Jun 9, 2014
by Ian Chu  
2010年六月:一名年僅18歲Sam Hill的徒弟,跟著Monster/Specializes/Mad Cats車隊抵達蘇格蘭威廉堡。他的名字叫Troy Brosnan,成績4:53.8,排名57。

2014年六月:22歲的Troy Brosnan再次來到威廉堡。這次他的成績比師父高了一名,並且寫下記錄,成為第一個在威廉堡如此殘酷賽道上,拿下首勝的車手。

bigquotesTroy在跑的時候,播報室裡一片狂叫,老實說感覺都要招來別人抗議了。但如果你看見有人如此精采的表現,又是最後一個下山的人,你大概也會為之瘋狂,對吧?真的太嗨了。Rober Warner爵士 - 卓越職業播報員。

Fort William weather-o-meter Sock hanging down product still in box Sock held constantly sideways perfectly fine day Sock shredded to sh t gentle breeze expected later

the mixed weather in Scotland makes for some breathtaking scenery.

Ahhhhhh the fickle weather of Scotland. While we didn t get snow this week we got just about everything else mother nature has to offer. Four seasons in one day.

This was the weather as riders headed up for the first practice session. At this point it was anyone s guess as to what the weather would do on the day.

Beaumont tweaks the Dragon elastic coming off the top of the gondola. Slugger is out to steal some serious Atherton limelight this season 11 won t be enough for him this time but still shows he means it.

There are a LOT of thirsty fans here in Fort William...

Junior Laurie Greenland pushing his way through the last rock section of the open slopes during morning practice. Greenland finished sixth today.
青年組選手Laurie Greenland練習時,正衝下初段末端的亂石區。最後拿下排名第6。

Racing for the win in the Fort William at the 2014 World Cup.

Among many Luca Shaw didn t quite get the luck here in Fort William he was looking for.
跟很多人一樣,Luca Shaw在威廉堡並未受到信運之神的眷顧。

Walker Shaw and Jon Cancellier from SRAM doing a final check on who ended up where the previous day in qualifying.
SRAM的Walker Shaw與Jon Cancellier正在看昨天排位賽的成績。

Loris Vergier. 25th at split 1 first at split 2 but could still only claw back second place. Still at least he can be sure he ll never have to wear sunglasses with a full-face.
Loris Vergier第一分段排名25,第二分段趕到第1,但最後還是只能拿下第2。

The riders on the hotseat and a packed finish arena watch as Martin Maes storms to victory in his first ever World Cup race.
在熱座上的選手與終點區的觀眾,目睹Martin Maes拿下個人的第一場世界盃青年組分站冠軍。

What can you say about Martin Maes other than the guy is a freaking power house. His first world cup. His first World Cup win. Belgium s first World Cup win. Well done Maes well done.
明顯看得出來,Martin Maes的過人之處就在於他強大的體力。這是他的第一個世界盃出賽。他的第一個世界盃分站冠軍。比利時人的第一個世界盃分站冠軍。幹的好!Maes。

Martin Maes may have beaten Loris today in a World Cup DH but Loris beat Martin in an EWS race last year so as far as we can reckon they are even regardless of racing discipline.

Ahhhhhh the fickle weather of Scotland. While we didn t get snow this week we got just about everything else mother nature has to offer. Four seasons in one day.

 treasuremap Some riders visualize the course to help them memorize critical sections Jill Kintner prefers to map it out in pen and ink.
藏寶圖?許多車手將賽道重點具像化。Jill Kintner偏好用筆墨將賽道記錄下來。

Jill Kintnter dropping into her second World Cup podium of the season and not her last.

Power manual FTW.

Myriam Nicole always attaching the technical parts on the track.
Mariam Nicole總是正面迎戰賽道上的技術路段。但還最終還是落後8.71秒。

The Fort William track is one of the most demanding on the circuit and riders arrive to the finish exhausted after leaving it all on track.

After two seasons plagued with serious injuries it was great to see Tracey Hannah back on the podium today in 3rd.
經過過去兩季大小傷的襲擊,Tracey Hannah終於站上頒獎台拿下第3。

Tracy Hannah filled the shoes she needed to today while her brother Mick watched from the sidelines.
Tracey Hannah拿下他需要的成績表現,而他的哥哥Mick就只能在場邊負傷觀看了。

There s a lot of weight on these shoulders heading into the final...Manon Carpenter warms up for the final practice session.
Manon Carpenter正在熱身準備最後一次練習,她肩上承受的許多壓力,目前她還是積分領先者。

Mannon Carpenter was on the fast track for a win today but luck would not be with her. A puncture before the second split put her out of the running. She was one of three women to succumb to flats that finished their runs.
Manon Carpenter今天上路就是要贏,但是幸運並未降臨。第二分段之前的爆胎,將她踢出比賽。她是遭到爆胎襲擊的三名女子車手其中之一。

Pre-race jitters Not Rachel Atherton--she was goofing around in the pits playing with her new Oakley goggles all loaded up with a roll off in case it gets wet out there today.
賽前焦慮?這不會發生在Rachel Atherton身上,她在休息區裡到處晃,把玩剛拿到的Oakley新風鏡。上面裝有線拉式清潔片,以防惡劣天候發生。

Rachel Atherton was fast through the top split but an untimely puncture left her far off the pace by run s end.
Rachel Atherton飛快通過第一分段,但是後來的爆胎使她只能慢慢滑過終點。

Emmeline Ragot confident and relaxed at the start of the day warms up in the Lapierre pits.
Emmeline Ragot輕鬆又自信地在Lapierre休息區裡熱身。

Emmeline Ragot warming up with her mechanic Billy on hand for whatever she might need. Being a professional mechanic at this level is a lot like being a bartender psychologist--Billy is there to provide whatever Emmeline needs prior to starting the clock on her race run advice warm gloves water... you name it Billy supplies it.
Emmeline Ragot熱身時,他的技師Billy隨侍在側回應他的任何需求。在這個境界的技師,大概就是酒保/心理師的合體 - Billy必須提供起跑前Emmeline需要的任何東西:建議、暖過的手套、水....只要說的出來,Billy就得拿的出來。

Ragot on track for a rock stat time....

There is no better way to validate a new bike than with a World Cup win. Doing so with 8 seconds of authority is even better.

Oui madame vous tes num ro un. Ragot and Myriam whisper secretively as their plan to plant nail strips in tactical locations on track comes together.
Oui Madam, vous etes numero un。(譯:是的女士,你是第一名)Rogat跟Mriam正用法文偷偷討論在賽道上哪裡放了釘子。

If there was ever a story behind the final results this was it. Three flat tires for three of the fastest ladies on the planet made for a bittersweet ending to the women s final.

Brook took an unplanned diversion during his run that saw him riding some serious rodeo. The Bulldog is still looking to find the form that put him on the top steps here last year before his shoulder gave out.

Neko Mullaly cresting the finishing straight with a red board--not exactly the sight one wants to see after nearly 4 minutes of full tilt boogie.
Neko Mullaly衝過終點時,計時器上出現紅條 - 這並不是每個人在賽道上已經奮戰四分鐘後,所願意見的景象。

Noel Niederberger was one of three pro men who were without good luck today and didn t finish. Norco s Isak Leivsson and RRP Ghost s David Trummer also ended the day with DNF s.
Noel Niederberger是這天不幸無法完賽的三名車手之一。Norco的Isak Levisson與RRP Ghost的David Trummer也都沒有完賽。

Mark Wallace of Devinci on track. This may not look all that technical but for a rider with aspriations of contending it means going inside and quite possibly clipping aa couple of massive immovable rocks near the exit.
Davinci車隊的Mark Wallace正在路上。這路看起來好像不難,但對於氣喘吁吁的選手而言,最快的跑法就是冒著踏板卡到那幾塊大石頭的風險,跑內側的走線。

Marcello Gutierrez modeling his brand new mouth guard. I never thought about wearing one until I broke out a couple teeth. Now I always wear one. It has some other benefits too. When asked Gutierrez claims it aids his breathing and also works in the event of a crash to prevent concussions.
Marcello Gutierrez使用他最新的護齒。「以前我都沒想過要用,直到牙齒真的被撞斷之後。現在上場我總是會戴,它也有其他功用。」那是什麼?他說這個東西會幫助呼吸,還可以在摔車時防止腦震盪。

Josh Bryceland points towards glory. 1 of over 2 000 photos thought to be lost soon after the Fort William Finals. My CF card mysteriously disappeared for a few hours and was miraculously found by Kathy Sessler in the Santa Cruz pits.
Josh Bryceland並沒有跑出他預期的結果,但是這站大家其實都很看好他。

Race day went off in front of a packed house. Threatening skis loomed most of the day but their bark was worse than their bite.

Isak Leivsson KO d himself hard during his run and didn t make it down the mountain at least from what he can remember . The Norwegien has style for miles.
Isak Levisson決賽時把自己給KO掉了,並未完賽(至少在他還有記憶時是這樣)。這位挪威車手動作極具個人風格。

Neko Mulally fired up after doing well back in Cairns but unfortunately unable to keep it together here in Fort William.
Neko Mulally在上一站澳洲站佳績之後充滿信心來到威廉堡,但是最後並未跑出一樣的好成績。

Greg Williams of Trek had a rubbish run yesterday qualifying 64th but a baller run today coming home 9th in the final.
Trek的Greg Williamson昨天排位跑的超爛,排到第64,但是今年卻跑的很不錯。

Gerg Williamson celebrated his twenty second birthday today he also finished ninth. Last year Williamson finished tenth here at Fort Bill. Happy birthday Greg

TWR mechanic Ben Arnott finds just the thing in his tool box to complete a job well done.
Trek車隊技師Ben Arnolt的工具箱裡藏有讓比賽順利進行的所有工具。

Bryn Atkinson Schleyble-topping to the max and gaining the most race run style points for the day.
Bryn Atkinson在末段的大甩尾,公認是當天最好看的一招。

Greg Minnaar completing his 100th World Cup race and will seemingly be adding on to that number for long into the future. Congrats Greg
恭喜Greg Minnaar在威廉堡完成了個人第100場世界盃分站比賽,這個記錄將會持續很久。他曾在這裡四度拿下冠軍,最早一次是在2002年。今年他又再次拿下前十。

Stevie Smith warming up the chainsaw for what could be a massacre soon to come..
Stevie Smith正為決賽暖身,準備大開殺戒。

Simmonds tore up the top half of the moor on a great time but fell back in the bottom sections to place 18th. Still he and Dale are doing well in cementing themselves as truly World Class right now.
Simmonds在初段取得領先,但是末段掉到第18。他與Sam Dale都正逐漸穩固自己在世界水準的地位。

It s good to have Steve Smith back in the mix. 6th place and just 1 second off the podium means it surely won t be long until he s putting it to the top riders once again.
很高興看見Stevie Smith又重回戰場。拿下第6,只差一秒就上頒獎台,這意味著不久之後我們就會再度看見他站上高位。

Stevie Smith back in the hot seat and nearly making it on the podium after a long winter of recovering from an ankle injury. After his epic win at Leogang last year he could be up higher on the steps next week there.
自從冬天腳踝受傷,Stevie Smith經過長期復健之後,又坐上的終點熱座。去年他在奧地利站那下歷史性的冠軍,下星期又在一樣的場地,相信他可以比這場表現更好。

Another World Cup another powerful course crushing from one of England s biggest and best. Sam Dale is keeping 2014 fully inside the top 10.
另一場世界盃分站,另一場「操」站正襲擊每一位車手。Sam Dale看來今年會盡全力保持在前十之內。

Gee Atherton warming up for action...
Gee Atherton正在為比賽熱身。

Danny Hart put in the performance we ve been waiting to see from him since his World Championships title. So many Brits shinned here today in Fort William. Perhaps that last BDS round heaped out a bit in being prepared. Here s to seeing Hart up on the podium more this season.
Danny Hart跑出了自從上次他拿下世界冠軍之後該有的表現。許多英國車手在威廉堡都有亮眼的演出。或許是上一站的英國積點賽幫大家準備了今天的比賽。今年應該會看見Hart更常上頒獎台。

Danny Hart
Danny Hart可以擺出任何讓人咋舌的空中動作。

Danny Hart

Second to last rider and the final hope for a British gold medal Danny Hart sees red as he crosses the line.
倒數第二位出發,英國車手奪冠的最後希望,但是Danny Hart過終點時,計時器上顯示的是紅條。

Today was a day of Popes Pirates Santas Giant Squirrels and all other manner of reveler. We were in mass today just a different kind of mass.

Sam Hill was absolutely pinned through the rocks up top. It s been a while since he has so confidently attacked such gnarly tracks and it s good to see him so close to that top step of the podium.
Sam Hill全速殺過亂石區。已經有一段時間沒看見他這樣的氣勢。很高興優看見他再度站上頒獎台的高位。

Where s Hilldo

Coming in hot after over four and a half minutes slaying boulders but ya still gotta have a bit of look to see if you re in the green. Sam Hill checking the numbers mid flight.
在經過四分半鐘賽道的襲擊後,Sam Hill過終點時,在空中眼睛悄悄地喵了一下計時器。

Who would have thought it would be Troy Brosnan leading the charge with Gwinn in tow. With a pair of wins and multiple podium finishes from both riders already this season and it s hard to tell who the top dog in the Specialized camp is this season.
誰會想到現在是由Troy Brosnan帶領陣中有著Aaron Gwin的車隊衝鋒?車隊裡有兩勝,還有幾個前五成績,現在還很難說今年誰會是Specialized車隊的領頭羊。

Troy Brosnan coming off the hip into the last stretch of his first World Cup win to date. Lot s of pressure on the young Australian today and you ll be seeing a lot more of Troy on a podium near you.
Troy Brosnan飛躍中段拱門,衝向勝利。當天這位澳洲小將肩上擔了巨大的壓力,今年他應該會是頒獎台的常客。

Gwin Hill and Atherton waiting for Troy to come down.

bigquotesTroy等這個首勝已經等了一段時間,現在終於來了。我也很想自己將冠軍入袋。這是我最愛的賽道之一,這也是我第一次站上頒獎台的地方,總是感覺自己在這表現的都很好。今年覺得狀態很到位。比賽末段還沒感覺到太累,我猜大概是在終段那些大跳台的力量還是不及其他人。Troy可以待會在謝我,哈哈。Sam Hill - CRC車隊。

Troy Brosnan cracking toward the finish line and his first Work Cup win.

History in the making. Troy Brosnan qualified first yesterday. The young Aussie took his first pro World Cup win today besting former team mate Sam hill by 1.659 seconds.
寫下新歷史。前一天排位第一,今天這位澳洲小將以1.659秒打敗了前隊友Sam Hill。

Brosnan with the look back before realizing he s won this...

Troy Brosnan holds his head in sheer disbelief after finally achieving the young gun s first World Cup win.

When is it cool for guys to hug in action sports We just checked bro-code guidelines and it is fully legit when you win your first World Cup at the most notorious DH track on the circuit. EC and Troy bear-hug it mid arena.
在極限運動中,什麼時候兩個大男人熱情的擁抱看起來很酷?我們查了一下男子漢守則,當你在全世界最操的賽道上拿下個人第一次世界盃分站冠軍,你可以理所當然這樣做。車隊的Eric Carter在數萬觀眾眼前與Brosnan相擁。

Blackbox Tech Jon Cancellier with a dab of emotion for Brosnan s moment
BlackBox技師Jon Cancellier為Brosnan的手勝比出「讚」的手勢。

Mad Dog Borris adding another shot to his collection of World Cup podium selfies.

Hill hasn t scored 2nd or higher since his World Champs win at Mont St Anne 2010. Knowing the people want nothing more than to see you win again must be quite a feeling.

Proudest team manager in the game EC follows his guys out in front of the crowds.
場上最驕傲的車隊經理Eric Carter,跟在他的車手後面迎接眾人的歡呼。

bigquotes每場比賽我的車手都表現不錯,但這次真的不一樣。這對車隊來說意義非凡,我跟Troy都想超越對方,但是冠軍只有一個,我希望是我的隊友。很高興站上頒獎台,更高興Troy拿下冠軍。他已經等了很久,他還能戰好幾年。[b[Aaron Gwin - Specialized車隊。

Today s fastest.

Men s Podium

It was only a matter of time and with the confidence Troy Brosnan has right now expect it to continue.

我剛拿下個人首勝,這感覺真不知該怎麼形容!Troy Brosnan - Specialized車隊。

Kathy Sessler had swords made for Peaty s 40th birthday and Minnaar s 100th World Cup. True dedication for years on end deserves a solid honor.
車隊經理Kethy Sessler準備了兩隻寶劍,當成Peaty四十歲生日與Minnaar第100場世界盃分站的禮物。長年在下坡場上的付出,值得贏得眾人的敬重。

All winners here Rob Warner Peaty and Minnaar were all honored for their years of dedication to the sport here in Fort William.
Rob Warner、Peaty、Minnaar在威廉堡這邊,受到大家對他們多年來對下坡運動付出的歡呼。

Jack Peat probably is too young to play with knives but can sure handle a sword like a good knight.

If there was ever a time to call a Bros-amapalooza party it would be tonight in Fort William. Monster gets the chicks .
徒弟變師父。當晚的派對主角就是Troy Brosnan。

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