FSA Announces Details for PowerBox Power Meter Crankset

Jul 17, 2019
by FSA-MTB  
Video by @interrobangmotionpictures


Why pay for something you don't use? Our new PowerBox carbon power meter crankset allows the user to pick and choose from multiple data upgrades. Maybe you just need one power readout? Maybe you value more feedback? Pay one price to start reading your power output, then make more upgrades as you see fit. PowerBox is light, strong, and fits any bottom bracket. With Boost or Standard spacing, the FSA PowerBox is an affordable and fun way to improve your ride.

Conor rides the FSA Carbon PowerBox Crank

We have seen Power Meter cranks used by the top pro's in the XC World Cup for years now, but only recently have we seen today's Enduro World Series and Downhill athletes using them in training and on the course. FSA's PowerBox is a stealthy way to sneak power into your game, while maintaining the toughness and weatherproof function you need to withstand some of the most brutal days in the saddle.

Our MTB PowerBox Carbon Crankset employs a Power To Max (P2M) convertible spider design for multiple chainring options. Our FSA crank arms and BB392EVO spindle mated together produce a stiff, reliable, extremely versatile spider-based power meter available with a double or single MegaTooth (thick/thin) chainring configuration.

Conor rides the FSA Carbon PowerBox Crank

Upgrade the PowerBox with additional data during the ride and for analyzing your sessions. Each additional upgrade costs $50.

With this upgrade, your PowerBox can transmit data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE or Bluetooth Smart) to your bike computer.

Left/Right-Balance Upgrade INCLUDED IN THE PRICE
The L/R balance shows you the percentage each leg is contributing to your total power output. (power left = pressure on the left pedal + pull up on the right pedal; power right = pressure on the right pedal + pull up on the left pedal). (Note: The crankset comes stock with a single power output reading accurate within +/-2%).

Pedal Smoothness Upgrade
Pedal smoothness is an advanced metric for riders who want to optimize their pedaling. It shows you how evenly power is applied throughout the whole 360-degree pedal rotation. The FSA PowerBox collects the data for both legs combined. (Note: Transmission of this data to your bike computer is only possible via ANT+).

Torque Upgrade
Torque is a unique value, especially for XC and short track riders who want to measure their peak power output. This value shows a rider the power independent from your cadence. Please note you must check if your bike computer can show the torque value before upgrading your FSA PowerBox's torque sensor.

Conor rides the FSA Carbon PowerBox Crank

Finer Details:
- Convertible spider design for Standard142 or Boost148 chain line configurations
- 1x MegaTooth (thick-thin) chainring tooth design for maximum chain engagement
- Hollow carbon composite arms with UD finish
- BB392EVO 30mm AL 7050 alloy spindle fits every MTB frame (purchase BB separately)
- AL7075 100% CNC chainrings
- Spider-based power sensors can provide total power output measurement of both legs individually
- Powered by a simple 2450 coin cell battery found everywhere
- Weight 789g (single ring), 817g (double ring)
- $1,150 USD

Coming soon: An alloy version and a more affordable version



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 This is really dumb. I can buy a Quarq XX1 eagle power meter that weighs in att 580grams (with a 104mm chainring) for 700€.
  • + 19
 Welp, it's ugly which is just FSA doing what they do. But, it's also heavy, overpriced, and has an upgrade path guaranteed to alienate consumers. Kudos on taking your game to the next level FSA.
  • + 16
 It's straight from the EA Games playbook!
  • + 1
 Amazed it's not Crankbrothers
  • + 14
 So, if I'm reading this right, all of the physical tools for measurement (all if the manufacturing cost) are already inside, you are just paying different amounts of money to actually see the data?
  • + 26
 looks like bike industry discovered the magic marketing phrases like "monetization", "freemium", "pay to play" and "going batshit crazy". customers should remind them that "f*ck off, i'm not buying this shit" is kinda important too in the long run.
  • + 10
 Well at least they didn't call the upgrades PowerUps
  • + 7
 Over priced, ugly, heavy, what more can you ask for? Ohh yeah, pay to use the functionality that are already in the crank that you purchased. Perfect crank in my opinion!
  • + 7
 Erm..power is torque X cadence. So surely it's giving you torque output rather than power independent of cadence?
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About halfway down the article is where it gets interesting.

If I remember corectly it discusses what will essentially be an app ecosystem for low power bluetooth or whatever devices. You pay extra for extra features.
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 oh hai, this is new x01 super eagle exs. upshift included. shifting downwards available via in-app purchase.
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 FSA - I'm really disappointed in you. I once thought of you as plucky, smart, cleverly priced, and a great addition to my bikes. I convinced myself that it was me, for all these years.... The changes you've been through lately though, have really proven to me that it really is you, and I don't know how to deal with that. I cannot accept the new you and I don't feel that things can go back to the way they were. I'm sorry, but this is goodbye.
  • + 5
 I don't need to spend money to know I am slow af.
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 Someone from FSA 1) Needs to read all the feedback in these comments 2) Needs to think about how hard they're going to get roasted in these comments before they roll something out. If the roast forecast is any where north of "Gonna get some of the normal Shimano/SRAM fanboy trolls whining" they need to go back to the drawing board.
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 Call me old fashioned, but I'm not really a fan of paying to unlock functionality. This would be like buying a car that comes with A/C, but you have to pay the dealer to get the A/C activated. Blah. I'm in the market for a new power meter, and this has ensured that I won't consider FSA.
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 If the crankset was like $400-500 I might understand the ‘pay to use’ model, but at $1150 I’d expect all those features on day one. Regardless, that is one fugly heavy crankset.
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 This is disgusting and makes me loath fsa. Paying for data unlock?

Next will be free ENVE wheels that have a built in speed restriction requiring a $4000 data transfer to unlock.
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 Curious why they do a UD finish over their carbon cranks. UD is great for transferring the loads when you are sure about the direction they go, but even the biggest players use a weave as a finish layer as impact protection. Would these come with a different kind of protection (like these boots Rotor cranks come with, for instance)?
  • + 4
 I can't comment on this specific product, but I can tell you most top layers are cosmetic, contributing little to strength, stiffness, toughness, etc. If FSA decided to forego a cosmetic top layer, then I'm all for it.
  • + 2
 @R-M-R: Easiest way to compare UD and weaves is to compare it to bamboo and wood respectively. Aside from growing fast (which makes it a more sustainable material for construction purposes), if you know the direction of the loads you can make very light yet strong constructions out of bamboo. Like scaffolding, for instance. Drive a nail in it though and the fibres split. Wood has a more "messy" fibre direction which may require more weight for the same strength in one single direction, but you can make more complex products out of it. You can cut, route, drill etc and it will still retain much of the strength only a short distance from the cut. Obviously depending on the type of wood. If you're working with fresh (wet) wood (for instance to make your own spoon), you'd usually want to choose a piece with a knot where the fibres whirl around for the more complex bits like where the cup of the spoon goes.

Sure possibly some may apply a weave as cosmetic layer but the same could go for UD. Especially now that the audience seems to think that weaves are just cosmetic and UD is business. Another analogy. A weave is like a safety net whereas UD is like falling onto someones laundry wires. It may hold, but they could also easily move out the way and allow you to pass through.
  • + 2
 This is not a ud fabric, but a matt, meaning it has a random fiber orientation. You will get uniform properties in all planar directions and it is easy to use in compression molding. Impact properties of ud vs a twill is somewhat irrelevant as the difference becomes important when cracks occure as the difference is in crack propagation. Matts do pretty well in this regard i would imagine, but don't really know. Never tested myself. Furthermore the resin is crucial for anything impact related. So not even worth discussing based on those pictures.
  • + 1
 @SleepingAwake: Agreed, a matt would be good. I just thought it was UD because that's what it said under "finer details" in this press release by FSA. I also agree that the type of resin matters loads for impact resistance.
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 @vinay: I am aware of the properties and have worked with composites in both commercial and academic capacities. I appreciate your enthusiasm to explain, though.
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 "an affordable and fun way to improve your ride"

"$1,150 USD"

lmao what even
  • + 1
 Well, she ain't pretty... but she's witty.
  • + 1
 err... what is a 'power meter crankset'?
  • + 1
 Can I power a tail light with it?
  • + 1
 When did riding a bike get so damn complicated ? Just peddle damnit !!
  • + 1
 i came here for the comment.
  • + 1
 Peddling? Why on earth would you wanna do that, let gravity take over.
  • + 1
 Just get out there, have fun and log miles.
  • - 1
 100% useless junk,in my opinion
  • + 1
 And everyone else's, by the looks of it.
  • - 1
 is there a Ebike model? Smile
  • + 1
 eBikes have built in torque sensors. You'll be paying to unlock functionality on ebikes before you know it.
  • + 0
 @dontcoast: Seriously?
you people should ride more... and without gysmos or strava
  • + 1
 @TDMAN: that's how ebikes work man - pedal assist works with a torque sensor to "amplify" your power...power meters ARE torque+cadence sensors. Just pointing out the tech is there.

Personally I don't ride an ebike OR a power meter (but I am a nerd)
  • + 1
 @TDMAN: only point is that you don't need an ebike version it's literally built in
  • + 1
 @dontcoast: and think ebikes worked as airplanes...

by magic!
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