nd with six riders left.

3:54 am PDT: Nina Hoffmann goes down and loses a ton of time in a nasty crash.

3:56 am PDT: Camille Balanche is almost four seconds up at split three!

3:58 am PDT: Balanche goes fastest by 8.269 seconds.

4:00 am PDT: Eleonora Farina goes down as well, this is going to be a tough track for everyone today with the mixture of wet and dry conditions.

4:01 am PDT: Despite a crash and a flat rear tire Farina gets a time that puts her fifth with three riders at the top of the hill.

4:03 am PDT: Veronika Widmann is having a great run, going green at the first two splits.

4:04 am PDT: Widmann crashes in the same spot as Nina Hoffmann. The roots are absolutely lethal today.

4:05 am PDT: Veronika Widmann goes second, making up over four seconds after her crash.

4:06 am PDT: Marine Cabirou is almost ten seconds ahead at split two. Can she take the win today?

4:07 am PDT: Cabirou is on a wild run, 13 seconds up at split three.

4:09 am PDT: The French national champion goes fastest by over 18 seconds! She is the first rider to beat Tracey Hannah qualifying time.

4:10 am PDT: Tracey Hannah can't match Cabirou's time and is over five seconds off the pace at the 2nd split.

4:13 am PDT: Marine Cabirou takes her first World Cup win in Val di Sole.

4:13 am PDT: Hannah goes second, 11.776 behind Marine Cabirou.

4:30 am PDT: Canada's Kirk McDowall kicks off the Elite Men's racing. Will we see a new winner today or will Amaury Pierron and Loic Bruni continue their domination of the 2019 season.

4:38 am PDT: Matthew Walker goes into second place behind Kirk McDowall. Connor Fearon has not started his run today.

4:40 am PDT: Mick Hannah goes into fourth place, just over five seconds off McDowall.

4:41 am PDT: Last-minute stand in Kenta Gallagher pilots the prototype Cannondale into seventh position.

4:42 am PDT: Henry Fitzgerald has a great run and slots into third.

4:43 am PDT: Just one second off McDowall's time puts Kade Edwards into third place.

4:44 am PDT: Antonin Kral comes closest to the current leaders time, only 0.712 back.

4:46 am PDT: Florent Payet is the first to beat the top time and goes an amazing six seconds faster. The Scott Gambler seems to be working well on this track.

5:09 am PDT: Rudy Cabirou crosses the line second, 4.304 seconds back.

5:10 am PDT: US national champion Neko Mulally can't quite keep up with the speed of Florent Payet and finishes over seven seconds back.

5:11 am PDT: Dakotah Norton has a great run and goes just 0.902 seconds back and goes 2nd.

5:14 am PDT: Michael Jones slots into third place, his teammates Laurie Greenland and Brook Macdonald will be ones to watch after fast qualifiers in some of the toughest conditions.

5:16 am PDT: Baptiste Pierron goes fastest by nearly four seconds.

5:21 am PDT: Reece Wilson comes within two seconds of Pierron's time and currently sits in second position with 30 riders remaining.

5:27 am PDT: Brendan Fairclough can't repeat his results in Les Gets and goes over six seconds back from Pierron.

5:29 am PDT: Charlie Hatton goes green at the second split but can't quite hold it to the bottom and crosses the line 0.633 off the current fastest time.

5:34 am PDT: The Denim Destroyer, Johannes Von Klebelsberg, goes third, 1.510 off the top time.

5:37 am PDT: Dean Lucas was green for the first two splits but he couldn't hold his speed all the way down the course and now sits in fifth position.

5:40 am PDT: Ed Masters must have been down as he loses over eight seconds at split two.

5:47 am PDT: Luca Shaw ends his run in sixth place.

5:50 am PDT: With 18 riders to go the current top five are: 1st. Baptiste Pierron // 2nd. Charlie Hatton // 3rd. Johannes Von Klebelsberg // 4th. Reece Wilson // 5th. Dean Lucas //

5:53 am PDT: Finn Iles just couldn't match the pace of the top riders and finishes sixth.

5:54 am PDT: David Trummer is having his best World Cup season ever and is just over a second back at split two. Can he get a good result today?

5:56 am PDT: Trummer goes fastest by 0.728 seconds!

5:59 am PDT: Matt Walker had an impressive looking run but he couldn't find enough speed to match David Trummer and slots into 10th place.

6:02 am PDT: Gee Atherton started off strong but Trummer must have done something special during the second half of the track as Gee finishes over four seconds back.

6:03 am PDT: Loris Vergier goes over two seconds faster at split two. It's looking like Loris is going to continue the French domination.

6:04 am PDT: Vergier is still green at split four but losing time.

6:05 am PDT: Loris Vergier takes the fastest time of the day so far.

6:06 am PDT: Greg Minnaar is almost a second up on Vergier at split two, the racing is starting to heat up as we reach the final few riders.

6:07 am PDT: Minnaar makes a huge mistake and goes down.

6:08 am PDT: Despite the crash Greg Minnaar manages to finish third only 2.288 back.

6:09 am PDT: Bruni is almost a second up at split three.

6:10 am PDT: He goes over a second up at the final split, this is an incredible run.

6:11 am PDT: Loic Bruni goes faster than Vergier by over two seconds.

6:12 am PDT: Troy Brosnan is over two seconds off the pace at split two.

6:14 am PDT: Brosnan took a big hit in practice but he still manages a sixth-place finish with 10 riders to go.

6:18 am PDT: Danny Hart is 1.682 up at split two, he is having a great run so far.

6:19 am PDT: Hart loses time at split four and goes into the red.

6:20 am PDT: He has a flat rear tire and loses nearly four seconds dropping back to third place.

6:25 am PDT: Laurie Greenland starts off slow but manages to gain over a second by split two.

6:27 am PDT: Greenland lays down a mindblowing run and puts 2.854 seconds into Bruni's time and goes fastest!

6:30 am PDT: Jack Reading has a good run and manages to go into 18th position.

6:31 am PDT: Amaury Pierron finds 0.676 in the first split!

6:33 am PDT: Pierron is losing lots of time as he makes his way down. By split three he is 3.605 back from Greenland. It looks like he won't repeat his victory from Les Gets.

6:34 am PDT: Amaury Pierron crosses the line fourth over five seconds back.

6:35 am PDT: Laurie Greenland has ended the French winning streak.

6:36 am PDT: Brook Macdonald must have gone down somewhere at the top of the tracks he loses nine seconds by split two.

6:39 am PDT: Forrest Riesco is only four seconds back at the second split if he can keep up this pace he will get a great result today.

6:41 am PDT: Riesco crosses the line 14th, only 10 seconds off the pace of Greenland.

6:44 am PDT: Davide Palazzari slots just in front of the Denim Destroyer finishing eight seconds back from Greenland.

6:47 am PDT: The last man down the hill Joe Breeden comes a respectable 25th place.

6:50 am PDT: Laurie Greenland takes the win in Italy after a wild run!


  • 127 2
 Finally Laurie got what he deserved, well bloody done, what a run that was.
  • 18 0
 Figures it was at VDS too, he's been scary pinned there.
  • 33 1
 Such a straight up win, too. No one was close.
  • 22 0
 Laurie!!... you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!
  • 13 0
 3 seconds at Val di Sole. wow.
  • 3 1
 Absolutely brilliant, nearly 3 seconds! Fuck!
  • 13 0
 @kleinblake: I am spewing Hart flatted though - those two would have been close as. On the podium with a flat, boss!
  • 10 0
 @russthedog: or minnaar!
  • 1 0
 @mtbmaniatv: true, although he binned it going like a mad dog!
  • 1 1
 @russthedog: seemed like such a straightforward setup into an awkward bit and he just missed the mark!? Mustve been tired or something different?
  • 6 0
 @mtbmaniatv: pretty sure the only straight forward part of that track is leaving the start gate Smile
  • 65 0
 What a massive win! Congrats Marine Cabirou!
  • 12 1
 So good! Clearly way faster and aggressive than the others.
  • 27 0
 this shows that these kind of tracks should dominate the circuit... skills + confidence + line choice galore... amazing run from Marine. fantastic to catch this live!!!
  • 8 0
 She absolutely smashed it
  • 3 0
 AWESOME 4 Marine!
  • 2 1
 definitely another level, crazy!
  • 1 0
 Seriously!! Marine by 11 seconds?!! Holy shit!! Epic run.
  • 57 1
 Seeing Davide Palazzari get super pumped for his 12th place made me smile just watching, especially everyone congratulating him. Maybe the extra pressure of going almost last and racing live gave him the boost needed to place higher.
  • 12 0
 Was going to say the same thing. Ride of the weekend for me. And the enthusiasm shown by the top guys at the bottom for what he did was great to see.
  • 5 0
 all of the last four did pretty well (except Figarets crash) - shows how much is mental
  • 7 0
 I think it was a great weekend for those guys who don’t normally make the live broadcast. They’re no slouches and it brought some more name recognition.
  • 7 0
 It was so good watching those guys come down with 50's plates on the live feed and put in top 20 runs. Almost as good as Greenlands win.
  • 3 0
 @Clarkeh: the austrian commentator on the german feed kept going how bad the startorder was and how aweful it was that the teams stood up against redbull which tried to make the bestplaced riders (overall) ride last. while doing so he not only missed the point, but also the great rides of the underdogs -what a clown. the german co-commentator (and rider) tibor simai cringed audiably but did not say anything. i hope they get replaced by the other german casterduo, which is actually great.
  • 1 0
 @optimumnotmaximum: I think the system they have in place now seems to work well. It rewards the top 5 who won qualifying but it avoids a situation when the entire broadcast is filled with guys who have no chance to win. Nothing makes for a worse broadcast than when a top rider starts early and sets a time, then you have to watch 20+ guys comes down who are 5 seconds off the pace by split two with no chance at winning.
  • 1 0
 @sino428: agreed, but it sounded like redbull is really pissed off by the system, thats why they showed 48 instead of 30 riders- to cover the better riders in the overall. While this may look like a good thing, the commentators statements made me wonder if there is another try coming out of redbull to mess things up.
  • 1 0
 @optimumnotmaximum: Redbull is broadcasting the event, their motive is to put on the best broadcast possible. So I can see why they don't want to see even 5 guys with no chance of winning coming down last. For some people its nice to see a riders who usually wouldn't get coverage get that chance, but realistically it makes for a pretty boring broadcast when usually the last 5 down is the most exciting part of the race.
  • 1 0
 @sino428: yes thats their view on the thing and with the last event they saw their view somewhat confirmed. but lets not forget with their system in place we have seen the flipside too - like Brook McDonald demolishing the field in qualies and starting far from last. I think there was also Gwin (?) coming back from injury winning and not beeing shown in the livefeed. All systems have potential drawbacks and the current system is good, i hope they dont change it -which again the commentator suggested.
  • 50 1
 Greenland: ''I love it when it's natural and rough.''

They grow up so fast.
  • 19 1
 In the words of Michael Scott “That’s what she said”
  • 12 1
 @DuelingBanjos: Laurie likes his DH tracks like how I like my women.
  • 12 1
 @m1dg3t: over the counter at Starbucks???
  • 5 0
 @sewer-rat: well that escalated quickly
  • 2 4
 @sewer-rat: I'll have to put that on my bucket list! I've done it in the loo already...

Cheers Smile
  • 8 3
 @m1dg3t: dude, too much information
  • 1 1
 @tobiusmaximum: LoL What? I didn't give any descriptions. You need to live a little bud.
  • 36 0
 There goes my Vali Sole Joke...
  • 8 1
 Or Vali Haul
  • 2 0
 So happy for Marine! Been a long time coming
  • 36 1
 i think marine's run was best woman's race run i've ever seen. and that whip, hell yes girl!
  • 7 34
flag Dropthedebt (Aug 3, 2019 at 4:32) (Below Threshold)
 Slow down there cowboy... It was a good run but nowhere near best ever!!
  • 34 2
 Anyone else finding it hard to search for live stream on RebullTV?
The website is so confusing. Was waching last years race for a few minutes, than fount out the jerseys were from last year.
  • 4 4
 Type into Google 'Watch WC DH Val di Sole 2019' always put the track & year
  • 25 0
 Yup... Red bull site is a bit of a shambles
  • 1 0
 App didn’t even work today just crashes ????????‍♂️
  • 2 0
 I can't even watch the replay right now... Won't load at all, and if it does load, it's in 240p quality and I can't see a damn thing anyway.
  • 7 1
 I love way they also put the times up next to the rider's names in the search bar for the replay. Spoils the result and totally unnecessary.
  • 4 5
 @johnnyboy11000: Yes, this pisses me off as the European events are always at 6-7am locally and I am never awake at that time so I watch the event before checking pinkbike to not get spoilers, and I have to try and not read the damn times...
  • 17 0
 @Ryan2949: get up man! its the world cup!
  • 1 0

There have been a few events I've gotten up in time, but this one I was gone camping, so only watched when I came home.
  • 4 0
 @Ryan2949: yeah its all good bro, just breaking ya balls.
  • 6 0
 Took me 5 minutes. Had to use the search function at the redbull site. So lame. Why don't they have a link on pb for it?
  • 1 0
 @johnnyboy11000: yup... That is f*cking annoying!
  • 3 0
 @Ryan2949: Try being on the other side of the planet. The men raced at 3.30 am our time...
  • 26 1
 Ah gutted for Hart! He was on a burner!
  • 1 0
 same, him and greenland were clearly a level above everyone else. Still pretty impressive to podium with a full flat
  • 25 0
 Denim Destroyer in 13th! Privateer getting it done!
  • 11 1
 Trummer too. He may get free shit, but he doesn't have factory support, if I'm not mistaken. And that guy who came in 12th looked like he may be in the same boat.
  • 3 0
 Even more impressive after you read about his weekend and the days before, check out the article on vitalmtb.
  • 2 0
 @miguelcurto: this^ someone needs to give that guy a factory ride!! Wicked fast and killer work ethic....
  • 22 0
 I wanna give a big shout out to the riders that qualified exceptionally well maybe due to some weather but managed to rise to the occasion and lay down some heaters in spite of the pressure
  • 3 0
 I don’t know his name, but the Italian dude, 3rd to last down the hill? I think he ended up 12th, he was absolutely ecstatic with that result. He was going nuts, and the big dogs greeted and congratulated him. It was good to see
  • 4 0
 @slayersxc17: Palazzari, epic run. They were all great- shame Figaret crashed
  • 19 0
 Am I right in thinking this is a first time win for every category? Amazing stuff if so!
  • 4 0
 Well spotted!
  • 1 0
 That’s one of the reasons mtb is cool. We support the underdogs and love to see anyone who puts in max effort reaping the rewards of hard work. The pros set a good example of supporting each other and celebrating with whoever wins.
  • 20 0
 Sweet whip from Cabirou!
  • 19 0
 Ride Forrest, RIDE!!
  • 9 0
 Why aren't more people talking about him? Rob Warner actually said he had never even heard of him and he manages a 15th??
  • 19 2
 4 privateers in the top 20, pinkbike should consider a DH version of their privateer series
  • 4 0
 Year of the privateer!
  • 2 1
 To be fair, Trummer isn't a privateer. He's just on a very small team, on a very small budget (if even). For sure the odds are not in his favor and it's awesome to see the underdogs do well.
  • 17 1
 Bike industry selling sub 5-8” humans 29ers for anything steep, deep and jumpy needs to stop. Mullet bikes are here to stay.
  • 14 0
 Yes Laurie! So satisfying to see that man on the top step.
  • 12 0
 Tuhoto-Ariki. You ripper!
  • 1 0
 When was the last time a Kiwi Junior won a WC? Brook in 09?
  • 10 2
 Fantastic run of Greenland !! ...Fantastic results for the French (3 on the Top 5 again ) !! ... great that rain stopped in time !! And also a Fantastic run of Marine Cabirou for her first victory in a Worl Cup .... and it's a good journey to see 3 frenchies at the Top a t the end of the season .... bad journey for Brosnan . But Danny Hart in 5 with a flat tire and Greg Minaar 7 with a crash ..incredible Val Di Sole !!!
  • 7 0
 It's OK to say Fantastique!
  • 8 0
 Question: What's going on these days with USA DH? Neko takes national champion two years in a row, but can't break 30 in World Cup. Is our scene lame in the US?

Feeling Sad Frown
  • 1 0
 Neko really struggles with world cups for some reason. When Mitch Ropelato showed up this year I’m pretty sure he was inside the top 20. And although a little slower lately, Dakotah Norton has been up there. But the short answer is yes, the American racing scene is kinda lame compared to others. I was at National champs and was disappointed with the turnout.
  • 1 0
 Neko probably also probably wouldn’t have won if Gwin and Shaw were there and healthy
  • 1 0
 @rideyobike86: Yeah that's too bad (about our scene). Agreed, if Aaron was healthy, he would've won National champ easily.
  • 10 0
 Wow.. So many Commencal bikes
  • 4 0
 The choice of the privateers. It was YT and then Giants before that, I believe.
  • 6 0
 "I can just sit behind the bike, there's no pedalling involved... I'm a smaller guy.... The more I can I can just sit behind those bars and just muscle my way through it, the better...." - Laurie

. o O ( so.... Laurie doesn't like to pedal too ? )

*You have my sword.... Big Grin
  • 8 0
 Laurie doing it for the Bristol massive!! Gutted for Danny though was on a Stormer!!
  • 6 0
 Gert lush
  • 9 0
 Good to see Remi Thirion back where he belongs! Such a stylish rider.
  • 9 0
 David Trummer...what a season!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1 0
 That's where training on the Schöckl's Gibim really comes in handy Big Grin
  • 5 0
 its so awesome watching someone win their first ever world cup race, an entire lifetime of dedication coming together in 4 minutes and then the emotions at the bottom of the hill - another great race for the books
  • 7 0
 Come on LAURIE!! Let’s have it!!
  • 7 0
 What a win from Greenland!
  • 6 0
 There needs to be more tracks like this on the circuit. Incredible racing!
  • 3 0
 I think if we saw more tracks be as consistently technical and steep like Val di sol we would see a different set of people winning races more. This is why a mix of track types is good though. So many different winners because of different tracks.
  • 7 1
 Fuuuuuuuuuuk Minaar goes down! Still 3rd ATM
  • 7 1
 Gutted for Greg. I so want another win for him.
  • 9 6
 Bruni is the next Sam Hill, crazy similar style, super stable, fast and on point. Marine Cabirou what a girl! Reminds me of Sabrina Jonnier! Greenland is a pitbull on wheels!
  • 9 1
 Similar style, WOT?
  • 17 0
 Sam Hill is the next Sam Hill.
  • 7 0
 Sam Hill is the only Sam Hill
  • 1 0
 Loic is more reminiscent of Nico if anything
  • 5 1
 Greenland was on another level for surely, easy to see he was hitting the track harder than the others
  • 6 1
  • 1 0
 Just started watching the replay on RBTV and all they are showing is the open bit at top and open bit at bottom. Only up to joe Smith so hopefully they will show more of the track for later riders.
  • 3 1
 I think they normally just show the top 25 riders, but since qualifying would have put a number of potential winners out of tv coverage, it looks like they adapted to make sure you see a little of all those you came to see.
  • 2 0
 The RBTV commentators mentioned a red flag but there's nothing in the updates above, what happened?
  • 3 0
 Cabirou's run made me smile Smile
  • 4 1
 Great results for Privateer Trummer and JVK
  • 2 0
 YES CHARLIE HATTON !!! Amazing result on the most tech track in bad conditons of the year!
  • 2 0
 You mean incredibly fun and challenging conditions!
  • 1 0
 This race was really worth to watch. Sorry for Nina, that was so hard knock down. Crazy stuff anyway. Laurie was on fire, incredible run, really amazing. Great race!
  • 1 0
 Gutted for Danny Hart. My god poor Farina was emotional. Melanie Chappaz liked one of my Instagram posts once so I'm happy for her top ten
  • 3 2
 Laurie is a little little man. Never really noticed it until he stood next to Bruni
  • 2 0
 Right on you boy Greenland!!
  • 2 0
 Greenland in VDS is always checkers or wreckers. I love it.
  • 1 0
 Anyone got an update on Henry Kerr? The race was stopped for ages during his run so assuming he crashed hard?
  • 2 0
 Went thru the list twice, no Charlie Harrison?
  • 1 0
 didnt make quallies and isnt protected unfortunately
  • 2 0
 Trummer 4 Privateer-OTW on WynTV!!
  • 1 0
 well I made my decent money putting $20 on Danny to podium. when the track gets squirrly you can count on Hart!
  • 1 0
 What a pathetic piece of shit. Vile, doing that to someone. Have you seen him on those videos? What a joke.
  • 3 2
 What happened with Vali?!
  • 9 0
 Got 2nd
  • 9 3
 @mi-bike: exactly so what happened to Vali ?
  • 2 0
 She was 27 seconds faster than 3rd place.........

"Well sometimes you win sometimes you loose! My mental game was just not on it the whole weekend, it was weird being scared of the track and the weather, was just not enjoying it. But it is how it is. Congrats to @millejohnset you’re crazy! But good to get a kick in the ass again, super pumped to shred fast next week"
  • 1 0
 @endlessblockades: i think 3rd place Anna Newkirk must have crashed she is never far of the sharp end
  • 1 1
 @alexandraw: Fair enough but crashing is racing.
  • 1 0
 is there any live stream somewhere ?
  • 2 0
 hmm... maybe redbull knows something...
  • 2 0
 Not for the juniors, sadly.
  • 1 1
 Based on daprela and holl's results, I'd say we are in for another lottery round this afternoon
  • 1 0
 Any news on why Fearon hasn't dropped in?
  • 2 0
 They said in the live feed that he fell in qualifying and hurt his elbow.
  • 1 0
  • 1 2
 What's with the mens coverage? Are they missing cameras or something? A few seconds at the top, couple from the middle then straight to finish line. Waste of time.
  • 3 0
 Nevermind, that was just the outside of top 30 coverage.
  • 2 0
 Grenland is cookin!!
  • 2 0
 You gotta think that’s the win now..
  • 1 0
 Crowd seems mellow today, then again, the last race was in France!
  • 2 0
 LAURIE !!!!!
  • 1 0
 Happy that Emilie is back to form!
  • 1 0
 get in there Laurie, fantastic that made my day!!
  • 1 0
 Anyone know how AP dropped so many seconds???
  • 1 0
 Where's the Hoff??
  • 1 0
 Crashed hard right in front of me, looked like she had quite a smack on the head
  • 1 0
 She was at Tracey’s pace at split 2, but had a crash and a front puncture. Looked like a nasty hit on the head. Hope she’s fine.
  • 4 1
 Increasingly looking like with Hoffman is either win it or bin it and shes having a hard time keeping rubber side down.On her defence so did many of the women.
  • 5 2
 @miguelcurto: I'd say being on the front page all of a sudden is messing with her head
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 @miguelcurto: yep, she's ended up in a mindset where she just goes at 120%, which looks great until you crash. It's okay to have a little fear sometimes. Vali Holl missed on the win and said she went slow this week because the track scared her, but I'd rather be last than concussed.

She's got a ton of attention and success as a very new rider and I think she needs to take a step back and figure out the speed vs risk vs capability balance - hard to do mid-season though.
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 @Preachey: yep Nina showed a sort of burning head attitude in the last rounds, I think this one slow her down a moment!
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