Full Highlights Video - Fort William DH World Cup 2018

Jun 5, 2018
by Red Bull Bike  

Relive the excitement of the 2018 Fort William DH World Cup. The next round takes place in Leogang in just a few short days - stay tuned.

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 BRUNI’s reaction when Gwin crashes. Priceless
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 Reminds me of Windows Internet Explorer
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 » Screen freeze of that podium moment: www.pinkbike.com/photo/15976833
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 @colincolin: The difference is Gwin hardly ever crashes and Internet Explorer crashes all the time
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 @FendlerMTB: that should make superbruni at least flinch!!
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 Stoic Bruni
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 What about the time when Danny Hart was on the hot seat, someone crashed and he just had a creepy smile on his face. I think it was from a few seasons ago.
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 He couldn't jump of happiness as he was filmed...
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 His congratulations to Amaury later look really genuine though.
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 Loic was just disappointed. He'd been teaching Aaron all day how to ride a bike and the guy still doesn't seem to get it. He was like "Dude, you're never going to be a world champ this way."

His words, not mine. I think Aaron does have potential.
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 I was kind of the same. I had this feeling that he was pushing just a bit too hard in the woods. I was almost expecting something to go wrong.
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 Rachel snapped the chain, then crashed, and still ended up third!!
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 ...got struck by a lightning, hit by a car, impaled...still podium. Rachel is insane! My friends spoke to her at BPW some weeks ago, she's super cool in person they say.
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 @Milko3D: probably wearing an iron man suit under those endura skinsuits!!
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 that was bloody amazing!
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 aka Bullet Tooth Rachel
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 @wowbagger: You can call her Susan if it makes you happy.
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 Probably the best produced Highlight from them.
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 Gwin...we don't like crashing....not going to do that any more.....what an animal...takes a beating and gets up grinning.
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 That Men's podium makes me so happy! it's rare to see a podium where everyone is happy for each other!
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 Nice to see different faces on the podium.
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 Loic didn't even blink when gwin crashed. Vooodoooooo hahahaha
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 Haha cold as ice
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 The fans aren't the only ones who are bored of the Gwinner's constant Gwinning. The monopolies commission needs to have a word with him about his behaviour at races. I am convinced they have a case against him.
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 Loic could walk away from a explosion without blinking or looking back
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 that's were superbruni comes from, like when in movies they walk away from explosions without even flinching
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 Cool guys don't look at explosions!

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 Was Martin Maes wearing a Belgian flag shirt because he has won the national championships or is it because he doesn't have any UCI points but he's riding for the national cycling federation?
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 If he didn't win it, there's a problem somewhere.
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 @BenPea: Well, I don't know if he even competed in their nationals.
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 @BenPea: Thinking of it, he probably didn't. He hadn't ridden a DH bike in two years, has he? So if he won the nationals, it must have been on a different (non-DH) bike. More likely, he's riding for the national cycling federation. Otherwise he would probably have been riding in a GT jersey with a band or different sleeve.
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 @vinay: Seriously, why wouldn't he have a go though? Can't hurt, especially knowing he'll smash everyone. Maybe that's not such an incentive. I could beat my 4 year old in a fist fight, doesn't mean I'm gonna do it...
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 @BenPea: Yeah, but I thought I read somewhere that until preparing for Ft Bill, he hadn't ridden a DH bike in two years. So either he has ridden the Belgian nationals on his enduro bike, or not at all. Could be that he has (Sam Hill style) indeed. But if it were proper DH championships, I doubt he has ridden it on his enduro bike, won it and it wouldn't have had much publicity.

Silly thing is, I'm still guessing here. Suppose I should be able to look it up too. I'm too lazy to look things up. Guesswork is hard enough.
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 What is the 'Song' in the highlight WC video? Great video BTW, gets me fired up!
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 I want to know too!
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 @Pierso: Stop The Train (Song) from AWOLNATION
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 @bikepro71: Thanks
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 Anyone hear what Pierron said at the end? Doesn't sound like he likes his bike much, said something like the bike is really hard for him but works well for the team, anyone else hear it that way?
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 yah I heard that the same way. even if I hated the bike I was riding, if I got a win on it i'd probably not say anything bad about it, call me superstitious?
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 Loves the bikes dislikes the track. Had to work hard to feel comfortable here.
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 Really awesome to see fresh faces on the podium.
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 Epic video ! It was dope to watch ... great edit too! Wink
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 I'm curious when the Syndicate will finally give up on that assegai tire
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 Burn in hell, Redbull media player...
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