First Look: Diamondback Release 29 and Carbon Sync'r

Mar 8, 2019
by Daniel Sapp  
Diamondback 2019

For 2019, Diamondback have added a 29" model of the Release to their lineup. The bike has 130mm of travel paired with a 140mm fork, and uses the same Level Link suspension platform found on the 27.5" version, with both wheel sizes sharing a similar shock tune and kinematics. It is available in two build options - the Release 2 is $2,700, and the Release 3 is $3,300 USD.

It's made to be a well-rounded trail bike, not an enduro race bike. The theory behind the parts spec was that at whatever pricepoint the bike was bought at, the buyer wouldn't feel the need to instantly change out components. Even the pedals - aluminum with replaceable pins - are set to make the bike able to be ridden hard out of the box. The bike even comes with a shock pump and valve cores for setting it up tubeless.

Diamondback Release Details

• Intended use: Trail
• Wheel size: 29"
• Rear wheel travel: 130mm
• Boost 12x148
• Aluminum frame
• Size: S through XL
• Price: $2,700 - $3,300 USD
• Available April

Diamondback 2019
Diamondback's Level Link suspension system is a dual short link design that keeps the chain level with the chainstay as the suspension moves through its travel.

Release 29 Geometry

The Release 29 has a 67.7-degree head angle and a 73-degree seat angle. Chainstays are 446mm and the reach is 427mm on a size medium. Those numbers are quite conservative, but team rider Eric Porter says that they weren't trying to push the boundaries with the geometry; instead, they were trying to make a fun bike that they enjoyed riding, something more versatile than an enduro race bike.

Diamondback Release GEO

Release 29 Builds

There are two different build options for the Release 29, both chosen to be durable and budget-friendly. The higher end Release 3 is priced at $3,300. The bike comes with a Fox Performance Float DPX2 EVOL rear shock, Performance Float 34 Grip 3 fork, RaceFace Turbine cranks, Shimano XT 11-speed drivetrain, XT brakes, a 35mm alloy handlebar, and KS Lev SI dropper post. The size small bike's post has 125mm of travel and while the other sizes have 150mm.

The $2,700 Release 2 has a Fox Float DPS EVOL LV shock and Rhythm 34 fork. There are Raceface Aeffect cranks, a Shimano SLX drivetrain and brakes, and a KS E30i dropper post. Both models come with 2.3" Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR II EXO casing tires.

Diamondback 2019

The Sync'r Carbon is Diamondback's carbon hardtail, something that product managers and rider Eric Porter, among others, have been pushing for. It's a 27.5+ wheeled design to give the comfort and traction benefits of that tire size, but it can also be set up as a 29er. There has been an aluminum 27.5" Sync'r in Diamondback's line for a few years as part of Diamondback's "Hook, Line, and Sync'r" trail hardtails, but the new carbon version is updated and made to be a little more shreddable.

The Sync'r is designed around a 140mm fork, which gives it a 66-degree head angle. There are chainguide mounts, multiple water bottle mount bosses, and a threaded bottom bracket. Cable routing is all internal except for the brake; to make brake swaps simple and easy and there are guides to keep cable rattle to a minimum.

Diamondback Sync'r Carbon Details

• Intended use: Trail
• Wheel size: 29"
• Boost 12x148
• Carbon frame
• Size: S through XL
• Price: $3,000 USD
• Available Now

bigquotesI got sick of riding my XC race hardtail because outside of climbing, it's just a stupid geometry for the rest of the ride. I don't want to optimize my bike geometry just for the climbing because I'm climbing with the goal of enjoying the rest of the ride.Eric Porter

According to Eric Porter, versatility was the goal behind the design of the Sync'r Carbon. Some people may want it as their only bike, others may set it up as their bikepacking bike, or use it as a race bike. Porter rides his as a 29er most of the time, and takes it on everything from gravel roads to the bike park trails at Deer Valley.

Diamondback 2019

Sync'r Carbon Geometry

The Sync'r Carbon has a 66-degree head angle and a 438mm reach for a size medium. The chainstays are 435mm long.

Diamondback Sync r Carbon GEO

Sync'r Carbon Builds

There is only one build option for the Sync'r Carbon, which retails for $3,000. The bike has a Fox 34 Float Fit 3 fork, SRAM's GX Eagle drivetrain, and Truvativ Descendant 6k cranks. There is an X-fusion Manic dropper post and Shimano MT 501 brakes. The bike is shod with 2.8" Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR tires.

Diamondback 2019


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 If people bought the bikes they actually needed (performance, skill level, geo, etc.), instead of what they’re fed (Looks ‘Enduro’ man!), DB would sell gobs of these...
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 I was just looking at it and thinking it would be a sweet bike...reminds me of the giant trance. A no nonsense bike built to be ridden hard.
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 why does the hardtail have much better geo than the fs? it makes no sense. Maybe they feel the need to make a fs 29r just because, but they really prefer that people buy the syncr carbon 29r. I'd rather have the syncr everyday, twice on sunday.
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 Looking at the geometry numbers, it's pretty clear that this is just a 29er Catch, which hasn't had any geo updates since 2016.
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 It says its a trail bike not an enduro. I love when bikes get released and everyone starts comparing geos to enduros when they are clearly two different style of bikes.
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flag chrisclifford (Mar 9, 2019 at 17:27) (Below Threshold)
 @mhoshal: Enduro is not a type of bike. Enduro is a race format raced primarily on trail bikes.
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 It's at least worth noting that on a hardtail, the head angle can only get steeper while riding, at it'll almost always be steeper when you're riding on the trail. That's not true for FS, so it does make sense for the hardtail to be a bit slacker.
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 Well that's just a shame... The Sinc'er looks like a very nice ride. The Release... would have sold a ton if it was released 5 years ago. I get staying conservative, but it should at least be current geo.

Guess they are about to drop a new Mission and want clear deliniation? Missed oportunity to gain marketshare.
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flag mhoshal (Mar 9, 2019 at 16:06) (Below Threshold)
 @stiingya it clearly states its a "trail" bike not an enduro so stop comparing it to enduro geo.
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 @mhoshal: XC bikes have modern geo, doesn't make em Enduro bikes.
If it had the SA and HA from that hard tail while retaining the same reach numbers it would have been both conservative and modern Geo. Seems pretty obvious and easy. Why DB missed the chance to sell tons of these is beyond me.
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 The Sync’r almost has it—but misses the boat again with long chainstays and lack of interesting features like extra bottle/rack cages. See SC Chameleon, Kona Honzo, and Chromag for how to make fun hard tails.
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 New DB Mission, "check". 75.5 SA and 64HA. That's what we needed... Engel said it's like "a real bike company" again... Smile

Still think, especially with aluminum frame that can be altered without breaking the bank that they should have touched up the 29er Release too.
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 Yo DB Release! 2010 called and it wants it’s geometry back!
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flag mhoshal (Mar 9, 2019 at 16:09) (Below Threshold)
 @ozak42 did you read the part where it says its a trail bike and not an enduro so why are all you idiots on here saying the geo is off when it is pretty much spot on for a trail bike? I have to question whether any of you dummys know the difference these days.
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 @mhoshal: I’m not a “dummy” I don’t care what bullshit category you want to put it in, my 2010 140 “trail bike” had similar geometry. Now I’ve a 150mm travel 29er, Bird AM9, and it does everything brilliantly. It’s fast, fun and in every way better. I don’t see why more bikes haven’t gone that way. I guarantee you’d prefer mine to the DB.
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 @Ozak42: the 27.5 release gets decent reviews. It may actually be the case that some people like one thing while other people prefer...wait for it... something else!
Shocking, I know.

I personally wouldn't trade my altitude for anything right now, but I know a lot of people prefer other bikes. It doesn't hurt me. I don't even like 29ers, but I'm glad you do.
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 "Diamondback's Level Link suspension system is a four bar design "

Doesn't 4bar have a chainstay pivot?
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 level link is an higher dw link or vpp
  • 6 1
 It’s definitely a dual link, vpp’esq design
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 It's not four bar. It's a VPP.
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 All VPP/DW type suspension are four bar, Horst Link is just another type of four bar suspension.
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 There is still a pivot on the chainstay, I think, just way further forward them a Horst link
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 @Fix-the-Spade: how can a fixed rear end be four bar? There isn't four bars Big Grin
  • 2 1
 @nojzilla: seat tube, upper link, rear triangle, lower link

As opposed to: seat tube, upper link, seatstay, chainstay

Its bars for shorties.
  • 1 1
 @nojzilla: If it's got a fixed rear end then it's a hardtail! Or your shock's totally buggered, so buggered it needs a tube of soothing cream and to sleep on it's front for a week.
  • 1 0
 @Fix-the-Spade: no pivot between the chain/seat stay, fixed rear end....
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 @nojzilla: Alright, I'll explain better. The first thing to remember is that most names we use for suspension (VPP, DW Link, FSR, KS Link, Maestro etc) are marketing terms, they have little or no basis in engineering, they're just names.
Four Bar Linkage is a proper engineering term, it describes a closed chain linkage (as in both ends of it are attached to the same solid object) that contains the base (a bike's front triangle), three moving linkages (the rear triangle) and four pivots (the bearings). In the case of a VPP/DW link bike the entire welded rear triangle counts as 1 of the linkages, with the two short links connecting it to the frame being number 2 and 3. A linkage actuated single pivot like a Commencal is also a four bar linkage as it has three moving pieces (swing arm, seat stays, linkage). Just about the only modern bikes that aren't some variation of a Four Bar Linkage are Orange (Single Pivot), the Atherton bike (five bar) and Felt (who use a six bar system, because they're mental).
But really the only bars worth counting are the ones you go to post ride.
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 @Fix-the-Spade: thank you EVER so much for that¿

Pedantic much? You know damn well what I meant by fixed rear end
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 @nojzilla: I never know what you southern types are thinking.
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 For what it's worth it probably involved next to no engineering for diamondback to make the release a 29er probably used a catch rear triangle which forms 27.5+ they now have another option. Loved my release 27.5 perfect trail bike and plenty burly. The syncr looks like a perfect do it all hard tail
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 For sure, just throwing 29 wheels on a catch with new paint and release stickers. Porter did that last year to make a marathon race bike or something.

Minimal effort. But likely they will see pretty low sales volume due to that. I could see if they did this last year just to get a 29er on the market.

If they would have done a new front triagle and got at least 74/67 or a little more they would have had a great ride out of it...
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 Budget friendly = $3000 ??? I gotta get a better job!
  • 7 3
 Pass on the FS but I'll take the hardtail. I'd advise a newcomer to the sport to do the same.
  • 2 17
flag mhoshal (Mar 9, 2019 at 16:12) (Below Threshold)
 @Dustfarter why would you pass? Not enduro enough geo for you? ITS A f*ckEN TRAIL BIKE MORONS NOT AN ENDURO.!!!
  • 12 2
 @mhoshal: Jesus, dude, relax.
  • 2 0
 @mhoshal: enduro enduro enduro enduro enduro enduro enduro enduro enduro enduro enduro
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 Hey pinkbike you got the Sync'r wheel size wrong in your details section. It is not a 29 inch it is a 27.5 with a larger 2.8 tire.
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 I really dont get that. They make two durable and great value FS bikes. Then they ruin it and make an extremely expensive hardtail because its made out of sodding carbon. If they done it right and made it out of aluninium the hardtail would be great value to and still ride great.
  • 19 4
 Aluminium hardtails don’t ride great. Steel is where it’s at.
  • 4 1
 I expected the hardtail to be a better value, even in carbon.
  • 1 0
 @cunning-linguist: Agree with that. One of the best and fastest bikes (including full sus) ive ever had was a steel DMR hardtail.
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 They have an aluminum one too. Hook, line and sync'r
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 I'm just waiting for the new Mission to drop... pics in the PB DB forums... I heard the announcement will be @ Sedona? tup Drool
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 The Syncr is exactly the type of bike I would want as a local XC racer, even though I sep bikes for racing and fun. It would totally replace my sc highball, as many of the Norcal races have real downhills.
  • 1 0
 As a Sync'r owner - I can tell you it shreds anything. Love the thing!

Go buy it from it it is for sale on my PB account right now. I'm looking to get the new Mason 2 because it is the same bike but fits 27.5+ tires.
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 I was torn but went vitus sentier vrx over the sync'r
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 Buyer Beware, Diamondback only provides spare parts support for a few years. If you break something on this bike, you may be out of luck. From DB-Raleigh corporate to me trying to get a spare derailleur hanger for my 2015 DB8:

"We have had most of our bikes for years and years with parts and support, like our Release and Mission lines. The DB8 was more of a one off at the time and parts may be found online used."
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 Solid bike and great parts spec for the price.... what's the weight ( on the full suspension )high end build?
  • 2 0
 It looks like the love child of a Santa Cruz and Orange....I quite like it
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 Pretty sure it's just a catch with 29" wheels , I've heard they had been considereding it for a while.
  • 2 1
 Diamondback should have stuck with the KnuckleBox suspension design. I owned a Red Sortie and the bike absolutely railed!
  • 3 1
 Which is a shame because the Level Link rides amazing.
  • 1 0
 Wait whattt....normal preizzzZzz ....
  • 4 3
 I know XC bikes that have more aggressive geo... no sale
  • 2 9
flag mhoshal (Mar 9, 2019 at 16:24) (Below Threshold)
 @jaydawg69 name one than? Ill wait...
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 @mhoshal: easy. Intense sniper.
  • 1 0
 I would only get a frame of the syncr where is that option?
  • 1 0
 Iam impressed. Look solid.
  • 3 5
 Swing and a miss
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