Freeride Legend Paul Basagoitia Joins the Canyon Cllctv

Mar 25, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
Paul Basagoitia Canyon

34-year-old freeride legend Paul Basagoitia has signed with the Canyon Cllctv and will represent the brand using their eMTB range.

Paul announced himself in mountain biking in 2004, when, as a 17-year-old, he showed up at the Crankworx Slopestyle Contest in Whistler without a bike of his own, let alone any sponsors, and won. It was a defining victory for Bas and the beginning of an impressive career that would take him all around the world, scoring numerous international wins. Unfortunately, Bas's career came to an abrupt halt after a crash at Red Bull Rampage fractured his T12 vertebra and damaged his spinal cord.

Paul Basagoitia Canyon

Paul's miraculous recovery was documented in the Sports Emmy nominated 'Any One of Us' documentary. Through incredibly hard work and the generous support of the mountain biking community, Paul was able to overcome a prognosis that told him he might never walk again. Today, more than five years have passed since the accident and, while he still walks with a stick, he is back on the bike and uses eMTBs to overcome the limitations of his body.

bigquotesThe e-bike has literally given me a second chance in life. If it wasn’t for this technology, I wouldn’t have the freedom to go ride with my buddies and explore new zones. I’m really happy with how the bike is performing. The whole mullet set up is new to me and I love how snappy it is for an e-bike. I’m very blessed to have come this far in the last five years! I still have the same motivation and drive to keep getting better. I set goals and I don’t give up until I reach them! It’s important to progress in all elements in life whether it’s health, wealth, relationships, in your career, etc. If I can progress in all those elements I’ll be one happy guy!Paul Basagoitia

Paul Basagoitia Canyon

bigquotesThe Canyon Cllctv is a strong community, like a big family of mountain bikers. We are extremely proud to have an absolute legend like Paul join us as a Canyon brand ambassador. It is impressive and inspiring to see how he won the battle to get back on the bike. We look forward to supporting him in his future endeavours. We couldn’t be more happy to see Paul riding Canyon bikes, and we can’t wait to get started on the projects we’ve got lined up with him. Welcome to the Canyon Cllctv, PaulKerstin Kaufmann, Canyon Brand Manager MTB


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 Pl bsgt jns th cllctv, wht (a) tm t b alv!
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 Seriously, when is the dropping-the-vowels thing going to end? Surely it's played out by now
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 @VtVolk: nvr!
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 @VtVolk: It will be mainstream for now, then mainstream will no longer find it cool once downmarket brands do it so when Target Clothing Range will become "Trg Clth"
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 Hr w g agn -_-
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 @VtVolk: WaIt FoR ThIs OnE To CoMe ArOuNd AgAiN
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 I came here with the expectation that this comment would exist and I came here only to like this comment.
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 @VtVolk: Pls fl ll cmplnts wth th cllctv cstmr srvc dprtmnt
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 I think we should go camel case next, paulBasJoinsCanyonCollective
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 I always assume someone has passed or has suffered a career ender when a title starts with "Freeride legend"
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 I had that same sinking feeling when I read the headline. So glad that’s not the case. Stoked for Bas!
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flag pb-kg (Mar 25, 2021 at 7:01) (Below Threshold)
 Apparently now you can add "represents brand on ebikes" to the list.
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 Thank god they didn't make the thumbnail photo black and white!
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flag Sobi07 (Mar 25, 2021 at 7:28) (Below Threshold)
 ??????? stupid comment of the year and we are on march.
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 He did suffer a career ender, but somehow he is clawing it back and it astounds me everytime he posts an update.
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 He did and it's amazing that he's back riding. Amzng!
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 @scvkurt03: f*ck off you absolute scummy moon fruit. The dude crashed at rampage and buggered his spinal chord. He literally has to walk with the help of a walking stick because of the limitations of his body, that transfers across to cycling too, the motor is pretty much a necessity for Bas to get riding again. Whether you like E bikes or not, the fact is they have allowed a living legend to get back out on the trails again where in a world without e-bikes, he wouldn’t be able to. One last time.. and I’m sure pinkbike will rally around me here. f*ck you
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 @freerideglory: Relax. Ebikes are fine. I own one. Definitely not shit talking Bas. F*ck you too.
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 this is what a bicycle community stands for.... supporting our legends with a future and help when they are down. It is about what happens when the smoke clears and no one is around. Paul is a stand up guy who I admire. Good on ya Team Canyon
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 This is one thing that mountain biking and skateboarding do very very well in respect to other action sports, seeing how the brands/corporate entities treat pro skiiers/snowboarders and the weird culture it breeds, its hard to get as hyped on those sports as I once used too.
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 @pbfan08: Well... some within the sport do for some athletes. I can think back to a few cases where it didn't seem that way in the past. Like Mark Matthews a few years back etc. Glad to see the support for Bas and hope companies take note that it bodes well for them with the public when they do!
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 cngrts t pl bsgt!
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 This right here... seeing that Paul Bas is now a sponsored rider again, is one of the best moments in Rampage history.
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 (ノ ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)ノ aeiou
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 comment of the year
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 Paul Bass is just that.... An absolute bike legend and all around great person. Super stoked for him.
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 Uhhhh...Do you folks have any idea the emotional and psychological strength it takes to get back ANY function after a neurological/spinal cord injury. Yes, he is riding an am I after a patellar tendon rupture. Ebikes are a godsend for injured mountain bikers.
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 I had 8 months off from complications following broken arms. Cardio was completely nuked but I borrowed an ebike and could rip like the injury never happened. f*ck yeah it’s cheating but who cares I’m not here to win I’m here to have fun
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 I've been listening to some podcasts with Paul as a guest and as legendary as he is on a bike it sounds like he's an equally great human being. Stoked for this dude.
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 Literally watched his part in accomplice this morning as a little motivation. Love what you're doing Paul, keep crushing it!
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 Right on Paul and Canyon!! ????????????. We're still enjoying your work in the pinenuts!!! Congratulations and enjoy the ride.
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 Awesome! Bas' team tshirt, borrowed bike joyride win is permanently etched in my mind. Bit hazy but backy on to backy whip off the massive box structure left everyone slack jawed.
His battle to get back on the bike was super inspiring to follow on ig
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 Best news of the week. The guys story as shown in the film is an emotional roller coaster ride and brutally honest at points. The bike industry supporting someone who literally gave everything for the sport is where it should be. Seeing Paul ride again is such a positive thing.
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 Hell yea, Paul. Youre an inspiration
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 This is what heart is. Nothing is going to stop Paul Bass. Amazing work and congratulations.
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 What a guy! This is awesome!
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 This is awesome, so happy for him!
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 Mad props to Canyon for stepping up and supporting this amazing story.
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 There is no better way to advocate ebikes than this... Congratulations Paul and shrewd advertising Canyon!
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 Beyond awesome to see Bass back on the bike.
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 Great to hear! Now that is the kind of rider I respect for hopping on an E bike. Just sayin.
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 Did he win on a borrowed Kona bike?
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 *gibberish*... Canyon CCTV.

There. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
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 Look at that smile on his face! So happy for you, Paul!
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 Legend...coming back from rampage crash????
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 Seeing him on a bike again is a great feeling.
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 I am so happy to hear this! Congratulations Paul!
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 Yaaaasss Baaassss
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 Yeah, Paul!
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 Nice one Paul!
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 Cauyneyone Caullectyve.
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 Breaking news lol
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