Video: Focus Trail Team Loves Whistler

Oct 27, 2014
by Hermann Eder  
A couple days before the EWS race Focus Trail Team riders Fabian and Markus went into the woods to ride one of the best trails ever - Microclimate.

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 That BC dirt needs to be added to the periodic table (even though soil is a composite of minerals and other stuff). It's properties are unique and an invaluable resource to the planet.
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 You got that right sir!
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 Yes, but than it will get even more expensive to own it :p
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 Music is just brilliant....
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das stimmt, ja?
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 OBRIGADA! German sense of humor remains a mistery to me.
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 Don't let this video fool you. Everything outside of the bike park absolutely sucks. The bike park is everything you need. Stay in the bike park.
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 Yeah... i don't even think there are any trails outside the bike park come to think of it... better not wonder outside those lift lines fellas.
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 what the f*ck was with the half nelson part near the end?
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 someone got tired in the editing suite and put a bit in of a trail that is definitely not micro
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 that's what I was thinking, didn't remember any jumps in micro climate.
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 WHO thought Like me that they were going to cross the river on that tree in the beginning ?
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 Some cool angles and perspectives, but I want to see people shredding. Micro Climate is so fast and the slo-mo was just boring
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 Oh Gee how beautiful the scenery is! btw it would be perfect to test the slash bike there.
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 Because I just really needed ANOTHER reason why I need to go to Whistler... Razz

But damn those trails looked sick as f*ck Big Grin
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 I think they did a great job FOCUSing on trail riding. Sweet vid!
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 Did a night ride on micro climate 2 nights ago with some mates. Wish it was like that instead of the foot of mud and pedal deep puddles,
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 Haven't got up to Microclimate yet - I think I will wait till next summer!
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 Too many slow mo shots for tiny side hits lol. Sick trail tho!
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 First trail looked bumpy. I can take an excavator in there and smooth that out for you. Last trail looked like a nice road with jumps! sweeeeeeet!
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 Microclimate is my favirote after cheap thrills
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 A video hasn't made stoked to ride like that in a while. Sick trail, awesome video, great riding.
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 good work PB good to see trail vids in good spots not nuts not tame proper asperational videos keep up the good work PB
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 Damnit, now I'm going to have to change my bed sheets... that trail had me like...
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 Everybody loves Whistler, even people who never been to love whistler
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 Top Video, B.C Trails ever....
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 damn, alright.... amazing song (if that can be classed as a song?)
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 My type of trails, my type of riding, great vid.
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 cant wait till I get my focus sam!
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 too much slomo
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