Finals Start List - Maribor DH World Cup 2019

Apr 27, 2019
by Ed Spratt  
Tracey Hannah was up to speed quickly and looking confident right from the start

After rain arrived just as the Elite Women were qualifying and continued into the Elite men plenty of top riders fell outside the top 60 and won't be racing tomorrow. World Cup finals are back to fastest qualifier being the last rider down the hill again this year after the change in start order last year. See what time you can expect your favourite riders to be hitting the course for finals on Sunday.

Qualifying results here.

Notable riders who won't be racing tomorrow:

• Greg Minnaar
• Phil Atwill
• Wyn Masters
• Greg Williamson
• Kade Edwards
• Jackson Frew
• Thomas Estaque
• Florent Payet
• Matthew Walker (NZL)
• Max Hartenstern
• Henry Fitzgerald
• Bruce Klein
• Magnus Manson
• Angel Suarez

Elite Men

Elite Women

Junior Men

Junior Women

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 RIP my fantasy team! I thought Minnaar was a lock with a cheap price tag... oh and Luca Shaw out with an injury. Oh yeah, the "Bang for your buck" Eva Batolla, no where to be seen!

At least Danny is a protected rider!

WCDH is back! Wahoo!
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Minnaar seemed to be the obvious, consensus "Value Pick" this year. Such a bummer. I don't think Greg has missed quali (non-injury) in a longgggg time.

Finn Iles + Brannigan are gonna be great value pickups too IMHO. Hungry young kid + former NZL champ finally healthy after some injuries.
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 @raybao: same here, messed up at last minute by switching Gee with Greg, oh well...
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 Other sports might allow a medical exemption for qualifying which is what they should have done with Minnaar.
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 @powderturns: He isn't in finals because he was too slow in qualifying, might as well let everyone into the finals then
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 @src248: His IG said he hit some mud and washed out.
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 @src248: Minnaar is consistently a top three guy in the overall and the greatest racer in DH history (for now) and not top 20 last year due to injury. If you’re not going to protect him, why protect anybody?
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 I almost changed Mark Wallace by whoever and then thought to myself : Ok it's just a game, Wallace had some good results, let's put a Canadian in...
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 me too.
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 GOATs need protection. What happened to Minnaar could have happened to Gwin. We could have two of the greatest of all time not racing tomorrow. That’s not acceptable.
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 All I can say is Alexandre Fayolle better have the longest stay in the hot seat in WC history. My fantasy team depends on it!
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 Yeah I picked him too, need the rest of my team to perform as my most expensive rider is injured, Myriam Nicole , the annoying thing is I knew she was injured days ago but forgot I picked her for my team! Doh! Oh yeah Also picked up Martin Maes, bargain for a WC round winner, only he didn't enter this race haha.
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 @bigburd: same, but I also have Wallace and Atherton so I think I'm alright
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 The chances are that Fayolle will repeat his 2017 Lourdes run Wink
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 I made a league called ' never gonna win ' , if you fancy joining one.
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 He might pull a 2017 lourdes run again..
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 He's on my Fantasy team too, I got lucky and all of my team is in!
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 @bigburd: this bike mine if everyone’s like you Big Grin
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 Nice to see George back in the mix, dude has had a few crap years with injuries. Hopefully he pulls a top 10 spot tomorrow, for him and my fantasy team!
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 Sucks to see Magnus didn’t make it. Looked like he was on a tear
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 Go Mark Wallace!!
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 Nightmare opening weekend for the syndicate
  • 4 0
 Yeah and unfortunately quite a few other Elite men.
  • 11 0
 And a dreamy opening weekend for some of the young guns!
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 @Nathan-MTB: Incredible results from some privateers like Davide Palazzari, Ben Wallace and Oli Zwar
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flag bonfire (Apr 27, 2019 at 11:54) (Below Threshold)
 @Nathan-MTB: is it though? I mean it’s a Miranda Miller WC situation. Winning or placing well in a race without some of the top guns in the running is like winning a three legged race.

It’s an accident shake up. I agree that you’ve got to finish to win. But bit of an asterisk.
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 @bonfire: It is! This is what makes DH so exciting. You have to be the fastest in ALL conditions. No * or apologies for winning in nasty conditions or if a top gun's don't make the finals.
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 @mtbyoda: Yeah a guy like Danny Hart who can win when others think its too muddy. Track conditions suit different riders.
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 Anyone else find scribd unusable on a mobile.
Always seems like junk. What’s wrong with a pdf!
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 It works a lot better if you have their app installed. Also, a fun fact I just found out is that Scibd is the Netflix of audio and e-books.
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 @charmingbob: Isn't that Audible?
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 @GrandMasterOrge: No, with Audible you have to purchase the audio/e-books, with Scribd you pay a monthly fee (I think it's $10/month) and have access to their entire library.
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 No Minnaar in the finals, insanity! Conditions must have been heinous with the results the way they are. Cool to see the top 20 so mixed up though. Really happy it is back to the fastest qualifier down the hill last!!!
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 Looks like the rest of Rob Warner’s beard didn’t qualify either.
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 Ran out of hair dye.
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 @robito: Unlikely. He's sponsored by Just For Men.
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 Such a shame for Atwill, downhill is a cruel mistress
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 Yeah, bummer. Have him on my fantasy roster. Sounds like he had a dismount during his wet run.
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 Why is Atwill not included in the finals? Injury?
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 None of my male fantasy riders are actually riding... Jeez I'm bad at this stuff...
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 Were some riders tactically slowing down so they potentially start their race run before the rain strikes?
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 Can anyone explain what happened there - I can't see the replay of qualifying on RBTV? Why are riders like Gee Atherton, Hart, etc, who were up there in practice so far down the order? It was wet for everyone, or was that not the case?

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 People crash a lot when it's wet. There's no replay of qualifying.
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 @chri92: Red Bull is bloody useless - it can't take much just to leave the qualifying online so people could, you know, watch it.

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 @Jprestidge: you mean have about 10 cameras on track with a cameraman at each one and a few people organising the sound and a few people organising the video feed and a some people sorting out the stream and some general workers to fill the gaps. Yes sounds easy.
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 Greg just drink more Red Bull,cause the A-Team just doesn’t work with out the Face ,and never forget the B.A injury ,but maybe captain has a plan,he always have one ,:-))))))
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 Go Tracy go ,and sing a long a song
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 OH HELL YES! Having Gwinner, Žabjek, Hrastnik, wyn and Brook in my arsenal I just might rank high in FL.
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 Good to see that new Cannondale bike on the finals!!!
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 I’m changing all my selection to non-redbull sponsored riders after the stunt they are pulling with the hotseat...
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 Picked Kate Weatherly for the fantasy team.... thinking a Tg woman would do well....I don’t even think she’s at the dam race!
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 Check her Instagram, she's travelling to Europe to race from Fort William on, she's not at Maribor.
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 @Naturel: don't be a c*nt all your life.
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 If minnaar lost the rear not the front, I’m blaming his 300psi in his shock, excellent small bump Smile
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 Scribd Hit my 3 limit so no viewing wtf lol
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 Magnus and Walker out??? Fantasy becomes nightmare
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 I'm shocked Minnaar isn't racing. What happened to being a protected racer? Wow...
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 Bring it on!
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 The weather forecast for tomorrow doesn't even look that bad... :/
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 Angel just can't catch a break can he? :/
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 We Portuguese need PARDAL in the fantasy !!!!
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 I think Finn Iles is really going to come on strong tomorrow...
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 Sure are a lot of Pierron's coming down the hill in Elite Men!
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 Only 61 qualified that's a joke !!!
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 Top 60 qualify now. I agree it sucks but was the same last year.
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 Its great, World Cup shouldnt be 'practice sessions' for the globe.
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 Why are qualies 15 seconds slower than timed training times?
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 It rained!
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 @OllyHodgson: my mistake, I miss read something elsewhere saying that it was only some of the women that were affected. Didn't realise that it continued for men's.
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