First Look: Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle

Mar 7, 2019
by Aidan Oliver  

Originally known for neck braces, Leatt continue the expansion of their safety focused MTB line this year with the introduction of their first goggle, the Velocity 6.5.

Leatt have been expanding their MTB catalogue recently, and with a new clothing range, new body protection, and new helmets, their first goggle completes the range. The goggles come in a whopping 17 colourways, with 9 lens options. Their are three models in the range, namely the 6.5 Iriz (reflective sun lens), the 6.5 (clear lens) and the 6.5 Roll-Off goggles.
Velocity Goggle Details
• Bulletproof lens tested to military ballistic impact standards
• 9 lens options, 17 colourways
• Comes with tear offs; roll off version available
• Removable, machine washable foam
• Dual-pane lenses, available in 20-83% visible light transmission
• 170° field of vision
• Price: $89.99 - $99.99 USD

One of the beefier goggles we've seen, the Velocity fits well on both Leatt's DBX Enduro helmet as well as the staple Troy Lee Designs D3.

The foam liner that sits next to the skin is super soft and comfortable. Aesthetics are subjective, but I'm a fan of the big, aggressive look. I haven't tried these goggles with an open face helmet, but I imagine the design would leave you looking pretty bug-eyed.

Having a rock or stick puncture a goggle lens isn't normally an issue, but eyes are a "better safe than sorry" kind of thing, and Leatt is proud that the lenses are bulletproof, tested and certified to the ANSI Z87.1-2015, CE EN 1938 :2010, and MIL-DTL-43511D (military ballistic) standards.

A nice addition to the lens is the dual pane. Normally found in ski goggles, Leatt have included this tech in their MTB goggles to help prevent fogging. Every goggle comes with a pack of tear offs, as well as a nose clip that attaches to the goggle if you want to go for full moto look. Switching lenses is nice and easy thanks to the clip system that locks it in place.

Lens Technology


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 Ballistics grade doesnt mean they are bulletproof. It means that they can be used to protect eyes while shooting. Mostly protecting from a gun malfunction, hot gases and maybe a bit of shot but not a bullet. 'Having a rock or stick puncture a goggle lens isn't normally an issue'.....Ive crashed headfirst into stuff and had goggles save my eyes. It is an issue.
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 Also ejected shell casings and debris kicked up from said gases.
  • + 9
 I remember back in the day, some Oakley shops would have a sunglasses that where shot at with a shot gun on display.....
  • + 30
 The video in this article does show a bullet being shot at the goggles.
  • + 9
 Watch the video, they shot what appears to be a .22 at them
  • + 3
 @warrenh: Pretty sure that's a pellet gun, not even a .22.
  • + 1
 Wrong, on Vital mtb they have a video showing a gun ( probably a pellet gun ) being fired at the goggle.
  • + 2
 Check out the video at the bottom of the article showing a gun being shot at the lens. You can also check our 'Gram where you can see a lens that got shot at!
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 @skycripp: You know that's a size thing, not a type of gun thing right? I have a .22 pellet rifle
  • + 1
 @aidanoliver: ...not a gun
  • + 2
 @nojzilla: I remember that. I also remember wondering what good is to protect your eyes if the rest of your head was just going to get blasted off..
  • + 1
 @drunknride: Shhhhh...if they find out you have an .80 caliber potato gun...they'll come for you.
  • - 2
 isn't it funny that all the gun knowledge here comes from America?

i hear in the distant
"Muricaaaa, f*ck yeah!"
  • + 1
 @nvranka: do u mean "not a firearm"?
  • + 1
 @davidpr2: says the dude who lives in the land of HK!
  • + 1
 @Grmasterd: it's the gooey part of your skull that sharp stuff goes right through to your grey matter. Plus...if you get your eyes mushed out, you cant a tear your personal brain bus
  • + 1
 @davidpr2: dude, your anti-Americanism is charming. Heck, yeah. Go back under your rock.
  • + 2
 @davidpr2: You're just mad because your country started two world wars you couldn't manage to finish.
  • + 1
 @bizutch: Pffft....80 cal potato? Are you shooting fingerling potatos? I prefer the 60mm potato cannon.
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 Why bulletproof feature? To use it during yellow vest demonstrations ?
  • + 14
 I always worry that my goggles are not bullet proof. Cheers Leatt!
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 I'm guessing you don't race motocross and have 450's wide open on the throttle directly in front of you. Same reason they have nose guards.
  • + 35
 @nickgarrison: Not too many 450’s at the bike park.
  • - 1
 @nyhc00: duh. But Leatt is primarily a motocross company.
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flag eriknasby (Mar 7, 2019 at 6:39) (Below Threshold)
 @nickgarrison: pussy. Wouldn’t want to hurt your little nose job.
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 Maybe a couple of old TR450’s tho @nyhc00:
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 although i use my goggles on mtb and motos, the nose guard on my oakleys mostly serves as a sun guard.
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 Leatt is calling them bulletproof on their website what can be considered misleading. Neither of these standards is even close to being capable of stopping a bullet. I really like Leatt products but they should be more careful with their promo language.
  • + 3
 Check the video at the bottom of the article to see a bullet being fired at the lens.
  • + 2
 Just like a lot of brands say that their carbon frames/rims are the strongest in the industry?
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 .22 bullets kill more people than any other caliber in the US. And yes, your eyes are worth it.
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 Not sure it says bulletproof just that it meets ballistic testing standards. They are different. Pretty good selling point to me - if you want protection from flying pebbles. Oakley used to sell their lenses with a similar promise. Something about a steel BB fired at a certain velocity. Your eyes are worth it.
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 That's the Z87.1 standard that they meet.
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 @Mac1987: haha yes mate you get it!
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 A good friend of mine is a rep for Leatt. He told me a few months ago he watched them shoot these with a .22.
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 .22's, a real mans gun
  • + 20
 a .22 couldnt even go through an enve wheel
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 To be honest I don't really care whether what kind of tests they've done. Whether they shot at them with a gun, hit them with a baseball bat, did ANSI-MIL-CE-WHATEVER. What matters is, did the goggles actually pass those tests?

"And, did you shoot those goggles?"
"Sir yes sir!"
"Shattered in little bitty pieces sir. What the f*ck were you thinking?"
"Just so we can tick this one off. What shall we call it? MIL-666?"
"Sounds lovely sir!"

And there you have it. Tested.
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 @playah: It'll make you just as dead as any other gun
  • + 0
 @drunknride: ...but your still not a man unless you shoot big bullets.
  • - 1
 @gnarnaimo: said like a true patriotic, god-fearing Ameri..err...Canadian. Well said my northern friend.
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 I’m gonna wait for the anti tank version!
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 These look very good and are less than half the MSRP of comparable Oakley's like the one I just got. Would be great to see a side by side comparison of goggles sometime.
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 Never thought I would care if my goggles could stop a bullet, but now that I’ve seen that video my Smiths seem somehow inadequate haha. Definitely an interesting selling point.
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 The dual lens alone is reason enough to buy these goggles I feel. The anti-fogging of double layered lenses is pretty great, speaking as a former motorcyclist.
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 goggle comparison in terms of field of vision would be helpful. is their field similar to scott prospects?
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 No OTG goggles..?
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 All models are OTG, the frame has a gap on each side where the glasses frame goes towards the ears, with thicker foam in this area, to seal. I am not working for leatt any more, but tested first protos & they worked really fine with my glasses, already!
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 Got to love that beard.
  • + 2
 But these won't match my tld Adidas...
  • + 2
 What? A Leatt product not called a DBXsomethingoranother?
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 Nice green dye Aggy!!
  • + 1
 “They fit well with this or that helmet”. The Jerry gap says you’re wrong...
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 Would like to know how these perform
How easily they steam up etc, could give a f**k if their bulletproof or not
  • + 1

I checked their website, and saw they were OTG. Thanks for the info..
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 Someone's got a nice beard going in the first pic!
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 The new standard needs to be laserproof for future tech ready.
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