Fox Air DH - Crankworx Whistler 2016 - Replay

Aug 17, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  


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 "Well he's not going to make the top 15, not even the top 10 here today at the Fox Crankworx Air DH", no shit he won't make the top 10 if he didn't make the top 15, and I'd forgive it if it was said once, but Brad made a comment to this effect over and over and over again! I think I've heard "squash" enough to last me a lifetime. I would love to hear Warner and Cunny doing the commentary for the DH events at Crankworx. Cunny is already there for EWS.
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 If I listen to this commentating any longer I'm going to climb into the bath tub with my toaster oven.
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 Hate to say, but that was horribly boring. Plus it seems the live feed crew really dropped the ball on the footage. The camera locations/ angles could have been better and half the cuts were way off.
But then again, I'm no professional. Maybe that was the best they could do.
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 why can't them 2 numptys commentating see that a dh bike is slower than a trail bike by about 10 seconds
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 I cant listen to them, maybe its a British thing dude, they are just annoying and the way they say "Fox Air DH" all the time ... why can't they say "downhill" ... aargghh

Same comment every time about the bikes and where ach one is better!!! + maybe its because I am not paying great attention but it seems to me that Crankworx thinks Crankworx is bigger than it actually is, I know its a big event and all but it just feels like its all a bit full of itself, I don't know, maybe i am just a whinging twat today, either way, its a hard watch for sure

time to sleep !!!
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 milk cannons!
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 Oh man, tried on two devices and can't get full screen, let alone a connection to chromecast. I'll not bother watching two hours in a half window.
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 @k-produxions: Got it nicely on the PC. Coverage sucked though...
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 well that's boring...

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