Finn Iles Out Injured - Crankworx Whistler 2015

Aug 11, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
bigquotesI was riding in Windham this last week when I went to go off a drop and my rear tire hit a rock and I went down. I stuck out my arm and broke my hand. I'm pretty choked up about not being able to compete and it's the end of my season, but there are lots of years ahead. I might be one of the judges now though. - Finn Iles

bigquotesAnd he's out. As much as Whistler might beg us to LetFinnIn, the Official World Whip-Off Champion will have to sit this one out. Injury has sidelined the 15-year-old steeze-mister, but he'll be back. - Crankworx

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx / @finno


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 I'd fill in for him but my probation no longer allows me to whip things out.
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 This is why emily batty left pinkbike guys
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 @baylenc1, don't you mean Amanda Batty, or did PB commentors drive two Batty's away?
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 No it's Amanda Batty
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 The community only seems to be able to remember one Batty though...
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 They left PB because of jokes that are slightly dirty? Something tells me it had more to do with kids straight up saying they want to f*ck them... who knows. Either way, oh well. I'm sure we will see shots of him whipping it out sooner or later and damn, I'm more excited to see that than Sandusky watching a youth league game.
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flag makripper (Aug 11, 2015 at 20:19) (Below Threshold)
 Last name is fitting
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flag baylenc1 (Aug 11, 2015 at 20:28) (Below Threshold)
 Amanda batty, Emily Batty, Same thing. They both ride bikes and look good.
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flag makripper (Aug 11, 2015 at 20:40) (Below Threshold)
 Amanda sux. Emily is no Pendrel.
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 @baylenc1 - As a few people pointed out, it was Amanda Batty and if you read her blog it wasn't over silly double-entendre
jokes like mine that aren't even aimed at any particular gender/group. If anything your last comment saying the 2 Battys are
the 'same thing' and that 'they both ride bikes and look good' without any reference to how well they ride would likely be more offensive to either of the ladies.
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 ahhhh thats why there's been less pseudo feminism as of late
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 This is like a political debate.
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 yes, and you're the brainwashed 15 year old result of it all lol
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 Just like Donald Trump?
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 Amanda Batty left Pinkbike for various reasons, one of them being blackmailed by wankers, insulting her straight forward by throwing slxts, whxres feministic bxtches and all sorts of crap. Even through Facebook. Her case completely changed my way of seeing things. Mountain Biking is such a friendly community.
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 @makripper I've sessioned with Amanda...she doesn't suck. Also, she is not a feminist. She is actually a pretty radd chick and she could ride circles around most guys on here...
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 After what I've seen with Amanda, I am not surprised by a tiniest margin that women seem to stay away from forums and also ride in women packs without dudes. I don't care about feminism, that sht was and is fkd up, some dudes should kill themselves right away before they get offspring, preferably in a compostable way. Now I am sure a girl like Emily Batty orbits further from Pinkbike "audience" than Sun from the center of galaxy. If you are smart enough, you just stay away from the black holes when you know where they are, that's all I am saying.
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 Nah came across her instagram. She's not that good. If she was she'd be winning races.
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 And she's definitely not that attractive. Pb users are strange folk.
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 @makripper Wow dude...You must have been one of the dudes she was blogging about huh? Since when does a female riders looks have anything to do with how they rip? Amanda is a pro for a reason. Lets hear more from you when you get a factory deal ok? The thing is you could be an amazing rider, but with an attitude like that no company would want to even touch a douche bag like you. You'd be bad PR.
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 It doesn't. It's just hilarious how the pb community yells from about how attractive they think a female bike rider is. Factory isn't that interesting in mtb. She isn't factory though so what are you trying to say? She has a Scott dh bike and a knolly am bike. Far from factory.
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 I've sat on her Gambler, its for sale btw. I never said she was factory, she rides for competitive cyclist. And she hasn't raced much in 2015 because of injuries. But if you go here!resume/c76t you'll see what she's accomplished. Lets see your race resume. And don't pretend for a second that if a company like Knolly or Scott offered you factory you'd be like, "Oh nah, that's not that interesting. But thanks anyways."
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 @MTBCAM - If you see her again, please send my biggest greetings Wink If I'm ever in Utah, I'd totally try to hook her on a bike date. She seems a bit mad, I like it. Cheers!
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 @WAKIdesigns I'll probably run into her, shes a mutual friend with a few people I ride with consistently. I'll tell her you said what's up lol.
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 I'm used to PB comments veering away from the subject of the article but damn, this string really took it to another level.
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 11th May 1996 #neverforget
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 Not like whipping with one hand on the bars is not allowed Wink
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 I wish Finn the best of luck in recovery. Kid is a beast!

I was in Whistler earlier this summer and was with my buddies on the side of a trail at a junction in Garbo and I saw Finn coming down a trail from where we had come. I recognized him due to his bright light blue and white kit and I had seen him killing it all over the park during my time there. As we watched him come closer to us, he took a seat and soared over a pretty big table SEATED and landed SEATED like a boss. He was so smooth it didn't matter. A guide that was with us said: "And that's NOT how you're supposed to do it guys. That's really dangerous. But it's Finn so there's an exception to every rule. Haha." Super talented kid! Makes it look so easy.
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 Hes 15. He should be healed by the weekend
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 I watched hes crash it was pretty bad. Thought you were dead kid.. but like a true warrior in training he got right back up. Good deal.
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 There's video of the crash? Where?
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 Sorry didnt catch it on video. Him greg minnarr and gwin went down at same section one after the other.
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 Saw this crash and considering his speed and the terrain I'd say he faired quite well. He used a photog to break his fall instead of boulders. He wins Crash Off Worlds. Even more impressive - he just walked that shit off!
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 Getting hurt sucks. Was hoping to watch him in the Whip comp again. Learning to fall correctly is a priceless skill that could save your life someday, or at the very least your hand.
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 Welcome to the club little bro.
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 Saw the video, nice huck Finn!
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 "f*ck" see translation....."f*ck"
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