Video: Forest Crew - RAW

Aug 3, 2015
by Alan Perreard  
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Forest Crew - William Robert - RAW
Forest Crew - William Robert - RAW
Forest Crew - William Robert - RAW

MENTIONS: @theforestcrew


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 That's what a bike is supposed to sound like
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 Just raw!
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 William Robert?!? Just embrace your inner redneck, Billy Bob!
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 After Connor Fearon vid this just looks like a slowmo edit, aswell as my hole life
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 Finally a decent edit. No crap ass music to kill the vibe. And a rider who can actually rail a berm without cutting it up to kick up dirt! Respect!
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 These guys really wanna be the Coastal Crew...
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 Frickin quiet ride.... Not even a skweek.
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 not sure why this made the front page - not a bad vid or anything, just kind of a run of the mill edit. That said, i'll take it over an over edited ad or a debate about females in the mtb world.
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 I like your honesty, say what you think I say. F**k the neg brigade anyway! Are they just all the kids that squealed to the teacher at school? Lol... wonder if I'll get whooped for that..
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 Where im from, thats just plain disrespectful. Unlike school, you go around being disrespectful, you'll get hurt. .
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 If you bump into someone who hasn't grown up since school? Come on man, he's just voicing an opinion, which bit is so disrespectful?
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 @Rokan14 - you're exaggerating what was a simple subjective comment...i didn't disrespect anyone, but I would still like for someone to explain why this was chosen out of thousands of edits to be on the front page.

Out of the few DH vids we get, I would have preferred something a bit more interesting. I don't need ridiculous stunts nor do I need roosted corners every other shot, but although Les Gets is somewhat iconic, the trails portrayed in this video look as boring Big Bear bike park here in SoCal.

But hey...I'm one guy, and hundreds of thousands probably browse this site - maybe this is what people like? All good either way.
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 bit mediocre for the front page.......but it is not bad.....
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flag el-juanito (Aug 4, 2015 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)
 it is funny to see you answering nvranka & tobius, it shows how guilty you feel for what you wrote ;-)

no problem that you dislike this video. it is your freedom not to like it. but the way you express it is not polite. now just think and put your keyboards off. thank you "gentlemen".
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 Can you point out the bit where I said I didn't like the video? I missed that.
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 I am riddled with guilt, please forgive me...........................................
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 What no fire,blood,dragons,blown up tv's etc. etc. NICE JOB.
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 Les Gets in the house! I love those jumps on Tomawak too! Nice edit!
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 im getting pretty bored of seeing whips, like in edits like this......
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 maaan that was so fun to watch Big Grin sweet vid!
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 simple at it's best
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 Great edit! Demo8 FTW for those who love them Big Grin
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 Nothing beats a raw edit
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 I believe this was sped up a bit, watch the water at 1:28 and some other spots where the leaves move too quickly.
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 This would be so god with Sail by Awolnation!
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 Fuckin awesome and pinned!!
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 what is the song?
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 Butcher by Specialized
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 Or is this track ?

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