Interbike 2008 - FSA and Gravity

Oct 1, 2008
by Mike Levy  
FSA / Gravity had some shiny new parts on display under the lights of their booth at Interbike '08. We take a closer look at their Gravity Light wheels, Gravity Cranks, and brand new platform pedals! While we were there, Vittorio Brumotti busted out some sick moves on his trials bike for Mike - Check out the video inside!

Four videos and a load of info inside!Gravity pedals

First up we have the Gravity pedals. Featuring a low 16 mm body profile and turning on sealed bushings, the Gravity pedals look up to the job.

Gravity pedals

Gravity pedals

FSA Gravity had some very neatly done pedals on display in their booth this year that slot in with the rest of the Gravity line of parts. Sporting super-special bushings they are able to keep both the weight, and more importantly the height, to a minimum. Smart touches like rear accessed pins mean that you'll be able to easily replace them after those unavoidable pedal clips, and dual C-clips holding everything together create Gravity's reliable "parachute system".

Watch Ron to find out more!

Gravity Light wheels

The Gravity Light wheels are FSA Gravity's heavy duty trail bike or even light duty DH wheel offering. The tall rim profile combined with the industrial looking silver anodized finish makes them jump out from the crowd of black and blacker wheel sets out there.

The most notable feature of the Gravity Lights (and the heavier duty Gravity's) is FSA Gravity's use of straight pull spokes. Why you ask? I'd venture to guess that when a spoke does break it happens at the J-bend where it enters the hub flange. Take away the bend and you are left with a straight spoke and a stronger spoke.

See what Evan from FSA Gravity has to say about the Gravity Light wheelset

The Gravity Lights come in a 20mm front axle and 135x10mm QR rear only.

Gravity cranks

Last but not least, we have the new Gravity cranks. Regardless of FSA Gravity dropping a load of weight off these babies they are still the "go to" crank set for senders and those looking for the top end in strength. New hollow forging is where the extra grams disappeared to!

Check out the video for more info on FSA's Gravity cranks!

A burly steel pedal insert will keep your flat's in place no matter how hard you hit them! Options include all three lengths of 175, 170, and shorty 165 mm versions, and dual w/ a guard or single ring setup. Something for everyone!

Vittorio Brumotti performing some trials antics with Mike as his subject!

Check out the rest of the FSA Gravity lineup at

-Mike "Kakah" Levy

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  • + 7
 I like the stuff but not the prices lol
  • + 1
 weight on the pedals? side profile view to see the amount of concave?

you can usually go to a store like Fastenal and find metric/imp. nuts n bolts/screws etc for really cheap. i bought a bag of longer pins for my mg1s. 100 for $3.84
  • + 0
 thanks for the info!
  • + 4
 The pedals will come with two lengths of pins. Looks like what you are seeing has the smaller installed..
  • + 1
 That answers my question!
  • + 0
 Those pedals look sick. It's about time somebody made a full bushing design. A 16mm concave pedal with removable pins from the backside?! sweet! That new gravity crank looks dope too, very tempting, although I don't "need" new cranks. Hey plumslinger, I don't think the prices are bad at all. At least not in the U.S. - way cheaper than Saint
  • + 0
 u know that u dont have to go all the way down the page to talk to someone. all u have to do is click on the blue writing in brackets (reply) under the comment and it sends it strait to the persons mail like this letter has. Smile (sorry for being soooooo long)
  • + 1
 Why isnt everyone doing straight pull wheelsets if it makes stronger wheels? seems weird that other companies still have j-bend spokes on their wheels....guess its a budget thing
  • - 2
 j bend has been around for a hundred years i can tell you that every spoke ive ever broken has broke near the nipples and thats about 5 different wheel sets and an average of 2 broken spokes a piece probably
  • - 2
 straight pull is for agressive XC/allmountain/what ever it called now
  • - 1
 Not necciceraly bigburd, but the reason is because straight pull spokes take more fort to produce where as j bend is found at basically every bike shop around.
  • + 1
 yeah thats what i figured, straight pull looks alot better then regular j-bend but costs a bit more and harder to get spares I guess.
  • + 2
 the deemax have strait spokes and there DH
  • - 2
 Nobody said they didnt?
  • - 1
 " bigburd (2 days ago) (Below Threshold) show comment
straight pull is for agressive XC/allmountain/what ever it called now "
  • + 0
 side loads fuck with straight pull,all the companies that make straight pull only put it on there race specific wheels!
  • + 4
 speaks like Borat Big Grin lol
  • - 1
 Those wheels are nice but something's wrong. When looking at the hub/spoke interface @ 63 in the video you see that half the spokes are hooked up to the flange while the other half are directly connected to the hub body, pretty much like a radially laced wheel. But the picture above the vid doesn't suggest this. It's probably an illusion but I just can't see where the inner spokes hook up with the flange in that particular view.

Am I going nuts?
  • + 0
Its a standard straight pull design, and here's some proof.
We did a small review on them a short while ago.
Here's a photo of the front hub's details >
And heres a link to the story >
  • - 1
 I know but at that particular point in the vid it looks akward and unconventionnal. Has to be an illusion
  • + 3
 wheels look good but the pedals look kool but not grippy atoll
  • + 0
 I was also thinking they didn't look too grippy....wonder if there are different pin options?
  • + 0
 i like that wheel set too bad ima jumper i problye could buy the hub sepret...oh wll geuse its time to do more reaserch
  • + 0
 aobut the straight spokes, every time my spoke breaks it breaks about 2 inches from the rim not on the bend...
  • + 0
 nice public speaking Squatch-O
  • + 0
 Any idea when the new Gravity Cranks will be coming out?
  • + 1
 mmn nice

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