Finals Highlights Video - Cairns DH World Cup 2016

Apr 24, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Seems stupid that only the winner gets a champagne bottle at the podium, then he/she gets to celebrate and the other ones be like "yeah cool you won, clap clap"
At least give a bottle to the top 3 to make the podium less cold
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 3:58 looks like ratboy and dale nicked the other bottles!
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 @Jaffaman: Thats beer mate!
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flag jaame (Apr 24, 2016 at 5:02) (Below Threshold)
 My mate reckons the champagne spraying symbolises the winner jizzing all over the place. Is there any truth in it! You have to admit, it looks a bit like it. Vigorously shaking the bottle until stuff comes out.
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 @jaame: I'm just gonna leave this here and let you decide if your mate is right
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 @krissboo: I googled it, it's derived from an advertising campaign
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 @jaame Always with the advertising. Why couldn't google have said "spraying champagne symbolises the money shot"
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 No budget for others 2 champagne
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 @jaame: You watch porn way too much.
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 Don't know about other venues, but in MSA everyone gets a champagne bottle!
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 @jaame: come again ?
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 its because the ozzies already drank all the booze !
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 Dear @redbullbike - If he races, you are supposed to include footage of Sam Hill in these highlight videos. Otherwise, you are in violation of section 5.10 of the DH code of conduct.
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 Eddies dab was the best thing ever hahah ???? what a legend
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 sick mik is back
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 There were so many more camera positions in that highlights video than the actual race shown on Redbull TV. The womans coverage was proper minimal and the men's coverage could definitely be better with more camera positions showing more of the track. Sick race though, glad to see Loic finally getting his first well deserved win.
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 Well, I think it's not that easy. The quality of the cameras which were not in the live stream are visibly better. These cameras are propably not made for live broadcast. It's also pretty hard to set up such a good live coverage in a rainforest! And you also can't show the entire runs of everyone, because they start in 1:30 or 2 minute intervals or so.
But what you could change is this stupid qualifying rule. This is made by the UCI, right? So dumb. Qualis actualy don't make any sence now. And RB could also show at least the top 30 men, instead of the top 20 and therefore get rid of the pre-shows...... -.-
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 Go watch old Freecaster videos on youtube. They did a way better job than redbull and I assume ran on a much smaller budget and were using technology from 5-10 years ago. Redbull coverage is shit, bring back freecaster!
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 @StanMarsh: The Freecaster coverage was good, they showed all the riders (as far as I remember). But this is almost too much, I doubt that even half of the viewers would watch all of the riders, especially in the replay.
But somewhere between the top 40 and top 30 is the best amount of riders to watch. It takes 60-90 minutes and you see almost all of the top riders, which are - hands down - the contenders for the podium places. But when you move the guys who qualified 10th or so back, that they don't make the livecast and then wonder that nobody can touch the time of these guy in the hotseat *cough* Josh Button *cough* Graeme Mudd *cough*, it's stupid. You tune in and look at one after the other riders come down and think: "Damn, what did that guy in the hotseat that the other riders couldn't and why did he started so early if he is so quick on this track?"
Soooo... Freecaster was good too, but Red Bull is better (at least until this year)
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 @DHMF: Not sure I see your point, Freecaster not as good because they showed too many riders? Sorry I have to disagree there. But that wasn't my point at all, I wasn't talking about how many riders get coverage, it was the amount of on course coverage. Freecaster had way better coverage, they used more cameras on course and we got to see almost all of the track! Not this BS with red bull picking up riders 2 mins into their run. Oh and better commentary too! I'm sure we all still watch this: (Danny hart's world champs run) Obviously that's due to Danny laying down the most exciting run of all time, but try and find some red bull camera work that beats that vid.
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Yeh this is exactly my point. The womans was terrible, it only showed the top 5 womans riders, and for the first three of those it didnt even show the exit of the the rock garden!! for those first three it literally showed on track time of about 15seconds, which was about 3 scenes with about 5 seconds at each. And this is my point for the mens as well. There so many parts of the the track you don't see, it hard to get a feel for the track when you only see 5 parts of it. It didnt even show the woops sections where that fella knackered him self on Adam Braytons bike the other year.
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 Yeah they totally missed the crazy Moto-bump section! That was my favorite bit to watch in the previews. I have to agree that video coverage was severely lacking.
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 Does anyone know what happened to ed masters?
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 He fell at the top I think
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 @cedric123: there any POV footage of that?
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 Very nice video ! Some people are complaining about UCI or Redbull. They don´t have a clue. Those events, live broadcast & replay, pinkbike webhosting ... this is so much work ! I want to say thanks to all that people who work for all those FREE videos and those who organize these downhill series ! You are awesome ! It´s a side-topic but the Worldcup Photographers are great !
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 I'm very grateful for WC coverage. But because its free so I can't complain? I would gladly pay to watch a WC. I pay for movies, music and everything else in life. Give me some quality WC coverage and I'll gladly shoot you $5/$10.
No complaints on PB tho, their coverage is heaps better than red bull. And you almost imply these guys work for free, these sites are getting paid by the advertisers. They making money!
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 @StanMarsh: And you almost imply these guys work for free>> No way, i didn´t say that ! Nobody can buy expensive equipment and work for free. All i meant is that the videos are free for you, so you shouldn´t complain. But you´re right - it´s up to you.
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 that shot from Connor Fearon
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 Tough break mr. Smith, so good to see you back in proper form again this year!
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 Was unreal to be track side standing at the jump straight after the whoops. TV doesn't do it justice how steep it is through there! Rediculous talent on show to get through there cleanly!
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 Fair play to Loic Bruni, no one deserves the win more that him, well done fella. So good to see sick Mick back near the top.
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 Troy Brosnan - Jesus Christ! He may not pedal as hard as Loic, but that man can fly. And I like flying monsters.
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 He's my favourite racer! Hoping he finally gets another win this year, I think he would have had it here if he were a little bit bigger. He definitely looks smaller than most of his competitors, and in a final sprint like this race the extra weight and muscle really would have helped him.
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 @dirtjumper771: I saw him without the jersey - he totaly has muscle.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Here I stand corrected then
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 I saw some concern on Gwin's face when Bruni won...the game is on.
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 No doubt. If Stevie didnt flat who knows where he would have been but looks like the 3 of them could be super fast this year.
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 @mckrider: remeber this comment few weeks back about Stevie? :-(
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 Greg, Josh, Gee......What. ..???!!!
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 gee needs a bigger bike. on the topic of bigger bikes, blenky needs a bigger ride too.
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 bruni hell yeh fk yeh
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 Watched the replay on redbull and still have yet to figure out how to fast forward. Is the new player really that commercial that they make you start playing it an hour before you want to watch and then come back later for the men's runs? Watch twice as much so I get to see twice as many redbull logos? Ok Ok I like redbull are you happy now.
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 Song is Good Times Roll by GRiZ x Big Gigantic
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 Yes Loic! and well done to the Aussies, the Brits need to pull there fingers out at Fortbill!
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 Man, that race was tighter than your mum wearing a skin suit.
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 What's up with the black X on the front of Rachel's shorts? It draws your eyes straight to her crotch!
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 Two flats for Stevie after leaving Schwalbe :-(
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 Gwin Gwost and didn't look too pleased. The guy knows about racing and he knows about winning. And once you've won and you know you can win it starts to get easier to win some more so he probably has a right to look pissed. And anyway Gwin may have God on his side but Bruni is the f'kin Pope which is also probably an advantage being the leader of a whole religious denomination?
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 Taking nothing from Bruni a flawless ride and more to follow for sure but really wanted to see Brosnan take the win at home
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 Justice has been made!
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 yea eddie dab on point
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 Great edit ! Good Job LOLO !!!!!
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 Great video Smile
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 So happy for Mick Hannah.
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 specialized top again !!!!!
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 this is by far the best song in a redbull edit
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 Played on mute..
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 R.I.P Chainsaw
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