First Look: 7iDP Project 23 Helmet - Pond Beaver 2020

Apr 8, 2020
by Dan Roberts  
7iDP Project 23 Helmet

7iDP, or Seven Intelligent Design Protection, are releasing a new lightweight and well-ventilated full face, called the Project 23.

The 23 in the name refers to the 23 large vents in the helmet designed to keep your swede cool and fresh while having the high level of crash protection that only a full face can offer.

Ventilation is also expanded to the goggles, with air channels designed to help stop steaming up. The helmet is ASTM (DH) certified and tested to levels exceeding the CE, CPSC and AS standards.

The Project 23 is available in carbon and glass fibre models, weighing 945g and 1060g respectively for a size L. An ABS plastic version will be following very shortly.

7iDP Project 23 Helmet
An outer hard shell comes in either carbon fibre or glass fibre versions.
7iDP Project 23 Helmet
7iDPs own SERT smart foam inserts are said to reduce energy and rotational movement transmitted to the brain in the event of a crash.

The outer hard shell of either carbon fibre, glass fibre or ABS covers the inner foam core made from EPS. But 7iDP include their own SERT, Seven Energy Reduction Technology, smart foam inserts to apparently absorb greater levels of energy than just the EPS alone. From testing 7iDP say that the SERT can reduce the energy transfer to the brain by 20% and it also reduces the rotational motion of the brain on impact.

There's an adjustable visor designed to break away in the event of a crash. It snaps into place on the helmet rather than using bolts to hold it on.

An anti-microbial liner should help keep your helmet smelling fresh for longer and its quick release for easy washing. A Fidlock buckle fastens the helmet strap.

7iDP Project 23 Helmet
A bolt-less snap adjustable visor breaks away when you crash.
7iDP Project 23 Helmet
A Fidlock system fastens the strap and the anti-microbial liner can easily be removed for washing.

The carbon version comes with a fancier helmet bag, while the glass fibre version comes with a soft drawstring bag.

6 sizes cover heads from 53cm to 64cm with the carbon version comes in 2 colours and the glass fibre version in 4 colours. All helmet colour options are in the gallery.

The Project 23 carbon costs £269.99, $349,99 or €349.99.

The glass fibre version costs £179.99, $239.99 or €239.99.

For more information or to buy direct from 7iDP head over to Helmets are also available through 7iDP retailers.

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 7iDP.......... 7 inches of Dick Pound?
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 Dick Pound
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 Dick Pound
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 Just dick
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 Cock Kilogram
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 That think looks mean. I love it
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 Totally agree though I thing it needs to lose weight.
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 Now that's a fine looking full face...
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 I kinda feel bad for all these companies who made an investment to develop new products n they’re coming out to live in such bad time
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 Half price then?
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 Yes our timing wasn't great - but it's been earmarked to launch today for about 6 months. We pondered delaying the launch but decided to go ahead anyway - so we're ready when it's safe and responsible to go back to the trails. In the mean time kudos to all the health workers and those ensuring we still have food to eat etc...stay safe.
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 @7protection: But you’re _7_protection, and you’ve planned for months to launch it on the 8th?
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 @7protection: Good looking lid all jokes aside....
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 @FuzzyL: Like I said our timing wasn't great!
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Any chance of releasing a youth spec in the near future like you guys did with the m1? Son is on the verge of an XS if I measured right but that’s because he refuses to cut his hair.
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 @ladzzz: That's a great question. We don't currently but we will be exploring if this is achievable within our xs/s shell. If it does happen it would unlikely get to market before Spring 21.
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 @7protection: hi guys, just got my new Project 23 delivered and is amazing, albeit the XS is not as snug as I'd like on my 54cm shaved head.
Do you offer thicker liners to customize fit?
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 No Mips , got my attention . Thanks 7iDP
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 Awesome @sevenidp Definitlely one to add to the, to kick this damn Corona thing ass & all go riding again, the way we're supposed too!
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 I really like my 7iDP Sam Hill knee pads, which were my first experience with the brand.

I really like the look of this helmet and I really like that a cheaper version is being produced as well. It keeps it more in range for us "self-sponsored" riders (I joke, I'm a cheapskate weekend warrior who rides blue trails for fun).
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 Good looking, good prices, all black available and personally i feel like the SERT inserts are the way to go for increased impact absorption. It´s what i´ve been waiting for and so far only FOX has delivered with the new RPC (at a much higher pricepoint).
I´ll for sure check this thing out when it hits the dealers.
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 This article states "The helmet is ASTM (DH) certified and tested to levels exceeding the CE, CPSC and AS standards" while the website doesn't mention the ASTM (DH) certification or elaborate on the specific CE/CPSC/AS standards.

Can someone explain what specific standards the helmet has been tested to and passed?
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The helmet passes the following standards:
CE: EN1078
ASNZ S 2063
ASTM F1952
I hope that clears up any misunderstanding.
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 @7protection: Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
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 Why do companies think that only high end products can look cool? The 7idp M1 helmet costs half the price, probably works just fine, but also looks half as good as this. It would cost them nothing to make it look good. It's like bike brands putting shit geo on their lower end bikes for no reason.
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 Well for this situation it could be that they had to design the helmet themselves. Which can cost a lot when going into new manufacturing processes, engineering, designing the looks. Where the M1 was probably a helmet that was already predesigned by a manufacture. The only things they needed to do was apply their logo and pick their colorways.
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 We still love the M1and it still functions really well. In developing the P23 we wanted to offer a full protection, seriously well vented helmet at a great weight. We also have an ABS version coming that will offer many of the features of the Carbon and GF helmet at a budget price.
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 It´s the modus operandi of the bicycle industry.
There´s a general lack of innovation and they need to somehow distinguish their high end products from the cheap ones.
So we end up with forks with inferior damping despite costing the same to manufacture as the more expensive ones, ugly cheap helmets and stupid standards in general.

Also,the cycling industry does the same for clothes.
Brands like O´Neal, Fox etc seem to release the same boring clothes with ugly geometric patterns every year. Like colourful triangles splattered all over the shirt and stuff like that. I always see the same clothes at the end of the season on sale because nobody bought them. Most people want either plain and simple colours and designs, or something real wild, yet i feel like this ugly uninspired stuff keeps getting released solely to up the value of the uni coloured or really creative items, which coincidentally seem to always be in short supply.

Btw, i feel like 7idp is not really guilty of that in this instance because the price of this new helmet imho is really good and competitive and up until now their top offerings weren´t really pleasing to the eye either, so i guess it was just a matter of function over form until now.
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 So those inserts decrease impact to the head when compared to EPS alone by 20% and reduces rotational impact.... when compared to EPS alone...

I'm curious about this. Sounds like a fancy name for.... foam.

Any information when compared to the offerings of companies like Kali, 6D and Bell/GIro rotational mips?
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 I'd be curious to know how it compares to Spherical MIPS in terms of testing. My Bell Super DH is fine but every now and then the, lets say, "floatiness" to it kinda bothers me. The side impact support is also poor on the Super DH in full face configuration. I was considering alternate designs like Leatt's 360 Turbine, so any different noggin protecting technology is interesting to me.
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 @iduckett: Yeah for a DH lid I'd just go full on traditional full face. I prefer the new Super Air R for a trail helmet. It's not DH certified but it's more comfortable and breathable. And as safe as any other trail helmet I'd wear. I generally ride in a sixer.
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 @onemanarmy: Yea I'm kinda leaning towards a full face (non-modular) for Enduro/DH and a dedicated trail helmet like you said. I'll have to give the Super Air R a look.
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 Is this more of an Enduro full face that can be pedaled in or more of a DH lid for park days?
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 The helmet is really designed as both. It differs from our competitors fully vented full faces in that ours is a hard shell construction like a true DH helmet. Hard shell helmets offer more puncture protection and absorb more impact energy.
The P23 has 23 full bore vents which provide excellent ventilation. Many of the lighter helmets on the market are an in-mold/microshell construction which is the same construction as a trail helmet. So in short, the Project 23 shares the same construction as a DH helmet but is fully vented for enduro racing and transfer stages. It is currently the lightest hard shell helmet on the market with the best ventilation.
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 Hi Habaden - See comment above from my colleague Hill Billy. I'd add that we spent a whole heap of time researching the pros and cons of hard shell v inmould/microshell and we kept gravitating back to the core function of any helmet - protection - great protection had to be the starting point - secondly it needed to have excellent ventilation and thirdly it needed to be as light as possible whilst not compromising safety. By ticking those three boxes - we believe the helmet is good to go for both Enduro and DH.
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 7 Inch Dangling nailed it with this helmet. It has a mix of Terminator and F-1 to it. Well done.
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 Looks like a strong contender and a great (level up) option to the new Kali Invader. I'd love to see them side by side in person for comparison...
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 i was just gonna say, this looks very neat... though it is bloody expensive...
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 The carbon version is a lot cheaper than other brand's carbon full faces. The TLD D4 retails for $575 in the US, so this is hundreds less (at least here).
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I was about to say the same.
349€ for the carbon is nothing compared to competitors offerings. That´s about 200-250€ less than the next competitors, so i consider it very good value.
Imho this helmet needs to be compared to other full blown, high quality dh helmets like the TLD D4 or Fox RPC, not something like the Fox Proframe.
And even when it comes to the Proframe, the fiberglass version is on par with it anyways.

Of course, 239€ is still a lot of money to a lot of people, but given the recent pricing trends in the industry, this is a pleasent surprise.
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 I find it interesting how basically every helmet product description mentions how many holes the helmet has which is a pretty useless metric for determining how well ventilated it is.
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 Why do they keep making helments with no free space under the visor for Gopro sticky mounts?
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 I like the Viagra blue, makes me feel.........
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 It looks really good!
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 I hate when my Swede isn’t cool!
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 WTH is Beaver Pond?
  • 7 0
 It’s like the long lost hillbilly cousin of Sea Otter.
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 Okay I see...I found the post describing it.
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 That £ to € exchange rate is a bit off. £269=€310
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 In the UK helmets are rated at 0% VAT. This is the main reason for the difference. The fact that currencies are fluctuating wildly at the moment due to the Covid 19 virus has meant it's been difficult to get absolute parity in global pricing.
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 @7protection: oh forgot about that. That's why I always use a uk parcel drop address when buying helmets in Ireland. Save a fortune. Pity would of been interested cause after breaking 2 proframe helmet chin guards for no reason I went for bell super dh.
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 @mudsavage: So you nip across the border to collect? Smart!
The issue you flag is the primary reason we went hard shell and worked to get weigh within a couple of hundred grams of the microshell inmould helmets.
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 Looks like a 100% Trajecta
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 but it´s "intelligent"
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