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Video: Finn & Magnus - Riding Coast Gravity Park

May 25, 2014
by Magnus Manson  
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Finn and Magnus are tearing it up at the Coast Gravity Park.

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 Man this park is just amazing! Was there on Saturday... these trails in the video are freakin' good but there are tons of other lines for the non pro too and they all have the same kind of flow. The crew is super nice and the shuttle drivers are the guys from the coastal crew... you don't get that anywhere else! Semenuk, Peat and R-dog were also around for a few lap. Really cool to see them rip effortlessly.
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 I like the park and the hard work those guys put in, but its so smooth.
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 I was there too! Such a great vibe in that place!
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 well doest that look like a pleasant time
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 magnus shreds!
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 and those whips too - Big Grin
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 Both guys are ripping
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flag bradmwatson (May 26, 2014 at 9:31) (Below Threshold)
 I raced against Magnus in March and he got about seventh place. He's fast but others are faster.
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 how old were the kids he was racing
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 Living in canada we cant ride a lot in the winter so we are a bit slower at the start of the year but once we get up to speed we do better. also he raced kids that were pretty much all older than him.
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 Who cares? Look how much steeze he has.
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 As far as legit results magnus has finished no worse then 5th in the junior Expert a category above the one he should be racing in, he did one super D in California but that is no DH race. He actually won Pro at a local race against a top 40 world cup racer.
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 fin's whips tho.
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 magnus also won a pro men race beating 2 world cup racers
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(Sick music choice also).
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 Pinkbike needs to create a feature where you can set a video on a constant loop forever, specifically for this video. So. Much. Shred.
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 Whip me sideways and call me Sally!!! Daaammmmmmmmmnnnnnn!!!!
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 I already wanted to book a weekend at the coast gravity park, this just makes me more infuriated that I won't for the foreseeable future
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 Hate to be this guy, but what song is that? It's fantastic.

Oh, and sick vid too. Can't wait to get out there, those trails look gorgeous, and these boys sure do fly!
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 Thanks a bunch! Includes the link and everything. Dear internets, this guy is a good guy.
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 Those bikes were whipped harder than Denzel Washington in the movie Glory. Dear Lawd.
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 Chest cams are where it's at. Gimme some of them bar views.
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 Might be the best headcam footage ive ever seen....VOD for sure. Maybe even VOM
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 Vod, could be one of the best videos on pinkbike
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 A M A Z I N G!!!! Wish i could do that.
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 We're not worthy, we're not worthy!
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 Going to be there in August. Whoooo!
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 love this sick edit and track
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 It's a total bobsleigh run but looks absolutely sick.
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 Another bike park to put on my bucket list. Need to move to Canada!
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 I've never seen any POV footage as exciting as this. Rad video, cheers!
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 Wow looks epic'ly amazing.....
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 I don't think I'll ever be able to ride fast enough to make any of those gaps haha
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 Whip me right, I'll whip whats left!! Awesome shot young lads Smile
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 rad whips
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 That trek though
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 I love flowy trails and actual downhill jumps, not pussy dirt jump style jumps.
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