Finals Highlights Video: Val di Sole DH World Cup 2017

Aug 28, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

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 These athletes are better than mcgregor and mayweather. No drama just pure racing and excitement. Can't wait for the worlds.
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 Also no trash talking, its a pretty friendly rivalry even when so much is at stake. And no drug taking like in road racing and UFC... all these factors mean the sport is so much more enjoyable as a spectator, when you know that even behind the scenes things are fairly chilled
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 there is barely a way to cheat. they can take any steroids during wintertrainig for physical strengtness, but they still need a lot of skills and nerves to hold on like Loris or Rachel. maybe an advantage for Aron is his linechoices and how he sees the terrain, it takes some things to finaly win. what a great sport
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 @nathanjbro: I think the difference is mountain biking is more about challenging yourself, in a DH race you're just trying to put down the fastest time you can so you don't have to worry about the other guys. Combat sports are all about kicking the other guy's ass, that's why its not as laid back.

The shit talking is just an act most of the time, its all about publicity because the more people that watch the more the fighters get paid. There are very few cases where the guys legitimately don't like each other. But again fighters can get away with it because of the nature of their sport, if you do that in World Cups people will just think you're stupid.
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 If DH racing is better than Boxing then I think that crocodile is my favorite animal because it is greener than it is longer. Also I like Parrots with blue voice, 145kg long runs and girls with cocks... wait... what... ehhh... messed up my point... why compare uncomparable? Yea that was it... anyways, Here's to the DH circus, thank you for bringing us such a great year. I drink some Notorius Whiskey in your honor!
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 @WAKIdesigns: Mayweather vs. McGregor wasn't boxing. It was the emperor's new clothes on a planetary scale. A foregone conclusion since it was announced. Basically the polar opposite of the DH WC. So, easily comparable.
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 @BenPea: I understand the tension created by this fight. People are confused, was it real boxing? Should I know what real boxing is? Who is Ewan McGregor, who is O'Connor? Am I a bad person for not knowing all that? What would happen if I met an MMA fighter on the street? How hard would he kick my butt? Should I be terrified of this? Should I learn to fight myself? I feel walls closing up on me. All this hype, I hate it, I can't deal with this feeling of hate, I hate it, hate it! Haaate it! Why did they do this to me? All those confusing thoughts, why? Why me?

How about we talk about Solar eclipse? Because DH racing quite frankly... virtually nobody in the world knows this sport exists. I find this thought liberating...
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 you said it !!
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 I swear every race that Gwin wins the commentators are going nuts saying it's unbelievable and how has he done it and then post race he always says "oh well I mean it was okay.... I probably could have gone 5-6 seconds faster though...." These dudes are just on another level !!!
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 haha, yeah when he said he made a ton of mistakes and could have gone 2-3 seconds faster in another interview... damn dude, really? I can't imagine how fast a perfect run would be.
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 @scott-townes: Well it would probably be 2-3 seconds faster
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 @scott-townes: I read an article by a skills coach Gene Hamilton who worked with Greg, and he said that there is no such thing as perfect run. But guys like Greg are just good with dealing with mistakes while many dwell on them and that gets in their way for the rest of the run. He even asked readers to write down answer to questions like: how many times you made a mistake on a competition and you thought to yourself: aaah it's fkd. Or crashed on morning practice and thought: it's not my day. Well for a fun twist those best guys get into that bad thoughts too. They just steer their thought away from this voice towards: what do I do next? how do I turn this around? It's a behavioral pattern leading either nowhere or lets you perform to your full potential. Once you are on your race run, there's no place for shitty thoughts. I personally had them on each fkng race I was into.
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 @Jack-McLovin: Pardon me while I kill myself.
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 Should have shown more of Brayton's run, that was insane!
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 Brayton, Greenland, Brook McDonald was whippin in the middle of..nothings
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 @metaM - saw him in VDS in person 3 years ago. That was insane, no one else looked that fast and made so much noise while riding by Boom! Boom! Boom!
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 @rms195: Benoit Coulanges have a pretty sick style too.
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 I loved seeing Minaar smiling after losing the race and the WC overall... That's pure "gentlemanship"...
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 She'll be a while till we see the next one of these vids, amazing season, especially for gwinna
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 So sad. So very, very sad.
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 True... Feels empty everytime the season ends. Fortunately, we still got our world champs dose on its way ! Smile
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 @evildos: for the 435654th time, we need more races
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 the real down is after world champs and Rampage
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 @JoseBravo: And Hardline.
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 Talking about World champs, I can't find the event on redbull tv's schedule... I would be surprised if they didn't broadcast the event, but any information is welcome.
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 Endurah in Finale Ligurah mr Gwinnah! Show us what you can do with ya Jeffsy! We want sum moah of ya!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I'm curious how he'd do in an enduro as well. One of his big strengths seems to be line pre-planned line choice so maybe he looses that advantage in an enduro where you don't have time to micro-analyze every line.
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 @westeast: you are probably right. At this moment many top racers come to venues weeks before the race, and home field advantage has been a factor in almost every race. However judging by Sam Hills results, being used to ridiculous gnar at high speed, reading terrain while barely seeing it while being tossed around, is more important than cranking out insane Watts. Minnaar did well in Enduro
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 Maybe YT can now push their budget next season to support female riders, we all know they need factory support.
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 didn't show vergiers save?
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 In honor of Mcgregor and Mayweather they should have (Minnaar and Gwin)---one race----At Fort William----Just them



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 @redbullbike the post url for the Val di Sole highlight video could be fixed:
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 Thanks Pinkbike/RedbullTV!
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 That Morpheus from Dakota Norton looks oddly familar
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 Fucking truely amazing! In some of those clips, u can see just how fast there freaking going...damn!
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 Coverage of at best a third of a track in a race decided by fractions of a second. So exciting
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 Good choice of music behind Gwin.
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 Still got world champs to look forward too!
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 Very glad for Gwin and Tahnee!
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 Terrible music choice with the noisy background
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 I like it.
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 @ouchy: who is it does anyone know, sounds great
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 @cathalmartinsmith: at the very end with gwin? That was Nirvana, and I think it's lounge act.
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 @cathalmartinsmith its kights of shame byawolnation
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 @trevor-attridge: is it a band from redbull?
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 5 finger death punch PRIDE goes well with Gwinny
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 @WAKIdesigns: DISTURBED too!
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 It's prob not Rotting Christ from Athens circa 1988.
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 @trevor-attridge: brilliant, thanks for that
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 @Easmtb: and Agnus Dei for Minnaars walk down the track...
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 Still way better than the previous EWS highligts videos. Stupid euro-EDM garbage all the way. The last one is slightly better though.
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 I watched GOT after the race yesterday and thought Jaime Lannister looked like Greg Minnaar. No?
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 Dude - absolutely. I swear I thought the same thing. I think it's the hair and the sorta smarmy good looks and low-key swagger.
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