Punta San Carlos Revisited

Dec 3, 2010
by Anthill Films  
Up in Squamish, BC winter is in full effect and the Anthill crew is working long office hours right now. Under these conditions it's pretty easy to let your mind drift... Like back to this time last year when we were headed south to Punta San Carlos Mexico with Cam McCaul, Matt Hunter and Geoff Gulevich on a shoot for Follow Me. For all of us who are stuck in the cold grasp of the white devil here's a little something to daydream to...

Check out some behind the scenes footage from the shoot and a slideshow from Haruki "Harookz" Noguchi...
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Here are the top three reasons to daydream about Punta San Carlos...

1. The Dirt: in Hunter's words -
1. The Dirt: in Hunter's words - "it's the closest thing to powder skiing".
2.  The location: think Utah with an ocean.
2. The location: think Utah with an ocean.
3.  Good times with your friends: no explanation needed.
3. Good times with your friends: no explanation needed.

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Thanks to Harookz for sharing his photos from the trip with everyone, check out more of his work at www.harookz.com

Thanks to Kevin and everyone at Solosports for hosting us, learn more about Kevin's set up at www.solosports.net

Buy a DVD or BluRay copy of Follow Me from www.anthillfilms.com and you'll be entered to win a custom Demo 7 from Specialized and receive a free one year subscription to Bike Mag.


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 just to be honest. this was my least favorite part of follow me. like it wasnt bad but everything else was better
  • + 3
 i somehow liked it. Biking, surfing, drinking, chilling. Shows us somehow not only action but also lifestyle.
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 i just went to sancarlos.. & its gnarly.. epic rides
  • + 1
 I go to San Carlos often and I was there the entire time. it was an epic trip. those guys were out all day scoping zones, building and filming. not a hell of a lot different than rampage. they knew they would be judged just not that day. Cam called the dirt Magic Dirt. I didn't understand at first. it is awesome and different because its like half sand and breaks up easy and is easy to move and pack then it gets super hard when you add sea water. jumps can be made very quickly and they last. One of the jumps is close to the regular trails and it took more than 5 years before the knobby marks disappeared. even two years later after torrential rains that melted everything around it, the landing still showed every single individual knob clearly on each landing mark. those guys had a blast and partied like few do. Cam still holds the record for the most Baja fogs drank in one day. they must have gone home and told somebody they had fun because Kyle straight and cam sink and crew came down for one of those guys Batchelor party. so its not all about riding right? after we ride its about socializing in a relaxing setting and enjoying real life with like-minded people.
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 i loved this seggy because of how chill it was, just sending it all day with the bros then surfing to cap it all off
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 Looks like a hell of a trip , all you were missing was chicks
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 I liked that segment, showed them as regular guys who still love to ride their bikes, and drink beer.
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 Anyone else starting to get a bit annoyed with all the follow me articles/ads recently? That being said, I really did love the film. One of my all time favourites.
  • + 5
 not really, it was a great film and i think most people enjoy the behind the scenes and extras. You don't have to read the articles if you dont want to
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 uhm why is this a bike video, there was absolutely no more than 10 seconds of bike video or photos in there.
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 Because for some people biking is more than just the ride. The people, the build-up, and talking about it afterwards contribute to making every ride great. The movie was called "follow me" because stressed the one of the origins of biking being something you and your buds go and do.
Also, when you see videos on pinkbike about interviews with different companies at interbike, you don't say "why is this a bike video?". It has to do with biking and therefore deserves the medium of websites like pinkbike to be shared on.
I don't mean to call you out or anything but what you are saying seems a bit pretentious.
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 haha thats sickk!
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 thats pretty crazy lookin
  • + 1
 The last vid was as close to real as can be... True art form gentlemen, true art!
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 2:10 was the best part in this clip
  • + 1
 ya cam and gully!
  • + 2
 and hunter.
  • + 1
 McCaul is a funny guy Smile
  • + 1
 awsome dude!!!
  • - 1
 Sweet section but they should have headed to Veracruz, Mexico, instead. :-)
  • + 1
 Hiiiiiiigh show !!
Whats the song?
  • + 2
 where in Veracruz? i want to go. let me know
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