Final Results: Vallnord World Cup XC 2019

Jul 7, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Henrique Avancini got out front and stayed there.

After a tough day of racing battling the heat and the altitude, the results are in from Andorra. Nino Schurter would put it all on the line in a lung-busting sprint to the line against Mathias Flueckiger and took his first win of the year. In the Elite Women's Anne Terpstra would get her first ever World Cup win and become the first every woman from the Netherlands to win an XC World Cup.


Elite Men

1st. Nino Schurter: 1:19.34
2nd. Mathias Flueckiger: +2
3rd. Henrique Avancini: +12
4th. Gerhard Kerschbaumer: +27
5th. Jordan Sarrou: +45
6th.Jose Gerardo Ulloa Arevalo: +53
7th. Anton Cooper: +53
8th. Anton Sintsov: +1:19
9th. Victor Koretzky: +1:23
10th. Ondrej Cink: +1:31

Elite Women

1st. Anne Terpstra: 1:22.59
2nd. Jolanda Neff: +38
3rd. Yana Belomoina: +51
4th. Daniela Campuzano Chavez Peon: +58
5th. Jenny Rissveds: +1:03
6th. Githa Michiels: +1:08
7th. Anne Tauber: +1:51
8th. Kate Courtney: +2:04
9th. Sina Frei: +2:11
10th. Elisabeth Brandau: +2:14

Full Results:
Elite Men

Elite Women

Live Race Updates:

3:20 am PDT The Elite Women are off, can Kate Courtney make it three in a row?

3:20 am PDT A big crash at the start causes a huge pile-up on the first corner.

3:22 am PDT Kate Courtney takes the lead.

3:25 am PDT Eva Lechner is leading at the first split, closely followed by Courtney. Jolanda Neff is 34 seconds back.

3:30 am PDT Catharine Pendrel goes to the front after the tech zone.

3:35 am PDT Top five Elite Women after lap one: 1st. Catharine Pendrel 2nd. Kate Courtney 3rd. Anne Tauber 4th. Sina Frei 5th. Anne Terpstra

3:38 am PDT Kate Courtney seems to be dropping back from the leaders and now sits in fifth place, 14 seconds of the pace.

3:44 am PDT Jolanda Neff is back in the top ten and sits just behind Courtney in eighth place.

3:48 am PDT Top five Elite Women after lap two: 1st. Catharine Pendrel 2nd. Anne Tauber3rd. Pauline Ferrand Prevot 4th. Sina Frei 5th. Anne Terpstra

3:51 am PDT Kate Courtney has dropped out of the leading group and is now over 20 seconds back.

3:53 am PDT Huge crash from Githa Michiels.

3:56 am PDT Anne Terpstra goes into the lead for the first time today and is trying to put a gap back to Pauline Ferrand Prevot.

3:58 am PDT Terpstra has already created a five-second gap to second place.

4:03 am PDT Top five Elite Women after lap three: 1st. Anne Terpstra 2nd. Pauline Ferrand Prevot 3rd. Jolanda Neff 4th. Sina Frei 5th. Anne Tauber

4:03 am PDT The gap to second place from Terpstra is now 16 seconds.

4:07 am PDT Pauline Ferrand Prevot goes down in a rock garden.

4:09 am PDT Jolanda Neff is coming is bringing the gap down to Terpstra on the biggest climb of the lap.

4:16 am PDT Top five Elite Women after lap four: 1st. Anne Terpstra 2nd. Jolanda Neff 3rd. Daniela Campuzano Chavez Peon 4th. Githa Michiels 5th. Sina Frei

4:17 am PDT Kate Courtney is back in eighth place, over a minute back from the leader.

4:20 am PDT Neff has closed the gap to first to just six seconds.

4:22 am PDT Jolanda Neff has closed the gap just on a short section of downhill. The two leaders now have a 50 second lead to third position.

4:27 am PDT Jenny Rissveds is having a great race and sits in sixth place.

4:30 am PDT Top five Elite Women going into the final lap: 1st. Anne Terpstra 2nd. Jolanda Neff 3rd. Daniela Campuzano Chavez Peon 4th. Githa Michiels 5th. Yana Belomoina

4:33 am PDT Anne Terpstra pulls away and Jolanda Neff has no answer. She has already built a 14-second gap.

4:37 am PDT Yana Belomoina goes into third place with half a lap to go.

4:43 am PDT Anne Terpstra has had an amazing race and takes the win! The first woman from the Netherlands to take a XC World Cup win.

5:46 am PDT The Elite Men are lining up to start.

5:51 am PDT The Elite Men are off, who will take the win today?

5:55 am PDT Nino Schurter crashes on the technical downhill section.

5:57 am PDT Henrique Avancini has managed to pull a 13-second lead at the halfway point on lap one.

6:00 am PDT Top five Elite Men after lap one: 1st. Henrique Avancini 2nd. Ondrej Cink 3rd. Jordan Sarrou 4th. Nino Schurter 5th. Jose Gerardo Ulloa Arevalo

6:09 am PDT Leaders Avancini and Cink have created a 20-second gap to the chasing group.

6:13 am PDT Top five Elite Men after lap two: 1st. Ondrej Cink 2nd. Henrique Avancini 3rd. Jordan Sarrou 4th. Nino Schurter 5th. Jose Gerardo Ulloa Arevalo

6:16 am PDT The leading group now have an advantage of over 24 seconds.

6:24 am PDT Top five Elite Men after lap three: 1st. Ondrej Cink 2nd. Henrique Avancini 3rd. Mathias Flueckiger 4th. Nino Schurter 5th. Gerhard Kerschbaumer

6:35 am PDT Top five Elite Men after lap four: 1st. Ondrej Cink 2nd. Henrique Avancini 3rd. Mathias Flueckiger 4th. Gerhard Kerschbaumer 5th. Nino Schurter

6:40 am PDT If anyone other than Cink is going to win this then the chasing group have to make a move now.

6:47 am PDT Ondrej Cink has pulled out.

6:49 am PDT Cink has decided to continue racing after feeling issues with his heart.

6:52 am PDT Mathias Flueckiger currently leads with Avancini and Schurter right behind him.

6:58 am PDT Top five Elite Men before the final lap: 1st. Nino Schurter 2nd. Mathias Flueckiger 3rd. Henrique Avancini 4th. Gerhard Kerschbaumer 5th. Jose Gerardo Ulloa Arevalo

7:00 am PDT Schurter and Flueckiger have sprinted off creating a 13-second gap to Avancini.

7:04 am PDT Nino Schurter tries to pass on the Wall but Flueckiger fights back and ups the pace.

7:06 am PDT Flueckiger launches an attack but he can't drop Schurter. It looks like it will be a sprint finish between the two Swiss riders.

7:07 am PDT Schurter makes a mistake and stalls.

7:08 am PDT Now Henrique Avancini is almost back with the two leading riders.

7:09 am PDT Schurter is getting ready to make an attack, how late will he leave it?

7:10 am PDT They are sprinting, Schurter goes through to the front.

7:10 am PDT Nino Schurter takes the win!

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  • 37 3
 Outstanding performance by Jenny Rissveds. Just wow!
  • 2 2
 I knew she would come back. Had her on my fantasy team since she came back racing
  • 15 6
 good job redbull - you have 2 commentators excusing poor results on jetlags and heat ( as if they weren't all competing under the same sun ) and completely taking credit away to an excellent performance by terpstra - then you stretch rissveds interview waaaaaay longer than you had to - the young lady is emotional and crying, just ask a couple simple questions and let her go celebrate !
  • 1 0
 I'm so glad others thought it too. I would not have conducted that interview in the first place. It wasn't like Jenny started the interview fine and then it went downhill, she looked confused and distraught from the beginning. Obviously Jenny had to agree with the interview, but was it coercion by the interviewer / producer? Or Jenny perhaps Jenny felt obliged to fulfil sponsorship obligations? I'd like to see her quit Instagram again, maybe for the rest of the season, and let her legs, lungs, and heart show us what she's got. On the whole, social media has not been good for her at all. Actions speak louder than selfies.
  • 5 0
 Those were tears of joy, friends. :-)
  • 1 0
 @iamamodel: Isn't there a lot of pressure for professional riders to have a strong social media presence? On top of being a top athlete, riders have to shill and model on Instagram.
  • 6 1
 My beef with this is that when the pretty girls of rb win it's all about determination and hard work; when they lose, it's unlucky

Terspta absolutely vanderpooled Neff to bits and had nothing to do with Neff being involved in other misfortunes; was purely Tete showing she's as talented and strong and determined !
  • 3 0
 My issue with the interview was complete tone deaf by Brianna (interviewer). Since her return, Rissveds has previously said she does not care so much about results as much as she does just competing and being healthy. Rissveds doesn't want winning to be the only focus anymore. Instead Brianna only seemed interested in reaffirming a podium place and asking about Rissveds' confidence to get better. You could see it made Rissveds uncomfortable and she had to restate her position that winning isn't everything.

@aaronjb: Social media whoring and toxicity is one of the many reasons Rissveds left the sport. Since her return to racing, even quietly competing in a few races in 2018 to maintain UCI eligibility, she's stayed away from it. Her new team is founded around her, so I doubt she has a quota.

@Luis-Sc: Jolanda is not a RedBull athlete. ;-)
  • 1 0
 @Jamminator: The interviewer was incompetent to be sure, but Rissveds was not really in a state of mind to be offering up a 'party line' of any sort. She was overwhelmed, overjoyed, and from what I could tell, ready to reclaim her throne, but now with the foresight and ability to leave all of the nonsense and pointless ancillaries by the wayside.
  • 3 0
 @Jamminator: Redbull is "all in" with Kate Courtney. Unfortunately, this is placing a great deal of pressure on her to achieve extraordinary results immediately. Isn't this what led to Rissveds' fall in the first place? It's Groundhog Day and greek tragedy all rolled into one.
  • 2 1
 @Luis-Sc: "Terspta absolutely vanderpooled Neff" - that's exactly what happened and I had the same feeling when I saw it... she had the same style and strength.
  • 1 0
 Rissveds fans should see her Instagram post today.
  • 1 0
 @toprace: RedBull is definitely "all in" with the Kate phenomenon....whether it is real or fizzles out. My comment is specifically aimed towards Jolanda, who is arguably still the darling face for women's XCO, and still the most talked of female competitor between Bart and Rob despite not being a RedBull athlete.

In regards to Kate, I don't think it's necessarily a fair comparison to make. Kate always seemed to handle the attention from the start and was almost brought up into it, whereas Jenny shied away. Kate has always had a deeper support structure from the start too - she works with an actual sports psychologist for mental training, and her team network is much bigger than Jenny's close circle. There are many other factors... Jenny had family deaths during her declining health, American media is also a little less critical than Swedish, and Kate has yet to win an Olympic gold medal - Jenny's gold medal in Rio made her a household name in Sweden. There's likely more to it, but there's enough differences I don't think we can make same generalization everyone is doomed.
  • 13 2
 The best results for Mexico ever, way to go Daniela Campuzano and José Ulloa!
  • 11 2
 Awesome result for Rissveds. Great to see her back!
  • 4 0
 Cink's strava ride shows his HR jumping suddenly and sitting at 215-230 bpm for five minutes. That is crazy shit, but he just waits a couple of minutes and takes off again? Heart rate then looks normal to the end, so maybe he was OK, but geez.
  • 7 0
 Well deserved for Terpstra, such a strong season so far for her!
  • 1 0
 Absolutely! Excuse me for not being entirely up to date, but was it this same Anne who almost won a WC this season but eventually lost it due to a mechanical (or was that Anne Tauber)?
  • 2 0
 @vinay: That was Anne Tauber.
  • 4 0
 I can't wait to see Jenny Rissveds really coming back to her old form and starting from the front rows, she's such a strong fighter! And what an incredible ride from Anne Terpstra!
  • 9 3
 Can't believe Gwin is winning with no handlebars or underwear.
  • 1 0
 Really tough course, at least it was dry, but it still caught out many including Nino, the dust was biblical... Great racing in both the woman and men, concerns for Cink and his maxxed heart (270+), hopefully he will get it checked out, Rissveds is back deservedly so, Nino worked hard, i mean really hard, fantastic result for Terspta.... all in all an edge of the seat few hours shouting at the TV :-)
  • 2 0
 > Cink and his maxxed heart (270+)
It actually was "only" 230bpm max (, however still looks scary…
  • 4 0
 Jenny Rissveds! #handheart
  • 2 0
 Jenny Rissveds taking her rightful place on the podium! She looked more relaxed climbing 20 percent grades than I did in my chair watching her lol!
  • 4 1
 I want Mathieu van der Power back.
  • 2 0
 Next week he'll be there in Les Gets!
  • 5 2
 American domination of mens' XC continues!
  • 1 0
 Did something happen to Neff? She was 1st and charging at the start then within 1 km, she was back to around 17th.
  • 1 0
 She didn't have good legs at the start. Then she got them back Wink
  • 2 0
 @tacklingdummy In the post-race interview she said the others had gone out too hard (and she was right, since the top five at the end of the first lap we shelled later on), so she was controlling her own pace. She did regret not going harder though, but, again, I think she had an option.
  • 1 0
 Why is it impossible to find standings for the overall online? UCI only shows their rankings, not overall for the World Cup.
  • 3 0
 We have just posted the overall standings after Vallnord here.
  • 1 0
 @edspratt: thanks! I suppose I could have been patient, but it just surprises me that it's not readily available information.
  • 1 1
 How long until fantasy results are up?
  • 2 1
 Nice work Anton Cooper!
  • 1 1
 Why no photos of racers on the podium?!?
  • 1 0
 U23 results?
  • 1 0
 Congrats Jenny!!!
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