Franz Grossmann Recovery Fund

May 2, 2017
by Fabio Schäfer  
Franz Elic Grossmann competed at the Urban Downhill Race in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last weekend. Unfortunately, had a very bad crash which has resulted in a coma.

We are hoping the best for him.

Franz Grossmann Recovery

His family and friends from Austria are on the way to Mexico right now to support him.

We want to support Franz and his family during the recovery. So every donation is important. You can send your donation via GoFundMe.

Please also send him your best wishes via Instagram: instagram.com/grossmann.f

Thank you very much. As soon as there are any updates about his health we will post it here.

Franz Grossmann Recovery


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 From what I've heard the course was originally on the street next to the stairs and got changed when the riders were about to drop in. They were only told that they have to go over the stairs and duck a little because of a balcony. But they didn't know exactly what it would look like because they never practiced that.
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 How could this happen? Saw the video and he went from like 100 to zero head first into that balcony. How horrible Frown If that thing about the course change is true, someone should be in real trouble right now.
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 We had 1 practice run, the first run, but he crashed on the second run. It is extremely sad what happened but you can not say that the riders where only told for the changes. We rode by then twice. Franz stopped and looked at it. I was with him during practice.
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 I hope the organizers get sued. What a bunch of idiots to design a course like that. Like, how stupid can you be.
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 Fucking wow. I sincerely hope he survives that and rides out of the hospital. And shame on the course designers for this. Absolutely avoidable, and they should be funding all of his medical expenses. I love the Urban Races, but fuck me. You have to take into consideration some kind of precautions when putting them on. DH is dangerous enough, on concrete it's lethal. Shame on you
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 1. I wish the best for a brave and daring Franz in recovering, I respect his daring. I could not do this type of DH and come out unscathed due to its extreme element and not knowing the credentials of the builders .
(do not read below if you are easily offended)
2. SO, reading the threads ( and I do love urban DH ) I am left to wonder if many if not all who postulate the sue and blame podium understand that this is very much a rider assumes risk type events. This is easily obvious why these events are not supported or done in the U.S. Lawyers would be lined up along side each feature awaiting their payday off any sponsors back. Blame someone else, make someone else pay. This is why we see these events in second and third world countries.

3. The finger turns back at me every time I ride DH , be it at the Bike Park, the illegalily built DH trail or at the local dumbed down advocated trails. DH is not risk adverse, I have learned that through many medical bills myself. Each repsonsible rider knows what they assume. If not, they should attend Berkely and find comfort in a safe place. Real world , real world rules. Not fair? Yes it is life.
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 As devastating as it is to watch it happen and as much emotion it builds to the point where I want to find someone to blame too, I totally agree with you. A cruel reminder of the price being paid. That's why not all of us partake in that nor would have the balls to. However, as someone who watches, enjoys and shares the videos and photos of these races, I feel somewhat inclined to donate with however little I can to help the rider out. Kind of reminds me of some of the Red Bull rampage unfortunate accidents.
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 Dude that section was so freakin stupid. They didn't have any markings for the low overhang, etc. Stupid. I can't believe he's the only one to hit it to tell you the truth. This should have never happened. Makes me mad. I really hope the swelling comes down and he's o.k. but double hits like that... especially coming down on the back of his head are dangerous as hell. Many prayers. Get better man you got a long amazing life ahead of you.
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 All the best dude you got this!!!
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 I saw the video of the accident on Facebook, it looked brutal, and why has´t the course designer though about the balcony being in the way.
All the best.
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 What a retarded course...http://www.ebaumsworld.com/videos/downhill-mountain-bike-racer-has-serious-accident/85342791/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=page-posts&utm_campaign=biker-suffers
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 Who are the organizers and who designed the course?
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 Hopefully this will make it to the home page ASAP.
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 I agree, @kanioni. How can his accident be bigger news on Facebook (where I found out about his condition) than it is here?
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 @microfiz: Exactly, this is way more important than Check Out articles or 29" dh bikes Frown
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 Its amazing how much misinformation is making it's way around this comment section, and likely elsewhere (facebook, etc). Remy Metailler is trying to jump in and let people know that Franz DID know about the course change, and that it was for safety reasons with the big jumps. Just another example of "fake news", misinformation, and people believing the first thing they read and grabbing their pitchforks...
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 Stay strong Franz!!!
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 Any news?
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 More news if you want look there : www.youtube.com/channel/UCnDquwyoD2AJwGXym_vezHg
Fabio Schäfer on YouTube...Sorry for my english, i m french

#staystrongfranz #keepfightingfranz !
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 Any news?!

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