Finn Iles To Whip With The Pros

Aug 11, 2014
by Official Crankworx  
Crankworx and Whistler Blackcomb today announced their decision to invite 14-year-old local athlete Finn Iles to compete in the Official Whip-Off World Championships on Thursday, August 14.

whip on tombstone photo creds Coast Mountain Photography. For more photos follow me on Instagram finn iles

Image by James Cattanach/

Commenting on the decision, Darren Kinnaird, General Manager of Crankworx, said: "We are excited to have Finn on board for Thursday and would like to thank him and his family for their patience while we reviewed the application. Having his parents involved was key - it’s important for parents to understand the risks and communicate them with their kids. We are confident that Finn is a talented and mature athlete capable of safely competing at the Official Whip-Off World Championships and that both he and his family understand the risks associated with competing in an event at this level. Crankworx has worked with Whistler Blackcomb's management, Finn and his parents to ensure that allowing him to compete against adults was the right decision. We had no doubts about Finn's talent, but just like all minors entering adult events, we wanted to ensure that all aspects of the decision had been properly considered and discussed with the athlete and his family before making an official announcement.”

"We are excited for Finn and want to thank Whistler Blackcomb for having spent time and effort considering his application,” said Dave and Alison Iles, Finn’s parents. “Finn has worked very hard to improve his riding for the last 11 years, and has held a Whistler Blackcomb pass for the past six seasons, logging many days in the park and countless sessions on Crabapple Hits. This is a true accomplishment for him and we appreciate Whistler Blackcomb's concern for our family's well-being. Letting Finn compete is not a decision we have taken lightly and we understand the risks associated with competing at Crankworx. As parents, we think the best thing we can do for our children is to give them the freedom to follow their passions while ensuring they have the awareness, training and proper equipment to do so in a safe manner."

Finn Iles is a long-time user of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and the winner of the 2013 BC Downhill Championship and many BC Cup races. Finn most recently finished third at the 2014 Canadian Mountain Bike Downhill Championships. Under Whistler Blackcomb's events policy, all applications by minors for pro events are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary committee which considers the athlete's technical ability and maturity and conducts interviews with the athlete and his/her family as part of its decision process.

Finn will now join an invitational field of riders who will be competing in the Official Whip-Off World Championships on Thursday, August 14. An additional field of aspiring riders will be heading to Crabapple Hits this afternoon to Whip It and show their stuff for a chance to compete in Thursday’s event. During this controlled jam, riders will hit the first four hits of Crabapple Hits. Judges will scrutinize and score the final hit. Top riders will win a spot to compete alongside the all-stars of the mountain biking world, including 2013 winner Bernardo Cruz, Brendan Fairclough, Eliot Jackson, Bernard Kerr, Graham Agassiz, Danny Hart and Thomas Vanderham.

Pre-registration will be open until 3 p.m. today at the Crankworx Athlete Centre in the Aava Whistler Hotel. Pre-registration is mandatory. The registration fee is $10.

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 This is the result of parents supporting the passion of their children 100 %. Props to them and for the crazy talent of Finn!
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 absolutely... also living in or near whistler helps with it...
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 part of their support included moving to Whistler for the boys. Anyone can do it, just gotta figure out how.
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flag prestonDH (Aug 11, 2014 at 15:38) (Below Threshold)
 I agree that parents should support their children, but NOT blindly. Children are children for a reason, they do not have the mental capacity, maturity or life experience to make appropriate decisions. Thats why there are age cutoffs for alot of stuff in this world, drinking, smoking, driving, etc. It is because we as a society know kids do not always know whats best.
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 Yeah sure but that has nothing to do with finns whips
  • 37 2
 Thank you Preston for that wonderful bit of unsolicited life advice. Always gotta have a white knight just waiting for the chance to lead us down the road that no one asked directions for.
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 Finn wanted to drink, smoke and drive down crab apple hits? Not sure I agree with this decision.
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 I agree with Preston to the point that Crankworx's does too. To Preston's point the decision to allow Finn, heavily involved his parents as it should for a minor. Props to everyone for analyzing safety and validity of Finn as a pro level adult rider. Good luck Finn and congrats on EARNING the chance to compete.
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 I'm Sure most kids are mature enough to spell "a lot" right....
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 finn is his own person, hes so good because he wants to be , yea sure the money helps, living in whistler helps too , but im sure quite a few people are thinking "rich kid with lots of money etc. " but thats no quite the case .... what i think is worng is finn gets alot of exposure from living in whistler that other kids might not get , resulting in kids who can probly whip pretty good too not beign able to go in.... which isnt fair because the whip off is 18+
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 I love my parents and all but jesus, he has amazing parents. Talk about going 100% in supporting your kid's passion... or living vicariously through the kid but he just so happens to love it also. Anyone watching an edit of him would have no doubt in his abilities as they're some of the most insane whips I've seen (edit posted by the fellow below is a great example). He's like the Luke Skywalker of whips... the steeze is very strong with this one...
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 It might seem like it's a little unfair for him to compete because he has previous exposure due to living in Whistler. But it comes back to local competitions supporting up and coming local athletes. Crankworx just happens to be a large scale international event, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't support local athletes. I think it's great that Finn is getting to compete, while some younger kids that have similar talent might be upset because they aren't allowed to; his participation is just going to push them all to ride at his level so they might have the chance to compete at a younger age.
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 FINN FOR THE WIN!! Good luck buddy!!
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 Finn killed it at the BC Cup whip off at Silver Star last year, and I expect him to do the same here. Go get it!!!
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 when one of my buds clears all the hits on crabapple, they get pumped, and they are at age 14. finn however, is 14 ang getting more sideways then cam mccaul!
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 Hell yes! Would be awesome if he won!!
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 Yea Finn!
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 Its good to see such talent at a young age, the future of the sport looks relys on these kids. Keep it up!
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 great talent w/great parents to support it. why not? good luck and have a great time!
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 If Elliot jackson isn't there, i'd bet on the kid!
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 Go big, Go sideways, Go Finn
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 Can't wait to watch this event on PB!
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 You got my vote kid!!!! Just Awsome
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 What, they aren't doing the Whip Comp on Wednesday??? what will social media say, the hashtag will suck Wink

Finn for the Win.
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 When did whipping a bike have anything to do with age? I hope the kid kills it!!!
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 glad to hear that.. I hope this kid teaches a lesson to the people who were not letting him compete... we are sending our peruvian emissor for whips of the world!!
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 I wish I had a Session when I was 14.
  • 3 1
 Perks of living in Whistler.... I
  • 1 0
 Unnofficial whip off worlds = Fest series whip off worlds. Because 'aint care.
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 This makes feel like I ride a bike like a newborn attempting to walk. Good luck Finn
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 I remember cleaning house in freestyle when I was fifteen. Finn is at an awesome age to enjoy his sport! Go Finn Go
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 This little dude kills it. Seriously some of the best looking whips around.
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 Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Slay it Finn
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 Yeah, fook! The lad's mad good!!!!
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 Get sideways Finn! But seriously fuck that faggy invitational shit.
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 The kid has the skills. Show em what's up!
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 Yes Finn!! got this buddy
  • 1 0
 Congrats Finn. Best of luck!
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 just got word that #finnisin
  • 1 0
 And...the winner is.... FINN!!!
  • 1 0
 Cant believe he went on to win!!
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  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Yeah Finn
  • 1 0
 You got this Finn!!
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  • 1 0
 Ya buddy!!! Send it!
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 Go on, whip them off!
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 Finn-ish them off!

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