Forbidden Launches Druid XT Complete Builds in the UK

Sep 25, 2020
by ForbiddenBike  

Press Release: Forbidden

After launching complete bikes at the start of June, and having our timelines pushed back due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we are pleased to announce that complete Druid XT's have now landed in the UK, with SLX builds in quick pursuit. To celebrate this fact, we've teamed up with local talents in the UK to showcase the Druid XT in its new habitat from the steep wooded valleys of the Forest of Dean on the southern border between England and Wales. Filmed and edited by Chapter Studios and featuring local rider James Leech, the Druid XT gets its first taste of UK conditions - get yours today online here


Frame: Forbidden Druid, 130mm travel, full-carbon, Trifecta High Single Pivot
Fork: Fox 36 Performance Elite, 150mm, Grip2 Damper, Kabolt axle, 44mm offset
Shock: Fox DPX2 Performance Elite, EVOL air can, 3-Position Lever
Transmission: Shimano XT 12 speed
Brakes: Shimano XT 4-piston with 180mm IceTech Center-Lock rotors
Wheels: DT Swiss 350 hubs laced to RaceFace ARC OFFSET 30mm rims
Front tyre: Maxxis Assegai, 29 x 2.5in, 3C MaxTerra, EXO casing
Rear tyre: Maxxis Minion DHR II, 29 x 2.4in, 3C MaxTerra, EXO+ casing
Cockpit: RaceFace Aeffect 50mm stem, Turbine R 800 x 30mm bars and Half Nelson grips
Saddle: SDG Radar
Seat post: RaceFace Aeffect (size-specific drop: Small 125mm drop / Medium 150mm / Large and X-Large 170mm drop) with Shimano SL MT-800 I-spec lever
Included: RaceFace tubeless valves, ratcheting torque wrench, Forbidden digital shock pump, spare derailleur hanger, custom Fox decals and 36 front fender

DRUID XT MSRP : £5119 GBP | $5299 USD | $6999 CAD | €5699 EUR


How to get your hands on a new Druid XT

Unlike our frames, which have and will remain more dealer focussed, our complete bikes are primarily available online and direct from but you can choose to have them shipped to your local Forbidden dealer. At checkout, you will see an option for ‘Pro Setup’ - this gives you the flexibility to have your new bike shipped to a dealer of your choice. We recognize their value and we understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to get their bikes dialled in for that first ride.

Jake Glennie
Thomas Doyle

Each complete bike is 90% built in-the-box and will come with a ratcheting torque wrench and one of our new compact digital shock pumps. You will also find a pair of RaceFace tubeless valves and a spare derailleur hanger. Druid XTs will also come with one of Fox’s new fenders for their latest 36 forks.


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 Dear bike companies, spec your complete bikes with Shimano groups instead of SRAM. Kind regards every sane person.
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 Sorry to tell you but Shimano is literally non-existent right now away from Giant. They bought all of Shimanos mid level groupsets so literally any other brand will be forced to spec Sram with extremely limited Shimano selection. I'm not complaining though, the Sram Eagle stuff works exceptionally well and is actually pretty damn well price.
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flag Adambaker14791 (Sep 25, 2020 at 7:48) (Below Threshold)
 @DylanDaSilva: It may be cheap but it only lasts one ride.
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 @DylanDaSilva: all the bikes im looking at right now have shimano builds except for giant LOL
Ripmo - SLX
Druid - SLX
Optic - XT
Trance X - GX
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 @DylanDaSilva: gonna have to fact check this one.
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 @arrowheadrush: and are they available?
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 @DylanDaSilva: I just bought a Deore Ripmo in stock at my LBS and they had a couple more...
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 People are buying completes, and using gears????? Give me a 3 speed, trails are too steep for gears.
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 @DylanDaSilva: Devinci just introduced their new 2021 builds and there are several Shimano options...
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Just got a trek 2021 trek remedy 8 XT (well august)

Wouldn’t buy a bike with sram especially brakes.
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flag Tr011 (Sep 25, 2020 at 12:04) (Below Threshold)
 I would prefer the Sram over shimano most days. Cleaner cockpit, spare parts, excellent performance when tuned properly, and replacement parts actually being available.
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 @burnbern: how do u like it? Considering between ritmo deor af and meta tr slx
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 @rscreen: Nothing wrong with SRAM brakes - the pads on the other hand - garbage.

Now - their derailleurs - hmmmmm
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 @DylanDaSilva: I completely agree. I had Xt on an old bike and it literally wears out and needs replacing quickly. I now have nx and gx and both are fantastic and last for ages. It just works
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 I would prioritise a lot of other stuff before drivetrain in picking a complete bike. I have Sram and Shimano on different bikes and there’s not thaaat much difference.

Priorities are frame, then suspension, then wheels, then brakes, then drivetrain, then everything else. Right?
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 I think this bike has cured my carbonphobia.
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 I’d still say this is one of the best looking bikes on the market.
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 Nice gesture with the extra hanger in the box!
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 Agreed, every company should do this.
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 My next bike 100%. Fingers crossed will be dropping the hammer on one of these in the next 6 months. Followed with teh addition of a 27.5 rear wheel to match and a Ziggy link so have both set ups to choose from. Stoked!
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 I friend of mine has this bike, lives in the Idaho mountains, shred the hell out of it and loves it. If I hadn't just picked up an Ibis, I would have this on my short list.
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 Don’t see one single reason not to buy this bike.
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 I can, it doesn't appear to be available in cosmic eggplant!
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 its expensive and a 29er are two for me
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 @mtb-scotland: what expensive about it? Mayne for you but it's a really well priced bike.
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 @ybsurf: the price oddly enough
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 @mtb-scotland: like in said maybe expensive for you but it's still a really nice price for what you got compared to other bikes.
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 @ybsurf: no its 5k - its expensive.
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 Impressive how a small Vancouver Island co can offer such an amazing frame with a quality build for $7000. Good on ya Forbidden! I’m a few years away from a new bike but Forbidden will be on my list when the time comes.
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 It’s good to see a frame that chainstay length and head tube length increase with each size.
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 today on BCPov... look what happened to Yuka *crash noises* "are you ok honey?"
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 Weak! just kidding! But the real question is when will the Druid Long Travel launch!
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 Lewis Buchanan didn't need any xtra travel at fort William a few weeks ago.
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 @jase111171: Do you think he is Buchanan? And you don´t really know what he was riding there.
  • 6 4
 @Mondbiker: huh? What does your jibberish say?
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 @Mondbiker: I was responding to birdman2447 wanting a long travel appears the current model is more than capable of riding fort bill,with an elite rider on it.
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flag mollow (Sep 25, 2020 at 8:46) (Below Threshold)
 @jase111171: except Buchanan ain't winning shit. And he's crashing a lot. Very weird choice for forbidden imo
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 @mollow: Lewis is coming off an elbow injury where he still can’t straighten his elbow fully. Also, maybe his contract is less money than a ‘winning’ pro, you can’t pick top 5 EWS riders off trees. I’d say looking at his YT channel he also is very valuable in terms of development. Your comment is harsh and not though out.
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flag mollow (Sep 25, 2020 at 9:49) (Below Threshold)
 @GazeeMW: I have nothing against him but saying that the bike is not holding him back is out of place. It's not like he's winning everything or anything at all on it.
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 @mollow: got to remember after ibis didn't keep him on last minute he's had to make all his own arrangements for racing this year along with the lock down in Scotland scuppering his training somewhat, that's quite a lot to deal with mentally. Once he gets settled down I think we'll see what he's capable of
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 @mollow: i would say ibis held him back a lot, he is much faster on forbidden
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 @Noeserd: yeah he was pretty fast today wasnt he? Robin Wallner is a beast on the Ibis so it must have been the bike right? Sorry fanbois
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 I hope i can buy one someday
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 Great looking bike, just a little disappointed with the numbers on the xl. Still a little small for us 6ft 2+ guys. Fingers crossed an xxl is in the works.
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 I'm 6'2" and would be fine with a medium or large
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 @ipreferdirt: I’m 6’2” and just bought an XL. Coming from an XL Hightower as well.
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 I feel like the Forbidden Druid needs a little more excitement designed into the front triangle. The swingarm and the suspension linkage in all their beauty, I feel, are paired with an otherwise boring front triangle.
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 So the dealers are forbidden to selling complete bikes? See what I did there?
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 Kinda wanting that 414mm chainstay in the medium though...
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 The wheelbase grows as the suspension goes through the travel, felt like a longer chainstay when the going gets rough, and fun through the berms.
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 Quality vid lads.. looks the boll*cks
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 these forbidden bikes look so nice in the flesh .id love one.
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 dumb question, but won't your long baggy pants get dirty from the chain with these high pulley designs?
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 Not a dumb question but owning and riding one I can say it's not an issue. Even if your shorts touched the idler there's a nice E13 guide there that would prevent it from happening. Bike is sick,
  • 2 0
 never happened with me
  • 1 0
 I have gotten a little lube on my leg, but nothing too bad
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 @iamalexm: But what about from riding the bike?
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 @Bailey100: I’m getting my frame delivered next Friday. Can’t wait . Moving over from a 2020 Hightower. Any complaints with the bike thus far? I’m slightly worried about the super long chainstays on the XL
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 @tkrumroy: you will love the chainstay. 6'2 on XL. Perfect fit and balance
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 @tkrumroy: It's an amazing bike, you're going to love it.
I'm 5'11 on a large and it fits perfect. I have had zero issues so far.
I went Z1 coil and am impressed with it too.
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 @Bailey100: I’m not sure what to do with the rear end. Some people say to stay with the dpx2 but I’ve been curious about a coil.
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 @tkrumroy: I used a 20' float x2 and a 21' dhx2. both were great
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 @tkrumroy: I stayed with the dpx2. It's a good shock and the fox tune for the Druid is dead nuts.
My build is close to the stock XT built except i went coil fork, codes with 203 rotors and a oneup cockpit.
The bike is dialed , you're going to be amazed.
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 @Bailey100: Welp you guys are right - and this bike absolutely rips. The cockpit was shorter than my Hightower v2 but somehow it really works. It felt cramped in the parking lot but as soon as I was on the trail it felt dialed in immediately. The descending - is unmatched. Absolutely wild.
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 @tkrumroy: yeah buddy , enjoy.
I know I am.
No where near finding the limits of this bike.
Forbidden has released a bunch of setup videos on youtube that are worth checking out.
Cheers !!
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 @Bailey100: I’m having to soften up my fox36 up front now to attempt to match how good the rear end feels
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 @tkrumroy: With the coil I ended up running the damper wide open and adding a fair bit of rebound and its' very close to perfect. I've heard the 36 can be a bit tricky to get dialed. Theres a good forum on the druid and they talk about the 36 quite a bit.
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 Launched in the UK. No dealers in the UK. Hmmm...
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 @Santacruzdan: Ireland. Not NI, not UK.
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