Florent Payet Out of Racing in Lousa After a Serious Crash

Nov 1, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Florent Payet has announced on social media that he will be missing the final in Lousa after a nasty crash which has resulted in an aeropleura (pneumothorax).

The crash happened on the big triple after his wheel exploded and he was thrown over the bars. Florent is now having his lung drained and says that there is nothing serious although he is in a lot of pain and having breathing difficulties.

We're wishing Florent a speedy recovery and hope to see him back riding and racing soon.


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 I met Florent in Morzine this summer, we had a (suitably masked up) chat on the Pleney lift. He was super friendly and approachable and didn't seem to mind fielding a range of questions from a fanboy who drags his brakes all the way down the blue and red runs. He made a couple jokes and gave me a really interesting insight into how the racers are finding this year with the whole Covid thing. I really enjoyed it. Heal up big guy, hope you're coping alright with what sounds like a pretty scary crash and injury. Will look forward to seeing you back ripping soon!
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 Top bloke, I confirm the down-to-earthness and wish him the best too! * hug emoji *
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 Who downvotes this?
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flag Matt115lamb (Nov 2, 2020 at 8:16) (Below Threshold)
 I don’t see the need to applaud a person for being friendly , approachable and down to earth ! I am all of these but get no attention !
Get well soon though !
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 @Matt115lamb: Fame often goes to peoples heads dude hence why people always call out when pro's are nice guys.
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 @Imabigboy82: I know what you’re saying mate but most pro mtbers don’t see themselves as famous !
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 @NinetySixBikes: Welcome to PB
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 Is this the type of crash riders are having because they are fatigued? After 4-5 riding straight surely increases chances of crashes/ injuries.
Like Greg Minaar said, might be worth having a day rest between the 2 races if UCI wants to do double headers next year
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 Double Headers are fantastic for us fans, but a rest day would definitely be beneficial for the riders. Plus they would have more than ample time to track walk properly as well.
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 His front wheel exploded; being fresh would have made no difference.
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 It was at the first race, so there was no extra fatique compared to one race per weekend. A rest day between the two races would be good still.
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 I was there when the crash happened, it had nothing to do with physical or mental fatigue he went to the jump lip perfectly when mid air the rear tire blew, it just completely unseated from the rim sending him otb. Yes the problem was on the rear wheel
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 @FCX250: So his wheel didn't explode. His tire did.
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 @bashhard: Aaah gotcha! I was a bit worried, but seems like it's got nothing to do with back-to-back racing
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 @getonyourbike: not if he cased it
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 @nozes: Yes the rear tire the wheel was ok, and he would not case the jump, even in otb he fell on the second landing
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 Double header with a single quali runs could work. Starting order for the second final are detemined from the first final. Points originally allocated for the second quali can be merged with second final run, just like Lousa's second round (it was to prevent an overall winner being decided in quali though).
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 I think especially of the privateers. I hung out with a friend who was racing the WC and the ixs cup as a privateer for one of his race days and the amount of work they have is just insane.

Trackwalk, prep training bike, warm up, complete the training run, clean everything, change clothes, rebuilt parts / bike if necessary, eat, some sleep, up early, do mandatory warm-up or 2nd training, clean everything, change clothes, prepare race bike (different wheelset), eat, warm up, do quali run, clean everything, fix bike, eat, catch some sleep, get ready for race... it's insane. Easily 12h shifts for a quali- or race day. They absolutely need a day to catch a breath in-between.
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 heal up big boy!! had the same 3 times! i feel with you!!
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 Flo: No big deal, nothing serious, I'll be fine.
Also Flo: Wheel exploded --> body-slam --> lung injury --> lots of pain and breathing difficulty.
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 Oh man, had a bad feeling during the race because of the long break. Heal up Flo!
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 I still can't understand how he collapsed a lung, unless his rib(s) stove in, or some intrusive branch, etc. damaged his lung directly.
I had a pneumothorax once but it was from a very powerful strike to on side of my chest, that penetrated right into the lung.
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 I had one when I hit a snowboard slope style feature. My rib broke and punctured my lung. Thought I was going to suffocate for the first 10 seconds or so... Inserting the drain was as painfully as the crash by the way... Heal up bro!
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 I had one 2018 just from hitting the ground HARD
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 No big deal...in a lot of pain and hospitalized!! One tough DH'er!!
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 Scar buddies
I love showing people my prison shank scar.......
An then "nah I crashed my bike an collapsed a lung"
Big Grin
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 Scott team aren't on enve. Only Brendan. Pretty sure the rest are on deemax
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 Speedy recovery dude...youve been killing it!
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 Wow, that’s unfortunate. Wishing a recovery as speedy as you on the bike!
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 Collapsed lung for those of us who aren't doctors. Heal up Flo!
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 he was flying before the crash....
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 Heal up bro.
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 Heal up soon Flo.
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 But... he wasn't even on my fantasy team?! 2020 just keeps going.
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