Formula Introduces 'CTS Pack' With 7 Valves To Customize Their Forks' Damping Curves

Sep 20, 2019
by Formula  


CTS technology enables you to manage the performance of your fork effectively. In just five minutes, by using very few tools and without taking the fork off your bike, you can perform a custom setup based on your riding style. At Bike Festival in Riva del Garda we had four riders trying the CTS for the first time, these are their first impressions.

Today we introduce the CTS Pack, a product that gives you the potential of all our seven CTS valves, ready to go and right in your workshop. The CTS Pack expands the tuning options of your fork dramatically. Finally, you get what you've always been looking for: full control over your fork. Changing the damping of your fork with the CTS enables you to get something that a simple knob can't deliver.

Formula CTS Pack

CTS is an innovative technology designed to improve the mechanical skills of every single rider by keeping an eye on ease of use. Our goal has always been to give you control over your suspensions. With the CTS Pack, we believe we have taken another step in this direction.

Formula CTS Pack

Formula CTS Pack

Suggested retail prices

CTS Pack: $229 • € 207 • £183
Single valve: $60 • € 54 • £48
CTS Tool: $56 • € 50 • £45

More info about CTS:


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 This is an awesome idea! Now I can really eff up the way my suspension feels!!

Jokes aside though. For the more experienced user/mechanic/tinkerer I think this is an awesome idea!
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 For the user it’s pretty useless, I don’t think anybody will ever need more than two, unless they are riding several bikes with Formula forks on quite different terrain.

But for shops this is a good idea, they can have customers try very different settings, and since it takes less than two minutes to change the CTS, this would even work between test laps/park runs or whatever. And it will also be easy to adjust rentals to different riders.
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 @FuzzyL: might be right, I've got three different colours and they all make the fork ride pretty different. I have two Selvas and both aren't on the stock green. I could see myself getting one pack to use across two forks, but for one it might be a stretch unless you're a real tinkerer or are very particular - I'm neither.
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 Looks like a vaping product...
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 *black lung intensifies*
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 I could throw some sick clouds with those valves
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 @wmelton14:" I think I got the black lung Pop"
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 @nyhc00: Merman! Merman!!!
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 @pistol2ne: Clouds for DAYS Bro!!
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 The NEO POS foam things they came out with transformed all of my forks. Best $$$$ i ever spent on fork tuning and was only $30. They are not elastomers, they are tokens that change size, which is genius. Air fork feels like a coil now but smoother.
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 Smoother than a coil? Ok now
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 So adding volume spacers to your air spring made it feel linear like a coil???? ... science!
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 @ctd07: These foam things reduce in volume as the fork compresses (due to the increasing air pressure) so yes it does make the fork more linear than if you wouldn't have installed them in the air chamber? Smoother than coil? I don't know.
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 If only I could insert GIF's right now......
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 not possible. placebo effect
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 The only thing thats new is the reduced prize if you buy all of them, which probably noone ever did. I like my selva fork but thats just stupid
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 I dunno. DVOs switch piston is a way better idea. You can turn the piston around to alter the general damping curve and then play with shims to fine tune the amount of damping force. And all that for a couple of bucks for shims. That is genius.
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 The kit should include the necessary tool.
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 I think it does - the last picture shows it in the box (the dark blue thingie towards the hinge).
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 It does.
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 Compared to Push Ind. this is really affordable.
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  • 5 0
 Dude went on a proper hike while filming this.
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 Right?! Started in Finale and ended up in Roma I’m pretty sure, LOL.
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 Never understood multiple tuning options for the weekend rider, set and forget works best, that’s why coil is a nice choice, unless your weight fluctuates much, for shops or racing audience it is a nice package, you can fine tune multiple forks for the team using single box
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 This way they can set the fork on the right tune and then forget it. Not the cheapest option to buy all the valves, but a quick chat with Formula or one of their distributors would help Identify the valve you need to buy.
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 This is the idea: "set and forget." You find your setup, and then you have one super simple compression knob. We believe it is way easier than setting two knobs with a wide range all the times. On top of that, the two knobs only push the compression curve up and down, where the CTS changes the shape of the curve. With multiple CTS you can have a race set up and a more comfortable set up all the time, reversible, in 5 minutes. We believe this is very convenient cause we all have up and downs in terms of fitness if you have a customized shim stack and then, for some reasons, you lose your fitness, then the set up can be too hard. These are just some of the reasons why we believe the CTS is not for tinkerers but for "set and forget" kind of riders. But, of course, you have to try it to believe it.
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 Formula is killing it in performance, value and customization in the the single crown market!
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 Cool idea! Would be nice to see it from other suspension companies too.
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 That is cool. Expensive but I can see it being worth it for the tinkerers out there. It might even be worth splitting the cost with a buddy if they had the same fork
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 Ordered a Formula 33 fork out of Europe. Best fork ever had in my 24 years of xc mountain biking. Was also less expensive than the comparable Fox or RS. The CTS from bikeinn is 49$ including shipping.
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 Am I missing something here, buy a fork, and pay extra to get it to work properly?
Or buy a DVO and (in my experience) tune it to the way you want out of the box..
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 Can you buy formula forks stateside?
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 Universal Cycles has them.
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 Rip off! $60usd is too much for a single valve! I know it's a niche tuning option, but these should just be included with every Formula fork that uses them. Similar to how some coil forks used to come with multiple springs in the box so the end user doesn't have to spend extra money to get their brand new fork working properly.
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 The fork comes with 2 valves and the tool to change them. All of them would be good, but the price of the fork would increase.
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 This is truly a great idea
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 Looks like Karcher interchangeable nozzles
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 Universal cycles has confirmed they CANNOT get these. Where is formula support for US customers?
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 £229 a single valve, but $60 for 7? What I am missing?
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 Probably a simple 'typo' and will be the opposite.
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 Maybe for the super sweet cardboard display box?
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 Goes from "Oh, 60 for 7, that's reasonable, to 229 plus 50 to buy their special tool.
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 It's what @rideformula submitted so I don't want to edit until I get confirmation, but I assume the single valve price and the pack price are switched around.
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flag neroleeloo (Sep 20, 2019 at 8:42) (Below Threshold)
 @brianpark: but you posted this anyway? Let me guess you emailed your contact person,didn't hear back in time and made the post regardless if the pricing is kind of a crucial thing.

Heres an idea, take phone, dial number, TALK TO SOMEONE AT FORMULA IMMEDIATELY and get it right the first time...I know, phones are probably too old for the Pinkbike nerds.You guys are a joke, also, a simple google search shows that several retailers are already selling the product for roughly 60$ a piece.
  • 30 3
 @tuumbaq: nothing screams 'i'm a grumpy baby boomer' like whining about how nobody uses the phone.
  • 10 1
 @tuumbaq: settle down
  • 3 6
 @tuumbaq: neg drops for questioning the capabilities of the pb contributors.
  • 11 0
 @onemind123: A little fact checking never hurt anyone, especially when you think you spotted an error, before publication. But come on right, this isn't the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. Pinkbike is a luxury we are all privileged to have, for FREE. @tuumbaq hissy-fit is definitely not warranted. A little friendly teasing, sure, but a total meltdown?! Reality check - if you think PB sucks so much, stop visiting! @brianpark, thanks for helping to keep us all in the know, you are a beautiful man.
  • 3 2
 @privateer-wheels: I never said fact checking hurts. It's a shame it is not a regular part of online contributions (not just at pinkbike)

My comment was directed more at how tuumbaq is being downvoted into oblivion for calling out a pb staff member. We all now the upvotes downvotes are important. Don't wanna ruin his weekend.....

K, finished work early for the day. Gonna go ride for a few hours now that sun is kinda out.
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 @onemind123: My post was mostly to agree with your justification of the neg props for his tantrum. I picture him all red faced and flailing in front of his keyboard, lol. Pretty silly.

Otherwise, the first part was not aimed at you - I probably shouldn't have @ you in the first part =). Sorry for the confusion.

Enjoy the ride!
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 @onemind123: Oops, downvoted you by mistake. Have a nice weekend.
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 it work with a nero fork?
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 interesting idea. i'd probably buy one at a time to sneak up on perfect
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 Cool kit
  • 1 3
 The margin on that must be unbelievable, a bit of cnc machining and a fancy box, unbeatable Formula
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 Yeah but it's new and their engineers realized summer was over after 6 months of vacation
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 CTS = Can’t Tune Shit
  • 3 6
 Didn't know they still made forks. Never see anyone riding them or even mentioning them
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 They we're on lots of Propain bikes. Very good performance, good looks and Made in Italy.
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 So affordable. Not.
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