Forestal Reveals Its First eMTB Design With Proprietary Motor and Battery

Mar 25, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Forestal, the Andorran brand that managed to sway Cedric Gracia away from Santa Cruz after nearly a decade despite not having a bike, has released details of its first eMTB that will be coming in October. The Andorran brand have been teasing a motorised bike for nearly a year after bursting onto the scene in April 2019, and now their concept has been revealed. While initial prototypes looked to be fairly rudimentary, the concept Forestal have sketched out could be one of the most sophisticated e-MTBs on the market. We've only seen renders at this point so we don't know if the bike even exists yet, but here's is what Forestal is hoping to release later in the year.

The brand have jumped on the trend for lighter e-bikes in the footprints of Lapierre and Specialized with a full bike that has a claimed weight of 17.4kg for a size medium. This isn't quite as light as the Levo, which comes in at 17.3kg for a large, but the Syrion boasts 170mm travel front and rear, 20mm more than the Specialized, making it a burlier proposition out on the trail. Its motor also gives out a bit more oomph, with a claimed 250 watts and 60Nm of torque vs 240 watts and 35Nm.

One of the main ways Forestal has been able to get the weight so low is by designing their own motor and battery system. Forestal has designed the EonDrive motor in conjunction with Bafang and claim it is the lightest and most compact motor on the market today. It uses titanium and magnesium for key components and the result is a drive unit that weighs 1.95 kilograms. Forestal's Aurora battery is also designed in house and provides 350Wh, but this can be boosted to 700 with a bottle cage range extender.

Another component of Forestal's electric innovations is the head unit that sits in the top tube just below the stem. This is a featured-packed computer with a 3.2 inch, touch screen display and even has a 4G internet connection. Forestal are promising the computer provides everything from anti-theft to GPS to biometrics and even chat features, but it is worth noting the footnotes that say: "Some of the announced features, as well as more to come, will be made available through future updates." Basically, it might not be as all-singing, all-dancing as it promises when it first launches in October.

A final cool feature is the handlebar-mounted control. Instead of using a shifter-style system, this is more like a thumb trigger that allows you to scroll through power modes that are indicated with a line of LEDs. Forestal have the usual Eco, Trail and Boost modes but also include a Nitro option that we assume gives a short, sharp burst of power to get up steep pitches or over obstacles.

But enough about the electrickery, what about the heart of the bike? We're looking at a carbon frame with 29 inch wheels and 170mm of travel that is built around a single pivot system that Forestal is calling Twin Levity. This no doubt helps with that low weight, but Forestal claims it also makes for a fast and active ride. Geometry-wise, it's fairly progressive with a reach in excess of 500mm on the XL. The full charts are below but some key figures are a 64° head angle and a 77° seat tube angle.

The bike is available for pre-order now in four frame sizes. The price is €7,999 with a €2,000 deposit payable now. More info, here.


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 so bored during Corona I unblocked e-bike content
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 from one virus to the next
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 i admit I did as well...
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flag rcybak (Mar 25, 2020 at 14:57) (Below Threshold)
 I was thinking about e mountain bikes the other day, after chatting with the rider of one on my local trails over the weekend, and I came to the conclusion that they are within their own sport. After taking in all his info, and thinking about what it is that makes mountain biking so great, I could only conclude that riding an e bike is a poor imitation of mountain biking. Think about it this way: on an "analog" mountain bike, you are the one creating the power, and therefore creating those moments of triumph when you clean that singletrack climb that you have been struggling with for months. You are the one creating moments of success and triumph, and even failure, and these are feelings and emotions that are removed with the installation of a motor. I asked this e rider how many more laps of the mountain he can get in, and he stated that his bike can do 800-900 meters of climbing before the battery gives out. I can ride that many vertical meters all by myself, and I do every weekend. So, I have more thoughts, but I'll boil it back down to this: e mountain biking is not in any way mountain biking. It is e mountain biking only, and I think it needs a new name, which I will attempt to get into common usage here: electric trail cruising. That's more precisely what it is. Because mountain biking isn't just coasting downhill, it's about riding up, it's about cross country-ing around a mountain, using human power to create forward motion, and, more than that, incredible feelings of satisfaction.
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 Ha! I pretty much 98% go to the comments first purely for entertainment. I also blocked the content but it’s like crack and had to reverse the block.
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 Welcome back to the future.
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flag tjallen (Mar 25, 2020 at 18:55) (Below Threshold)
 @jonwhite5: Eh, likely a short-lived future. This whole ebike fad is just temporary until pedals and cranks are dispensed with altogether. Because, really, what's even the point? These hybrid contraptions are more of a transitional placeholder to allow people to emotionally feel like they're still riding a bike, when really, as @rcybak mentioned above, they're participating in a different sport altogether. The current desire and justification for 'pedal assist' will simply morph into 'why do I even need to pedal?'
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flag sethius (Mar 25, 2020 at 20:40) (Below Threshold)
 @tjallen: would tend to agree somewhat, I'm shocked that the moto trials scene hasn't been swapped with these due the high torque and lightweights. I've ridden some of the moto singletrack in the Forrest here and a lightweight moto trials bike would of been perfect, silent goodness.
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 @tjallen: ????????
I’m going to take a photo of this post and send it to you when your body no longer will respond to your mental commands of “pedal up that steep mountain” . It WILL happen .
NO amount of training will overcome old age and inevitable decline . You WILL get old and weak and when that day arrives , please post a photo of your new E bike , so we can have a good laugh.
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 So, how many times you need to look and fiddle with the display during a ride?
And you probably need a mobile contract to take advantage of the 4G.
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 @rcybak: I disagree but then again we probably ride for different reasons and I think there lies the biggest issue... most people who seem to be vocal about disliking e-bikes are transmitting their beliefs of what they think riding should be. YOU getting satisfaction from cleaning a climb with muscle power is YOUR thing, I prefer the downhills and the mountains in Scotland mean the climbs can take a while so MY satisfaction is being able to do more runs. It’s still cycling, I’m still pedalling to the top and the downhill is still all handing technique.

The other thing I’ve noticed is most people hating on e-bikes haven’t actually tried them!

I see a lot of comments from people making assumptions that are wildly off the mark. Just go and try one! At least if you still hate it you’ll know the reasons
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 @aliclarkson: I think that you helped prove my point. You prefer downhills to uphills; I ride in the North Shore of BC in Canada, on Burke Mountain in Coquitlam, and these mountains are step and the climbs are long. I don't begrudge anyone who rides an e-bike, because I think people are free to do what they enjoy. My point was that it is not mountain biking, because mountain biking as a sport breaks down to man versus mountain. Adding a motor removes man from the equation. Sure, you "pedal" up the mountain, and use skill to get back down, but it is not the same sport. It is electric trail cruising. Again, there's nothing wrong with that, but when you tell people you went mountain biking on the weekend, if you are speaking to someone who rode the exact same trails as you, but using their own power, you'll both have had two very different experiences and memories of the ride. Another thing I've noticed about e-bike riders is that, when speaking with them, they are constantly on the defensive, and come across as being just a little embarrassed about being out among those who use their own power. There's definitely a stigma there, and I think I've exposed the reasons behind that stigma. If we stop comparing e-biking to mountain biking, then the electric trail cruisers can be out there on the same trails with pride, rather than shame. Have you ever run into a horseback rider out on the same trails as you are riding on? Same trails, different sport.
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 @sethius: If and when that day comes, I'll have decided to stop mountain biking and start electric moto riding. But I certainly won't pretend like I am still riding a mountain bike.

Besides, I'd be surprised if 'pedal assist' is even a thing by the time I'm that decrepit. By then, electronic motors will be small and powerful enough and batteries long lasting enough that no one will have to pretend anymore. This whole pedal assist thing currently exists solely because of technological and emotional limitations.
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 @rcybak: I hired an ebike just a couple of weeks ago out of curiosity. It's absolutely mountain biking with a rather nice boost for the climbs. In fact, climbs became a lot of fun rather than the drag they often can be. Don't get me wrong, I do get a sense of achievement from a climb but for someone who doesn't ride that much, the attraction of covering a huge amount of ground and still gaining fitness is huge. For a large portion of us, the descent is where we have the most fun and these bikes unlock the ability to descend more.

I'll be trying a few more before making any decisions and of course, keeping my normal bike. But, for local riding around Surrey and Aston Hill it's very tempting.

You talk about ebikers making excuses and feeling embarrassed ... I feel the non ebikers have a lot more to say in these forums - and that's where the problem lies.

But when I see those people getting all wound up it just makes me smile at their expense. Get on with your own life!
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 @rcybak: Do you also make it a point to tell downhillers riding bikeparks that they're not mountain bikers and that it's a different sport?
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 @Pedro404: Um, I don't make a point of telling someone who is downhill shuttling that they are downhill shuttling. It's too obvious. Everyone who is mad at my comment either deliberately misses the point, or cannot recognize the obvious: I'm happy for anyone to have fun doing whatever they want to do, just don't confuse the sports. Getting pushed up a hill is not mountain biking, it is something similar, but different. We just need to have clarity with the different disciplines. If someone said, hey, let's watch a mountain bike race on tv today, and you get all excited to see Aaron Gwin, only to end up sitting through three weeks of Romain Harder, you'd be upset. Names matter.
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 $2000 deposit now, for a bike no one has seen, from a new manufacturer, for a bike to be delivered in October. Are you havin’ a Giraffe!
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 Economy is booming at the moment, very little risk in investing in startups.
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 @Loche: LOL, so true!
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 This is a Sick business model!!
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 It's just vaporware. Don't compare yourself to actual products! Shame fake news.
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 Nothing says "bike industry" like "proprietary"
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 “Bafang Proprietary “ ???????????? Who in their right mind would even WANT to steal the inner workings of a crap Chinese motor with a wimpy 60 Nm of torque? For less than eight grand , you can get a top of the line tested bike with the best motors on the market ie bosch, brose , yamaha, flyon all top components and have money left over for
gold plated pedals.
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 @Sirios: The 'wimpy' 60 Nm is there intentionaly. Yout best motors with top components also weight 4 kg. Which to me is not stupid, it's idiotic.

We don't need motorbikes clasified as mountain bikes, pedal assist bikes should still be bikes. 750 W is not a bicycle.
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 Looks like and Orange fucked a Stumpy.
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 " final cool feature is the cool handlebar-mounted control on the handlebar."

Ah yes, as opposed to putting handlebar-mounted controls on the top tube.
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 finally ......first e-mtb I could my Enduro geometry with only 2 kgs more , but a motor up......LOVE this work.....Congratulations CEDRIC for your work and love for bikes....Like me..Cheeers....Long live Andorra and Vallnord Bikepark
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 €7,999 ??? You can find e-bikes for 4500£ at Algarve, Avalanche Bikeshop
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 I think only the motor is 2kg, not including the battery. I could be wrong
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 @LuccsPB: you mean is alomst half prices to his direct competitor spec 15K€ ??
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 @PauRexs: cheers mate!
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 Not going to lie, uphill flow is starting to sound pretty good.

That said, they are illegal on public mountain bike trails in all of TX unless motorized vehicles are specifically allowed, so they are not for me (at this time).

And this bike looks really solid, but I'd wait to see the final product.
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 I for one think this looks really interesting, and no matter what you think of e-bikes, kudos to Forestal for stepping forward with this meld of technology and battery / motor development. What's not to like? Expensive, yep, design polorizing, yep, touchscreen that isn't perfect?, we'll see. One is not required to like it or buy it, but shit, this thing is a game changer for ebikes. This changes the game if they pull it off!
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 Forestal claim to have the lightest & most compact motor at 1.95kg, but the Levo SL motor weighs 1.9kg??? Anyways, not bad looking for a ebike. Looks like another contender in the new lighter EMTB category. The Forestal Siryon weighs only 17.4kg (size Medium) compared to 17.3kg for the much more expensive Levo SL SWorks (size Large), and the Forestal has a "coil" rear shock, 20mm more travel front & rear, and heavier GX drivetrain.

Most interesting is the Forestal motor has 60Nm of torque compared to "only" 35Nm torque for the Levo SL motor, so power should be much closer to the Turbo Levo and Shimano motors with 70Nm of torque. On Forestal's website, they claim their Bafang motor has NO NOISE and NO DRAG. The 3.2" touchscreen looks cool and seems like a good idea being incorporated on the top tube for not being too intrusive on the handlebars, but no option for stealth look.

Will be interesting when this bike is finally released and how it rides, as it has been in the works for quite a while now. With the COVID-19 virus in full affect, really, Forestal are now starting to take orders and this bike will not be available until Oct at the earliest...I'm guessing there should be no delays to worry

Here's a link to their website:
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 Very nice bike ,and with a coIl shock ,very clean cockpit,and that screen on the frame very very nice ,but when rain starts to fall on it it might not be to much good ,just like almost all touch screen devices ,they appear to be possessed:-)) ,but give you that to erase the stupids GPS that are a piece of crap in almost all terms (how can companies make so much money with that is amazing ),good luck to all that develop the project ,,and I saw Cedric riding it and man he still is the king
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 Can someone explain to me the purpose of the 2 yellow/green pieces near the swingarm? It appears they serve no actual function in the pivoting of the swingarm... Maybe they are for looks? Or strength?.... Please explain
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 I think it is for better lateral strength... and possibility to put a patent on a single pivot bike ????
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 suspension link!
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 They claim is alters the leverage rate to make it more progressive, but I’m skeptical of how much it actually does. There’s not* going to be a substantial amount of motion there and that’s typically what you need to get a good amount of progressive.

*at least I don’t think there is
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 @kleinblake: even if there was a substantial amount of movement there, there is no resistance applied to the 2 links, so it wouldn't alter the progressiveness...granted I'm not an engineer.... Smile
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 @dexterfawkes: the frame creates an illusion that the shock connects to both the link and the rear triangle through a concentric hole but that isn’t actually the case. The shock is attached to the the second link, which is attached to the first link and the rear triangle. I’m confident that there is some level of leverage curve manipulation going on there, but I doubt it’s very much. (My intuition is that it’s actually regressive, but that would be such a braindead decision that I’d wait to see a graph before I make that claim)
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 They drive the shock
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 @kleinblake: I'd prefer that, coming from the brilliant brains at Forestal.
  • 1 1

They honestly look like they don’t do anything at all
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 @kleinblake: quickly modelled it and they can easily get a 3 to 2 progressive ratio
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 @zojdson: I hope so! I would love to be wrong on this
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 @kleinblake: what's on that rear swingarm will blow your mind dude. Do not underestimate others work and keep calm
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 @kleinblake: maybe see it this way: when the two links are straight, it offers high leverage. When they're bent, the leverage is lower?

Maybe you are assuming the clevis is attached to the swingarm, rather than the clevis being attached to the top of the upper link? The swingarm is attached to the middle of the upper link.
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 @Varaxis: I’d like to retract my initial comment. I’ve seen some more info on this layout and it’s genuinely dope
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 “A final cool feature is the cool handlebar-mounted control on the handlebar”. This sentence is triggering ocd
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 Poofweed mon
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 It's amazing to sell something that doesn't exist, it has not been tested in the real world and may not even pass the tests and make it into production. Incredible bravery or stupidity. Nice concept tho.
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 Oh, all the software features will be delivered as updates will they.. That means some wonk in marketing has dreamed them and the first the poor bastards who have to write it will have seen of it is this post, so I expect it will be bug ridden and dreadful for a good while after release.
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 Article about E-MTB in 2020
Pinkbike readers: Burn it with fire, until it spreads like a virus.

Article about MTB in 2030
Pinkbike readers: Who even rides a bike without a motor!?
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 Amazing how prejudice people are harshly judging things they have not tried.
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 I like this bike, specially the weight and price, e-bike haters gonna hate the fact it don't "looks pregnant".
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 Sounds like my dream interesting to see what actually rolls off the production floor...However that bar mounted power level selector has got to go...ugly component on such a nice ride..
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 @ rcybak you do know that a number of builders on Burke (which by the way is not on the shore) ride e mtb’s right? I guess by your definition those trails are electric cruising trails. Crock of shit if I ever heard one.
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 This one looks great maybe e-bikes can be versatile and for everyone
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 Been following Cedrics adventures about this....I like!
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 Finally a ebike without a super obvious, ugly motor!
  • 1 0
 Nox has done a fine job with their fazua specced models on that front.
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 2 chainstay lengths for 4 sizes, better than most!
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 It is a link driven single pivot, gives shock more progression than just a single pivot, do not think it would be there otherwise!
  • 3 1
 Great value and great geo. I guess looks are subjective
  • 2 0
 How long till you crack the touch screen?
  • 1 0
 That's the result when an Orange bike, a Meta and a Levo have unprotected sex
  • 1 0
 Looks good, great features and decent geo just a shame they didn't make the frames with shorter seat tubes...
  • 1 0
 Now there's a lot to live up to... . My fullest respect, if they pull this off.
  • 2 0
 Welcome to the Orange Stumpjumper
  • 1 0
 I was scrolling down to make that same comment. Looks like someone beat me to it.
  • 1 0
 Got here too early, the "burn it with fire" comment isn't up yet.
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 parts package does not mean shit anymore
  • 1 0
 Looks like an old gt fury
  • 1 0
 It'd be nice as a regular bike.
  • 2 0
 Forestal had a regular bike Singlertrackworld rode it. They posted a video and an article about Forestal 5 months ago including a tour of the facility and ride with Cedric.
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 Its lile if spec made polygon...
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 $8000 for an untested bike with a bafang 60 Nm motor ??? ????????????????
Pleeease !
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 As i already wrote above, the 60 NM is intentional. This thing weighs 2 kg. Most other mid drive units (motor units only) weigh 4 kg.

Would you rather that it was made by an unknown company who has never done a bike mid drive unit?
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 an eeb that looks least like an eeb that ive ever seen
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 are those reserves?
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 CB Synthesis Carbon's
  • 3 2
 Run Forest Run!
  • 2 1
  • 1 1
 And you call this piece of magic smoke a bicycle...
  • 1 1
  • 1 2
 It comes with panaracer tires... lol
  • 1 2
 Another hunk o’shit eTurd coming down the chute.
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