From Chicago’s Airport - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Sep 22, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
I am stuck in Chicago’s airport on my way home from an amazing trip out to Pinkbike HQ (which I think will be the subject of next week’s cartoon). There is a storm raging outside grounding flights and a nice lady guarding the United Club Lounge let me in to use the Wi-Fi. Luckily, that means I can get these comics posted just before the deadline. For your entertainment I present...

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here, I have a Surly Wednesday bike that I use as a snow bike and I love it, but it does have an absolute comical number of water bottle mounts... they are tucked away everywhere! Inside the fork legs, hidden under tubes... I drew little faces on everyone of them.

The Pinkbike editors told me this one isn’t funny, but I’d already drawn it. I was just out at the annual Field Test and I rode my first Intense bike, and it was a “mullet bike”.

I am really mad that I forgot about National Avocado Day last week, so this doozy is now totally not relevant.

This is a thinker (or maybe it is just dumb).

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 Shimano vs. Sram fishing wins for sure! Intense is a solid second. Editors...everyone's a critic.
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 I've been mountain biking since the early 80s. I used to fish before I got into mountain biking. When I fell in love with mountain biking and seeing Shimano also made components it was like a dream come true. Shimano on my bikes and boats for life.
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flag DirtMcGuirk07 (Sep 22, 2019 at 8:11) (Below Threshold)
 Think PB meant a rock dude rocking a mullet...where's the punchline. Not meant like, "hey that isn't funny" like someone would take it personal.
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 @DirtMcGuirk07: "in tents"
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 I have nothing with fishing but the comic is perfect! The SRAM one could work, they just need to attach that hook to some kind of submarine launched ballistic missle. I'd say SRAM go for it. At some point we'll be seeing this tech feed back into mountainbiking and make Interbike exciting again. You can read it on the internet, but it just isn't quite the same.
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 @pinnityafairy: Holy shit dude nice catch!
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 @zaalrottunda: thanks
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 @vinay: This is the difference between japanese thinking and american thinking. As a 'merican i will totally back you on your guided missile fishing.
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 The fact that the PB editors told you it wasn’t funny made me laugh at the comic even more than I should have. Thank you.
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 PB fake news fake views fake accounts
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 haha the shimano vs sram one is very cleaver sir!
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flag WAKIdesigns (Sep 22, 2019 at 5:33) (Below Threshold)
 I have no sense of humor thus I want to say that this is silly. I have AXS on my Surly that I use for bikepacking which always involves fishing I always bring bags full of salmon.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Is your surly a mullet aswell?
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 @WAKIdesigns: sign back in already. True bromance. I knew you'd miss us.
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 @WAKIdesigns: it’s not always about you, WAKI.
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 I have no sense of humor so I also ordered a Pole to suit my aura if such thing even exist. I know it doesn’t but we all need metaphores as a coping mechanism. There is nothing funny about bike packing or long geometry or eating vegetables.

I have a long beard, I am morally superior. All my life choices are well analyzed, supported by facts and thus better than yours. You may think that drop bars on my fatbike and kariboo leather fanny are silly but that is because you are silly. It is you not me.
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 AXS fishing gear jejeje. Please do PB HQ next week. I was in Squamish earlier this year and looked for the place for a good hour. They have hidden it pretty well.
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You fool, it’s hidden in plain sight at Tim Horton’s.
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 @vw4ever: which one tho?
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 Also 12-speed fishing reels never really took off
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 Mullet... In a tent... Too good! Bad puns are the best puns.
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 wireless fishing, app now availabe
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 Winners, all four of them. Thanks for the laugh!
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 I feel like a kid reading these Sunday morning at breakfast before I ride. My Captain Crunch never tasted so good.
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 That cannondale has true meaning. I instantly saw the guy with one leg and thought it must be a reference to all of there cracked seatstays they refused to warranty. I am clearly biased from my own experience getting f'd by them on warranty because I didnt realize it was clearly another lefty joke... haha
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 Cannondale may have forks with a single leg, but Surly is the only bike brand I can think of that has produced proper mountain unicycles (without water bottle mount). So Surly could be single (yet fat) legged as well.
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 Just learned that they actually did mount bottles to it:
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Surly: when you want to cross Yukon by bike, but you also want Soy Latte.
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 @WAKIdesigns: They don't have Soy Latte in Yukon? Either way, I trust you realize that soy milk is pretty much last weekend. Oatmilk is the new shit.
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 @vinay: Have you tried Beef milk?
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 Fishing one is funny.

Surly are like what Sick wanted to be but could get their frames made on time.
Top dollar image and branding but average spec for the price bikes (mostly) made out of average 4130
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 Top dollar image and branding?
They were all over instagram and that's about it. I thought the branding was ugly and the characters "questionable" (let's say that to comply with pb's guidelines) right from the start...
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 I can put tons of racks and bottles on my Surly Straggler (it should be called a Slacker because of the geometry) but my 1989 Cannondale will get me across town to the party way faster.
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 Love them Taj.
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 I'm commenting this here because this is at the top of the page. Funny how brands keep advertising 2020 bikes on PBHP at the top, the new Reign 29, Ripmo AF, and Intense Primer. But then you click the link and go to check them out and they are significantly out of stock because they came to market before much stock was built up.

Nothing like getting all excited and then finding "coming soon"/out of stock everywhere. Advertising Dollars wells spent!! lol
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 Cool story. Sounds like you’ll have to wait.
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 @COnovicerider: Yea I do tell a good story, have you heard about the newb from Colorado who...

Smile jkn!
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 Good ones! Surly we’ll see more of these “if bike brands were people” so much potential haha
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 The comics should stand alone without explanatory captions. If someone doesn't get it they can say so and be shamed and made fun of.
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 All my Shimano equipped bikes use fishing line but my SRAM equipped bike is a single speed...
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 My condolences I'm very sorry you have to ride SRAM!
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 The f*ck? There's only WiFi in the lounge at Chicago Airport?
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 Not true lol. (A guy always getting $#@&# stuck in that garbage airport...perhaps he was at midway? ).

Getting into the United Club for free small feat brah
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 Guacshox lol Taj wins the internet today
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 The intense one was perhaps your best, even without the mullet joke. Worth a few yuks!
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 Clever and funny. All of them.
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 Funny, clever, stylish & intense! Can't wait next weekend Big Grin
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 These are getting better
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 Intense...pitching a tent?
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 Intensities in tent cities!
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 i laughed at all three. Well done sir.
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 Shouldn't the AXS lure swim itself back to shore as you reel it in?
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 the sram shimano one is incredible.
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 narrow wide tv, you guys really rock.
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 Sram/shimano fishing is the best
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 Haha AXS!
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 dark joke
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 So is it gwak or gwok?
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 What? no non amputee triggered people flaming artist for insensitivity?

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