DH Finals Highlights Video: Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup 2016

Aug 7, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Gwin is a total class-act, makes you really respect the guy
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 Couldn't agree more. Nothing seems to rattle him! Every time he gets interviewed he brings thoughtful, respectful and articulate commentary. He's obviously a hugely competitive guy, but when he doesn't take the win it doesn't show through negativity towards himself or others. A true GC.
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 Agreed, although a bit of an awkward moment when he finished his run and put his arms up to celebrate, but everyone else ran over to congratulate Hart.
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 @matadorCE: not what happened. he did an ol shucks.. i lost to danny again. than celebrated his 2nd place. because.. really that ain't bad.

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 I love how redbull can sponsor all this crazy stuff, but still have a media player from 2005
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 Actually I believe it's AOL dial up speed quality
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 Not to mention an amount of track coverage that could be rivaled by me and eight of my friends with camcorders...
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 @Lookinforit: I suggest you go and watch "behind the bull" to get an idea what goes into the production of such an event. and then remember that you are getting it for free and live. I honestly don't know why everyone has such a bitch session about redbull. I literally fired up my Fire Stick..clicked on redbull and was streaming hd quality downhill with no issues whatsoever. link to behind the bull - www.youtube.com/watch?v=n88vwfuLKlg
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 @stretchza: To be fair, many people straight up didn't get it live due to the website being down... Which seems to be a fairly common occurrence. And the Facebook live streams that Wyn Masters is able to put up are great to watch. But I think they are doing a pretty good job overall
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 I don't think the Redbull player is the problem homies, you dudes need to get faster internet or a better computer. My computer is nothing special and neither is my internet and I NEVER have a problem with the RB player. i stick that bitch on 720p and it streams flawlessly every time, no delay, no buffering, just straight up works.
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 @Grutten: yeah..to be fair and honest...when i went on on Saturday..the website was down at the beginning - but was back up just after they showed tahnee's run and then we had no problems. Maybe I am just lucky, but overall I have very few issues with streaming the dh and the xc.
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 @csermonet: AGREE!

I watch it via the Red Bull app on my Sony tv and never have an issue? Keep up the good work RB Big Grin
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 I don't get all the Redbull TV woes. I've got the app on my TV and I just tune in and get perfect streaming and I live in deepest darkest Cornwall.
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 And why the hell aren't there any video playback controls on an iPhone or iPad. No full screen, no time bar to jump forward or back, no fast forward or reverse buttons, no volume control. Only play or pause. It is quite literally the worst video player possible other than a player not playing at all.
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 @dfiler: Had the same problem......got the app for my ipad..now works better than my MacBook-I know-yet another f*cking app=but works much better.
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 @stretchza: You are lucky that the website came back up so fast. For others that wasn't the case. Additionally, some of them may not have known about Red Bull TV, which worked flawlessly.

Before I talk anymore shite, I'm going to state that I've been in IT since 1997. Primarily as a programmer, but I've built and consulted on a good number of fault tolerant clusters, which are systems that supposed to continue running in spite of having suffered a failure.

Anyway, we all see this behavior first during Lenzerheide. My first thought is that they changed or introduced something prior to the event and it just didn't work out that well. I switched to Red Bull TV on my tablet and hooked up the HDMI port.

Then comes this event AND THE SAME THING HAPPENS! But it doesn't stop there either! The Red Bull TV app is now choking too. As it turns out, that needed to be updated but the app itself doesn't say as much.

Now here's the take away. Red Bull has some terrible practices in their IT systems department. I've never heard of a company suffer the same high profile failures TWICE without regard to the millions who were looking forward to the service. Did they load test the system? That's certainly a big question in my head because it seems on the surface at least that they were Slash-Dotted (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashdot_effect) twice in a row here and didn't lift a finger to deal with the downstream issues.

I know, I know.... A lot goes into it, but that vid you linked too doesn't talk at all about the questionable and brittle "back end" Red Bull is using to deliver content.
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 @Mudflaps78: It indeed may be a regional issue where other parts of the continent or globe are affected negatively.
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 To clarify, i'm hating on the embedded web player for the previews and highlights. It blows donkey d!ck. Worst player on the web, in the history of the web. Literally, it is impossible to be any worse other than not playing video at all.

(And then there's also the issues people are having with streaming the race live...)

To summarize: Dear redbull, Throw away your video player and use one that actually works on iOS.
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 @dfiler: they gotta keep it reeeeaaaal simple for you apple folk. Wink
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 media player seems to be problem only on mobile phones or for people with a computer from 2005, works perfect on my laptop or pc.
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 @hardyk: Idk my (2012) laptop can't fullscreen the livestream :/. I like the fact that they try but maybe they could fix a few things before they buy more athletes
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 @preach: I don't think it is nearly that good. More like rotary dial up.
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 Dat air pedal though! Gold Troy!
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 I'm totally going to try that next ride. I should be able to get at least a quarter revolution while I'm up in the air.
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 I think that Stevie Smith would be super stoked on the out come of this race! Best race of the season for sure.
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 Rach needs to start riding a hardtail just to make it competitive
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 By far one of the best races this year! Thanks for the amazing coverage. Also, F-U red bull TV.
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 All this complaining about the RedBull player.... Does Red Bull not give you enough already?!.....Think of what they've done for our sport (and many many others for that matter).
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 They do sponsor a lot. They also have a needslessly bad player.
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 Great clip. More of these type of edits please ????
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 First rider to win back to back on a neck brace.

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